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🚀🟥⏯️Watch the #REPLAY of the captivating interview of the archaeologist of #space Alice Gorman @drspacejunk by @TiphineLucas, that addresses #spacejunk, #colonialism and #aboriginal & #indigenouspeople issues⬇️1/🧵
#ecoleanthropocene2021 @EcoleUrbaine
2/🌏#Earth is surrounded by a constellation of tens of thousands of #satellites in orbit, but also of billions of #spacejunk of more or less large size, fragments coming from rockets or satellites, travelling at a very high speed: important risks of #collision.
3/💥#Kessler syndrome: we are rapidly moving towards a tipping point where the volume of space debris in low orbit is such that collisions are frequent, generate other debris and exponentially increase the probability of collisions.
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🚀🟥⏯️Retrouvez le #REPLAY de l'entretien fascinant entre @TiphineLucas et l'archéologue de l'#espace Alice Gorman @drspacejunk qui aborde la question des #DechetsSpatiaux et les enjeux coloniaux et autochtones⬇️1/
#ecoleanthropocene2021 @EcoleUrbaine
2/ 🌏La #Terre est entourée d'une constellation de 10n de milliers de #satellites mis en orbite, mais aussi de milliards de #DechetsSpatiaux de taille +ou- grande, des fragments issus de fusées ou de satellites, évoluant à une vitesse très élevée: importants risques de #collision
3/ 💥Syndrome de #Kessler: nous nous dirigeons rapidement vers un seuil critique où le volume des débris spatiaux en orbite basse est tel que les collisions sont fréquentes, génèrent d'autres débris et augmentent de façon exponentielle la probabilité de collisions.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/18/2020…
Satellite tracking supports whale survival…

#satellites #whales #survival
Playing Go with Darwin - Issue 94: Evolving - Nautilus…

#darwin #EvolutionaryPurpose #strategy #chess #go
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Item #3 for building back better

We are unlikely to return to the same state of the world as when we entered the #pandemic, nor is this desirable. #Remoteworking has the potential to become more prevalent after the crisis.
Investments might shift from face-to-face working (and lower the cost of #officerealestate and time for #commuting).
#Stimulus spending should focus investments on the enablers of this new approach to work, e.g., #5G rollouts, #broadband infrastructure, #satellites for global reach, server farms for adequate capacity, etc, all with effective #privacy protection.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/29/2020
Xi Just Radically Changed the Fight Against Climate Change…

#china #ClimateChange
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Did you know that Geosynchronous #satellites do THE WAVE each day?
I created this animation of movement over a full day to show you.
(dots: satellites. colours: kernel density of that part of the geosynchronous belt)
@drspacejunk @RainerKresken @planet4589
Now you also know why the @SpaceForceDoD wants Navy's an ocean out there.... ;-)
As people ask me what causes this daily wave in the geosynchronous belt: it is a tidal effect due to solilunar perturbations on the satellite orbit.
This also causes a long-term (55 year) oscillation of the orbital inclination in GEO between 0 and 15 degrees.
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#KRITIS Sektor #Transport und #Verkehr

Memorandum on Space Policy Directive-5—Cybersecurity Principles for #Space Systems

National Security & Defense for critical infrastructure from president Trump and USA. 1/x…
"Space systems enable key functions such as global communications; positioning, navigation, and timing; scientific observation; exploration; weather monitoring; and multiple vital national security applications." #GPS 2/x
"Therefore, it is essential to protect space systems from cyber incidents in order to prevent disruptions to their ability to provide reliable and efficient contributions to the operations of the Nation’s critical infrastructure." #KRITIS 3/x
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.@NASA confirms that the dent in #Earth’s protective shield is splitting into two as it gets bigger - by @pabsgill…
The bigger the anomaly gets the wider its sphere of influence. A weak magnetic field means that the particle radiation from the #Sun gets closer to the #Earth’s surface than otherwise.
In addition to messing with compasses and throwing bird navigation off, this means it can also knock out onboard computers and interfere with satellites on their rounds to collect data.
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📢 NEW PAPER! #PaperThread #SciComm

Master’s student @samherniman recently published an article about avian habitat suitability in Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment. Sam has written this thread summarizing his findings...

In general, when a habitat has more #birds, it also has more of all living things. In scientific terms, we say that birds are good surrogates or indicators of #biodiversity.

This is excellent, because counting birds is really easy. Many of them sing or call. So, we can do a field survey of birds in a habitat and use that number to find a relative count of all biodiversity.

more birdsong ≈ more birds ≈ more biodiversity


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#5G from space: The role of satellites in 5G

"5G has arrived, and new equipment is currently being installed in densely populated cities across the globe."

