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Mar 1:
1/ #RussianVolunteerCorps actions in #Bryansk

“We are #Russians, and we are not #Russians”: what is known about the “#RussianVolunteerCorps

@CrimeanWind, of #Telegram, background report on #Russian ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Partisans…
Mar 1:
3/ #RussianVolunteerCorps in #Bryansk

..representatives adhere to right-wing views & #Claim to have traveled the entire #FrontLine.

#Russian #Volunteer #Corps founder, #DenisKapustin (#Nikitin)..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine…
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at some point, *someone* is going to have to investigate THE question of the age, which is...

...just *why* is @elonmusk as disastrous as he is?

why is #ElonMusk a phenomenon? how on Earth did practically everyone in corporate #media and #journalism fall for this man?

@mtaibbi or @lhfang might have inquired into this matter, at some hypothetical time in the past when they cared about #journalism rather than careerism and selling out to whoever offered the sparkliest vision of the future—maybe that time was *never*, truth be told.

what does it even mean to be a "real journalist"? how can that be defined? one can be tolerably certain, at any rate, that whatever @mtaibbi or @lhfang or @Timcast or @bariweiss ever *used* to be in the past—if that dream was ever noble, it's long ago dissolved into smoke.

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the chief preoccupation of #capitalism and capitalists is *predicting the future*. (well, that and _stealing_.)

to be a capitalist is to be hagridden with the #future, and craving omens and portents about it. to be in #business and #finance is to be into fortune-telling.

quite literally in fact! a #fortune, in the sense of a big pile of treasure, was called a fortune because it was something that came to you by *chance*.

a rich relative died and left you a legacy. you had a lucky gold strike, or found a shipwreck loaded with riches.

these days, though, people who devote themselves to lives of avarice—e.g. @elonmusk, @Teslaconomics, and everyone else in #business and #finance and #investment and #realestate and #cryptocurrency and every other way of scamming money—feel that they're *owed* a "fortune".

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Indian #tech firms contributed nearly $200 billion to the US #economy, more than the combined economies of 20 US states…

By @Krittiiii
Indian #tech firms have spent $396 billion in US sales output. This supported 1.6 million jobs in total and contributed $198 billion to the US #economy, which is larger than the combined economies of 20 US states in 2021, according to a NASSCOM report.
The sector directly generated $103 billion of revenue in the USA, while employing 207,000 people last year. The Indian tech industry created an average wage of $106,360 for the #employees in the US, according to the report.
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Après un peu plus d'un mois de jeu @CrazyDefenseEN, j'ai eu le plaisir de recevoir aujourd'hui 847 $TOWER, ça représente au cours actuel : ~25$

Certes, ce n'est pas une #fortune et vous ne deviendrez pas riche, mais c'est toujours sympa quand on fait ça uniquement pour le #fun. Image
Ce #PlayToEarn est disponible sur la blockchain #Ethereum mais aussi #Polygon.

C'est ce qui permet aussi de le rendre intéressant car il permet d'éviter les frais exorbitant.

Une découverte by @CryptoGaryy de la @TheDiggers_io familly.

Faut que je me penche sur un thread... 😏 Image
Pour ceux ou celles qui voudraient nous rejoindre, une Guilde The Diggers existe et n'attend que vous.

Ci-dessous, un lien vous permettant de télécharger l'application (Android & iOS).

Ce lien me permet de recevoir de d'or en jeu.
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Totalitaire et avilissant à bien des égards, le quinquennat d’Emmanuel #Macron touche à sa fin.
Avec le recul, mérite-t-il autre chose que les poubelles de l’histoire ?🚮

Pour en juger et ne rien oublier de ses facettes, suivez ce fil jupitérien.

