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@azucenau Hola Azucena, en el mundo de las #cryptos y #blockchain el Amero es conocida como una probable estafa, ya que al proyecto es bastante opaco en cuanto los activos que tiene. Dentro de la comunidad, Alfonso Jiménez tiene muy mala reputación.
@azucenau Alfonso Jiménez debería probar que el Amero en realidad pudiera ser equivalente a los 130 millones de dólares que piden por el avión presidencial, y bien los podría cambiar por Bitcoins o USD para hacer la transacción.
@azucenau Toda la tecnología en la que se basa #Bitcoin (#blockchain) está orientada y pensada para poder comprobar que se tienen el valor que dices tener. Para poder hacer operaciones con seguridad. Con Amero, no se tiene ni siquiera la seguridad que en realidad su tasa de cambio es 6 USD
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Vamos dar uma olhada nos dados importantes para o #Bitcoin? Teveum grande volume na negociação de opções, principalmente pela @DeribitExchange. Além disso, também teve o lançamento das opções na CME, uma das maiores bolsas reguladas do mundo. O derivativo teve boa recepção.
@DeribitExchange Esse tipo de derivativo permite que os investidores possam se proteger ou potencializar ganhos. Eles aumentam a negociação no mercado de derivativos, que aumenta a demanda pelo mercado à vista. Esses instrumentos financeiros são uma modernização para o #Bitcoin.
@DeribitExchange Outro fato interessante, relatado aqui ontem, foi o rompimento de uma tendência de baixa pela qual estávamos passando desde Julho do ano passado. Para melhorar, esse rompimento foi feito com um bom volume, o que indica mais força na reversão de tendência.
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Craig Wright is going for the 'money shot'. CSW's ::long con:: has been about bamboozling a judge to award him access to Satoshi's coins, and to order Bitcoin nodes around the world to be 'honest', and hard fork him the stash. /…
/ Of course, the 'honest miners' on BSV will oblige. He will then go about threatening to sue nodes on the Bitcoin network into complying. He endlessly lobbies for narrowing down the field to only 'miners' - thus his long con rant about only miners are nodes - /
/ anybody that has been following his rants for a few years will recognise this repeated theme.

Be Vigilant

BSV is not harmless - it is a full frontal attack on Bitcoin, it is well funded and it is orchestrated by a con artist/
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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¿Por qué el gobierno insiste tanto en imponer el #petro y han apostado todo a esta moneda fiat disfrazada de criptomoneda?

Para poder entender debemos comenzar por lo básico y saber en qué se diferencia una criptomoneda como el #bitcoin del sistema monetario tradicional FIAT.🧵
El dinero fiduciario (FIAT) es totalmente centralizado y solo se puede transar electronicamente a través de los bancos (públicos o privados), los cuales su vez dependen de los bancos centrales de cada país.
Cada vez que alguien ordena una transferencia internacional en dólares
Esta es enviada a través de la Sociedad para las Telecomunicaciones Financieras Interbancarias Mundiales (SWIFT), el cual es también un ente CENTRALIZADO y controlado por una autoridad que tiene la potestad para bloquear o permitir esas transferencias.…
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E aí, o #Bitcoin está caro ou barato? O mercado de criptoativos ainda está criando métricas para fazer essa avaliação. Contudo, já existem indicadores fundamentalistas para responder essa pergunta. Um deles é o MVRV (o valor realizado da rede em relação à capitalização). Continua
O MVRV divide a Capitalização do Mercado sobre o Valor Realizado. Capitalização de mercado é a quantidade de Bitcoins vezes o preço de cada unidade. Já o Valor Realizado é o preço de cada unidade no momento de sua emissão. Entender a relação entre os dois é fundamental.
É isso o que o MVRV faz. Se o Valor Realizado estiver abaixo da Capitalização, o mercado estará muito subvalorizado, abrindo excelentes oportunidades de compra. Nesse caso, o MVRV estará abaixo de 1. Um mercado sobrevalorizado é indicado quando esse número está muito acima de 1.
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Can $BTCUSD do it again and follow upwards into the solar maximum???

aka, 2 halving pumps then get smashed in 2026?

