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Cricket & Pinoccio's nose

For years we have been hearing creepy stories about Russia's propaganda machine, which by means of trolls and bots, Sputnik and RT almost brought our entire culture to collapse, if there weren't heroes who prevented this by sharp analysis. far.
Nevertheless, our astute heroes seem to have simply overlooked an exemplary example of the spread of false news.
There are many parallels to some gas attacks in Syria or even to the #Skripal case. We are talking about Sonic Weapons in Cuba and China!
Aug 9, 2017: US DOS H. Nauert told reporters that Americans serving in Cuba had returned to US for non life-threatening "medical reasons."

The event was more than half a year ago and already in May two Cuban diplomats were asked to leave the country. So why now?
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Integrity Initiative And Affiliates Behind Multiple Attacks On Disobedient Media…
In the weeks following the hack, major narratives pushed by legacy press in the last two years have been exposed as state-friendly propaganda, including but not limited to: #Russiagate, the #Skripal poisoning, the smearing of #Corbyn, & attacks on the #Catalan independence mvt.
In April last year, Disobedient Media reported on Joseph #Mifsud’s ties to UK intelligence figures, and other connections suggesting British influence at the heart of the #TrumpRussiaCollusion narrative, concluding:…
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There's been a bit of tempest in a teapot lately re the #IntegrityInitiative, following the release of leaked documents. We downloaded tweets containing "Integrity Initiative"/#IntegrityInitiative, yielding 27213 tweets from 9054 accounts in the last 10 days.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Retweet network for "Integrity Initiative"/#IntegrityInitiative. Several of the prominent accounts (@georgegalloway, @Ian56789, @ShoebridgeC) have a history of pushing #FalseFlag theories about the #Skripal poisoning. Sputnik reporter @KitKlarenberg also puts in an appearance.
Speaking of Sputnik, here are the media sources most frequently linked from tweets containing "Integrity Initiative"/#IntegrityInitiative. Sputnik and RT comprise 45% of the volume, with the majority of the rest being comprised of Western conspiracy-oriented sites.
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Just before I disappeared on holiday, I checked which accounts @EmbassyofRussia was tagging in the images of the Tweets it sent, one account stood out #NeilClark66 an RT Reporter, this has been going on for months more here 👆👉

He then mentioned me in RT!
Given RT is know for it’s veracity and the Russian for criticising other of what it does itself, would anyone be surprised that Clark blocks me, whilst claiming I block those I criticise?

I do block some accounts I discuss, but let me explain as this is a good example why...
Clark is using sophistry to claim a UK academic #im_Pulse, calling him effectively “shit for brains” for this Tweet 👇 is a death threat.

He’s reported him & me to Twitter, for a school yard insult, but made it look ominous, by removing context.! Is it a one off?

Far from it
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#Sripal #Novichok
1. On 26th July 2018, way before the info about Petrov & Boshirov went public, Russian very anti-government site RBC published an article about the interview with Josh Harris, Charley Rowley's & Dawn Sturgess's friend referencing DM article that I cannot find.
2. In this RBC (with ref. to DM)publication Josh Harris describes the photo of a man that was shown to him by police on July 22. Harris said that he saw that man from a photo with Rowley & Sturges at Queen Elizabeth Gardens on the day of their poisoning.…
3. Police showed Josh a photo of a man in profile:
black hair,beard& mustache. He wore leather jacket, black pants & sway shoes. "He looked like a European"
Did somebody dressed like #Boshirov on the day of Charley Rowley's & Dawn's poisoning to impersonate him?
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1.Sergei #Skripal's fellow Russian exile Valery Morozov has told Channel 4 News that Sergei #Skripal was not retired, and remained in contact with military intelligence officers at the #Russian Embassy

2. In 2003, the British government biological weapons expert David Kelly was allegedly murdered after revealing that the British government had lied about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

