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Thema schlechter Service und lokaler Handel:

Mein @MercedesBenz_DE #EQC hatte heute morgen eine Reifenpanne. Dank Mobilitätsgarantie also über die Mercedes-Benz Pannenhilfe gegangen. Soweit alles tadellos.

Abschlepper kam, auch alles super.

Und dann ging’s los. (1/x)
Unser #Mercedes-Autohaus ist zu weit weg, deshalb wurde der EQC hier zum „Dorf“-Händler geschleppt. Normal würde man dort den Fall aufnehmen, einen Ersatzwagen fertig machen und anrufen, dass alles erledigt ist.

Stattdessen bekam ich nen Anruf, in dem man mir mitteilte,… (2/x)
…dass das drei Werktage dauern würde. Ich so: „Ja kein Problem, gibt ja nen Ersatzwagen.“

Händler: „Vielleicht. Kann ich Ihnen nicht sagen. Damit haben wir nix zu tun. Das müssen Sie mit @MercedesBenz_DE direkt klären.“

Äh? 😵‍💫

Aber die Krönung kommt erst noch. (3/x)
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Grand Prix d'Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina 🇦🇪 23/11/2014 : "Ce serait un cauchemar!" Pour Toto Wolff, le patron de Mercedes, le pire scénario possible à Abu Dhabi était de voir le duel entre ses deux pilotes, Lewis Hamilton et Nico Rosberg, tourner court. Image
Malheureusement pour lui, les cauchemars deviennent parfois réalité. Comme ce dimanche sur le circuit Yas Marina. Même si la victoire décrochée par le Britannique doit infiniment plus à son talent qu'aux problèmes rencontrés par l'Allemand. Image
D'ailleurs, comme un symbole, Hamilton n'aura pas tardé à doucher les amateurs de suspense en réussissant un envol exceptionnel.
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Probando parte del circuito Rojo de #Mercedes Ciclable por el FC Belgrano

🚉 Estación Tomás Jofré Image
Tramo Altamira - Tomás Jofré ImageImageImageImage
Había escarcha en el arranque Image
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Kurze Anekdote zu meinem Versuch #Probefahrten für die Anschaffung eines neuen Auto zu vereinbaren. Für mich waren im ersten Schritt drei Modelle und Marken interessant.
#Seat #BMW #Mercedes
#Seat: Probefahrt (Formentor) vereinbart. Auto wurde trotz vorheriger Absprache am falschen Standort zur Probefahrt bereitgestellt. Ich war also da, nur das Auto nicht. 🤷‍♂️
#BMW: Probefahrt mit Angabe des Modells (4er), des Standorts und des Gewünschten Tages angefragt.
Rückfrage von BMW: „Wie können wir Ihnen helfen.“
Wer so einen Kundenservice im Verkauf bietet, dürfte im Service eine Katastrophe sein.
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1. Headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, near #Paris, the @renaultgroup is made up of the namesake Renault marque and subsidiaries, @alpinecars @EquipeGordini, #Dacia from Romania, #RenaultSamsung Motors from South Korea, and #AvtoVAZ from Russia.
2. Renault has a 43.4% stake with several votes in @Nissan of Japan, and a 1.55% stake in @DaimlerTruck of Germany (since 2012 Renault has manufactured engines for Daimler's #Mercedes A-Class and B-Class cars). Renault also owns subsidiaries RCIBanque (automotive financing)
3) Renault Retail Group (automotive distribution) and @Motrio (automotive parts). Renault has various joint ventures, including @oyakrenaultspor (Turkey) and #RenaultPars (Iran). The French state owns a 15% share of Renault.

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#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

Compared to pre-pandemic year 2019, entire market down by -14%. Only a few manufacturers could increase sales, #Tesla's the strongest with +37%. Ø hit of the players in the red was a whopping -29%, #Ssangyong the biggest victim with -95%.