I've said for a while that #Bitcoin astro is not favorable in 2026.

Interesting congruence of perspectives.
It's probably nothing.

Move along...move along.
Long & short term Solar Cycles set against market trends, flu pandemics, and the fall of empires.

Not at all surprising since we live in an entangled universe.
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Using numbers from the graph below, if costs are normalized for value-stored then #bitcoin is more expensive to produce than #gold. This reveals to me the world values $BTC at a premium to gold.
"But that means it's worse for the environment!" some will say. It's not so much about the absolute dollars that go into production, but instead how those dollars translate into *consumed resources* to mine and secure the asset.
Already #bitcoin's showing signs of being more sustainably produced than gold:

76% of the energy used to mine $BTC comes from renewable sources, whereas *diesel* appears the main source of energy for gold mining companies.
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To all involved in #crypto and not, DO NOT ignore this tweet

I was introduced to #bitcoin and #ethereum 5 years ago.
I even wrote my thesis on tokenizing real assets onto the #blockchain.

All I have to say is #Tezos! See threads below

$xtz #btc #eth #xmr #xrp $trx $btc
1/ #Tezos , #xtz is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself and it establishes a true digital commonwealth.
While #ethereum, is undergoing two fork, $xtz is upgrading its protocol by using voting on the blockchain.
Currently this is the 5th successful upgrade, #Babylon
2/ #Tezos is the first production-scale multi billion dollar asset tokenization project on the #blockchain.
Currently over $5 billion of assets ready in the pipeline for Q1 to be tokenized on the #xtz blockchain.

$btc $ltc $eth $eos $xtz $xmr $xrp $iot $neo $trx $ada $atom $tomo
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1/ Look at TSLA, it's only a matter of time before bitcoin massively out performs it. The legacy players have yet to understand that the FED/Central banking system is totally broken. This whole system smells hyperinflationary, but through capital assets.
2/ Legacy players keep arguing with the FED. These players must come to accept that the world they knew years ago is totally changed today.

3/ It is only a matter of time before legacy players come to understand that #bitcoin must become their largest holding by a very significant amount. Anything <10%-20% will be considered financial malpractice in few years <5.
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My macro-view of what might happen with #Ravencoin and $BTC has been slowly coalescing into a potentially exciting manifestation of market forces. You will want to read this fully through to get the bigger picture.

First lets talk about where #Bitcoin and $RVN are:
BTC is in what is approximately the longest single uninterrupted macro-downtrend in it's history. If you look at the all time charts the longest real downtrend was about two years (prev. ~11/13' -> ~9/15'). Given the more bullish context at present the current trend feels stale.
One more interesting thing is that the recent spike in gold with a correlated BTC move suggests that we may see a push for risk-off, meaning that decentralized censorship resistant crypto may behave like PMs, whereas centralized projects may behave more like securities.
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1/ The more people who hold bitcoin the more valuable and useful it becomes.

BTC is orders of magnitude more useful today than when its price was $1 because it is more salable.

#bitcoin's value actually rises with more demand not just its price.
h/t @hodlwave. @BMBernstein
2/ This is why diversification is a very poor idea with regard to money.
With #bitcoin diversification is actually a value destroyer.

Indexation of Cryptocurrencies and rebalancing is a very bad idea for wealth creation.
3/ It may very well be that Stock to Flow is actually measuring #hodler demand.

Any over shoot we see in price is the Fomo nature of trading and undershoot is that absence of understanding which is slow corrected by hodlers.
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Onze anos atrás era minerado o primeiro bloco do #bitcoin.

Nele, uma alusão à manchete daquele dia do jornal britânico The Times: “Chanceler à beira do segundo resgate aos bancos.”

