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We’ve reached a point where the explicit graphic content warning is before you listen to a public school board meetings content.

Some suggesting the alphabet soup conduct is only happening in big cities & #Texas would be 3rd in overall education if we could ignore them. Image
To add insult to injury, it is a problem with @GregAbbott_TX leadership standards that must be addressed to protect teachers pay or #Democrats will.

The standard is not about educating kids to read, write or be proficient in math (more about that later).

It is about their pay. Image
In this episode one family relocates to #Fredrickburg TX to escape Houston’s school district only to find it’s everywhere in Texas.

A former teacher herself says she thought it was only going on in big cities or on the evening national news.
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A thread on how to choose MS/Ph.D. programs if you have multiple offers (from International Students' perspective, @Omviser1 )

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent any organizations that I'm associated with.

#gradschool @AcademicsSay #phdstudent
Before I jump in, some background:

When I chose Penn State over my other acceptances (UIUC, Purdue, UC Santa Barbara etc.), my friends and family were surprised to hear that I gave up a top 5 school to attend a top 15/20 in my area.

Sharing my decisioning criteria below 👇
While funding wasn't an issue to me at all, I encourage everyone to think from a ROI perspective at MS or Ph.D. levels.

I read somewhere that an acceptance without proper funding is essentially a polite decline. $$ matters.

#Funding #PhDposition #Scholarships
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/28/2022…
Illegals Can Now Use Arrest Warrants As Identification To Fly: TSA | ZeroHedge…

#IllegalImmigrants, #NationalSecurity, #PartisanPolitics, #TSAGuidelines
Humans Didn’t Invent Mathematics, It’s What the World Is Made Of…

#mathematics, #HoneycombConjecture, #PrimeNumbers, #discovery
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/20/2022…
The Green Lantern Theory of the Presidency, explained - Vox…

#PresidentialAuthority, #GreenLanternTheory, #LimitsOfPower
Most Reckless Fed Ever: “Real” Federal Funds Rate Now the Most Negative Ever | Wolf Street…

#FederalFundsRate, #NegativeYield, #CPIInflation
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I am a #PA citizen who wants to be prepared with the correct info #education when I go to the voting booth on #nov22 #pagovernorrace @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA @RepLouBarletta @VoteJoeGalePA @JasonFox29
@UkeeWashington Continue⬇️
@PhiladelphiaGov #Democrats control the @PHLCouncil mayor office @JimFKenney & the inner-city education for 70 years. Yet
PublicSchools in #Philly have an average math score of less that 25% & reading less that 40% @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA
@RepLouBarletta @JasonFox29
In #BuckCounty #PA larger control by Republicans. #PublicSchools have an average math score of over 50% and reading score of over 70 % @GUYforGOV @JoshShapiroPA @VoteJoeGalePA @ZamaforPA @Charlie_Gerow @RosemaryConnors @BillAFox29 @WilliamsSharrie
@UkeeWashington @JasonFox29
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Another great MULTICULTURAL HOLIDAY PARTY GUIDE my friend Avital wrote to help #publicschools:

1. Hold in the Northern Hemisphere early spring.

2. Decorate pillowcases or matzah covers with seasonal symbols like wine, matzah, shank bones, eggs, and bitter herbs, for kids to take home to use at their Holiday meal.

Recognize that kids come from many cultures, include alternate symbols like baskets, ashes, & rabbits for those who celebrate a holiday other than Pesach. These kids may like to stand up front & explain the meaning of these important symbols! They will really feel included!

