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1. I was explaining to a friend that getting forced into #WEB3 due to the servers getting moved to a Google Facility in Singapore (seized) & having get nuked as a result was 1 of the best things that could have ever happened to me.
2. I won my 1st prize in Mexico from #IPFS for DDToken.crypto & see pinned Tweet.

The Ethereum-DERO bridge works on both testnets of #Ethereum & #DERO but we are looking to launch to mainnet in a couple of weeks at #ETHMexico & plan on deploying via CryptoEscondido.crypto (IPFS)
3. as it has been minted on #Polygon!…

Focus on solutions!…
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[#THREAD] Les outils du développeur Web3

Difficulté technique : ★☆☆☆☆

Je vous livre sur un petit plateau tous les outils qui vont vous permettre d'avancer dans le monde du dev !

#Web3 #Solidity #SmartContracts #NFT #Crypto #Tools


1/15 Image
> Organisation / Documentation



C'est ce qui me permet de TOUT gérer :

- ToDo List
- Planning
- Gestion des prestations
- Documentation

Je fais tout là-bas et tout est centralisé ! C'est le TOP !

@NotionHQ > Organisation / Documentation

Le deuxième outil que TOUT dev doit gérer et maîtriser :


Plus besoin de le présenter, le gestionnaire de code où je stocke tout ce que je fais, vous pouvez me suivre là-bas pour voir mon code :

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A quick thread 🧵 to discuss the advantages of having #ENS on the #Ethereum blockchain:

An ENS domain name can do many things but we will focus on 3 major practical use-cases: ↓↓
1- Your ENS name is your portable cross-platform web3 username and profile
- Example: []
- You will be able to sign in to web3 or even web2 applications using your ENS account. ↓
2- A simple name to represent your wallet address
- Replace 0x6348.. with name.eth (working on metamask)
- Coinbase wallet and Gamestop wallet are also integrated with ENS
ENS is a solution for wallets and exchanges to reduce error and improve user experience ↓
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The wait is over!🔥

Dear members; Please welcome Thais Akanne @thaisakanne - The talented #creator behind your monthly (3rd) #ElrondNFTs #Art airdrop!🐍 ⬇️ Image
Thais is a Brazilian #artist based in #SaoPaulo. She has drawn inspiration from her fascination with the #supernatural, #cinema & language and how those create connections & brings people together. She specialises in expressing the #female form as a #protagonist. ⬇️ ImageImage
Thais Akanne spent weeks working on unique 6 #Medusa themed #ElrondNFTs and named them Hera, Eva, Hydra, Asmodeus, Adelina and Apophis. ⬇️ ImageImage
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Facebook blamed their fiber "backbone" maintenance fukup for an outage that caused its dns resolver and services provider with its worldwide data centers and many other customers, @Cloudflare, to see outages from its other clientele go down bc of Facebook's outage. Understand?
ah yes they took $150 million of fake liquidity from their own Terraform Labs team out of the "backbone" and "center" of DeFi - @CurveFinance
Yes #Curve dex swapping $UST for other stablecoin that are much more time proven and say born on Bitcoin blocks like $USDT... "The Backbone" of the most "liquid" #DeFi dex at the time and the @terra_money people decided to take out $150 million in prob not $UST...
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1/ Here's an A-Z list of every startup or company I could find building the crypto privacy & identity ecosystem.

Why privacy AND identity? Cuz we can't make real progress on privacy unless we also rearchitect toward user-centric identity -- fight me!
2/ Looking for a job fixing tech? Here's your cheat sheet.

Founder? I can't fill in letters Q & Y, so go start something.

Investor? Help letters Q & Y get some runway. 😉

My goal was to be comprehensive, so please add whatever's missing & correct any errors.
3/ Why did I do this?

Because I think crypto's great. I'm all in.

But amid all the hype and excitement that web3 fixes everything wrong with the past 15 years of social media, we forget that it actually...doesn't.

The blockchain is not a panacea.
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I wanted to highlight an up and coming project on #Tron x #BitTorrent called @dCloudStorage

They are also one of the #Tron Hackathon Winners and a project you shouldn't be missing out on.....🧵
dCloud is a mobile decentralized cloud file storage app utilizing the BitTorrent File System.

It's being developed currently for both Android and IOS users.

It is open source.

If you don't know what #BTFS is, it is basically the equivalent of #IPFS
So, let us compare the revenue models of some storage solutions.

As you can see in the image below, dcloud(BTFS) is half the cost of iCloud and Google Drive solutions.

