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1/ A Q patriot research thread:

"WE THE PEOPLE are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men [and women] who pervert the Constitution."

#AbrahamLincoln #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #DarkToLight #Qanon
2/ I joined Twitter to create this #Moloch thread investigating ancient/modern Baal worship and its existence in our National Founder Archives, #WikiLeaks, and the Good Book:

3/ I then created this EO 13825 #MilitaryTribunal thread investigating the UCMJ Courts-Marshal Amendments, ANNEX 1 and 2 (massive):

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NEXT UP: # 4 SEED FISHER VERSUS # 5 SEED TIGER OWL #2019MMM photo credits: Tom Kogut
Tiger owls are generally "free from natural enemies" predators such as coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions & are known to attack humans who get too close to their nests (Baumgartner 1939) #TheyWillCutYou #2019MMM
Males & females tiger owls mature by year 3 & females are larger. They produce 1-6 eggs/season & alternate roosting & hunting during the nesting season. Males do most of the hunting while females spend their time protecting the brood. (Baumgarter 1939) #2019MMM
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Thanks to the #GovernmentShutdown it took a while to get the comments for my (once again failed) application to the @NEHgov for my book. Some thoughts: (thread)
I am very grateful to the people who volunteer to do this job. It's a great kindness to participate in giving away money to OTHER PEOPLE to do their work, thus sacrificing their own time. I am sincere about that. Even to those of you who found my project unworthy.
That said, People who evaluate my scholarship seem to fall into two categories: those who really seem to love it, and think I am innovative and interesting, and those who think I should go sell real estate for a living. This phenomenon has affected me my whole career.
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My Rez is breathing a collective sigh of relief post #governmentshutdown. We still have issues but at least I don’t have to worry about my dad running out of insulin & my cousins can work & not worry about where their next meal is coming from + keep the heat on when its -50.
There’s actually been 1 positive affect of the shutdown in my community. People are now driven to build our capacity to be self sufficient and exercise our tribal sovereignty. Lots of plans are underway.
I will continue to help folks on the Rez with transportation, food, clothes, & being heard, but I was doing that before the shutdown. We call it being a good relative.
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"We have reached to end the shutdown and re-open the federal government" announces @POTUS in @WhiteHouse Rose Garden saying he had a "powerful alternative" but didn't want to use it "at this time."
"In many case you encourage me to keep going," @POTUS claiming federal workers supported #GovernmentShutdown.
Senate @GOP leadership being asked to put 3-week stopgap funding bill on floor immediately, according to @POTUS.
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1/ We asked every Texan in Congress whether the government shutdown over President Trump's border wall is worth it.

Here’s what they told us. Follow this thread. #borderwall #GovernmentShutdown
2/ We asked every Texan in Congress these two questions:

+ Should the U.S. government finish the wall along the country's southern border?

+ Is the stalemate worth federal workers and contractors missing their paychecks?
3/ When we asked Sen. John Cornyn about a border wall, he didn’t give us a yes or no.

He said: "There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for the entire border. It's quite a diverse geography."
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@WhiteHouse for the first time in #american history a spker of house has revoked an invitation to a duly elected #POTUS to speak before the nation. These traditions are what "Makes America Great" #Pelosi is very extreme and is denying our #SOTU speech. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #sadness
We don't have a 25th amendment to apply to @SpeakerPelosi but we do have to begin to ask is she "mentally competent" She has grabbed power and control of our budget, boarder security and #SOTUS speech. This is "fascistic" In nature and destroying our country.
Here is a list of #fascistic techniques of #putin and #pelosi

-Supporting Hamas
-Supporting Hezbollah
-Supporting Antifa
-Supporting Destroying the Constitution
-Supporting Open Boarders
-Taxing 70% of your wealth

These are tactics of #Fascist - destruction is the end goal
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0/ We're currently tracking at 40°C (104℉) here in #Melbourne, yet even that pales in comparison to the heat we're seeing in the #crypto/#blockchain space over the past ~24 hours.

What a day! Below are 22 developments that caught my eye.
1/ 🍑 Prominent full-service #blockchain technology co. @BitfuryGroup today announced a #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork-oriented product bundle called @Lightning_Peach.