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Starting to realize how central the #Skripal affair is to the post-election collusion narrative. Which makes it even more suspicious in my mind
It was brought up by @intelhistorian today at a panel and he framed it as a move by Putin which broke all the “rules” of international spying. That Skipal was supposed to be off limits for the rest of his natural life since he was “traded” between Russia and the US in the past
The Skripal event has been closely studied by @ClimateAudit and others and it’s not a clear cut thing. But it IS a sure thing in the minds who buy the collusion narrative. It’s not even a question.
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1/ The #Saudi kidnapping of #Khashoggi reminds me of the kidnapping of #Hariri. It is meant to embarrass the other party, this time the gov of #Turkey, and provoke a diplomatic crisis. This is drug Cartel methods. It has no other goal than to assert power over the other.
2/ However, resorting to these methods to assert power in the political and international affairs sphere is always a sign of weakness and a sign of a power in crisis. #SaudiArabia
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Poised for MoD/Dutch ministry of defence presser in The Hague. Will try to live tweet. #Russia #GRU
Ambassador @PeterWilson speaking on behalf of @AlanDuncanMP whose flight was cancelled due to bad weather
Expecting details of joint intelligence operation relating to #Russia #GRU
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1. #Skripal
None of the photos Bellingcat produced were the photos of Chepiga.
All 3 - are the photocopies from the documents that were needed to apply for a 5 year foreign passport and they we all photos of Boshirov. But the plot is much more sophisticated than we imagined.
2. These documents Boshirov brought to one of "we will get you a foreign passport in a few days" private firms - to replace Boshirov's (close to the expiration date) old foreign passport.
3. 30-40 sets copies of people's documents (those who applied for a foreign passport through that firm) were stolen by a criminal in 2016. That's why the passports Bellingcat is forging have the same series and consecutive numbers- they were stolen at the same time & place.
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@Belligcat's new opus on #Skripal's alleged poisoning

1. This is becoming hilarious🤣🤣
Person who filled the alleged passport form also forged the С.С. on the other form- its the SAME handwriting!
2. In my previous tweets it is explained that the "completely secret/confidential" marks were always made by a stamp, not handwritten. (& this stamp will be never placed on the empty form).…
This form is filled in by a forger
3. The same forger that worked in 2016 in the same "we'll get you foreign passport in 3 days" private company and had access in 2016 to some number of passports and applications. He/she forged Shirokov's passport copy for the Montenegro false flag op:
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(4/8/16) #Skripal suspect leaves from Belarus, "arrives in the Netherlands two days after the hotly disputed referendum on Ukraine’s EU accession, and flies back to Moscow 10 days later."

