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1. Important analysis and conclusion by a Chinese expert: the #CCP could already have the #coronavirus strain as early as Sep 2019!
Main points:
1) Although a #CCP expert was using the fact that American scientists were able to develop a #Covid19 vaccine within 40 days to..
2... suggest that the #virus originated in the US, there is nothing strange for the US to develop mRNA-1273 vaccine in 40 days because for mRNA-1273 vaccine, it is normal.
2) However, the fact that Chen Wei, the Chinese military’s top epidemiologist and virologist, developed...
3...a recombinant vaccine brings about the real question. It needs 5 months to develop a recombinant vaccine. The production date of Chen Wei's vaccine was February 26, 2020. This means she already had the virus strain as early as last Sep...
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The #Coronavirus Could Reshape #Global #Order ~ @kurtmcampbell @RushDoshi

"As #Washington falters, #Beijing is moving quickly and adeptly to take advantage of the opening created by US mistakes, filling the vacuum to position itself as the global leader in pandemic response. 1/n
It is working to tout its own system, provide #material #assistance to other #countries, and even organize other #governments. The sheer chutzpah of #China’s move is hard to overstate. 2/n

#CCP_is_terrorist #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
Yet #Beijing understands that if it is seen as leading, and #Washington is seen as unable or unwilling to do so, this #perception could fundamentally alter the United States’ position in #global politics and the contest for #leadership in the twenty-first century. 3/n
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Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

"The WHO’s Director-General @Tedros has shown an evident #bias to accept Chinese #declarations and #denials at face value - this has created a #delay in international responses. 1/n

This in spite of a very limited #Chinese contribution to @WHO, but it matches the #weakness of other @UN organizations in the face of #China’s #powerful campaigning." 2/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA…
Thread by @Trinhnomics: Allow me to summarize his key points in this great paper. 3/3

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA…
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1. A forehead thermometer producer in #CCP ruled #China is talking about doing damage to the US hit hard by #CCPVirus in a very CCP way:
Zhang Xuandong, owner of Haofeng Electronic Technology Co. in Dongguan, #Guangdong Province in #China, says in a chat group of...
2... forehead thermometer producers which has 178 members, "Produce some fake products and sell them to the US. They (thermometers) should read 36.5 ºC when the actual temperature is 39 ºC. In this way, more and more American people will be infected. Let's see if...
3...they still have people left to go to other countries to harm others!"
After one member sends three laughing emojis, Zhang continues to say, "Isn't that a great idea? Without using one single solider, we make money, as well as make peace for the world."
Another member says...
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Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

Coronavirus: China's Influence at the WHO analyzed by @CarnegieEndow Senior Advisor for #Asia @FGodement. 1/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA

Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

Thread by @Trinhnomics:
Great paper by a non-resident fellow @FGodement @CarnegieEndow on the role of the WHO and ... 2/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

Thread by @Trinhnomics:
... the coronavirus #crisis we are facing globally. Allow me to summarize his key pts. 3/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA…
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@M_Sighil @NeilUKIP @UKIP An Apology without Change Is Just a Manipulation.

Study #CCP/China history. Has CCP changed after killing millions in the Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, and Tiananmen Massacre?

Don't be fooled. 1/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CCP_is_terrorist
@M_Sighil @NeilUKIP @UKIP CCP still lied. Changed? 2/n

Gordon G. Chang: China falsely blames US for coronavirus pandemic…

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA #CCP_is_terrorist
@M_Sighil @NeilUKIP @UKIP CCP still made threats. Provided medical equipments? 3/n

Chinese Media Says Country Could Withhold Medication from U.S.…

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA #CCP_is_terrorist
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The evil #CCP regime in 1949 hijacked #China. It parasitically disguises itself and exploits “#Chinese (people)” and “China (nation)” as its #shield and #facade. 1/5


#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
#CCP pulls out the Chinese #shield and accuses you as #racist so as to deflect blame away from its #blunders. Your use of #ChineseVirus is racist as its use of #GermanMeasles, #JapaneseEncephalitis, ... aren't. 2/5


#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirus
#CCP pulls out the almighty China #facade and demands other countries, global companies, and its people to #kowtow as it bends all the rules to have everything its way. 3/5


#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
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After silencing #LiWenliang in Jan, #CCP’s at it again by silencing Dr #YuenKwokYung (#HK) whose article said there’s nothing wrong with calling the #coronavirus the "#WuhanVirus". 1/n

Hong Kong Expert Withdraws Article Blaming China For Coronavirus…
“A top #medical #adviser in #HongKong has withdrawn an #article in which ... (his) view is anathema to the ruling Chinese Communist Party (#CCP), which is waging a #propaganda campaign to distance itself from the #virus.” 2/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
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@zlj517 You #lied about #US Army bringing the #epidemic to #Wuhan during the #MilitaryWorldGames, at which your #CCP men and women teams were actually disqualified for #cheating.

