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5min pour comprendre comment cette théorie permet à la blockchain #Bitcoin d’être l’un des réseaux les plus résistants au monde 👇
Peu connue du grand public, la théorie des jeux est pourtant l’un des éléments clés de la réussite de #Bitcoin

Issue des mathématiques, l’application de cette théorie permet notamment à la #blockchain Bitcoin d’être l'un des réseaux les plus sécurisés au monde aujourd’hui
👉L’histoire derrière la théorie des jeux

Les 1ères traces de recherches mathématiques remontent aux années 1920.

Elles seront ensuite reprises et développées en 1944 dans le papier “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior” écrit par Oskar Morgenstern et John Von Neumann
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GTON Capital: reimagining the #utility and #scalability of #Web3

1/⚜️ The @GtonCapital team is building an ecosystem of innovative web3 infrastructure and products by synergizing the best achievements of decentralized web technology a brave little baby is expl...
2/⚜️ The vision of the $GTON team presents a new phase in the evolution of the #cryptocurrency landscape, with decentralized #stablecoins and scalable #smartcontract execution layers at its core, enabling millions of #dApps to improve the lives of billions of users
3/⚜️ We are currently facing a "Cambrian explosion" of alt-L1 and L2 protocols, #DeFi dApps and #NFT, #GameFi and X2Earn business models, and #Metaverses
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🧵ZK landscape (Part2) + Diff flavors of Rollups, (ELI5 summary of Rollups)

Quite some updates especially during ETHCC. Will post some notable ones that I come across today before sharing some Rollups' notes I compiled for @ForwardAnalytic
1) @0xPolygon - zkEVM is here!
TLDR: Build an App on zkRollup without learning a brand new coding language! And take advantage of the fastest ZK tech with #plonky2 by @0xPolygonZero
(Testnet will soon be Live)…
Also since the last tweet of Zk landscape(Part1) 10days ago, #Polygon has nearly doubled 2x their FDV, and caught up with #Starkware.
Polygon's current Valuation is now at $9.1 Billion FDV
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A 🧵thread on the overview of #ZeroKnowledge's Landscape, Points of differentiation between projects & Valuation difference.

This is my attempt to compile the current landscape of ZK, If there is additional info/updates, do reach out via DMs.🙏 (1/13)
Format: Companies L1/L2 (Projects)

1) @StarkWareLtd L2; (StarkNet,StarkEx)
2)@the_matter_labs L2; (zkSync(ZkRollup,ZkPorter))
3)@0xPolygon L2; (Polygon Zero, Hermez 2.0, Miden, Nightfall)
4)@Scroll_ZKP L2
5)@MinaProtocol L1
6)@AleoHQ L1
7)@aztecnetwork L2
A more detailed differentiation with breakdown can be seen here:…
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0/ I have written a lot about #rollups & data availability lately. Thought it might be worth putting together a thread of threads with my rollup/DA posts 📚

Your ultimate guide to rollup scaling, data availability, L2 #airdrops & more ✨👇

#L222 🧵 (0/13)
1/ Rollups - An introduction to scaling $ETH on rollups:

2/ Rollups - An overview of the $ETH rollup landscape:

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0/ Rollups are a key technology in blockchain scaling, even beyond $ETH. #Cevmos for example enables the deployment of EVM rollups on top of a @EvmosOrg-based rollup leveraging @CelestiaOrg's modular data availability layer

Short 🧵 on the Cevmos stack & its purpose (0/11) ⚛️👇
@EvmosOrg @CelestiaOrg 1/ #Cevmos (short for Celestia/EVMos/CosmOS) is a modular stack for building EVM-based rollups that use #Celestia as a DA & consensus layer. The Cevmos stack will center around an optimized settlement chain for rollups, based on #Evmos
@EvmosOrg @CelestiaOrg 2/ What is Celestia?

#Celestia is a modular consensus & data availability layer built on the Cosmos SDK that aims to enable anyone to easily deploy decentralized blockchains without the overhead of bootstrapping a new consensus network

More on @CelestiaOrg:

>>> LINK
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0/ One of the upcoming L1s I'm most excited about is @CelestiaOrg, a modular, chain-agnostic data availability & consensus layer that provides a highly scalable & decentralized DA solution to rollups & app-specific L1 chains✨

A mega-🧵 on why you should pay attention (0/39)👀👇
@CelestiaOrg 1/ While most blockchain ecosystems agree that the future is multi-chain, the way they envision a multi-chain world can differ heavily. Approaches that have started to gain traction over the past few months are #Ethereum (rollups), #Polkadot (parachains) & #Cosmos (zones)
@CelestiaOrg 2/ So, according to its rollup-centric roadmap, #Ethereum envisions the future to evolve around rollup-based L2 solutions. But unfortunately, rollups tend to be rather expensive to operate/use & are less flexible than L1 chains (at least pre EIP-4844 / $ETH 2.0)
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0/ Data availability is the primary scaling bottleneck for $ETH-based rollup L2s and a hot topic at the frontier of blockchain scaling. But what is the data availability problem and how is it addressed?

