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India 🇮🇳: Court awards death penalty to 7 of 8 Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist in Bhopal-Ujjain train blast case

Another convict was given life imprisonment.

Convicted Islamic State terrorists are the resident of Uttarpradesh + #India #Bhopal #Uttarpradesh #MadhyaPradesh Photo: Convicted Islamic St...Photo: Bhopal-Ujjain train ...
One of the terrorists in the case Mohammad Saifullah, was killed in an encounter in Dubagga area of Lucknow. 

The Bhopal-Ujjain Passenger train bomb blast was a terror attack that occurred on March 7, 2017. +
The attack were occurred at Jabri railway station in the Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh, injuring 10 passengers. It was stated to be the first-ever strike in India by the Islamic State.

The ATS' Kanpur unit first arrested Mohd Faisal and later on other accused were nabbed +
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#Dow plastered #Singapore with ads for a sneaker #recycling program, promising to turn shoes into playground tracks. But the shoes it collected in "recycling" bins got dumped illegally in #Indonesia. This isn't strange: it's how nearly *all* plastic recycling *always* worked. 1/ A woman kneeling to tie her running shoe. She stands on a ba
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Plastic recycling's origin story starts in 1973, when #Exxon's scientists concluded that plastic recycling would never, ever be cost-effective (#ExxonKnew about this, too). 3/
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#SupremeCourt Constitution bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to hear pleas regarding compensation paid to Bhopal Gas tragedy victims.

Court to consider if impleading applicant NGOs could be of assistance.

#law #Bhopal #Constitution #SupremeCourtofIndia @karunanundy
Bench assembles.

AG R Venkataramani: I have filed the joint compilation as per Lordships' directions. The IAs for condoning delay have also been placed.

SC: That is alright. But Mr Attorney, at some point, these are curative.

SC: There cannot be fresh documents in a curative.

AG: No no, not like that. In order to collect certain documents.

SC: The settlement has arrived at a particular stage of time. 10-20 years later can we open it up again on the basis of some fresh documents?
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"Locals of the Baiga community and Gond tribes used to kill deer and sell the meat for a few bucks to support their needs. I just provided them with an alternative."⁠

#Award #Proud #Respect #Wildlife #Protection #Forest #Bhopal #India Image
Even after getting death threats, 58-YO Deputy Ranger Sumeri Lal Yadav busted the #Sambar hunting practice going on in Dongariya village & played a pivotal role in wildlife protection. He also rehabilitated the hard-ground Barasingha on the land of #JhoBarasingha.⁠
As a result of his initiatives, over 90% of the community has given up hunting. Ranger Yadav has also been honoured with Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership Conservation Hero Award by the #MadhyaPradesh Forest Department.⁠
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"Locals of the Baiga community and Gond tribes used to kill deer and sell the meat for a few bucks to support their needs. I just provided them with an alternative."

#Award #Proud #Respect #Wildlife #Protection #Forest #Bhopal #India
Even after getting death threats, 58-YO Deputy Ranger Sumeri Lal Yadav busted the #Sambar hunting practice going on in Dongariya village & played a pivotal role in wildlife protection. He also rehabilitated the hard-ground Barasingha on the land of #JhoBarasingha.
As a result of his initiatives, over 90% of the community has given up hunting. Ranger Yadav has also been honoured with Satpuda Landscape Tiger Partnership Conservation Hero Award by the #MadhyaPradesh Forest Department.
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Fifth post of the #Wildlife Week #Reintroduction Series.

Day 5 – Return of the #Barasingha to #Satpura #Tiger Reserve !!!

