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Ce qui s’est réellement passé dans le laboratoire de #Wuhan quelques semaines avant que la #Covid n’éclate,De nouvelles preuves tirées de dossiers confidentiels révèlent que des scientifiques chinois ont fusionné des agents pathogènes mortels peu avant la pandémie. Image
Des scientifiques de #Wuhan travaillant aux côtés de l’armée chinoise ont combiné les #coronavirus les plus mortels du monde pour créer un nouveau #virus mutant juste au moment où la pandémie a commencé. Image
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[1/11] F-16 für die #Ukraine - lange von mir erwartet, nun offensichtlich in abschließender Vorbereitung.

Das ist die denkbar schlechteste Nachricht für #Russland.

Ein Mini-🧵
[2/11] Vorab Danke an @AlexvB___ und @nicolange_ mich dazu zu taggen. Denn: bei aller Sicherheit von mir kam ich mittlerweile doch ins Schleudern.

M.E. sollten die schon da sein. Doch: besser etwas spät als nie. In der Folge nun Kontext hierzu.

#F16 #CAS #Luftueberlegenheit
[3/11] Alles was Du über die F-16 wissen wolltest, aber nie zu fragen wagtest:
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Just to remind @CAF_Online: On 17th July 2019, at the @CairoMarriott, the exco took a decision, in writing, that the single-game #CAFCL will be played at a NEUTRAL ground. It is in Point 4 of the minutes of that meeting, of which I have a copy and have read.
Here are the minutes. 👇🏾
The relevant extract: “Moreover, drawing lessons from the problems encountered during [the] return match of the final of the [2019] Champions League and Confederation Cup, the executive committee decided THAT THE FINALS WILL BE PLAYED IN ONE MATCH AND ON NEUTRAL GROUND.”
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on parenteral #antiplatelet therapy in #neurovascular interventions. Our expert author is Fawaz Al-Mufti MD @almuftifawaz, interventional #neurologist Interventional Neurologist @NYMedcollege @WestchesterMed @neurocritical @svinsociety
2) This program is intended for #healthcare providers & is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #PhysicianAssociate #nursepractitioner #nurse #pharmacists and is supported by educational grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, and Chiesi.
3) Be sure to see prior tweetorials on #antiplatelet management, still available for credit, at…. Faculty disclosures are listed at
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1️⃣ Some trucks #ConvoyForFreedom2022 are dwelling house;
2️⃣ Search warrant provisions CANNOT be circumvented by 'piggybacking' on #CAS apprehension authority.

LINK (4-Part Thread):

LINK2 (6-Part Thread): ImageImage
For clarity:

1️⃣ Arguably, according to reports, 25% being lived in are deemed a dwelling house. Police NOT permitted enter to without warrant.

2️⃣ Any CAS apprehension of children DOES NOT permit police to enter for purposes of search and seizure.…
ICYMI 📌 @TerryGlavin
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🏛 R. v. Colarusso, [1994] 1 S.C.R. 20


Does a "potential for improper complicity" (R v Colarusso) between the police and in this case, The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa exist in relation to #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 ?

Allow me to explain.
IF ANY CONSIDERATION is underway between @OttawaPolice and @CASO_SAEO whereupon the police seek to improperly buttress their investigative procedures (and overcome any case weaknesses), THEN such would run afoul of R v Colarusso.

LINK (earlier Tweet):
In R v Colarusso, Supreme Court of Canada #SCC ruled clearly:

"It is sufficient to say that this Court will not tolerate using the [Substitution of: '#CAS right of apprehension'] as a 'back door' means of defeating ..."
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CA Se Door Raho -

CA Ko Nikal Do -

But this is how me as a CA as well as other CA/CS around me have added value to #Startups and #Angel #Investment
#SharkTankIndia #startupindia #SharkTank ( 1/n )

@namitathapar @amangupta0303 @Ashneer_Grover @peyushbansal @vineetasng
Angel Investors commit to invest in Startups without having any knowledge that there is a deemed "Angel tax" on premium paid on equity u/s 56(2)(viib)

I have saved 200 Cr+ on tax on such hasty decisions taken by #Investors by applying for #Angeltax exemption #startupindia
The Deal by #Sharks is followed by Term Sheet and Share Holders Agreement

As a CA/CS our role is to educate the #Startup #Founder about the clauses like Buy Back, Drag along , Anti-Dilution and Liquidation preference

#SharkTankIndia #SharkTankIndiaOnSonyTV
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For the first time in its history #CAS publishes an Annual Report and Financial Statements, welcome to the era of (relative) transparency!

