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We are short $Sinch, a swedish telecommunications company. In our opinion, the company misstated its financial statements by billions, read the full report:…
As a tech company #Sinch expensed ZERO R&D costs in 2021. All while #Twilio expensed 28% of revenue in the same time, #Sinch self proclaims being profitable for years while growing its business, read the full report:…
At first glance, we found material misstatements of net profit and EBIT within #Sinch financial statements. Profit is misstated by SEK 34m and EBIT by SEK 22m, read the full report:…
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The rotation from value to growth since May was an early indication that investor fears were migrating from inflation to recession. We expect this to continue. Investors should avoid the unprofitable tails of style - “zombie value” and “pipe-dream growth.” 1/3
2/3 Negative EPS companies are the worst performing in 2022 - regardless of their style.
3/3 negative EPS stocks consistently underperform following a peak in PMIs (leading economic indicator). Below is a clear message from our event study factor dashboard. We’ve got data for days 😎🍭🍬🍫#macro #EPS
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Going thru charts, these 5 stood out:
1. Hearing comments like "rates are only at 1%. Wait til the Fed really tightens." But that doesn't capture what's happening now. @NDR_Research Monetary, Fiscal & Exchange Rate Policy Index is dropping at fastest rate since at least 1974. 1/5
2. FY22 #earnings estimates have finally started to drop as analysts accept reality that double digit EPS growth will be hard to achieve amid a slowing economy, tightening policy, rising wages, and high inflation. 2/5
3. By quarter, EPS #estimate decline more in Q1 and Q2 than Q3 and Q4. In last 3 weeks, Q1 21 SPX #EPS estimate -$1.75 (reporting now), Q2 -$0.88, Q3 -$0.34, Q4 -$0.28. So...risk remains to the downside. 3/5
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#Difundir el siguiente #hilo para estar informados. Ahora que se debate y discute mucho sobre el abuso sexual, especialmente contra menores de edad, sabemos ¿cuál es la realidad carcelaria en nuestro país en torno a este delito? Los invito a #leer y #compartir (1/7) Image
@danielyovera @AlertaNews24 @RosanaCuevaM @rmapalacios @MavilaMesaParla @DeltaMdelta @Rosario_Sasieta @exitosape @NicolasLucar @canalN_ Según datos del #INPE, a enero del 2022 en el #Perú existen 87,131 internos distribuidos en diversos Establecimientos Penitenciarios (#EP) a nivel nacional. De ese total, el 85%, es decir, 82,750 internos son hombres y sólo 4,381 son mujeres. (2/7) Image
@danielyovera @AlertaNews24 @RosanaCuevaM @rmapalacios @MavilaMesaParla @DeltaMdelta @Rosario_Sasieta @exitosape @NicolasLucar @canalN_ El 63% del total de internos tiene la calidad de #sentenciado; el resto, 37% aún se encuentra en calidad de #procesado. El 47.4% se ubican en #EPs de Lima y Callao; el resto, el 52.6% se encuentran distribuidos en el interior del país. (3/7) Image
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Prijavio sam @NeKorupciji direktora Površinskih kopova #Kolubara koji je postavljen u Nadzorni odbor EPS da kontroliše samog sebe. Predstavnik kapitala, koji je postavljen od Vlade za "predstavnika zaposlenih" u NO EPS. Agencija je utvrdila da je prekršio Zakon ...NIZ
Ovaj eklatantan sukob interesa došao je do izražaja prošlog meseca kada je 45.000t proslojaka (ugalj prošaran jalovinom) ušlo u pogone #TENT i onesposobilo sistem #EPS #Srbija

Član NO EPS Alimpijević nije tražio odgovornost od direktora Alimpijevića koji kopa ugalj.
Svaki mehanizam kontrole #EPS je uništen i obesmišljen od strane Grčića, kako bi se EPS pretvorio u nj feudalni posed. Tako je direktor kopova predložen od strane Sindikata odanog Grčiću u Nadzorni odbor i sada ni formalno nema ko da kontroliše rad menadžmenta EPS...
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New ERC20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
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New BEP20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
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✅ Ellipsis (#EPS)
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Un gran amigo cercano a la línea de pensamiento de @ColombiaHumana_, me pide mi opinión de un video que le llegó de @CarolinaCorcho.

