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I parlamentari europei italiani che oggi hanno votato no (rosso) o si sono astenuti dal votare (blu) la risoluzione che designa la #RussiaTerroristState sono solo del PD e del M5S, oltre la Donato.
Fonte: MEPwatch. (sito molto utile per chi vuole verificare come vota, non vota - o è assente - ciascun eurodeputato)…
Le percentuali di come ha votato l'Italia al Parlamento Europeo su #RussiaTerroristState.
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All for them, for our children.

Their lives. Freedom. Of The Future.

#Ukraine #RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussianAggression #RussiaIsANaziState
Bogdan from Bakhmut.

Russian fascists killed his father, his pregnant mother. No one could collect their bodies for several days because of the shelling, so the boy ran away to do it himself - the police saved the child, and the police dog Rem helped bring him back from shock.…
We will never forget all the suffering and tears of our children by the Russian fascist.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #russiaisateroriststate #RussiaIsANaziState #StopRussiaNOW
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Archive video shot with the help of a drone by the defenders of Mariupol. Which shows very well how Russian fascists shoot a residential building from a tank at point-blank range.

Mariupol (first months of the war)
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Chechen volunteer explains to people why there are no massive uprisings in Russian occupied territories not only in Ukraine but in the Caucasus. #RussiaTerroristState #RussiaUkraineWar
Part 2 of the Chechen volunteer interview. #RussiaUkraineWar #Chechnya
I recommend everybody watch this documentary about the 1st Chechen-Russo War. It will open alot of eyes about what the Russians did and are doing now. It's a must watch!
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Briefly about putin's speech.
Rally of Hitler's party.

After the war, the fall of fascism and Hitler's death, all these people will claim that they never supported him.

I wonder what Putin's supporters will say when he and his regime fall.
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This is a dog named Krym in the ruins of his house - under the ruins are his dead owners...💔

Tonight, the Russians hit the city of Dnipro with rockets — four people were killed: two children, their mother and grandmother...
"Only yesterday there was a house here, in which a family lived together with a dog. The dog, whose name is Krym, survived and now misses his family endlessly, howling with longing. The volunteers barely managed to take him from there. This is what despair really looks like..."
"The dog was taken away, he is under the supervision of doctors. Contusion, heart failure. He is very scared," the page of "Zookontrol" reported.

The video shows her crying...
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1/4 👀👀👀
Russia purposefully launched Shahed-136 Iranian kamikaze drones over Uman to attack Hasidic Jews - they are currently celebrating Rosh Hashanah in the city, intelligence sources told Babel.
#StopRussiaNOW #NAFO #NAFOfellas Image
2/4 👀👀👀
According to their data, over the past few days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have shot down more than ten Shahed-136s in the south of Ukraine.
#UkraineRussiaWar #Russia #Ukraine
#RussianArmy #StopRussia Image
3/4 👀👀👀
Some of these drones were launched from the territory of the occupied Crimea and directed to Uman. The Russians wanted to target Hasidic religious sites with large crowds.
#UkraineWillWin #UkraineWillPrevail #RussiaTerroristState #Iran #NAFO Image
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The #Russian people are quickly turning against #PutinsWar & his corrupt police.. The police &/or military will soon join the people - this could be over within weeks.🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Less than 12 hours ago it was widely reported #Putin had left Moscow for a secret location on “vacation”👀
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Appeal of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the military personnel of the Russian Federation:
1/4 👀👀👀
📍 Ukraine has never threatened the Russian Federation.
📍 In this war, you have no chance to win.
#NAFO #NAFOfellas #Russia #Ukraine Image
2/4 👀👀👀
📍 You have a chance to stay alive and return home with dignity.
📍 You can refuse to participate in the "SVO", referring to the incompetence of the command.
#UkraineWillWin #UkraineWillPrevail #RussiaTerroristState #Украина Image
3/4 👀👀👀
📍 You can surrender to the APU.
📍 We guarantee compliance with the Geneva Conventions in relation to prisoners of war, food and medical care, legal support and communication with relatives.
#UkraineRussiaWar #Russia #Ukraine #RussiaInvadedUkraine #NAFOfellas Image
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So the long awaited "Russian Mobilization" has arrived. No, its not partial, that is poppycock. Its phased which is what I predicted. So lets dig into what it means shall we? There are 3 big take aways and then a bunch of ancillaries.
First, and the most beneficial to the Russian Army is the stop loss effect. Kontracti can no longer quit, contracts no longer expire and thousands of refuseniks now face prison if they do not submit. From a manpower perspective this is the peach, but there is a poison pit in the
center. This will not be good for morale. Telling a soldier he can't leave when he already wants to, when morale is at a low ebb and battlefield success seems impossible and that his fate by remaining is to join his comrades on sunflower duty is going to wreck cohesion. Putin's
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The world through the eyes of Ukrainians... video especially for those who have heard enough of Russian propaganda. Lives thousands of kilometers from Ukraine. He tells us Ukrainians what is happening to us.
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1.The terrorist country is Russia, which is losing at the front to our soldiers with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It begins to act with its own methods, terror against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure.
Russia is shelling a power plant with missiles . Several regions of Ukraine partially lost water and light for a while. A country of terrorists, murderers and liars.