[Follow the thread]

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #CAS
1. Unfortunately, the only interesting bits are in the financial statements at the end of the document. Even though they are not going into great details, they are providing interesting information about the economic management of the CAS.
2. Here is how the CAS is financed: 50% contributions from Olympic Movement & FIFA + 50% contributions of the parties to the proceedings (I imagine mostly from transfer related disputes & ordinary arbitration as appeals in disciplinary cases are free).
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(1/18) Applying ordinary legal principles, the #FIA, #Masi and #RedBull are on shaky ground, on the basis of the #F1 #FIARegulations. Regulations 48.12, 48.13 and 15.3 do not work the way the FIA have explained. A thread. #safetycar #cas #formula1 #verstappen #Hamilton
(2/18) Let's start with what happened - Race Control announced: "Lapped Cars 4-14-31-16-5 to overtake Safety Car". Nothing in the Regulations *specifically* permits this announcement. Reg 48.12 is the sole Reg dealing with un-lapping under a Safey Car.
(3/18) Reg 48.12 says as per the pic. There are a few things that need unpacking, but if this stood on its own, it appears pretty clear.
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I really enjoyed talking to Noah about the #CAS.

It’s not the first time I’m coming out publicly to challenge the status quo at the CAS (see…) and I’d like to explain a bit why.

[Thread] 👇👇👇

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Transparency #Independence
1. #CAS is a crucial player in sports governance, it whitewashes legally speaking the decisions of international SGBs. Once a CAS award confirmed a decision of an SGB, the latter gains in authority and becomes extremely difficult to challenge elsewhere (see #Pechstein odyssey).
2. #CAS is not an arbitral tribunal, I repeat #CAS is not an arbitral tribunal! As I have argued elsewhere (…), CAS jurisdiction in appeal cases cannot be grounded on consent, it needs post-consensual foundations (such as the famous ‘level playing field’).
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In addition to the Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Military) or NI(M) that he was awarded when appointed Chief of Air Staff #CAS #Pakistan #AirForce #PAF, ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan has also been conferred the Nishan-e-Imtiaz civil decoration (NI) by the @PresOfPakistan in an investiture ceremony.
ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan has been awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz civil decoration by the #President of #Pakistan @PresOfPakistan "in recognition of is dedicated services and for raising the #morale of the people of #Pakistan in Operation #SwiftRetort".

Full citation to follow soon...
"ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan NI(M), #CAS, was commissioned in Dec 1983 as #fighter #pilot in GD(Pilot) branch of #Pakistan #AirForce. During his illustrious career, he commanded a fighter squadron; he held various operational appointments as Base Commander #PAF base Shahbaz ...
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And there you have it! Seems confirmation of the "Guowang" (GW/国网) from Bao Weimin of #CASC/#CAS from the sidelines of the NPC.

No details other than "we will build a GW", but official recognition is big news @larrypress @Megaconstellati

For context: Guowang is the long rumored major Chinese #LEO #broadband #constellation.

To now, the firmest evidence we had was several ITU filings (see tweet below), but with confirmation from Bao, we can now assume the project is "official"

An indication of sentiment in China about the project--Chinese #IFC WeChat group where the announcement was posted:

First message: Screenshot confirming Guowang
Second message: Finally it was officially announced

#OpenSecret 🇨🇳🛰️
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C'est aujourd'hui, les #esupdays #apereoparis #esupdays31 #apereoparis21. Toutes les informations sur @EsupPortail : c'est sans inscription, sur #Pod de @ptitloupau de l'@univ_lille. Lancée par @SorBrigitte @FrancisForbeau et @iandolphin24 à 10h
#esupdays #apereoparis #esupdays31 #apereoparis21 Introduction / Points généraux
Brigitte Sor @SorBrigitte (@toulouseinp)
Francis Forbeau @FrancisForbeau (@UnivLaRochelle)
Ian Dolphin (@Apereo Foundation). Remerciements aux collègues organisateurs
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Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal #RKSBhadauria addressed the 5th Foreign Defence Attaches' conclave organised by on 'Enhancing Defence Capabilities through Cooperation' today.
#DAConclave2020 @BharatShaktiBSI ImageImageImage
#CAS complimented team on their crucial role in promoting indigenisation and self reliance in defence sector and unique settings of the conclave which brought together key players.
The CAS put forth the need to build a robust and self reliant indigenous defence capability which could be brought to bear at will to counter a complex security scenario influenced by a 'deep and long term threat' from adversaries.
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Check out our new paper by @smartinezarbas et al. about #CRISPR mediated interactions within a wastewater #microbiome in @NatureMicrobiol! Exciting collaboration between @uni_lu @TGen @IUBloomington @isbsci @KU_Leuven. Funding by @FnrLux…