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First up from the #ncsen budget: state/ county special assistance #medicaid rates for adult care homes unchanged. Last time we saw a budget, it was $1182 for regular residents, $1515 for people with dementia. #ncga
And the personal needs allowance for residents in those facilities goes from $46/ month to $70
We wrote about this back in 2019, two years later, the bump up remains the same.…
$1.5M in one-time funding for #telepsychiatry program run out of @EastCarolina (NC-STeP) to continue #mentalhealth response to #COVID19 #ncga #NCSen budget
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/18/2021…
Resolving catastrophic error bursts from cosmic rays in large arrays of superconducting qubits

#CosmicRays #QubitCoherence #QuantumComputing #ErrorCorrection
Probable Causation Podcasts, Episode 49: Michael Makowsky…

The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism…

#MinimumWage #CriminalRecidivism #EarnedIncomeTaxCredits
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1/ @PureConservatsm put out intentional false information on those arrested at #PortlandProtest , claiming most are teachers. Its false because these are mugshots from MayDay 2017 and I was a witness for one of the cases.…
Webpage Image
2/ I messaged them to ask how they got info on #PortlandRiots and #AntifaTerrorists and they lied, but claimed post. When I asked when the arrests occured, they went silent and post was nowhere to be found ImageImage
3/ This is a continued attack on #publicschools , #education and #Teachers by the #FarRight. They want religion in schools, not science. There email was invalid, so it could also be bots or cops. #CopBots
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Better late than never - my thread on the US public health (PH) system.

This doesn't cover everything, but does provide an outline of how funding & structures work with each other.


We learn in public health school that all public health is local.

We've seen this in how the pandemic has played out. Local factors, local leadership has mattered so so much in this.

Local health jurisdictions (LHJ) are tasked with delivering programs & services to protect the public from infectious (flu, TB, Syphilis) & chronic (cancer, diabetes) disease & environmental (e.g., lead) threats.

Wonder how flu shots are free/low-cost? PH $$ at work!

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Wired: Social distancing so that we do not overwhelm our healthcare system.

Tired: You have 12.75 hours to transition your classes to an online format, effectively kneecapping IT's ability to do anything as they are overwhelmed by faculty unprepared for this transition. 1/n
The first tweet is pretty specific to my university, but the following tweets are more general comments about how #highered should be handling this crisis.

If this is the threat that our leaders say it is, then we need to be decisive & find a way to close out the semester. 2/n
Forcing a sudden shift to online classes is not courageous & inspiring, it is exploitative. Extra, uncompensated labor on an indefinite basis for #faculty and #staff is unacceptable. 3/n
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The plan is to destroy 'secular' #PublicSchools by diverting taxpayer $ to religious schools where they teach bigotry towards #LGBTQ Americans & climate science denial.

It's important for folks to understand what is happening. It is critically important:
#ChiefJusticeRoberts heard this in the mornings before heading over to lend his credibility to the sham impeachment 'trial'…
This is NO coincidence
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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#ICYMI: I was proud to speak in support of the #FairShareAmendment at last week’s Constitutional Convention, a joint session of the @MA_Senate & House. It received enormous support, with 75% of legislators voting to advance the proposal. #mapoli

The revenues that would be raised by the #FairShareAmendment are needed to increase funding for our #PublicSchools, make #PublicHigherEducation more affordable for students and families, and fix our state’s crumbling roads, bridges and #PublicTransit. #mapoli
The #FairShareAmendment, which asks our wealthiest households earning more than $1 million annually to pay slightly higher taxes, is the fairest way to make the investments that our #Commonwealth badly needs. #mapoli
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#USA politicians support #Israel not out of allegiance or the power of lobbyists. Aspects of this support include:

1. Annual >$3b aid packages, with regular supplements & fewer restrictions than aid to other nations
2. Support of governments #Israel likes, such as #Jordan #KSA
#Egypt, regardless of #humanrights abuses
3. Undermining/attacking governments, groups & nations it dislikes: #Iraq #Iran #Lebanon
4. Ignoring obligations to #Palestinians under intl law
5. Allowing "charities" to receive tax-deductible donations used to further #ethniccleansing
in #Palestine.
6. Various state & federal government agencies with preferences to #Israel, such as #police exchanges & subsidized trade delegations.
7. Voting for legislation punishing people who support #BDS, a non-violent advocacy tactic.

Whatever it is that causes #USA
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