Dropbox is competitive but has a max limit and you don't pay for what you use.
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1/ Web 3 storage: There are multiple options to store data in web3. Here's 4 reasons I am excited about Filecoin & IPFS....
2 / #1: With thousands of storage providers competing to store data, the prices on the filecoin network will always be hyper-competitive.
3 / Decentralized tech can only compete with centralized incumbents if it is competitive. Low cost is a key driver of competitiveness.
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There are a lot of #Security Issues in the #NFT Ecosystem & #NFTs marketplaces (NFTMs)

1/ When using a password-based authentication workflow, there is no #2FA (two-factor authentication)
2/ there is no support #hardwarewallet
3/ The #smartcontracts of NFTMs must be #opensource and/or provide results of security #Audit
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1/ 🙌 30 Days of Filecoin Builders 🙌

The Filecoin community is grateful for the incredible folks & projects that have joined the ecosystem in 2021!

Here is just a glimpse of all the builders that make up #Filecoin 👇 👀 Image
2/ As of the Nov 30, the Filecoin has had...
⭐ 270+ incredible apps building on the network
⭐ 650+ new projects entering the ecosystem
⭐ 13.85 EiB of network storage power
⭐ 3.5K storage providers
⭐ 33 PiB+ of data stored on the network
⭐ 8K devs contributing on GitHub Image
3/ In the past year, builders & #devs have stored 33 PiB+ of data on #Filecoin, including a wide variety of use cases like...
👾 #NFTs
🔉 Video & Audio apps
🌐 #Metaverse
🎮 Games
🧬 Biotech
🌤️ Weather, &
🪐 Space! Image
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Functionland is a team of 10+ strong and growing. We are incorporated in Toronto, Canada🍁 Our leadership team is scattered across the globe. We have been fortunate to have the backing of the Outlier Ventures Family. @jamie247 anyone! ? A thread 👇🧵
We are establishing an Association in Switzerland with the help of a great Canadian-Swiss-UK legal team. This association and current structure lay the groundwork for a DAO. Yes, yes, but what is Functionland building, what's on the roadmap🗺?
Why should you be paying attention to Functionland? Our organization is built upon first principles. We asked - how can all citizens be participants in #Web3 . How can non-technical people jump on board and start using dApps? How do we truly decentralize the decentralized web🌎
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#Ethereum will change the world.

Many folks realize by now that it is about to revolutionize finance, but it is much bigger than that.

I am currently an academic (PhD student). Here are some of the ways I see #Ethereum changing the communities to which I belong.
Continue with the thread below or read the full article here:…
Intellectual property, including patents and publications, will live as #NFTs on a dedicated #Ethereum #rollup. These will be non-transferrable tokens, held in a wallet that is associated with some human identity.
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1/ Dans l'un de mes futurs threads je vous parlerai de théorie de portefeuille.

J'ai certaines métriques de calcul de risque - que je partagerai avec vous si mon aventure sur twitter continue - sur lesquelles je me base pour optimiser mon portefeuille.
2/ La risquophobie et l'horizon d'investissement sont des paramètres personnels.

Une fois que nous sommes confortable avec combien nous sommes capable de perdre et sur combien de temps on prend la position, on peut définir un portefeuille optimal.
3/ J'ai modélisé mes tokens en tenant compte différents facteurs de risque quantitatif en plus d'une note fondamentale.

Dans ce thread je partage avec vous l'un des tokens pour lequel j'ai eu le meilleur score : $AR @ArweaveTeam. Voilà pourquoi :
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1/ Thread sur l'utilité des #NFTs :

Actuellement, les NFTs sont essentiellement des oeuvres d'art sous forme d'image, de vidéo ou de son.

Mais les choses évoluent vite en #cryptosphère et le nombre d'usages des NFTs ne cesse d'augmenter, voici donc un thread dédié.
2/ D'ailleurs, pour rappel, ces oeuvres numériques (JPEG, AVI, MP3, etc.) sont rarement présentes sur la blockchain car le storage d'informations décentralisées coûte cher; elles sont donc souvent uploadées sur le réseau #IPFS et le #NFT contient seulement des métadonnées.
3/ Mais tout d'abord, voyons quelles sont les caractéristiques des NFTs qui vont permettre leur essor :
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So many cool #NFTartworks been dropping on @antiquedoge market lately! Did you know you can even tokenize your music?? Using @NeblioTeam and @venftcom technology you can mint music tracks as #NFTs via the #VENFT web wallet & easily create multiple copies of that track! Easy!
So how do you mint a #MusicNFT on #Neblio? Once you have created your #VENFT wallet and requested your 100 free tokens, available here go to 'New NFT' from the menu then check Music/video option, Fill out the simple form. 'Choose File' and 'Upload Music'
Once the file has uploaded you will see the #IPFS link to your track & even hear it play right there in your wallet! Set your price/number of copies. (1 #VENFT token per copy) hit 'Create' & that's it! You have minted a #MusicNFT on #Neblio & can sell for $DOGE at @antiquedoge
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Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"Because market data is fetched from off-chain, on-chain flash loans have zero effect on the data provided by the ETH/USD @Chainlink Price Feed, entirely solving the issues presented in the theoretical examples above" -@orbs_network…
"@SataToken is building risk analysis systems off-chain for service providers, who will then in turn report dynamic risk levels of identities on-chain using #Chainlink-powered decentralized oracle networks"