En el video, ella refuerza su idea de acabar con las #EPS y convertir al estado en el ordenador del gasto y creo es un GRAN ERROR!
Debo aclarar antes, que mi opinión es crítica con @CarolinaCorcho, pues en muchos espacios he sentido que es poco objetiva, presenta muchas imprecisiones y deja una idea falaz en mi opinión:
“Nos hace creer qué hay una gente malvada que se enriquece con la #salud…” pero en realidad (creo de manera involuntaria), termina promoviendo un modelo que ha demostrado enriquece a quienes viven de la #enfermedad y voy a explicar porque: Hilo 🧵largo!
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Yesterday sumanthu mama came and spoke in @PTTVOnlineNews regarding the farm bill. He said what @arivalayam doing is vote bank politics and not out of real concern for the farmers. Why this much whining by sumanthu and other Brahmins BJP NTK guys. 1/n
Last election the Brahmin leaders who never worked directly in the agricultural fields( there is a inscription from chola period which talks about a Brahmin family which was puniahed by fellow Brahmins for involving directly in agricultural works ) projected #EPS as a farmer 2/n
Even #EPS spoke in meetings about his land owning castes and asked #Araja and #MKS about their ancestry and projected himself as a farmer CM who will stand with farmers. But in reality he was the one who brought 8lane from chennai to Salem destroying agri lands 3/n
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Thread Threadexplaining #PE Ratio & #PEG Ratio & its use in #FundamentalAnalysis

(Must read for #FA learners)

🙏Like & RT to spread learning with all🙏

Views Welcome👉@dmuthuk @Vivek_Investor @datta_arvind @caniravkaria @FI_InvestIndia

#FundamentalAnalysis #StockMarket

Price to Earnings (#PE) ratio, also known as price multiple or earnings multiple is the ratio obtained by dividing the current share price by earnings per share (#EPS).

#StockMarket #Investing #FundamentalAnalysis

P/E ratio is a reflection of the market's opinion of the earnings capacity & future business prospects of a company.

Companies which enjoy high investor confidence & have a higher market standing usually command high P/E ratio.

#StockMarket #Investing #FundamentalAnalysis
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Quick thread on understanding buybacks.

1) Why is it done:
If a company is cash rich and has no foreseeable deployment opportunity in its own business it can go for big dividends or use that money to buy back its own shares (1/8)
2) How does buyback help:
When a company purchases its own shares, its outstanding free float in the market reduces. So just assume if a company had 100 shares in the market and it takes back 10 from the market, the available base is now only 90 shares. (2/8)
3) How does reduced equity base help:
Suddenly all the key ratios of the company will start looking better. EPS (Earnings/Outstanding shares) will rise as the denominator will decrease. PE (Price/EPS) ratio will look more attractive as the EPS no increases
#EPS #earnings #Q4FY21
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#EPS "The façade consisted of 80mm flame-retarded expanded polystyrene (EPS) with mesh and render and mounted on 25mm thick chipboard, which was the formwork left in place"
#EPS Feb 2009
#EPS April 1996 Dusseldorf Airport 17 people died.
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1. I 100% support @DMMcFee on this but this has been tried before, with no meaningful outcomes. As I explain in @JeremyAppel1025's story, it must be coupled with strong deterrent disciplinary action ...
#Indigenous #bipoc #SystemicRacism #Police…
2. ... Examples. 2005 revelation of 2002 EPS Racist email eventually led to restorative justice measures... Image
3. ... In that case the LERB found it was not racist, just bad humour. Would that be the finding today?
Next, 2005 Sweatbox Incident. I disagree with the finding it was not racially motivated. I doubt that would be the finding today. At least it would...…
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Lets look how #FASTag is well coordinated for a single agenda - sale of public funded highways to global finance and select interests (who may/may not fund electoral bonds).

