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BREAK - @metpoliceuk announce that they believe a "small bottle" found on Wednesday was the source of #novichok that killed a British citizen and left a second critically ill in hospital #Skripal #Salisbury
The small bottle was found during search of Charlie Rowley's house in #Amesbury. Scientists at Porton Down ran tests to confirm a substance it contained is #novichok. Further tests will be conducted to establish whether this is the same batch as was used against the #Skripals
Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing, said: “This is clearly a significant and positive development."
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Another #Amesbury / #Skripal thread

1/ You must read the superb series of articles on Amesbury and Skripal written by Rob Slane at the Blogmire. He leaves no doubt that the government has got it wrong

I want to look at one possibility that's not covered
2/ In part 3 Rob draws on a Daily Mail report about the Skripal's visit to an Italian restaurant.…

After a 20 min wait for his meal Skripal becomes agitated and wants to leave. Rob speculates that it's because he has to go and meet someone. But who?
3/ Now let's look back at The Sun's report about Amesbury. Particularly about where drug dealers leave stashes.

It's done in the local parks. Where did Skripal go, agitated, after his lunch? The park.

Soon after he's suffering all the signs of Fentanyl overdose.
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.@realDonaldTrump, call off your summit with Putin. A British woman is dead of a horrific poisoning, linked to ex-spy #Skripal poisoning just months ago. #Putin is not fine. He's responsible for this and other murders. America doesn't need to make deals with murderers. #Wiltshire
@realDonaldTrump Sturgess murder by chemical weapon is yet another attack against NATO allies by Russia/Russian proxies approved and/or ordered by Putin. And election manipulation for Brexit and Trump. These facts alone warrant calling off Putin Summit. Imagine if a Muslim migrant had killed her.
@realDonaldTrump And this: Putin critic #Glushkov found strangled at his London home the day he was due in court in case against Russia's state-run airline Aeroflot

#Putin is not fine. #Russia under Putin is not fine. A summit now rewards & encourages a murderous regime.
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1. Novichok 2.0 is the 'Part Deux' to the #Skripal saga with the latest aspect to the Salisbury Incident with an #Amesbury spin-off if it was just a load of 'Cock & Bull'...

Don't be confused by all the conspiracy theorists...
there is after all a strategym involved!
2. Salisbury is just a stones throw away from Porton Down - so is not an unreasonable setting for a fancy 'Nerve Agent Espionage Tale' to unravel, if one chooses to focus on this business surrounding #Novichok but one will ultimately miss the substance to what is going on...
3. The fact that any deployment of a Nerve Agent such as a #Novichok is the first time that a #ChemicalWeapon to have been deployed on European soil since World War 2 is succinct in explaining how 'little' use CW's have been utilized by either Russia or the former Soviet Union.
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... ah yes ... that super toxic #Skripal "substance" that you can smear on a door knob without having to walk around in public wearing a protective suit ...🙄
... unlike the bombing of Syria by Israel ... that might be just the kind of Russia related developing story that @RT_com won't be able to drown in good news about that ruddy #WorldCup ...
It is known as 'Propaganda after-effect'
This after-effect occurs when a story - like the Skripal one - is dying because of a lack of evidence that there even is a story. Then the after-effect kicks in - so that the story can be revived - preferably during an event like #WorldCup
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>> NEW INCIDENT near #Salisbury:: Two collapse in #Amesbury, UK—near site of Russian spy #Skripal poisoning by military grade chemical weapon - BBC News…
#BREAKING: Police now say pair found unconscious in Wiltshire U.K. were poisoned with Novichok, same chemical nerve agent that poisoned ex-Russian spy Sergei #Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, just 4 months ago… #Amesbury
BREAKING >> Following detailed analysis of samples, British counter-terrorism police confirm unconscious man & woman in #Amesbury have been exposed to the nerve agent #Novichok—the same nerve agent that poisoned Yulia & Sergei #Skripal #Russia #Wiltshire
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.@metpoliceuk tells @NBCNews: Officers from the counter terrorism network are working jointly with colleagues from Wiltshire Police regarding the incident in Amesbury. As Wiltshire Police have stated, they are keeping an open mind as to the circumstances surrounding the incident.
Amesbury is about 10 miles from Salisbury, where former Russian spy Sergei #Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok in March.
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Arkadiy Babchenko is alive. This is mind-boggling
Even within the SBU this was a highly compartmentalized operation, a couple of people only knew details .
Splainer: SBU/ Babchenko say RU services recruited a Ukrainian citizen to hire a contract killer. He hired a military veteran for 30k. The vet informed Ukraine's secret service & collaborated to fool "broker" that murder went thru. This permitted SIGNIT to track source of order.
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A brief thread on Moscow spin today on #Skripal case- which involved an attempt to bring independent OPCW lab findings into question
At a press briefing earlier today- which was live translated in the UK ( so quite patchy). Lavrov mentioned BZ- and it was claimed this had been found by a Swiss Defence Lab, an accredited OPCW lab.
This was an odd claim. As the OPCW inspectors who visited the UK, had already published a summary of their findings here:…
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Bombing of #Syria: a horrible action based on preposterous claims of chemical weapons use.
Please consider in the broadest context: not fundamentally about oil, resources, or contractors. It is about a conflict with the world's New Paradigm led by #Russia-#China alliance and #BRI
The constant barrage of #Russiagate and #MuellerTime nonsense, aimed at preventing @realDonaldTrump from developing good relationships with #Russia (and #China), is partly to blame for putting him in a position where this bombing made sense, just weeks after announcing pullout.
So, cui bono? The no-good and still-existing British Empire, which brought us the fake Steele pee-pee dossier, the absurd rush to a conclusion in search of evidence re #Skripal, and the Syrian propaganda crew known as the "White Helmets":…
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BREAKING: The White House has said that US President #Trump is canceling his upcoming South America trip to remain in the US "to oversee the American response to Syria." - @NBCNews
This sounds like the US is planning to strike #Syria and Trump will remain in the US to closely monitor responses by #Russia. This is terrible.
BREAKING - British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in #Cyprus for strikes against #Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and U.K. will strike Syria in the next 24 hours. This is dreadful.
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How on Earth is Yulia Skripal's cousin Viktoria being denied a visit to come and see her not a massive news scandal? What the hell is going on, as if the government didn't look bad enough already! What kind of precedent does it set for when a UK citizen is hospitalised in Russia?
Lets have a look at what has happened from the initial incident - Thread

