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Are you looking for a way to make money in uncertain markets ?

Farming airdrops could be the answer! 🪂

I'm excited to bring you a thread on a promising airdrop from @Davos_Protocol

Complete a few simple tasks and the $DGT airdrop could be yours.


In this thread:

2) what is @Davos_Protocol
3) Airdrop strategy, in which i have shared a step by step guide on how to complete tasks on zealy.

1️⃣ $DGT Airdrop:

- There are rumors circulating about a possible airdrop involving $DGT

- @Davos_Protocol recently tweeted about their Zealy campaign, hinting at the airdrop with a picture showing a small parachute, which has sparked speculation among the community.
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«Lo de automatizar cosas suena bien... pero no sé qué podría automatizar yo»

¿Te suena? Lo he escuchado mil veces y quiero ponerle remedio.

1 RT🔂 = 💡1 idea de proceso automatizable

🔥Vamos a ganarle la batalla al reloj🔥

¿Jugamos? Tengo 109 ideas preparadas
@salonsoweb 1.
¿Y si mañana Zuckerberg te cierra Instagram?
💡Idea de backup: cada vez que subes una foto, mándala automáticamente a Dropbox.

Ya que estás, guárdate también ese texto molón que has añadido para que no se pierda como lágrimas en la lluvia...
@salonsoweb 2.
¿Y si pudieras leer un #podcast?
✅Detecta nuevos episodios
✅Descarga el audio desde el feed
✅Pásalo por una API de transcripción
✅Guárdate el resultado en un fichero de texto
(suena más loco de lo que es)
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Hi Everyone! 👋
Please Allow Me to Reintroduce The #LazySports Club!

We Are A Group of Sports Fans Born Within The @LazyLionsNFT Community 🦁

We Often Talk #Sports via Twitter Spaces, Host Competitions, and Try to Have Fun 🏆

But WHY..??
What is the Purpose..??

Read On..

The #LazySports Club is Establishing 3 Pillars To Help Answer This Question.

Pillar #1
#Community - We want to provide a sense of Belonging through #Sports Fandom. Sports provides an unbeatable Connection amongst Friends and Strangers Regardless of Backgrounds 💪


Pillar #2
#Enablement - We want to support passionate #Sports fans to create & contribute content via any avenue of their choice (Audio, Video, Written, etc). We want to help incubate the individual creator who doesn't know where or how to start 🎙️

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1/26 Since I'm finishing let me praise the team for what we've achieved in @turris_cz over the past 2,5 years.

...and let me remind you that those were years of the Covid pandemic, years of the biggest supply chain disruptions, and semiconductor shortages in the past 4 decades
@turris_cz 2/26 yet we managed to grow and continued to improve

#Sales and #Production

and that deserves applause for everyone involved! 🚀

This is approx how our sales grew over the years, excluding initial #indiegogo campaigns in the early days.

Not bad, right! Image
@turris_cz 3/26 This is how the sales would look with initial IGG campaign numbers included. (yes, we don't provide numbers on purpose, it's for your imagination) Image
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Introducción al Product Led y Onboarding 💥

Quería hablar de estos conceptos básicos para #SaaS, seguramente los conozcas, pero en caso de que no, te lo explico.

Mini-hilo (2 mins lectura) 🧵 Image by Aptrinsic
Esta vertiente se da en los departamentos de #marketing, #growth y #producto y se enfoca en crear palancas de crecimiento a través del propio producto, de ahí su nombre “Product-led Growth o Crecimiento liderado por el producto“.
Usando estrategias #ProductLed nos enfocamos en fases más profundas del funnel, incrementando esfuerzos en la adopción, interacción, activación y retención de usuarios.

OJO: Esto no quiere decir que NO sea compatible con la adquisición o que no empujemos la adquisición.
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After our fantastic webinar with @Salesforce, we sat down, as a team, to collect our best #CustomerSuccess content ✅ 📝 (A thread)
First off, our free #Ebook is essential reading for #CustomerSuccess. It's a must-read for any new hire on our own #CS team 📘… (1/12)
Of course, we had to mention our #webinar with @Salesforce. They showed us how they use @ProcessStreet to efficiently grow their #ClientSuccess practice, especially #ClientOnboarding and #ClientExperience 🙌 📹 (2/12)
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Many of you are aware that I keep track of [[IMPORTANT QUESTIONS]] in @RoamResearch. Here's a thread of questions I'm actively interested in and exploring. If you have any thoughts on any of them, feel free to respond directly to that tweet! What questions guide your learning?
Behavior is generally a function of the interaction between who a person is and what their context is. What person-side factors should be taken into account when trying to influence behavior, and how does that interact with what BeSci knows about contextual influences?
When do people search for information, what do they search for, and how do they search for it?
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Our #suddenlyremote virtual event with @dessalen is live! Join us to talk about remote #onboarding here:… Image
Regular #checkins are a must with #remoteonboarding! Using @thoughtxchng you can tweak your onboarding in real-time by getting an accurate read on where your new hires are in their progress.
#communication is key because we need to share our experiences and needs in order to create #connection with your new employee.
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First lab meeting for the quarter and we tried something new: I asked my UG students: "What does it take to be a successful researcher? i.e. What do you want to learn?" Here's what they said:
More background knowledge from PI. They had never seen me give a talk summarizing what we do in the lab, despite me giving these talks at other institutions! #whatdowedohere
Data management. Online tools, archiving, and versioning, but more importantly let's write out better instructions for lab newcomers. #onboarding
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1/ If you have a heart attack and I jump in to your car to take you to hospital but fail to figure out basics due to overwhelming IoT gadget and unfamiliar app, it could cost your life. Popular Pattern, Legacy Pattern, Onboarding Load, Cognitive Load, Redroute, Learnability,
2/ Perpetual Load, Situational Usability Testing, HMI, HCI, Interactive Controls, Interaction Design. Situational Data Analytics. #userexperience #usabilitytesting #Usability #accessibility #iot #onboarding #familiarity #Cognitive #perpetual #app #hmi #HCI #design #designer
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In the age of #IoT Devices & #HCI #Applications mounted on the device, keeping Low #Onboarding & Low #Learnability is a necessity. Maintaining Popular #Patterns & Domain specific Legacy Patterns is important for #familiarity. It's also important to define different level of #Bulk
and associate the current state of Tool with the Bulk Level. So that tools can be measured on #fatigue and #cognitive load due to complexity. #Usability Testing and #Ethnographic Study playing a mainstream role for Products to survive in the #market & decision making in
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Cure to #Scalability Syndrome. #ProductManagers must know the difference between a #tool and an #instrument. People begin with the dream of a tool and over a period of time makes it an instrument. Instruments stretch the learnability curve. Create fatigue in users. Example,
#Photoshop is an instrument because it is collection of tools. When Aha launched a poorly designed prototype tool ( poorly wrt dedicated prototype tools available in the market), I pointed out about it stretching itself too thin trying to be a #generalist. In such situation
#Onboarding, #DiaryKeeping, #ContextualEnquiry and #EthnographicStudies can only show the right path. A study which covers the length and breath of user horizon, done over a long period of time reducing the error variation.
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