TW mépris
🧶thread à dérouler🔽 Image
Élu président à la faveur d’un second tour face au FN/RN tout en ayant financé sa campagne par des donateurs majoritairement très riches — et à qui il remboursera leur investissement avec la suppression de l'#ISF —, Emmanuel Macron récupère 1 majorité parlementaire écrasante.🔽 ImageImageImageImage
Coqueluche de la presse écrite avant même de briguer la magistrature suprême — de part le nombre d'articles qui lui est consacré —, le néo-président fait l'objet d'une adulation XXL dans les médias. « Comment Macron séduit le monde », « #MacronMania »...🔽
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The thing that scares me most about social media like @Twitter is the echo chambers;

my first #thread, so, please, be gentle 🎩🧵
Don't get me wrong; I love the families that are created around #NFTs and other #crypto-projects;
i.e. I love following every @firatinsayfasi profile pic in circulation, and I love to see them into my newsfeed; I love to see it populated by @apa_nft, @MifutoMFT and others...
But I think it's something to weigh carefully;
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GREAT discussion on "Destiny and Hardwork" in @SandeepMall space right now.

Writing a short thread to share my thoughts on the same.

As @onemanush said, your destiny starts right at birth.

If you are born in a small village in Africa versus a wealthy family in Mumbai,
your life path starts at a very different note.

The overall sentiment seems to be that you write your own destiny. Which is directly contradictory to the the sentiment that your destiny is pre written.

Your destiny is pre written when it comes to life and death!

What happens
between those two points in life is a combination of fortune, very different from destiny, and hard work.

A perfect example where HARD WORK was the only difference in the end point of two individuals is the age old Sachin versus Kambli discussion.

While a perfect example of
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An Women turned her initial ₹20,000 Investment into a net worth of ₹1,000 Crores.

Story of RAJNI BECTOR Founder of @cremicafoods (Bector's Food)

A #Thread 🧵🧵

@ipo_mantra @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @JoePompliano

Hit the 're-tweet' and help us educated more investors..
Imagine a woman who once used to prepare ice creams in the backyard of her Ludhiana home as her way to fight boredom heading a Rs.1,000 crore food enterprise.

#burgerking #food @FinancialAdda @stocktalk_in
Mrs Bector was born in karachi and then moved to Delhi with her family.
After her children went to boarding school, she noticed that there was huge demand for her desserts. 

#Delhi #India #market
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O primeiro dos cincos petroleiros iranianos com combustível entrou em águas venezuelanas

As ameaças 🇺🇸 de bloqueio e intervenção dos navios não se concretizaram
A frota americana no Caribe para ameaçar a Venezuela não ofereceu resistência a chegada do primeiro petroleiro iraniano

#VenezuelaVictoriosa no objetivo de reabastecer o país que sofre com as sanções, que afetam toda a economia e população

#irantankers Image
O #Fortune foi o primeiro a chegar ao país, os outros serão: #Forest, #Petunia, #Faxon and #Clave

Irã e Venezuela aprofundam ainda mais os laços diplomáticos e econômicos entre os dois países, preparados a resistir a agressão dos EUA

#IranYVenezuelaUnionAntiimperialista Image
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#Iran-ian oil tankers #Fortune #Petunia #Forest #Faxon #Clavel are en route to #Venezuela despite #US sanctions!

We have an interesting week ahead! 😉

Fortune, Petunia and Forest passed the Gibraltar, Faxon is near the Gibraltar and Clavel is in Mediterranean Sea. Image
The #US Navy has also sent a combat fleets to the Caribbean (white arrow) :
USS Detroit (LCS-7)
USS Lassen (DDG-82)
USS Preble (DDG-88)
USS Farragut (DDG-99)

The ETA is 25 May
The Iranian tankers are heading to Venezuela while the oil sectors of #Iran and #Venezuela are under US heavy sanctions!
However,the tankers sailing with IR flag proudly.
If the tankers reach their destination,once again the US hegemony and its sanction effectiveness will fall
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Let's discuss this thread for our #GlobalEChats!

So what do you make of the wave of #ecommerce these days? Come delve into the ins and outs of it with us!
So #Entrepreneurs out there, what is ecommerce?

It just refers to electronic transactions done in the name of #sale and #purchase.

In simpler terms, you buy and sell things online with the #internet! That's it!
But to whom and from whom can these #transactions take place between? Surprisingly, it's not just between #business (B) and #Customers (C)!

It can take place between:
1. B2B
2. B2C
3. C2C (or P2P)
4. C2B
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