1/ In the immediate discovery of the gravely ill Skripals, the initial reports said that Mr Skripal was potentially being treated for opiate overdose, specifically the opoid Fentanyl. Why was this reported?
2/ Then the narrative changed to nerve agent poisioning and Media reports emerged of around 40 people being treated for exposure to toxic chemicals - later refuted and totally debunked by Doctor in local hospital.
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Cousin of Julia #Skripal gives an interview to Russian (and before your knee-jerk reaction occurs 😉 - no, decidedly not government-friendly) newspaper.
Very interesting things she has to say. 🤔
Thread follows…
1. Contrary to UK government/media/court testimony claim that no relatives stepped forward in #Skripal case, she says she repeatedly contacted UK consular services with inquiry, to no avail. She says she has phone records to prove it.
2. She has contacted Russian embassy in UK too and provided - at their request - 15 or so documents proving close family ties. Still, even the diplomats weren't able to help her, being completely stonewalled by British authorities.
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#Probablemente ([#EO]#probable🍀/[#EN]#Probably🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
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I see Putin went into hiding after shopping mall inferno in Russia. What a great leader he is!
Mayor of Kemerovo told Putin personally called him after the shopping mall inferno and instructed what punishments have to be carried out. Plus asked to bow before the families of the victims. He's too busy with other tasks to pay attention to the tragedy.
Kemerovo locals estimate the death toll of the shopping mall inferno to be between 200-350 people. Most of the perished were locked up in 3 cinema theatres. The man below lost his wife, sister, daughter, and three grandchildren.
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⑰ days after the /alleged/ poisoning of Sergey & Yuliya #Skripal, we have no word of their condition or their whereabouts. The Russian consul has been refused information about & contact with YS. @SalisburyNHS has not seen them. Everything points to a STAGED EVENT.
👉#SARUM_HOAX #Новичок😝
The #Novichok angle is a red herring. We have no reason to believe a word coming out of Porton Down @dstlmod, since this is a secret @DefenceHQ establishment with no public accountability. @OPCW has been totally discredited with the #Khan_Sheikhun affair.
👉#SARUM_HOAX #Novichok #Skripal
The following writers of @theTimes article below have still to explain how their ❝40 needing treatment❞ evaporated into thin air, and what the source was of this canard.
@JohnSimpsonNews <<<<<<<<
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The poison Novichok, used on a former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in South West England last week, was a chemical weapon produced by a 'highly secretive Soviet-era program to develop a new grade of undetectable nerve agents.'…
The British consulate in St. Petersburg was also ordered to close and the British Council must stop its work in Russia. British Council was used as a cover organization for British intelligence officers.…
The Russian ex-spy who along with his daughter was poisoned by a nerve agent in the U.K. may have been exposed to the neurotoxin through his car's ventilation system. Affecting 38 persons, medically.…
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"Every dictator, when the economy finally betrays them, must create the image of a besieged fortress." - @Kasparov63 on why dictators create national enemies.

