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Zum Umgang mit der Hitze:

1.) Viel trinken! - kein Alkohol!
2.) Schatten
3.) Ist es in der Wohnung nicht auszuhalten: Alle Fenster auf und Ventilatoren an! ("Durchzug" ist nicht schädlich, das glauben nur Deutsche)
4.) keinen Sport am späten Nachmittag (Max Temperatur gg 18 Uhr)
5.) denkt an eure Großeltern, Eltern und Nachbarn. Kauft ihnen Wasser und Ventilatoren.
6.) lasst niemals Kinder, Tiere und Praktikanten "nur kurz" im Auto sitzen. Lasst einfach niemanden im Auto sitzen, wenn ihr es abstellt.
Wissenschaftlich wäre da noch vom @maithi_nk hinzuzufügen:

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So Wade Robson... [A Thread] 👇
1991 – 2001 Dated Brandi Jackson, Jackie Jackson’s daughter. He cheated on her several times and she finally broke with him around 2001. It was Michael who set them up, since Wade had a ‘crush’ on her [video attached].
In 2003 was furious Michael Jackson was accused again of child molestation and though the charges were a lie. And so he willingly expressed it so, even jokingly about it [video attached].
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#BOOM Archbishop Chaput goes #MicDrop at #Synod2018
"If we lack the confidence to preach Jesus Christ without hesitation or excuses to every generation, especially to the young, then the Church is just another purveyor of ethical pieties the world doesn’t need."
"The elders of the faith community have the task of passing the truth of the Gospel from age to age, undamaged by compromise or deformation. Yet too often my generation of leaders, in our families & in the Church, has abdicated that responsibility...."
...out of a combination of ignorance, cowardice and laziness in forming young people to carry the faith into the future. Shaping young lives is hard work in the face of a hostile culture."
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1/ What's wrong with #lawfirm compensation? Let @jordan_law21 count the ways.As predicted 🔮 (by me, about what I was going to do 😇), a #tweetstorm. First the link:…
2/ Next, my favorite #micdrop 🎤 quote: "law firms incentivize their lawyers to act in ways that are counter-productive to lwayers' happiness, clients' satisfaction and the firms' effectiveness." and 💥goes the 🧨-- more #truthbombs follow.
3/ 💯 agree that legacy compensation systems (and the attendant infrastructure of #tech, #process, #policy, governance as well as resulting #culture) emphasizes #lawyer effort over #client outcomes (namely, the billable hour). BUT I add here: what would be a better #alternative?
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On parle pas mal de #FakeMed en ce moment. Alors du coup petite histoire : "le jour où j'ai arrêté de croire en l'homéopathie". Déroule.
Ça remonte à quelque chose comme 1994. À l'époque j'étais en 3e. Ouais je sais je suis vieux wsh
...Et déjà à l'époque en 3e il y avait cette formidable tradition du stage en entreprise. Une semaine dans l'entreprise de ton choix, suivant tes affinités.
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Modern halakhists who permit abortion in cases where mother's life isn't threatened:
R. Yosef Haim (Rav Pealim EH 1:4)
R. Eliezer Waldenberg (Tzitz Eliezer 6:48 et al)
R. Shneur Zalman Fradkin (Torat Hesed EH 42)
R. Gedalia Felder (Sheilat Yeshurun 1:39)
R. Yaakov Emden (Sheilat Yaavetz 1:43)
R. Ouziel (Mishpetei Ouziel HM 3:47)
R. Shaul Yisraeli (Amud Hayemini 32)
Maharit (Rabbi Joseph di Trani; 1:97)
R. Yehiel Yaakov Weinberg (Seridei Esh 3:127)
R. Ovadiah Yosef (Yabia Omer EH 4:1)

Multiple fetuses where the mother's life is not in danger: ALMOST ALL poskim PERMIT aborting one or more fetus to save the rest.
R. Elyashiv (see Tzitz Eliezer 20:2)
RHD HaLevi (Mayim Hayim 1:61)
RSZ Auerbach (see Nishmat Avraham 425:1:30)
R. Nahum Rabinovitch (Siah Nahum 116)
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Yes, India's position in the Global Hunger Index is truly appalling, but let's school Mr. @ShashiTharoor a little bit. Thread.
Position on a list with 119 countries is a variable that's affected by how other countries behaved too. Not India's movements alone.
India's position on hunger index should be assessed against itself, while congratulating other countries for doing better. Let's see...
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Seriously, though, can we finally talk about how Lord of the Rings is one epic PR story covering up Middle Earth's secret drug wars?
It was all about the pipe weed, people. IT WAS ALL ALWAYS ABOUT THE PIPE WEED. And do you know who's at the center? The fucking Hobbits.
Here it is, straight-up: The Hobbit economy makes no fucking sense unless Hobbits are running a secret drug empire spanning Middle Earth.
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Bon ben, allez : c'est parti pour un thread sur la pire sortie scolaire de ma carrière. @Petit_Prof m'a inspiré.
Donc tout commence il y a quelques années : sortie d'une classe de 5e avec la prof d'anglais et celle de français à Notre-Dame.
Arrive sur place, un élève vient nous voir, disant qu'il a un peu mal au ventre. On l'oriente vers les toilettes. 20 min + tard, pas de news
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