1/15 Image
#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

Comparison of Q4 shows that market decelerated towards end of year: Q4/21 down -31% compared to Q4/19. Ø hit the manufacturers in the red had to suffer was -39%, e.g.
- Audi/BMW -30%
- Ford -50%
- Mazda/Subaru -63%
- Mercedes -35%
- VW -38%

2/15 Image
#CarMarketSwitzerland 2021:

In the 'battle' of the propulsion types, we could see 3 historic events in 2021:
- after May, #BEV's startet to leave #PHEV's behind for good
- in August, BEVs overtook the Diesels
- in December, BEVs overtook the plugless hybrids (#HEV)

3/15 Image
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*Turbocompressori in Messico* 🇲🇽 - Thread chiarificatore#F1

Se si leggono giornalisti inglesi, sembra che il turbo #Mercedes soffra ad altitudini elevati perché più grande della concorrenza; se si leggono alcune fonti italiane, sembra vero il contrario. Quindi?
Per capire cosa accade serve comprendere, molto in generale e grazie ad enormi semplificazioni, il funzionamento di un turbocompressore. L'energia da esso ricavabile è H = m*h. Ora, siccome la massa d'aria disponibile diminuisce in Messico a causa della
minore densità dell'aria, il valore h dovrà aumentare. Questo valore, chiamato lavoro euleriano, è proporzionale (a enormi linee) a tre grandezze: la dimensione del turbo, la capacità di scambiare forze aerodinamiche e la sua velocità di rotazione.
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Here’s the process video of me drawing my 41 year old #Mercedes.

Watch me draw:
My inspiration. My muse. My heap. Image
If you want to get good at drawing cars, practice with boxy cars.

Sedans or wagons with from the late 1970s and into the 80s are great for learning the fundamentals.
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Please explain how can #NoraFatehi afford a fancy apartment (even if it’s on rent) and a #mercedes in #Mumbai? She does like 3 item numbers in a year. What are her income sources? Black money? #ED #BlackMoney #BollywoodDarkSecrets
Ekdam bakchod filmography Image
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Hard and Soft #Analytics are Relative like Big Data. One Company's #BigData may be just #Data for another Company. Like the moral question about self driven car killing which type of pedestrian given a choice between an old lady and a child was soft analytics until a
multi cultural study was funded that conclude different cultures have different outlook about it. Although it is still a soft analytics question that given the choice between hitting a person and hitting the tree killing the occupants (driver & passenger) what would the AI
decide. #Mercedes Board gave a clear answer in 2016 that it will favour Occupants over any pedestrian on the road. Conclusion is that soft analytics can be converted to hard analytics given the availability of tools, time, effort and science. #uxresearch #UX #research #Survey
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السلام عليكم
سأطرح لكم أحد تجاربي في توفير وطلب #قطع_غيار السيارات من مواقع متخصصة وبعضها يدعم الشحن المباشر لـ #السعودية
كثير من القطع اسعارها مع الشحن تكون أقل من المحلات. كمثال #فحمات السيراميك.
الموقع الأول وهو الأسهل في التصفح ويشمل الشحن المباشر لـ #قطع_غيار السيارت هو
يتميز ايضاً بطرح درجات لجودة أغلب القطع، وعرض شركات متعددة الصنع لـ #فحمات_السيراميك
الموقع الثاني والمتخصص بـ #قطع_غيار السيارات الألمانية هو
ايضاً لديه ميزة الشحن المباشر
#audi #BMW #mercedes
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1/ If you have a heart attack and I jump in to your car to take you to hospital but fail to figure out basics due to overwhelming IoT gadget and unfamiliar app, it could cost your life. Popular Pattern, Legacy Pattern, Onboarding Load, Cognitive Load, Redroute, Learnability,
2/ Perpetual Load, Situational Usability Testing, HMI, HCI, Interactive Controls, Interaction Design. Situational Data Analytics. #userexperience #usabilitytesting #Usability #accessibility #iot #onboarding #familiarity #Cognitive #perpetual #app #hmi #HCI #design #designer
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Sorry for the rant but #MichaelHastings deserves justice he was being investigated by the FBI at the time of his death, all things old deserve new light. #WeRemember
Obama appointee at DHS suggests to the "team" that maybe they should just call #MichaelHastings to help him understand the mission. One year later he was dead.
Attn: @MercedesBenz do your vehicles normally become engulfed in flames with minimal front end damage? Also do your engines fly through the air? #Askingforafriend #MichaelHastings
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