Boy, have I seen one such dumb, lazy, and #sick man of #Asia? 1/4

#WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
"#Beijing is #rewriting recent #history to create a #justification for lashing out at the #UnitedStates." 2/4

@GordonGChang @SolomonYue

China falsely blames US for coronavirus pandemic…

#CCP_is_terrorist #AntiChiNazi #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
"The middle-distance competition was unfortunately overshadowed by extensive #cheating by the #Chinese team" 3/4

@LouisCasiano @HawleyMO

#WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA

Chinese orienteering team disqualified at Military World Games over cheating…
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The #Chinese are just #gullible and as #evil and #sociopathic as #CCP.

They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else's fault.

#AntiChiNazi #WuhanVirus
While #CCP lying so and #Chinese believing so, it only reveals to the #world the true #sociopathic nature of them.

World, if you can’t #tolerate them, DO SOMETHING NOW. Otherwise, you’re only #teaching them how to #treat you.

#AntiChiNazi #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusChina
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97. #Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) 64,447 cases w newly broadened inclusion criteria not limited to PCR confirmation. Exposure and clinical confirmation inclusive of pulmonary lobar infiltration sufficient for case inclusion.… ImageImage
98. #WuhanPneumonia: China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, on "Face the Nation" DID NOT deny that #coronavirus could've stemmed from the Chinese military's biological warfare program; at Wuhan Virology Institute #corona RNA/protein sequences' are researched.
99. The 3,700 people stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off the coast of Japan, were placed under a mandatory 2-week quarantine, after 10 passengers tested positive for the fast-spreading #coronavirus. Now, 175 people are confirmed to have the virus.
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Daily #coronaviruschina update:

Fatality ratios rising to 2.3% & recovered slowing to 24% from 28% so that is not good.

As forecasted, confirmed cases reached 40,171 & dead 908, surpassing SARS entire death #.

Recovered rose to 3,281 & death/recovered ratio is 28%

Ratios of interest:

Death/recovered is slowing but still high at 28%
Meanwhile, death/confirmed RISING to 2.3%.

Question is whether confirmed is limited by test kits & criteria of testing etc.

But the official fatality rates are rising everyday.
The growth rates are below. All trending lower including recovered, which is not good news.

Fatality rate grew 12% on 9 Feb vs 12.3% on 8 Feb so slowing but very high. Let's project for end of this wk.

Note that last wk I was bang on with my forecasts.
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Daily update of #coronaviruschina: Number of death rose to 811 or 12% v pre day of 14%; Confirmed to 37,198 or 8%. Btw, dead/confirmed ratio RISING to 2.2% from 2.09

Recovered rate slowed to 29% to 2,649 from 33%: of the 2649 recovered, 811 dead or 31%.

And I forecasted this.
Daily update of #coronaviruschina: Number of death rose to 811 or 12% v pre day of 14%; Confirmed to 37,198 or 8%. Btw, dead/confirmed ratio RISING to 2.2% from 2.09

Recovered rate slowed to 29% to 2,649 from 33%: of the 2649 recovered, 811 dead or 31%.
Note that confirmed case doubled in 1 week:

2 Feb: 20,120
8 Feb: 37,198

Okay, death is FASTER at 6 days as rate of growth faster:

3 Feb: 425
8 Feb: 811

Key is recovered SLOWING but high at 29% (down from 33%)
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Take a look at these creepy connections and decide for yourself.

FYI: I'm assuming you have an in depth knowledge of what was going on in the tunnels of #EpsteinIsland. If you don't, this may get confusing.