#COVID19 #MagicTricks…
"In many cases, the demand for 5G capacity is exceeding #infrastructure improvements, especially in sparsely populated areas that are difficult to access."
"With the next generation of satellites – built from #5G architecture – they will integrate with networks to manage connectivity to cars, vessels, airplanes and other #IoT devices in remote and rural areas."
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QUESTION: @NatSecAnswers has heard that @SpaceForceDoD is getting a new weapon. What exactly is it? We asked @JoAnnePSears, a former Navy Civilian who worked in intelligence and a former Sr. Advisor to @usairforce Secretary Heather Wilson. Image
ANSWER: "The U.S. Space Force announced they received their first “offensive” weapon. Truth be told, this new system is an upgraded deployable communications jammer first deployed in 2004 and developed to prevent adversaries from using communication satellites during combat.
Why is this important? Instead of blowing up #satellites – creating a massive orbital debris problem in space – the U.S. #military is taking the lead on the responsible use of space and levering technology to turn off-and-on the bad guys’ communication satellites.
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I think it's vitally important to recognise that #satellites have helped us to understand the Earth and how humans have changed it. Satellites also help to feed us, to send aid where it is needed, and to give us an incredibly valuable understanding of global affairs...
...There are many other things that satellites help us with. So when people suggest that tackling #spacedebris is not as important as tackling #climatechange (or other human or environmental challenge), my reply is always that tackling space debris *IS* tackling climate change
The satellites are our eyes on the world, our senses. They provide us with an awareness of our planet on a global scale, from pole to pole, East to West. We simply cannot gain that awareness in any other way.
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#Tchernobyl : dans la nuit du 25 au 26 avril 1986, une série d’erreurs pendant un essai de sécurité entraînent l’explosion du réacteur n°4 et la fusion du cœur. La plus grave catastrophe nucléaire, longtemps la seule classée au niveau 7 sur l’échelle #INES, avant #Fukushima Image
#Tchernobyl, 2019, 33 ans depuis l’accident. Dites 33 : retour sur le rôle déterminant des #satellites d’observation dans le suivi de la #catastrophe : comme les nuages radioactifs, les satellites ne sont pas arrêtés par les frontières. Un #thread à dérouler… #space #nucléaire Image
En 2019, il semble facile d’avoir rapidement une image de n’importe quelle région du monde. Ici, la région et la centrale de #Tchernobyl , près de Prypiat, vue le 13/04/19 par le satellite européen #Sentinel2 (#Copernicus). Les images n’ont pas toujours été aussi disponibles… ImageImageImage
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I'm very very Disappointed in #IndianMedia ..
I Thought I educated them enough on #Satellites
Anyway #BreakingNews: Large Chunk of #MicrosatR ( main payload ) is revolving in this orbit ..
As Does #ASAT debri ( Termed as #MicrosatRDebri)
You want the Orbits #MicrosatR & #ASAT Debri ??
Here it is
Date of #MircosatR's orbital calculation :
5th April 2019 ..
One can safely say ..
Well after that Dastardly #ASAT-test ..
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#Rouhani’s speech in #Rafsanjani’s commemoration ceremony was an implicit criticism of #Khamenei and the conservatives. By saying that Ayatollah #Beheshti and #Rafsanjani were the main cylinders of the revolution, he clearly disregarded #Khamenei’s role in #Khomeini’s movement
By pointing out to #Rafsanjani’s pragmatic way and claiming that “One of the important and strategic issues is how to end wars”, #Rouhani was also criticizing the #IRGC’s extremism and unwillingness to compromise.
“If we want to build a statue of moderation, it is Hashemi’s”
#Rouhani also referenced to the role of #Rafsanjani in the advancement of #Iran’s military industry and stressed that Iran’s missiles and rockets are its “defensive weapon and we are proud of it”. He later announced that Tehran will launch 2 #satellites in the near future
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Moving on from #Asteroids #Exoplanets #SolarEclipse #StarSpectrum we now focus on #Satellites

Sputnik 1 was the first satellite to be launched (1957). Over 1200 active satellites are currently orbiting Earth.

Check out the LIVE Satellite Map…
Satellites come in different sizes: from the size of a lunch box to that of a small school bus.

And they are used for different purposes: Climate Monitoring, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Research.... How heavy is a satellite
Can #CitizenScientists access data from these satellites?

Yes! NASA makes available near LIVE data from many of its satellites in an interactive interface.

Allows browsing full-resolution, global satellite imagery!

Use it for your projects!
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