Consumers, merchants, developers; there's LN-enabled solutions for all! Read more below.…
2/ 💡 After 18 months in stealth, San Francisco-based #crypto custody provider @Anchorage is live with its first product. They're building the first-ever crypto-native custodian!

Last year's a16z-led $17M Series A featured @Naval, @EladGil and @MLevchin.…
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Fancy Nancy is playing politics. She lied about House security and the liberal MSM aren’t calling her on it. #SOTU
Fancy Nancy's problem is she is listening to the liberal MSM say she is a badass and 3rd in line to the presidency (as though she is the president). She needs to accept that she is just speaker of the House and will never be president and back to work.
The liberal MSM never played Paul Ryan, John Bohner or any Republican up as being the third in line to the presidency. Sure according to the constitution the House Speaker is next in line, but for Pete's sake. Let her do her job as speaker.
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Say what?! If you are a Democrat why? How are they fighting for you? What are you achieving by voting for the #PartyOfCrime?

Only 6 Dems voted to pay you during the #GovernmentShutdown

#GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
The House Democrats aka #PartyOfCrime voted NO a 2nd time this week NOT to pay employees during #GovernmentShutdown

If you're pissed, you need to contact your House rep & demand they fix this immediately.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA

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Anon letter to the DS

We understand many of you are being blackmailed and have no choice but to fight this being exposed. It is too late, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. Nobody will be able to save you, not Soros, not Hillary, not Moloch, not even Satan himself
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Today at 11:30 am, members of FBIAA's National Executive Board gather for a press conference to discuss the current and lasting impacts of the #GovernmentShutdown on FBI operations and national security. Updates will be shared on this thread.
Opening statement from FBIAA President @tfoconnor83: "I want to make one point clear: Agents were working cases yesterday, are working cases today, and will be working cases tomorrow. They are doing so without pay and under increasingly challenging conditions."
"Last night I delivered food to our office break room for those in the office who are in need. The FBI family always comes together in times of crisis, but it's truly sad that we must resort to this."
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For 2 years of Trump now, science has been under attack: policies ignore science; generation of new scientific studies & data has been dismantled.

With the great @POGOBlog team, I've tracked the types of attacks while fighting back. A tour of the worst that's happened in THREAD:
NEW STUDIES & DATA: Trump has terminated efforts that generate scientific info. Policies that ignore science cause damage, but preventing science & data from even existing can undermine policymaking for years. 2/

@bydarrylfears described a clear example:…
One of Pruitt's first actions at @EPA was scrapping a request for industry to provide info about their methane emissions & controls, one day after state GOP leaders asked. The data could have informed years of regs. 3/

@EENewsUpdates' @ellengilmer wrote:…
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It looks like Another False Flag will be today ,do to #Q1125 for today. #BloodMoonSunday #RedFlag #FalseFlag
@DevinNunes will be on @MariaBartiromo Today. Will be talking about #Cohen Wait till it comes up. @fedupwarriorq17 @madmandave1011 @neXgenAnon #QClock #ItsHappening
Q clock post 1125
FBI burning the midnight oil
(Pelosi left the country)
What was just released to Nunes
( watch Maria Bariroma if Nunes in news you know whats up)
Warning? (Fake news on Cohen again)
Telegraph? (trump tweets)
Its Happening
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@realDonaldTrump BQQM He DID it!! 5.7 Billion bill is getting voted on in #SENATE Who owns Senate?
53-47. Sen Mitch McConnell will present bill votes this week. 328,000 going to loose their jobs. Bye Pelosi!
Trump owns Senate.
Sen.McConnel will present 5.7 billion dollar bill. It's locked & loaded
30 days us almost up. BYE bye
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Due to this #governmentshutdown Native communities are suffering. Last night this reservation was under a wind chill advisory. Tribal citizens are struggling to keep their homes heated & power on. Federal funding for law enforcement here ran out this week. Safety is a concern.
Native communities are not political fodder. We are human beings & at present, the federal government is reneging on its treaty and trust responsibilities to tribes. Children are going hungry and lives are in danger. This shutdown must end.
This shutdown isn’t just an inconvenience. Native communities are losing essentials that mean the difference between civility and chaos. We are losing access to healthcare and law enforcement; both of which are already understaffed and underfunded.
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Unbelievable radical Democrats along with liberal MSM are already poo-pooing on the presidents offer to end the government shutdown. It's all politics. You'd think they would think about the American people. #GovernmentShutdown
Remember the Bridge Act proposed by the Democrats and Dirk Durbin that's what the president is proposing. If the MSM did its job and called the Dems out something would happen.
How can Fancy Nancy negotiate when she has left DC? Shameful!
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Here's your reminder that, 2 years under Trump, state-sponsored censorship of climate info is still ongoing and pervasive across fed agencies (@EPA, @StateDept, @Interior, @USDOT, …)