Tears of happiness of people liberated from Russian occupation... Fascists will not intimidate us with their missile strikes! We're not you. Pathetic terrorists. All this will turn against you.
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39. Bombardeo de líneas eléctricas
Como el ejército #Ruso es una basura y no puede deter la contraofensiva de #Ucrania, están bombardeando las líneas eléctricas para hacer daño a la población civil.
#WarCrimesofRussia #russiaIsATerrorristState
40. Cuerpos con torturas
Los cuerpos de cuatro civiles con marcas de tortura y disparos en la cabeza fueron encontrados en Zaliznycnhe en Kharkiv.
#WarCrimesofRussia #russiaIsATerrorristState
41. Cuerpos con torturas
Se van encontrando más cuerpos de gente torturada a medida que se van recuperando ciudades.
#WarCrimesofRussia #russiaIsATerrorristState
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So information has been coming at us firehose style and it can be difficult to build a comprehensive picture. We know things look good but how good is it really? There are a few video posts and a Russian messaging campaign that viewed together and in context say a lot. I will
walk you through what I see. First, Russia is claiming that her "pullback" from Kharkiv was done to further her own war aims. I mean survival can be a war aim, but what does the evidence say. Adding to this Denis Pushilin is claiming his troops have it under control. Really?
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In Balakleya, the invaders have very heavy losses!

The "Second Army of the World" ran away so fast it reportedly left bodies of dead Russian troops right on the ground, and left behind ammunition and other items.

#RussianUkrainianWar #RussianArmy

In Balakleya, the invaders have very heavy losses!

The "Second Army of the World" ran away so fast it reportedly left bodies of dead Russian troops right on the ground, and left behind ammunition and other items.

#UkraineRussianWar #Ukraine️

In Balakleya, the invaders have very heavy losses!

The "Second Army of the World" ran away so fast it reportedly left bodies of dead Russian troops right on the ground, and left behind ammunition and other items.