De lá para cá, o sistema criado por Satoshi Nakamoto evoluiu incrivelmente.
A ponto de se tornar a rede distribuída mais potente do planeta, sem uma autoridade central, funcionando 24/7/365, sem fraudes e com um nível de confiabilidade inigualável.

Enquanto isso, as fragilidades do sistema bancário mundial seguem presentes.

De lá para cá...
Mais de $10 tri foram criados pelos Bancos Centrais mundiais, bancos grandes demais para quebrar estão ainda maiores e só não quebram porque recebem liquidez barata e imediata direto da fonte. Resgates em série

A regulação bancária é inócua diante da engenhosidade dos banqueiros
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🎊🎉Happy New Year 2020!🎉🎊

We had such an amazing time interacting with the community and our partners throughout 2019🌎

Follow the below thread for a 2019 @CryptoLiveLeak Recap

#Crypto #Blockchain #CryptoNews #CryptoMedia #Marketing #Advertising #Bitcoin #Tezos #CLL $CLL
Tezos Boston Meetup 5 Featuring @KenGarofalo and @TezosCommons - Presentation on Tezos Amendment Process and Governance. @TezosBoston

Athens Tezos Protocol upgrade initiated.

#Tezos #XTZ $XTZ #TezosBoston #TezosBostonMeetup #TBM #Governance #AThens #TezosAthens
MVP launched for @AttentionMining - #AttentionMining #CLL $CLL - Check it out at and being demonstrated on
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🚨 @stratisplatform Global Crypto Network 🚨

Total nodes: 4,681
Total new: 1,204
Total participation countries: 84❗️
New countries: Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 , Sudan 🇸🇩, Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬

Europe: 3,298
Middle East: 125
Asia: 291
Oceania: 128
N America: 628
L America: 144
Africa: 67
A breakdown of the $STRAT Node version. Note: please run and higher❗️ has taken the lead. While a good amount is also running and comes in second and third respectively.

A few are running the bleeding edge with and
No one is catching up to Germany running @stratisplatform nodes!

Every country in Europe has increase node count except Bulgaria, Hungary, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Slovakia.

I wouldn’t be surprise to see some stable coins on the #blockchain.
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My daily #bitcoin trading ritual
1.) Evaluate 'heat' maps across exchanges. (liquidity)
2.) Examine the technical structure (supports/resistances/moving averages/oscillators)
3.) Watch order books to see which direction they are pushing
4.) Use this info to form my trading thesis
Context always matters

To understand context, you need experience

Is the buy/sell wall filling or not filling?

Macro uptrend or downtrend?

Funding positive or negative?

Are the bids/asks sitting or moving around?

USDT or Bitcoin wallets moving anywhere?

Any Flashing walls?
A peak inside this morning...

Most exchanges the heat map was flat with not much significant liquidity anywhere locally

Bitmex, on the other hand had significant limit bids sitting down to $7100

This says to me that someone is looking to get long throughout the next day or two
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Follows & Unfollows - #FF & #UFF 2020

Isn’t Friday, but if you are in #crypto, want a balanced,well-informed view & are looking for accounts to follow,I suggest both a list of follows & mutes to avoid the cult.Opinion only! My suggestions:

#bitcoin $BTC #CT $crypto #blockchain
The Follows:

#CT accounts I genuinely respect or provide value mixed with some I do not agree with at all that are key to #bitcoin. Some will still spam you with typical propaganda from time to time, but at least they eat their own medicine and are undeniably core to $BTC
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1/4 Ayn Rand on Fiat $

Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper.

#atlasshrugged #bitcoin
2/4 Ayn Rand on Fiat $

This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values. Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced.

#bitcoin #aynrand #gold
3/4 Ayn Rand on Fiat $

Paper is a mortgage on wealth that doesn't exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it.
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In 2016 a beloved #bitcoin wallet, Mycelium, announced an ICO selling 5% equity for 5000+ BTC

ICOs were hot then & their rallying cry was "invest in a BTC Co. that is used everyday by the industry!"