Swamp Deer commonly known as Barasingha have three subspecies, Wetland Barasingha, Hardground Barasingha and Eastern Barasingha.
Once #swamp #deer inhabited areas from Central India to the Godavari river in the south. Currently, they are found in five discrete populations in 3 regions of central, north-east and northern India.
Before the 1950s, the number of Hard ground Barasingha was estimated to be around 3,000 in Banjar Valley of Kanha National Park (KNP). However, by the 1960s the number had dwindled to a meagre 66 due to expansion of #agricultural activities into barasingha habitats...
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قدسیہ بیگم (بھوپال کی خاتون حکمران)
بھوپال کی پہلی مسلمان دبنگ حکمران جس نےبھوپالی"Patriarchal Ruling System" کوشکست دی۔
بھوپال کےحکمران غالباًمردہی رہتےاگرنوجوان نواب نذرمحمدخان کی موت کےبعداسکی18سالہ بیوی قدسیہ کی بہادری نہ ھوتی۔
(1819 سے 1926 تک) چار غیر معمولی خواتین نے بھوپال کی شاہی ریاست پر حکومت کی جن میں سب سے شاندار اور بانی مسلم حکمران"قدسیہ بیگم"تھیں۔
قدسیہ بیگم (بوقتِ پیدائش نام اودھم بیگم) دہلی میں پیدا ھوئیں۔ تاریخ میں انہیں گوہر بیگم سے لکھا جاتا ھے۔ اسی نام سے بھوپال میں گوہر بیگم کے نام سے
"گوہر محل" بھی تعمیر کیاگیا ھے۔
1799 میں اپنے اوائل میں قدسیہ بیگم نے سیاسی زندگی کا آغاز کیا۔ اپنے شوہر کے سوئم پرخطاب سےپہلےقدسیہ بیگم نےاپنا پردہ ختم کیاجو اس وقت کی خواتین کیلئے مشکل ترین کام تھا۔
بھوپال کی تاریخ بدل رہی تھی۔ ایک لڑکی جو ابھی20سال کی نہیں تھی، جس نےروایتی طور
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All the Oxygen & Bed's available at one place/thread created just now. Amplify and Retweet it to reach more people. All the resources in the comment section below ⬇️ thread is verified and updated frequently.
#oxygen @COVID19_INDIA #Mumbai #beds
Self Verified ambulance service across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR and Bangalore

HelpNow provides sanitized and well-equipped ambulances with ventilators/oxygen supply, within 15 to 20 minutes across 24x7
Phone: 88 99 88 99 52.
✅ 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐝
Hospital Beds - 3 Oxygen Beds Available

Hospital Name: Veena Multi-speciality Hospital
Phone: +918080833354
Location: Andheri East, Mumbai

Last Verified @ 25/04/21, 10:10 AM
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Friends, calling up your MPs and MLA's and getting them to help might be a good option. Here's the list of MLA's for UP and on clicking on the constituency, you can find their contact details as well:…
Trying to do this for other states too.
This for Maharashtra:… trying to find a better link for this.
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"A lethal, fast-paced second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has brought #India’s health care systems to the verge of collapse & is putting millions of lives & livelihoods at risk."… #CovidIndia
1/ "The newspapers & social media are scrolls of horror & failure of the health system. There are reports of lines of ambulances with patients waiting outside the largest Covid facility in #Ahmedabad in the western state of Gujarat because ventilator beds & oxygen had run out."
2/ "At a crematory in the central city of #Bhopal, residents reported having not seen as many cremations since 1984, when a gas leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the city killed around 5,000 people."
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In light of the ongoing #COVID19 crisis in India, Watch the State @project_polis is putting out a thread of reported instances of #StateViolence in relation to the #COVIDSecondWave.

India is running out of oxygen, #Covid19 patients are dying–because the govt wasted time: It took 8 months to invite bids for over 150 #oxygen generation plants. 6 months later, most still aren’t up & running. @psychia90 & @VijaytaL report for @scroll_in.…
Bharuch General Hospital is the largest govt-run COVID-19 center in #Gujarat’s Bharuch district. On 16 April, there was only 1 doctor & 5 nurses. The hospital had 72 patients almost all of whom had severe #COVID19 symptoms. @chahat_rana1 @thecaravanindia…
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If private school forces students to leave third language which they studied for 3 yrs & abruptly asks them to switch to another language, what's the recourse?

They learnt for 3 yrs, 6th-8th, suddenly asked to take new language--at a higher level (9th), tough
#CBSE #Missionary
As third language, you have Telugu, Bangla, Sanskrit, Urdu, Tamil, even French, any language depending on state or city.

But when teacher is available, yet, school principal gets rigid, wants to force. Parents can't speak up, fear kid would be targeted, if they raise issue more.
The schools don't fall under state govt ambit. Children suffer but at a critical moment unable to speak against own school because of obvious reasons.

There must be ways to deal with autocracy. People try media, plaint to panel, delegation but proper system to redress?
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Having said what I did in this tweet thread linked below, it may well be the case that #Covaxin would have proved itself in a proper trial. But we'll never know now.
If the phase 3 trials do come up with an efficacy estimate it will be tainted by the #Bhopal trial centre irregularities. Hopefully they will scrap that centre and sequester all the trial data from Bhopal. If they start including data from this "clinical trial mode" roll-out...
They'd have a problem judging whether any protective effect is due to #Covaxin or due to the low number of cases reported from India anyway. That is the fundamental reason why efficacy can only ever be measured in placebo RCTs anyway.
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I actually have sympathy for @BharatBiotech's scientists and the volunteers who took part in their clinical trials so far. They have been let down by bad science and poor regulatory processes. The company should never have submitted #Covaxin for regulatory approval w/o Ph 3 data
That mistake -the original sin, if you like- has led to a series of mis-steps, errors, cover-ups, linguistic contortions, and lack of clarity. The regulator shd have held the #Covaxin approval request and said, "we'll look at it when you have at least some preliminary ph 3 data"
Instead, they clubbed their approval of 3 separate products into one press release. That was Mistake No 3, driven I suspect by the desire to have a wholly Indian offering (Covishield though made in Pune was already labelled, don't forget as an #Angrez product.
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I did not want to get into the #Bhopal #COVAXIN controversy. I was holding back.