#RussiaTerroristState #Ukraine️

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I bastardi russi usano i bambini ucraini come copertura
Secondo lo stato maggiore, circa 70 vivono al primo piano della scuola nel villaggio occupato di Orlyanske, nella regione di Zaporozhye. E nel cortile c'è l'equipaggiamento militare dei Rashisti.
I bambini,compresi quelli di prima elementare,studiano al secondo piano della scuola
La situazione è simile nella maggior parte degli asili e scuole della regione occupata di Zaporozhye. Cinici bastardi usano i bambini come scudi per salvare le loro vite senza valore
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Il primo ministro Shmyhal ha incontrato il cancelliere Scholz
I capi di governo di Ucraina e Germania hanno discusso di questioni finanziarie, forniture di armi e crisi energetica alla vigilia della nuova stagione di riscaldamento.
Il primo ministro ucraino ha invitato i paesi dell'UE a rifiutarsi di fornire risorse energetiche dal paese aggressore e ad imporre un embargo sul gas russo.
"L'Ucraina è pronta ad aumentare la fornitura della sua elettricità e quindi contribuire alla sicurezza energetica dell'Europa", ha affermato Denys Shmyhal.
#RussiaTerroristState #SlavaUkrainii
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Le forze di difesa hanno respinto gli attacchi nemici in 8 insediamenti.
- Le forze di difesa dell'Ucraina mantengono le loro posizioni e non consentono al nemico di avanzare sul territorio del nostro Stato.
- Le nostre unità sono riuscite a respingere con successo gli attacchi nemici nelle aree degli insediamenti di Krasnopillya, Bakhmutske, Bakhmut, Mayorsk, Zaitseve, Kodema, Soledar e Pervomaiske.
- Le truppe missilistiche e l'artiglieria dei gruppi di terra delle nostre truppe continuano a svolgere compiti di combattimento di controbatteria, interruzione del sistema di controllo del nemico e supporto logistico.
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Anyone else celebrate #NationalCinemaDay by taking the family to see #jaws3D? Movie going is something I rarely got to do as a kid. I grew up poor so I saw ET and then right before I went to MEPS my mom took me to see Hunt for Red October. It is nice having the resources to treat
my own family to the theater experience. My problems are all first world now. Such is life for most people in America. Oh, we argue about various issues but end of the day very few of us go to bed hungry, or scared of random missile strikes and most of us can be 99.99% certain
that our loved ones will make it home each day. Speaking of #jaws you have to go back to WWII and stories like that relayed by Quint about the sinking of the #USSIndianapolis to find an America where, "will they make it home" is a community wide fear. If only that were true for
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I razzisti hanno sparato ai volontari di World Central Kitchen
Tre camion danneggiati e del cibo distrutto. Lo chef e fondatore della WCK José Andrés ne ha twittato. Secondo lui, nessuno della squadra di volontari è rimasto ferito. ImageImage
Questa è la terribile realtà degli ucraini innocenti in tutto il paese", ha detto.
World Central Kitchen ha dato da mangiare nei punti caldi di tutto il mondo per oltre un decennio. Nei 6 mesi di guerra in Ucraina, i volontari hanno preparato più di 130 milioni di pasti.
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Gli occupanti hanno "smilitarizzato" una palestra e una stazione di servizio a Slavyansk
Dettagli: bombardato uno dei quartieri centrali della città. Non ci sono state vittime, secondo il sindaco di Slavyansk Vadim Lyakh.
Inoltre, un enorme buco in mezzo alla strada è stato lasciato da una granata a Seversk. Le finestre delle case sono state rotte, ma non ci sono state vittime.
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i russi hanno sparato 2 missili su Kharkiv - la rete riporta di un forte incendio
All'inizio della giornata del 4 settembre, i russi bombardarono ancora una volta Kharkiv. In città sono stati registrati 2 "arrivi".
La rete riferisce anche che in seguito è scoppiato un forte incendio.
Secondo il sindaco Igor Terekhov, il distretto di Kyiv della città è stato attaccato. I missili hanno colpito il settore privato.
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💔 Sono stati uccisi dalla Russia: Elizaveta Nedyal, 6 anni
Il fuoco di mortaio russo ha tolto la vita a Elizaveta Nedyal,una bambina di sei anni. Il 16 marzo,la ragazza e i genitori volevano lasciare Mariupol,quando la loro auto è stata investita da un proiettile russo Image
"Mia figlia è morta immediatamente, mi sono state strappate entrambe le gambe, il braccio destro di mio marito", ha detto la madre della ragazza, Khrystyna.
I genitori della ragazza sono stati ricoverati in ospedale e il suo corpo è rimasto sulla scena della tragedia per più di 10 giorni.
"Per tutto questo tempo,la bambina è rimasta sdraiata nell'auto rotta, finché i miei parenti non mi hanno trovato in ospedale e ho detto loro
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