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A thread on #Endometriosis a systemic, inflammatory disease which affects around #1in10 or 176 million people worldwide.

This thread covers myths, causes, symptoms, comorbidities, pregnancy/childbirth, diagnostics, treatments, & patient experiences.

Endo is essentially an extra uterine, estrogen dependent, systemic inflammatory disorder that causes abnormal endometrial-like tissue growth, similar to cancer but benign. It is mainly spread throughout the pelvic cavity but has been found in every organ – but the spleen.
As we explore cause, we will discuss how it is likely a disease that people are born with (a genetic/developmental defect) that is activated when estrogen becomes dominant, this is largely around the first period for the majority of patients, who are people with a uterus.
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🌟From Lily Williams: My 14-year journey with the illness, in comic form
Endometriosis is so much more than a bad period

But the biggest question is: why aren’t women believed: both from myopic male drs. & judgemental women M.D.s, it’s pervasive throughout the medical community.
🌟From Lily Williams: My 14-year journey with the illness, in comic form

⁉️Why aren’t women believed?
🌟From Lily Williams: My 14-year journey with the illness, in comic form

⁉️Why aren’t women believed?
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Hello & Happy Spring! (Thread) If you haven’t been on here til 1am EST, I’m going to unpack recently announced #opioid bill S-724 (named for John McCain). For reax check out threads by @erinbiba and @AnaMardoll (call @gillibrandNY ASAP to protest bill.) Onto the breakdown:
Sen. Gillibrand introduced this bill with a flip referral to dental work and a misunderstanding of the term “acute pain”. #AcutePain does not mean ‘severe’ in medical terms, it means pain lasting up to/less than 6mos. If you’ve ever had a gunshot wound,
been in/had a serious accident, needed extensive surgery, had #fibromyalgia #arthritis #endometriosis or #pelvicpain #backpain -just to name a few-you may know that sometimes one needs more than 7 days of pain meds.
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So March is #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth and since, right now, I am in the grips of an #endometriosis flare-up I'm gonna tell you all what having this disease is really like.
First of all, to put it simply, #endometriosis is when cells that are meant to grow inside your uterus grow on other parts of your body. Any parts! The cells can grow on your bowels, your stomach, liver, intestines, even your lungs, eyes, or brain. Yeah! It's terrifying!
And because these cells are supposed to be part of your uterine lining, they're basically programmed to shed every month. So like your uterine lining sheds when an egg isn't implanted & hence you have a period. These cells shed in the same way but....not inside your uterus
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It’s been a few years, but every now and then I get gut punched with little things of would-be reminders. This started with a “My body does its best to survive because it loves me” post on FB.
[thread] About 5-ish years ago, I was sick and puking up random things where I normally was fine. It was RenFaire season and I put on my corset only to have a subsequent breakdown about how it no longer was comfortable, I’m getting fat, etc, etc.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I’m now working 4 10s plus my full weekend gig and my “rest day” of vacation off to rest up lands me in the ER bleeding profusely from my crotch where I nearly pass out a few times because my blood pressure tanked (53/48 suuuucks).
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Dedicated to @Terfy_Memes
Plus, a thread on how transwomen retain (at least some) male privilege 👇🏾
What is #maleprivilege? It is freedom, resources, rights, and respect granted instantly to any male person upon (or even before) birth, simply for being male. Having an advantage over another group of humans doesn’t just stop at laws.
When men don’t feel constantly threatened with violence and harassment for just existing. When medical conditions affecting males are given more funding and are more rigorously researched. When men get more pay and are promoted faster due to being seen as more competent in jobs.
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How gender identity politics is endangering #WomensRights masquerading under the guise of “progressivism”- or in other words, as I said to this @notokyriarchy fatherfucker, an #MRA’s dream come true
- (thread)
I shouldn’t have to explain the realities of sex-based oppression in 2018! #Female is a biological sex. #Gender is the roles and norms that are imposed on those with female bodies to subjugate them to males for free sexual, domestic, and reproductive labor.
No matter how many genders a given culture had or recognized, somehow, the half of the group with a cock and balls (males) knew which other half of the group to forcibly impregnate (“#NonMen”, according to some). 🤔🤔🤔
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