A 🧵 about the DA problem and the current DA landscape (0/XX) Image
1/ The data availability problem refers to the question how peers in a blockchain network can be sure that all the data of a newly proposed block is available
2/ If part of the data is not available, the block might contain malicious transactions which are being hidden by the block producer
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1/ With recent $OP #airdrop, we present #visualguide for #Ethereum Layer 2 #Rollups Solutions. Why it's needed? How does it work? and the future of #scaling in Ethereum

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $ETH Image
2/ L2 rollups work by executing transactions outside of Layer 1, #Rollups #solution has two methods, Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
3/ Optimistic rollups don't do any computation by default, all transactions are legitimate. #Fraud-proof #mechanism is set as a preventive measure.

#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Arbitrum #Optimism #L222 #ZKSync $OP $ETH #Airdrop Image
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1/ 🧵
#danksharding, #PBS, #crList, #blob transactions...

Seems #Ethereum has an affinity for making up words these days! And it all starts with (the normal sounding) #calldata

Let's figure out why, define some of these ridiculous terms, and see how #ETH can get even better
2/ #Rollups (RU) post their compressed L2 batched transactions as calldata onto mainnet Ethereum. But what does that mean and what is calldata?
Calldata (CD) is a specific form of read-only memory data used by smart contracts to call external functions. Image
Once a RU has batched enough txs, it posts this state transition change in a compressed form to the L1 via CD.
RUs currently utilize L1 CD for data storage, which is limited to ~10KB per block. This is so anyone has the ability to reconstruct the chain & verify the latest state Image
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I've been studying @blknoiz06 for the last week.

Here are the top things I've learned from him. 🚀

A thread 🧵 👇 "imagine letting n***** outwork you"
1. His background

He's a trader, researcher, analyst and shares his profound views on Substack and #Twitter @blknoiz06

Held #Altcoins when they crashed during the last cycle and wasn't all in crypto afterwards, until he realized how much money he was leaving on the table. 💰
He missed the #DeFi summer, because he wasn't paying attention in Bear🐻. As he saw the 2017 cycle, he wanted to fully take advantage of the next bull run🐂.

He nailed all the trades in 2021: @AxieInfinity, @solana, @avalancheavax, @harmonyprotocol, @terra_money
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🧵 on some of the major smart contract chains, their different approaches, and how HOPEFULLY (for the love of all that is holy) we are moving away from simply "X chain is superior because it did XXXX TPS on a closed environment testnet"
#Ethereum #terraluna #Solana #AVAX
As @epolynya has alluded to several times, #TPS numbers are almost meaningless now. Especially anything under 100k.

At the risk of having this thrown in my face 5 years from now, TPS is essentially solved.
This is due to many things but some reasons include:

- #modular designs (@CelestiaOrg, #ETH + #rollups, and @avalancheavax to an extent)
- Rollups, in general, and how they can somewhat "defeat" the #ScalabilityTrilemma
- @IOHK_Charles & his giga brain (ok maybe not this 😉)
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1/ 🧵
How and why "data availability (DA)" became the sexiest topic in #Ethereum land, the #l222 space, and for #rollups
2/ Pre-2021 (roughly speaking), DA for most #blockchains wasn't a concern for 2 reasons:
1) most blockchains did not have enough usage to warrant any concern
2) the monolithic approach meant that each (full) node downloaded the entire block to check for availability no problemo
3/ However, this approach has its limitations/drawbacks, and, thus, new solutions like light clients, rollups (RUs), and the modular approach were implemented.
@BanklessHQ @TrustlessState @RyanSAdams
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#Layer2 Scaling is a concept that is used in the #Ethereum communities with some believing it represents $ETH future.

What does this truly imply? 🤌🏼

How does it operate and why do we need it? 🧐

Today we will deep dive into non-custodial solutions ⬇️
1/ Over the past years, #Ethereum popularity has resulted in a massive rise in transactions and, therefore, #network traffic.

With several users competing for faster #transaction processing, a bidding war occurs, resulting in very expensive gas fees for each user.
Once new scaling solutions arise in the #blockchain space, it is always necessary to consider:

- how much they inherit #Layer1 #security and network characteristics

- if they impose stricter user requirements compared to the underlying #Layer1
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1/ Why is #blockchain scaling so controversial? From the #blocksizewars to #Alt L1s and #rollups.

Is it really that hard?!

🧵 time...
2/ Blockchains like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum strive for maximum #decentralization and #censorship-resistance while remaining totally open and inclusive networks. However, they also want to scale to accommodate billions of users.
3/ As they stand right now, their limited capacity to process transactions at the base layer (~7 and ~20 TPS, respectively) are in direct opposition to achieving that goal.