But after seeing the response from some "health reporters", I had to come out and say it:

There's a fine line between demanding accountability from the Govt / Bharat Biotech and eroding the trust of the people in the vaccine.

To all those journos: You are crossing that line.
Yes. Go ahead and ask questions about why the approval was given. Ask why IC was not taken in Bhopal. Ask why the poor 45 yr old man died.

But do it with sensitivity.
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The #COVID19 pandemic shows the need for building capacity within the country for critically evaluating ethical issues in health research
We @SangathIndia #Bhopal hub are delighted to have been funded by @thakurfdn to to create an online/digital course on health research ethics
The project is called DRISHTi (Developing capacity in health Research ethics Training) and the digital course will be targeted at health professionals as well as general public. The course is proposed to be 8-10 weeks long, completely digital in format and in the English language
The course has the potential to be a key contributor in developing capacity within India to conduct and evaluate health research from an ethics perspective.
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Have been in touch with Rachna for the last few weeks as we discussed issues with one of the #Bhopal #clinicaltrials site for #Covaxin. Lots of issues with trial conduct as documented in her thread below.
Issues with informed consent, care of trial participants, recruitment.
This issue needs to be highlighted more as it shows us what poor oversight could mean, especially because we are now talking about expanded use of vaccines "in clinical trials mode" (not that I am sure anyone really knows what that means)
Now this is probably just an issue with an inexperienced trial site and investigators who were eager to be part of a prestigious study, but faltered on some aspects of trial conduct. But imagine this happening at scale-- how are we going to ensure protection of the vaccinees?
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#Thread : the #humanitarian responses by #Muslim individuals n orgs during d #COVIDー19. This is not to please anyone but to put things on record. When hate has become d new normal, it becomes imperative to spread love n compassion. Mera paigham #Mohabbat hai jaha tak pahunche…
In #Bengaluru: Muslim Neighbours Step In To Help Bereaved Hindu Family via @BangaloreMirror

More here :
In #Indore : Muslim men carry a Hindu woman’s bier when relatives refused to help the family via @the_hindu

More here :
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•Six Quarantine Facilities established at #Mumbai #Jaisalmer #Jodhpur #Hindon #Manesar & #Chennai being run by #ArmedForces in which 1737 persons have been quarantined, of which 403 have been discharged on being ascertained fit.(1/n)
•Additional 15 facilities for 7000 people kept as standby at #Babina #Jhansi #Barmer #Bhopal #Kolkata #Binaguri #Bathinda #Hyderabad #Deolali #Kanpur #Gorakhpur #Agra #Vishakapatnam #Kochi & #Chilka.(2/n)
•Dedicated #COVID19 facilities including High Dependency Units & ICUs being prepared in approximately 51 #ArmedForces hospitals across the country.(n/n)

Together we will fight #COVID19

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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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Here are the thread collating #CAAPotests & Protests in Solidarity with JNU planned for 6th JANUARY from all over INDIA🇮🇳 & World

#JNUattack #JNUVioence #EmergencyinJNU #SOSJNU #JNUUnderAttack
#Oxford With JNU @ 12 noon
#Malegaon Protest Rally of WOMEN against CAA / NRC

6th Janury @ 2:30 pm
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Here are the thread collating #CAAPotests planned for 29th December from all over INDIA🇮🇳
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Today is the 35th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. As 60% of the country was born after the tragedy, a thread to acknowledge the endless suffering of the victims, and recap the state blunders because of which most victims are still waiting for compensation. #Bhopal 1/n
On December 2, 1984, Methyl Iso-cyanate (MIC) and other highly toxic gases leaked from a pesticides plant set up by Union Carbide India Ltd (UCIL) - a subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) - in of Bhopal. At least 10,000 died within 3 days of the leak. 2/n
The govt of India was involved from the beginning. It courted UCC to set up in India, provided all he relevant clearances, relaxed some regulatory requirements, and even owned a 22% of the shares in UCIL. 3/n
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