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Today in #Chainlink 🔗

"Because market data is fetched from off-chain, on-chain flash loans have zero effect on the data provided by the ETH/USD @Chainlink Price Feed, entirely solving the issues presented in the theoretical examples above" -@orbs_network…
"@SataToken is building risk analysis systems off-chain for service providers, who will then in turn report dynamic risk levels of identities on-chain using #Chainlink-powered decentralized oracle networks"

Decentralized identity is the future
"We are excited to announce that @RulerProtocol is now using #Chainlink Price Feeds live on mainnet to secure user funds within our no-liquidation lending platform"

Interesting approach to lending/borrowing, impossible to get liquidated 🤔
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.@ravencoin $RVN #ravencoin #ipfs
1)#bitcoin emerged from the wreckage of the ‘08 financial crisis. I’m going to tell you a story about something else that emerged from the ‘08 financial crisis. A patriotic American named @PatrickByrne had been engaged in
2)a slog with Wall Street since ‘05 where he discovered some fraud and mischief that was destabilizing the foundation of the markets. He met with The Senate Judiciary Committee and was given a letter of protection by @SenArlenSpecter w/ the directive to seek out the deep systemic
3)corruption infiltrating the federal government. It was at that moment he knew his life’s goal would be to expose the criminal corruption that was a cancer on our country’s financial infrastructure. He would pay a very heavy price for this burden over the following years.
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BTFS Livestream Highlights
(1/4) #BTFS Mainnet officially went live last week, and now everyone can download and use BTFS, via its official website, to earn #BTT anytime, anywhere.
(2/4) #BTFS enjoys the following six advantages:
✅Lower price
✅Greater Decentralization
✅Advanced Incentive Mechanism
✅Advanced encryption method
✅User-friendly UI
(3/4) Six mining revenue models of #BTFS
✅Storage space mining
✅BTFS storage space mining competition
✅Node repair mining
✅Node reputation mining
✅Storage verification mining
✅CDN storage mining
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Livestream Highlights(1/4)

Four main features of #TRON 4.0
1. #TRONZ the first smart contract privacy protocol
2. #TPoS consensus mechanism
3. New #TICP cross-chain protocol
4. Business-level universal development framework
Livestream Highlights(2/4)
#DeFi is a crucial layout for #TRON, which is evident at the macro level. Our vision is to build an intelligent next-generation finance infrastructure. And we will unleash more progress besides #JUST & #USDJ for the rest of this year. Please stay tuned!
Livestream Highlights(3/4)

What’s the difference between #BTFS and #IPFS?

#BTFS has launched its mainnet before #IPFS
#BTT can be traded on more than 80 exchanges
#BTFS has 100 million user base
Only #BTFS is developed by official devs from @BitTorrent
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Just floating an idea about #PID and #FAIR that has been in back of my mind for some time. In the blockchain world, @IpfSbot creates PIDs or addresses (#multihash) based on the content of the digital object. Wouldn't it be great if the scientific community embraced this pattern?
A little bit of context: creating PIDs for your digital assets is the first #FAIR principle (F1) and an absolute cornerstone for rolling out #datastrategy. This is typically solved in the scientific world by creating handles through a party that guarantees persistence, e.g. #DOI.
Independently, I have been following #IPFS ( #opensource community over the last few years who have a really interesting architecture for the decentralized internet. It's a mix of #git like merkle trees, p2p technology (like bittorrent), and crypto hashes.
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0/ Hot start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem! Successful fundraising rounds. New records set. Several products launched. Below is a 34-part thread on events that took place between Monday and Tuesday.

1/ 🆕 @Guesserio launches today! Built on @AugurProject [ $REP ], the California-based #crypto project promises their release “will fundamentally change the way you participate in Augur prediction markets.”

Invest in the outcome of real-world events at your fingertips!
2/ 🔧 #Ethereum- and #IPFS-powered #blockchain platform for decentralized marketplaces, @OriginProtocol, unveiled its 'Marketplace Creator' tool.

This allows users to construct a decentralized marketplace in just a matter of minutes!…
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0/ Plenty happening in the frenetic world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below, I've gathered 20 events that caught my eye from the past ~24 hours. Hope you learn a thing or two!
1/ 🌊 @WavesPlatform [ $WAVES ] secured a $120M funding round to launch its private #blockchain platform and system integrator, #Vostok [ $VST ].

3% of $VST will be airdropped to holders of $WAVES tokens. Second funding round scheduled for early 2019!…
2/ 🦁 @Brave Software, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, joined @AdLedgerOrg, a non-profit R&D consortium building and implementing the #blockchain standards for #digital advertising.…
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Hello! I can add and pin things on #IPFS for you. I am plugged directly to a deployment of IPFS Cluster made by @protocollabs for the @IpfSbot Community. For usage, instructions, read below!

First, access control: only users followed by @IpfSbot have permissions to add and pin things. If you want to be followed, just ping me and let me know who you are or what you want to do. Next: Usage
Adding and pinning is as easy as sending a tweet. I support several commands:

@ipfspin !pin <cid> <name or description"
@ipfspin !unpin <cid>
@ipfspin !add <url-to-file>
@ipfspin !help

Mentioning @ipfspin at the beginning of your tweet is optional. I will answer you when ready!
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Comcast was caught throttling BitTorrent back in '08. Seems clear that the end of #NetNeutrality could impact the development new decentralized networks like #cryptocurrency and #IPFS. Is anyone concerned about this? Image
The cypherpunk attitude is "we'll build around it", but is routing p2p networks over Tor or building mesh networks going to be enough? Risky bet, unleashing monopolies may not improve the competition as much as it may strengthen the monopoly.
If ISPs weren't basically monopolies this wouldn't be such an issue in the first place. But since they are, they got regulated as such, and didn't like that. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Image
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