Let's go!
Westworld is a 1970's sci-fi movie by Michael Crichton about "a futuristic Disney-type fantasy land" where wealthy businessmen visit "to live out their fantasies" in a Wild West town full of android robots…
As most of you already know, it was remade in 2016 by HBO and is a pretty kickass show

Here's the trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it

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The Shanghai government just announced some terrible news
The #Coronavirus IS airborne. It can be spread through the air EVEN if the infected person isn't present

Previously many doctors advice was to maintain a 1-2m distance and not wear a mask. This advice is now useless! 1/n
The virus particles bond with oxygen particles in the air and remain stable and float even after the infected person leaves. Entering this room and breathing these particles in will infect you. 2/n
These virus particles can come from someones spit, fecal matter, and other sorts of bodily fluid discharge.

N95 masks with a respirator are more important than ever now!

#nCoV2019 #coronaviruschina
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#coronaviruschina daily update:

Death toll rose to 722 by 7 Feb 2020 (207% more than the entire SARs for mainland China) & growth rate RISING to 14% from 13% of the previous day 🥶🙈

Infection rate slowed to 11% from 14% to 34,546 but the base is higher so this is very fast!
Note that the recovered rate is also slowing to 33% from 34% & that means so far 2,050 recovered out of 34,546 confirmed infection.

Note that based on the doctor's false negative even w/ symptoms, very likely plenty more are positive but not yet confirmed.

So using the doctor's timeline (tested positive around 11 Jan & died around 7 Feb). That means we got 722 dead from that period...

Meaning, at that time, what was the infection & using that to calculate the fatality rate.

On 19 Jan, 201 people infected.

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Many people are set to come back to Shanghai during this weekend. Work formally starts on Monday again, although most companies have allowed all or most of their employees to work from home

The travel this weekend will be messy but Shanghai has implemented various precautions1/n
There is an app that you have to register on before entering the city. This app lets the authorities track you and where you've been should you start displaying symptoms so that they know where possibly contamination zones are. 2/n
I will also unfortunately have a few essential errands I have to run over the weekend including a trip to the hospital on Monday. It is also one of the main hospitals in Shanghai currently treating Coronavirus patients 😵. 3/n
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@realjuliasong Am in WeChat now with someone in Wuhan, not providing details. Dr. Li Wenliang was NOT an ER doctor, he was an EYE doctor, the powers that be didn't like his reveal so they sent him to work in the ER as a death sentence.
@realjuliasong After Dr. Li died, the powers that be put him on an artificial lung to pretend he was alive for a day. Until the truth came out.
@realjuliasong Dr Li's "announcement" of #coronoavirusoutbreak was actually a posting to former med school colleagues on a private WeChat group. One of the group members cut out a snippet out of context and told the authorities.
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Japan says that of the 273 tested, 61 positive for the virus so the hit ratio is high of 22% so highly infectious!!! Maybe they only test people w/ symptoms???


Btw, Hong Kong is empty - MTR was eerie w/ announcements & everyone had a mask! ICC is also pretty empty!
Daily update of #coronaviruschina

Rate of infection is slowing to 11% to 31,161 from 15% on 5 Feb but still compounding at a high daily rate

Rate of death is slowing by less to 13% from 15% to 636 dead (including the doctor)

Recovered rate of 34% from 29% & so 1,540 recovered
Note that during SARS, the fatality rate was much higher OUTSIDE mainland China than inside. So what is happening in Japan in terms of infection rate is looked at VERY CAREFULLY.

NIKKEI erased gains after the high positive test rate of 22% out of 273 tested (61 positive).

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Good morning Hong Kong 🇭🇰 & Asia!!! 🤗🤗🤗
Daily update of #coronaviruschina :

Confirmed case up 15% to 28,018, which is a decline of infection rate from 19% of the previous day.

Death rose to 563, up 15% from the previous day & the same rate.

Recovered rose to 1,153, down to 29% from the previous day rate of 29%
Sorry should be down to 29% from 41% for recovered 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️!!!
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If the #CoronaVirus makes it to Mexico, sanctuary cities will cause #pandemic in USA.


Hungry people using trucks to evade the quarantine.


Woman shopping for food, & suddenly overcome by virus.
Store is contaminated.

Chinese authorities spraying unknown chemicals in Yichang city, Hubei province.
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#Thread about the #coronaviruschina

There is starting to be a lot of BS regarding this and it’s coming from mainstream media so let’s take a look at some facts shall we?

We were dropped this article from @washingtonpost and we have some shaming to do.…
The article opens with some serious click bate and then drops into this.
The same ingredients that are in @PURELL are widely used in ALL antibacterial soaps! Antibacterial soaps have been known to be worthless since 2016. (Yes we know we quoted WedMD, it seemed fitting)
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