Check out @andmbergman & my @NYTopinion piece and examples in THREAD:…
In Oct 2018, @USDOT, which oversees transportation, one of the largest sectors contributing to anthropogenic U.S. GHG emissions, obfuscated climate info by removing its "Climate Change Clearinghouse" page, among several others

@CNN's @Rene_MarshCNN broke:…
.@EPA's removal of is still the largest case of online climate change censorship by a fed agency

The small amount of the site that was returned censored info about climate change. @NYTclimate's @LFFriedman on our @EnviroDGI report:…
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"aircraft was scheduled to leave at 3 p.m. ET today, with the President canceling the plane just “as she was about to leave for her overseas trip.” 😂…
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New Thread on #FakeNews
Everyday running new #SmearCampaigns
There narratives are failing BIGLY!
NO ONE CARES what CNN,NYT, & Others say everyday on News
Called em out like he sees them!
Here is the video @SpeakerPelosi guiding you on how to work a #SmearCampaigns
What #SmearCampaigns mean
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In recent news @realDonaldTrump
SOTU Address will be held on Jan 29 2019. Nancy, Chuck and many others are declining invitation to attend. I wonder why. Sunday marks 30 days of partial Gov.Shutdown [RIFed]
Blood Moon Sunday
Watch video 2.1.18 #SOTU 1
#GovernmentShutdown day 26.
Blood Moon Sunday 30th day.
No Coincidences. #Q
An @realDonaldTrump pull a [RIFed]
Yup he can.
Read article below. More be add to thread 2…
@SpeakerPelosi Urges Trump to Delay #SOTU until partial shutdown ends.
Is Speaker Pooposi scared? Does she know? [RIFed] hey pooposi
Did you get the #Windex to Clean of Trump's Oval Office Coffee table from all your spit? #QAnon
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I pool my info from a multitude of thought processes & I’m flat out telling you the U.S. is under attack by Moscow & he’s using Trump to shred this country in every conceivable way possible.

While we talk about hamburgers & walls we’re being systematically broken in half.
This #GovernmentShutdown was premeditated and will continue until a point at which they feel the US has been weakened to a breaking point at which time Trump will trigger Emergency Powers forcing an almost complete reliance on the Federal Gov. under a state of Martial Law
We are ‘under siege’ by a very clever, fluid, real-time attack that’s a slow burning of our 3 branches of Government. Trump will continue to damage this country like a crazed Bullshitter in a China shop. Our slow system of check & balances is being overrun by Traitor(s) in the WH
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MSNBC's Anchor Stephenie Rule implying @realDonaldTrump is Blackmailing @LindseyGrahamSC
#Fact Linden Graham is freed from his ball and Chain NO NAME.
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
#Q we r tired of waiting Show us a sign of some #arrested at #GITMO drop names of #MilitaryTribunals list. #DarkToLight
#GreatAwakening #QAnon #QArmy
@madmandave1011 @arresthrc @fedupwarriorq17
Remember when John Kasich on CNN with CC said 4 months ago?? Right after John McCain died? 8.25.18
I remember!! Pmsllol
#QAnon #QArmy #GreatAwakening #MilitaryTribunals
LEAKER but from the #CONSERVATIVES side?
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Please share this - if you are a Food Stamp recipient, the #GovernmentShutdown is going to impact #SNAP benefits.

You won’t get Food Stamp benefits in February.

If you have a verification pending, you need to submit it by tomorrow, January 15th before noon.
Grocery stores are stocking up for the impact of #GovernmentShutdown on #EBT #SNAP Food Stamp.

This impacts so many disabled and elderly folks - please alert them.…
Millions of Americans rely on #SNAP / #EBT (Food Stamp) benefits, including CHILDREN. #GovernmentShutdown is dangerously risking the well-being of our most vulnerable.…
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