The question is “What is the best method of scaling a blockchain?” 🧐
@TrustlessState @sassal0x
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🧵 THREAD N°25 : les rollups

Après le thread tranquille d'hier, retour aux sujets techniques avec le thread du jour sur les #rollups, une méthode qui permet d'accélérer les échanges sur une blockchain 👇
1/ Avant de lire ce thread, je vous recommande de lire celui-ci sur les solutions de #scaling pour bien comprendre les enjeux des rollups.
2/ En quelques mots, les #rollups sont une solution qui permet d'effectuer 10, 100, 1000 transactions en une seule transaction, multipliant de fait par 10, 100, 1000 la vitesse du réseau.
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(1/16) It's Friday! You know that means I have a 🧵 for you on this week's #Ethereum #Layer2 happenings! #L222 is truly flourishing. Enjoy! 👇
(2/16) The bridge 🌉 design space is heating up! Bridges are necessary but also a potentially lucrative attack vector. Take a look at @bkiepuszewski's excellent 🧵on risk frameworks for considering #Layer2 bridges:
(3/16) @mycomeg and @schmiddominik1 put together a really informative document on what the growth of #Layer2 protocols means for the broader Ethereum ecosystem. I'm quoted in it so I'm a bit biased but it is a fantastic read! 🙂…
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🧵 THREAD N°12 : comment accélérer la blockchain ?

@ethereum traite 15 transactions/seconde, alors que @Visa en traite plus de 1500, soit 100 fois plus.

Comment la blockchain peut-elle résoudre ce problème afin d'être adpotée par le plus grand nombre ? 👇
1/ Vous êtes peut-être déjà tombé sur les termes de layer 2, rollup, sharding... sans jamais comprendre de quoi il s'agissait.

Tous ces termes sont des solution que les développeurs ont mis au point face à un problème de la blockchain : celui de la rapidité des échanges.
2/ Avec la démocratisation de l'ETH, le nombre de transactions a explosé et le réseau est congestionné en permanence.

La blockchain a un problème d'échelle : elle n'est pas (encore) adaptée à une utilisation de masse. Des solutions ont donc dû être trouvées.
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0/ Because they have important applications in privacy & scaling, let’s have a look at zero knowledge proof technologies like zkSNARKs, zkSTARKs and how projects like @MantaNetwork leverage zk-tech to enable private #DeFi or #PriFi 🥷

A mega-🧵 on zk stuff & $MANTA (0/27)
1/ Let’s start with the basics. A zero-knowledge proof of some statement must basically satisfy three properties…
2/ …Completeness: if the statement is true, a honest prover will successfully convince the honest verifier of the validity of the statement
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❌Los términos #Eth1 y #Eth2 (Ethereum2.0) se están eliminando.

📢 La Fundación @Ethereum indica que desde ahora debemos utilizar:

🔸Eth1 → Execution layer (Capa de ejecución)
🔸Eth2 → Consensus layer (Capa de consenso)
🔸Execution layer + consensus layer = Ethereum


¿Por qué ocurre esto?

#Ethereum siempre tuvo planes para escalar la red de forma descentralizada y hacer la transición a #PoS. Los investigadores trabajaron en esto por separado, pero alrededor de 2018 se combinaron en un roapmap único bajo el paraguas de "Ethereum 2.0".

Como parte de ese roapmap, la blockchain de #PoW (Eth1) eventualmente quedaría obsoleta a través de la bomba de dificultad. Los usuarios y las aplicaciones migrarían a una nueva red de Ethereum de #PoS, conocida como Eth2.
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1/ #Rollups (Layer2) are blockchain technologies that help scale Layer1s (ex: Ethereum), that allow faster transactions at a cheaper cost in a trustless verifiable way.

In ZK-Rollups, validity is ensured by zero-knowledge proofs.…
2/ Zero-knowledge proof (ZK Proofs) technologies enable one party to prove to another party that they know something without the prover having to convey the information itself in order to prove their knowledge.

👇Here's why it is important, and what we are doing about it
3/ ZK for Scalability 📈

Since ZK proofs allow data-sharing between two parties without transferring any information with the transaction, they can improve scalability.
With 2-second finality already achieved, @Harmonyprotocol can scale its transactions/second with sharding.
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#L2 #Layer2 #Rollups #Retwitte
دقیقاً یک rollup چیست؟
کلمه rollup به دسته ای از تراکنش ها اشاره دارد که با هم در لایه 2 پردازش می شوند. بنابراین اساساً چندین تراکنش در یک دسته جمع می شوند.
دو نوع اصلی rollup عبارتند از:
Optimistic rollups
zkRollups based on zero-knowledge proofs
Optimistic rollups are used by:
zkRollups are used by:
Mir protocol (Polygon Zero)
Polygon Miden VM
Polygon Hermez
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1/ Had an interesting chat with @DavidAKillen today and I think we concluded that a new web3 dev career track is emerging -- the Layer 2 Developer.

2/ While Optimistic #rollups are similar enough to #Ethereum that special expertise is unnecessary,#ZKRollups and hybrid solutions will change that!
3/ A note on hybrid solutions: have seen modular solutions like @bobanetwork that could switch out the proving mechanism from optimistic to zk proofs, and @DCbuild3r's recent article explains we have a trend of "zk-ification" upon us. Keep an eye on this!
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