Also, instead of using evil $ETH, they were selling "colored coins" on BTC.
At the time, & afaik now, mobile bitcoin wallets don't really have a revenue model... But Mycelium didn't let that stop them, nor my & @Gambleh's questions about where they found the gall to launch an ICO valuing their zero revenue bitcoin wallet at $50M.
Instead Mycelium focused on posting dramatic projections for post-ico user growth to "one billion users," & providing scant details about how the funds would be used. Iirc it was something like "hiring more devs & we have revenue generating ideas but they're secret."
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1] DCA is good right? Ever thought about reducing loss via automated DCA in #bitcoin? Look at this thread below where I'm showing my today's returns before and daily SIP goal completion.. As I always say daily SIP on @bitdroplet is better than monthly and weekly one

See this ss
[2] Here is other screenshot after the BTC was bought successfully from @bitbns by @bitdroplet system... Bitcoin has dumped today but still my loss got reduced by more than 4%.. Looks great haan? Now see the next thread to check more exciting part
[3] even when market is dumping my @bitdroplet goal is stacking more and more sats daily reducing the loss with lumpsum investment i would have been at 8-9% loss but via @bitdroplet I have controlled loss upto 8% easily... Now even a slight pump will turn it into profit
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Satoshi was the first toxic bitcoin maxi.… #Bitcoin
Make sats the standard.
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1/ An overview of where I see the #Bitcoin market right now. I prefer to use simple yet robust probabilistic methods.

Four Moving Averages have continued to show relevance to #Bitcoin over it's trading history.

#Bitcoins Magic Lines
- 128DMA
- 200DMA
- 128WMA
- 200WMA
2/ Magic Lines
128D MA is a classic Buy the Dip / Sell the Rally.

200D MA is a Strong BUY/SELL unless crossed, then bias must flip. Right now, this is bearish.

128W MA is accumulation signal when below, similar to the Realised Price.

200W MA catches the bottom wicks of bears.
3/ Based on this, our bias is bearish (under 128D and 200DMA).

However, price has just dipped below the 128WMA signalling accumulation.

Fundamental support is below in the Realised Price ($5600) and 200WMA ($5000), what's $1000 between mates.

Smart money is waiting down here.
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While @ work

Decided to take a Intro to Portfolio Risk Management in Python @DataCamp

Gonna apply the lessons to #Bitcoin price from Nov 2014 onwards /thread
@DataCamp General Bitcoin data so far:

Daily average return - 0.2406%

Implied average annualized return - 140.4271%

Standard deviation (volatility measure) - 3.9660

Graph below shows the daily return % on the x-axis plotted against the number of its occurrences on the y-axis $BTC
@DataCamp Does #Bitcoin follow a normal distribution?

For that we will need to measure the tilt of the distribution (Skewness) and the probability of outliers (Kurtosis)

Skewness - 0.2085

Kurtosis - 6.5293

This suggests that the is a greater probability of outliers & +ve returns
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1/28 Today we announced the go-live for trading of #DGLD on our exchange, @BlockchainPIT. You can see it here:

This is just one step in the ongoing rollout of the DGLD protocol, in partnership with @blockchain, @CoinSharesCo, and @MKSPAMPGROUP
2/28 DGLD is a digital representation of title to specific allocated gold bullion in the vaults of MKS (leading global refiner) in Switzerland. Think of it not so much as a gold-backed-token but rather as a literal, redeemable, digital vault receipt to actual, specific metal.
3/28 DGLD is built as a side chain to #Bitcoin, and therefore leverages the entire hashpower of the #BTC network to secure the proof of ownership/property rights of #DGLD holders. Nice example of the "self-sovereign, safe, attestation utility for everybody" use case for Bitcoin.
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