A 🧵👇

In parallel with recent work of @mhe345 @NatureComms…, we explored the roles of #plasmids and #phages within a wastewater treatment plant microbial community, using longitudinal integrated #omics data 2/9
We identified 31 bacterial MAGs with complete #CRISPR-Cas systems from the 14-months data set. These MAGs served as the basis for downstream population-level analyses of #CRISPR interactions 3/9
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Cablo #RISERVATISSIMO del #SISDE su attività anomale al #CAS #CentroScorpione, sede militare a #Trapani VII Div #SISMI, ci rivela tra il 1987-90 di contatti fisici all'interno del Centro tra elementi della #mafia trapanese e la dirigenza da cui dipendeva anche #Gladio (1991) Image
+ nello stesso periodo rapporti di stretta collaborazione tra il Centro a l'Alto Commissario anti-mafia #DomenicoSica...preferito al posto di Giovanni #Falcone per quell’incarico..#Mafint #Mentiraffinatissime
#Falcone e #Borsellino non sono stati lasciati da soli...erano gli altri che stavano tutti dall'altra parte #Statomafia
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I spoke to @soenen_florian about the next steps at the #CAS and beyond regarding #ManCityBan.

A short thread to share some of my key points (in English)

#Sportslaw #UEFALaw #FFP
1. This is the beginning of a (potentially decade long) judicial journey, not the end. Yet, the #CAS will decide (this summer?) the fate of #ManCity in the short term (e.g. for the 2020/2021 season).
2. The #CAS is unlikely to find that #FFP is contrary to EU law after its #Galatasaray decision, but it could find that the sanction is disproportionate/unfair if #ManCity’s lawyers manage to show that #PSG was in a similar situation and got away with it.
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My thread on the interim decision of the Swiss Federal Tribunal in the @caster800m case.

Full decision in French at…

It highlights key features of the #LexSportiva & the ‘complicity’ of Swiss law in sheltering it from review.

#Sportslaw #CAS
1. The #SFT reminds us that its control of #CAS awards is narrow. Hence, it orders interim measures only if it is ‘very likely’ that an appellant will prevail.

This is because Swiss law is traditionally favourable to international arbitration.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
2. This is extremely problematic because #CAS arbitration unlike international arbitration is in general not based in consent (see ECtHR in #Pechstein) and should not enjoy the same quasi-immunity from state control.

#Sportslaw #Arbitration #Semenya
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At the request of my new [South-African, obviously] colleague @MPlagis, I swallowed the 163 pages of the #Semenya award yesterday.

It wasn’t the most pleasant literary experience of my life, but at least I learned what a judicial ‘hot tub’ is.

Here is a book review:

1. In short, what is interesting in the award is actually also what the #CAS forgot to mentioned in its press release, the core of #IAAF’s winning case turns on the concepts of ‘biological males’ & ‘sports sex’.

#Semenya #Autonomy #Sportslaw
2. But let me start by regretting that the #CAS hearing was not public because @caster800m’s testimony (see paras 73-87) recalling what she went through since 2009 would have deserved a global audience.

#Sportslaw #Semenya
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Ieri un uomo di 33 anni, afgano, si è tolto la vita all'interno dell'ex caserma #Cavarzerani di #Udine. A un giorno di distanza non conosciamo ancora il suo nome, anche da morto non gli è permesso avere dignità e rispetto; la sua morte non fa notizia.
Qua un nostro commento su questa morte, su #Majid, su #Gradisca.
Cinque anni fa, il 13 agosto 2013, #Majid El Kodra cadde dal tetto del C.I.E. di Gradisca d’Isonzo mentre tentava di fuggire da quella prigione. Morirà il 30 aprile 2014, dopo mesi di coma.
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