In America, consider how Trump uses this strategy. For Trump, the alleged #FakeNews media is the national enemy.

teaches #PutinCon about the '99 Russian apartment bombings, an episode where Putin's gov't bombed his own people & framed the Chechens.

It was Russia's reichstag event & Russia's autocratic history since can only be viewed with this context.…
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Senator @MarcoRubio: "Russia's election is a farce. I will stand with the Russian people in your fight for freedom." Watch first ever #PutinCon live stream here: (Beware the nose)
.@Kasparov63 #PutinCon: We thought about opening our conference with a moment of silence for the many victims of Putin. But they were not silent. We could spend the whole day saying 'We told you so.' But the world wasn't ready to listen. Putin was welcomed as a democratic leader
.@Kasparov63: When Putin saw he was not challenged by West, he didn't have to pretend to be a democratic leader. He cracked down, destroyed the opposition & entered the final stage of dictatorship. He no longer needed friends; he needed enemies–"invaders from outside." #PutinCon
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In the wake of the #Novichok nerve agent attack on Sergei #Skripal and his daughter in #Salisbury, a variety of suggestions that anyone other than Vladimir Putin’s government is responsible have been circulating on Twitter. #Whataboutism
I downloaded recent tweets for the hashtag #Novichok, which started seeing significant traffic March 12th. This yielded 15371 tweets from 10668 accounts. I classified the top 50 accounts by retweet volume (74% of tweets in the set) based on their attribution of the attack.
This chart shows the volume for #Novichok tweets, classified by the perspective being expressed. Note that the portion of the volume in the “whataboutism” category has increased greatly over the past 12 hours.
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U.S. National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster:

- If we are to follow our promise, ‘Never Again,’ we must not just remember, we must act…

Unfortunately today, in #Syria, we are faced with some of the worst atrocities known to man committed by the #Assad regime… and #ISIS.
H.R. McMaster, talking #Syria at @HolocaustMuseum:

The U.S. is declassifying intelligence that exposes #Assad’s terrible crimes… including last year, when we released satellite imagery that appeared to show a crematorium, located in a regime prison outside #Damascus.
H.R. McMaster, talking #Syria at @HolocaustMuseum:

Unfortunately, many of our attempts to protect civilians… were impeded by #Assad, #Iran & #Russia.

Since 2012, #Tehran has provided more than $16bn to the regime… and transported foreign Shia militias & weapons to Syria.
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The #Skripal case is very serious, and has the potential to become much more serious still. But it is also the first real test of UK position in foreign and security after #Brexit.

A balanced thread. /1
What’s missing after #Brexit?

Mainly the EU institutions. The UK briefed its allies inter alia via the EU’s Political & Security Committee, and @eucopresident put #Skripal on the agenda of next week’s #EUCO. /2
What’s different after #Brexit?

First, sanctions. While it is far from clear whether the EU will currently back up the UK on sanctions ag Russia, it is equally clear that any sanctions put forward by the UK wd be far more effective if adopted at EU level /3
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Thread: Russia's troll diplomacy goes to work over the #Skripal #Novichok poisoning.…
It starts with the foreign ministry, in Russian and English, pushing the long-established narrative that Russia gets unfairly blamed for everything.
This is a variation on the "Russophobia" narrative, which has been a dominant theme since 2014.…
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Another reason why Brexit was/is such a bad idea. The UK burns bridges with its EU allies in an increasingly unstable world, at at time when the 'special relationship' couldn't be more perilous. Even more difficult for May to push for unified Western response. #Russia #Skripal
1. Magnified by Trump's statement that US will "condemn" any Russian involvement. Condemn" implicitly sounds like it will stay in the realm of diplomacy.
2. So what can TM do? - Some unilateral UK actions, like freezing assets of Putin cronies, tackling money laundering through City (will come with a financial cost.)
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