Decentralized identity is the future
"We are excited to announce that @RulerProtocol is now using #Chainlink Price Feeds live on mainnet to secure user funds within our no-liquidation lending platform"

Interesting approach to lending/borrowing, impossible to get liquidated 🤔
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.@ravencoin $RVN #ravencoin #ipfs
1)#bitcoin emerged from the wreckage of the ‘08 financial crisis. I’m going to tell you a story about something else that emerged from the ‘08 financial crisis. A patriotic American named @PatrickByrne had been engaged in
2)a slog with Wall Street since ‘05 where he discovered some fraud and mischief that was destabilizing the foundation of the markets. He met with The Senate Judiciary Committee and was given a letter of protection by @SenArlenSpecter w/ the directive to seek out the deep systemic
3)corruption infiltrating the federal government. It was at that moment he knew his life’s goal would be to expose the criminal corruption that was a cancer on our country’s financial infrastructure. He would pay a very heavy price for this burden over the following years.
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BTFS Livestream Highlights
(1/4) #BTFS Mainnet officially went live last week, and now everyone can download and use BTFS, via its official website, to earn #BTT anytime, anywhere.
(2/4) #BTFS enjoys the following six advantages:
✅Lower price
✅Greater Decentralization
✅Advanced Incentive Mechanism
✅Advanced encryption method
✅User-friendly UI
(3/4) Six mining revenue models of #BTFS
✅Storage space mining
✅BTFS storage space mining competition
✅Node repair mining
✅Node reputation mining
✅Storage verification mining
✅CDN storage mining
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Just floating an idea about #PID and #FAIR that has been in back of my mind for some time. In the blockchain world, @IpfSbot creates PIDs or addresses (#multihash) based on the content of the digital object. Wouldn't it be great if the scientific community embraced this pattern?
A little bit of context: creating PIDs for your digital assets is the first #FAIR principle (F1) and an absolute cornerstone for rolling out #datastrategy. This is typically solved in the scientific world by creating handles through a party that guarantees persistence, e.g. #DOI.
Independently, I have been following #IPFS ( #opensource community over the last few years who have a really interesting architecture for the decentralized internet. It's a mix of #git like merkle trees, p2p technology (like bittorrent), and crypto hashes.
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0/ Hot start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem! Successful fundraising rounds. New records set. Several products launched. Below is a 34-part thread on events that took place between Monday and Tuesday.

1/ 🆕 @Guesserio launches today! Built on @AugurProject [ $REP ], the California-based #crypto project promises their release “will fundamentally change the way you participate in Augur prediction markets.”

Invest in the outcome of real-world events at your fingertips!
2/ 🔧 #Ethereum- and #IPFS-powered #blockchain platform for decentralized marketplaces, @OriginProtocol, unveiled its 'Marketplace Creator' tool.

This allows users to construct a decentralized marketplace in just a matter of minutes!…
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0/ Plenty happening in the frenetic world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below, I've gathered 20 events that caught my eye from the past ~24 hours. Hope you learn a thing or two!
1/ 🌊 @WavesPlatform [ $WAVES ] secured a $120M funding round to launch its private #blockchain platform and system integrator, #Vostok [ $VST ].

3% of $VST will be airdropped to holders of $WAVES tokens. Second funding round scheduled for early 2019!…
2/ 🦁 @Brave Software, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, joined @AdLedgerOrg, a non-profit R&D consortium building and implementing the #blockchain standards for #digital advertising.…
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Comcast was caught throttling BitTorrent back in '08. Seems clear that the end of #NetNeutrality could impact the development new decentralized networks like #cryptocurrency and #IPFS. Is anyone concerned about this? Image
The cypherpunk attitude is "we'll build around it", but is routing p2p networks over Tor or building mesh networks going to be enough? Risky bet, unleashing monopolies may not improve the competition as much as it may strengthen the monopoly.
If ISPs weren't basically monopolies this wouldn't be such an issue in the first place. But since they are, they got regulated as such, and didn't like that. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Image
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