Also, a side look on how Federalism is being eaten for breakfast by @CMOTamilNadu #Loot #Alert #Thread
If you own a car / transport business, #FASTag would have been the new #Aadhaar for you with incessant messages / deadlines for mandatory #FASTag et al.

There is lot more to #FASTag than just convinience - Read…

Infrastructure financing, Surveillance etc
The 25 odd years of highway development in India, has seen many different models.

The age old one being - state (Central / State govt) building (and maintaining) highways with its own money from its budget. This is called 'Publicly Funded Highways'
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தனது பதவியும் உரிமையும் பறிபோகும் சூழல் வரும்போது எடப்பாடி பழனிச்சாமியை முதல்வர் வேட்பாளராக ஏற்பவர்கள் மட்டுமே, அதிமுக கூட்டணியில் இடம்பெற முடியுமென்று அடிப்பொடிகளை வைத்து எச்சரிக்கை செய்யத் துணிவிருக்கிறது ஒருவருக்கு,

தமிழகத்தின் கல்வி, வேலைவாய்ப்புகள், வேளாண்மை
பல உரிமைகளில் கை வைக்கும் பாஜக மத்திய அரசைக் கேள்வி கேட்க மட்டும் துணிவு வராதா??

இந்தியிலேயே போதிய தேர்ச்சி பெறாத வடமாநிலத்தவர்கள், தமிழ் மொழித் தேர்வில் வெற்றி பெற்று, அதிக மதிப்பெண்ணுடன் பணியில் சேர்வது எப்படி என ஐகோர்ட் மதுரை கிளை நீதிபதிகள் கேள்வி எழுப்பியிருக்கின்றனர்.
கடந்தாண்டு தெற்கு ரயில்வேயில் எலக்ட்ரீசியன், பிட்டர், மெக்கானிக், வெல்டர் பணியிடங்களுக்கு சுமார் 1,600க்கும் மேற்பட்ட வடமாநிலத்தவர் தேர்வு செய்யப்பட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். மின்துறையிலும் பல வடமாநிலத்தவர் தேர்வு செய்யப்பட்டதற்கு கடும் எதிர்ப்பு கிளம்பியது.
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குட்டி விமானத்தில் ஆட்டம்போடும் தமிழக அமைச்சரின் மகன் !
எடப்பாடி மகனுக்கு போட்டியாக களமிறங்கும் அமைச்சரின் மகன்!
#Nakkheeran #ADMK #EPS #SP_Velumani @nakkheeranweb
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🌎 As I repeated (;;;, economists have been too optimistic about global GDP prospects. Image
🇺🇸 #SPX | Analysts have been also too optimistic concerning earnings expectations (

🇺🇸 #SPX | Since the beginning of March, the S&P 500 Index’s 12-month forward earnings per share estimate has slumped 19% and is bound to deteriorate further as business and economic activity have slowed amid the coronavirus outbreak - Bloomberg Image
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Q3-2019 EARINGS - The Good, Bad, & Ugly.
With the bulk of earnings in we can analyze just how "good" those earnings actually were, and what we should expect next. Also, what #profits are telling us. $SPY $TLT #Earnings #Profits #Recession #Reversion…
Earnings - The Good:
"With 73% of companies beating estimates, it certainly suggests that companies in the S&P 500 are firing on all cylinders, which should support higher asset prices."

However, as they say, the “Devil is in the details.”
Earnings - The Bad
"In order for companies to achieve the 73% 'beat rate' - estimates had to be crushed to accommodate lower earnings."…
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This shouldn’t be happening in Canada and yet it has. Racism has blossomed as the conservatives, far right conservatives, believe that racism is ok. It’s this behaviour that radicalize this that are marginalized or disenfranchised... /1
I’m thinking of the events that happened 2 yes ago where an #eps officer was stabbed at a roadblock and 4 civillian were hit by a Uhaul truck; both were linked to a radicalized man. /2
We as a country have always welcomed immigrants and yet it feels as if the “Make America Great” has trickled up here. I can see it in the way candidates are campaigning. People are defacing campaign signs, especially Trudeau’s and Singh’s. The biggest one was when Singh... /3
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