#Skripal suspects travel
(7/11/16) #Skripal suspect crosses the border from Russia into Kazakhstan by bus, and reports to Kazakh border authorities “Beijing” as his final destination."
(7/26/16) #Skripal suspect "...shows up again on a flight back to Moscow – from Israel’s capital Tel-Aviv."
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1. ATlantic council's fellow Higging and @bellingcat created a new opus on Petrov and Bashirov, implying that they are members of GRU, Russian secret service. Lets look at "facts" they provided to prove these allegations.
2. Bellingcat implies that there is an alleged stamp on Alexander Petrov’s passport dossier:“Do not provide any information”and his handwritten name. All passport documents in Russia are typed,without exclusion. There is no point to duplicate the name on top.Real 1P form below
3. This conclusion Bellingcat supports with another EMPTY document
with a handwritten note on top stating that somebody recommended to make is confidential "совершенно секретно" "С.С."We have to BELIEVE that its Petrov's form. BTW,those words are always stamped, not handwritten.
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The statement by the #skripal suspects is glorious. The city was so 'covered in snow' that they couldn't walk 0.7 miles to Salisbury Cathedral, but they could walk over a mile to Christie Miller road, in completely the opposite direction. Poor lambs, they clearly got really lost!
So impressed by all these brave, hardy souls who managed to battle their way through seemingly impassable snow to get to Salisbury Cathedral during the first few days of March. Or these reviews are clearly fabrications...
For the convenience of any GRU employees thinking of paying a visit to Salisbury, I've produced this handy guide showing how tricky the cathedral is to find from the railway station.
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Suspects in #SkripalsCase tell ⁦@RT_com⁩ that they had nothing to do with the poisoning and they just went to Salisbury to visit the cathedral #Russia #skripal #skripalpoisoning…
“Of course, we went there to see Stonehenge, Old Sarum, but we couldn’t do it because there was muddy slush everywhere. The town was covered by this slush. We got wet, took the nearest train and came back [to London].”
Funny, because there doesn’t seem to be any “slush” visible in these photos... #Skripal
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Russia is main suspect in mystery attacks on U.S. diplomats in Cuba… via @NBCNews
Terrifying read on 9/11. US now calls Cuba embassy mystery that caused brain damage to 26 US personnel intentional “attacks”—likely by #Russia. If so, more stunning Russian aggression to add to the recent use of military-grade #Novichok nerve agent on #Skripal in #Salisbury UK.
>> GOP Senator Cory Gardner Introduces Legislation Designating Russia "State Sponsor of Terror" After Reports on Sonic Attacks. Also renews call for vote on Russia sanctions bill.… via @nielslesniewski h/t @InvestigateRU
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Russian hitmen are literally killing people who threaten criminal Kremlin networks. Yet Trump and GOP are bent on bringing down people whose life's work is protecting Americans from Russian organized crime. Bruce Ohr witch hunt sure looks like somebody's protecting the criminals
Illicit financial dealings—money laundering—between Trump’s business and Russia is the scandal that explains targeting of obscure bureaucrats like Ohr. Just coincidence Trump is purging DOJ experts on Russia, organized crime and money laundering??… #maddow
#Salisbury was a wake-up call about the risks corrupt money brings with it. UK confirms 700+ wealthy Russians among those facing visa crackdown after #Novichok attacks.… #Skripal #Russia #corruption
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This tweet from @shocker_daily was cloned by ten other accounts shortly after being posted. Some kind of automation is the obvious explanation, and the "RT shocker_daily" instead of actual retweets is a telltale sign of IFTTT (TY @MikeH_PR for the lead).
The @shocker_daily account was created recently (7/27/2018) and is almost exclusively focused on posting dubious claims about the #Skripal #Novichok poisoning. It has an associated "news" site (dailyshocker(dot)news), registered the same day with similar content.
The ten accounts that copied @shocker_daily's tweet have been copying its tweets ever since the account started tweeting. The cloned tweets are, as suspected, posted via IFTTT. The majority of @shocker_daily's reach is via the bots, as @shocker_daily has very few followers.
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A few interesting things about the #Skripal briefing:
Apparently the parfume bottle was a strange Nina Ricci fake. It's not particular clear how to apply a gel with it.
The two suspects had a room in the CityStay Hotel near Bow Road. The investigators took samples on 4th May (one month after the suspects left). Two samples had harmless traces of Novichok. "Just to be sure" they took new samples from the same spots and found nothing.
The investigators explained the negative result by "brushing away" the Novichok when they took the first samples. It means they had a lot of luck in the first place to find the invisible spots on the wall and accidentally decontaminated the hotel room with a cotton swap.
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BREAKING: British prosecutors say they believe they have enough evidence to charge two Russian nationals over the poisoning of Sergei & Yulia #Skripal in Salisbury in March. Their names are Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov #skripalpoisoning
Photos of suspects - their names believed to be aliases. Police say they travelled to UK from Moscow on March 2nd, went to Salisbury on 3rd & 4th (day of attack) and returned to Moscow that evening. Minute traces of novichok were found in their London hotel room. #skripals
Police say a counterfeit perfume bottle (Nina Ricci “Premier Jour”) was used to apply the novichok to the Skripals’ front door. One woman, Dawn Sturgess, later died and her partner was hospitalized after handling the bottle #skripalpoisoning
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I will try and look into these sanctions to examine their scope when I get time.
2/ The administration's announcement came after demands from GOP chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ed Royce of CA. Royce called on Trump to hold Russia accountable for the #Skripal poisonings & publicly chastised Trump for not acting quickly on the matter.
3/ "Your findings were due to the committee within 60 days," Royce wrote in a July 26 letter to Trump. "Ninety-three days have now passed since my request, yet we have not received the statutorily required determination."…
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To be clear on today's Trump admin sanctions on #Russia for #Skripal poisoning:
- They are mandated under the 1991 Chemical & Biological Weapons Control & Warfare Elimination Act for chemical weapons use.
- WH blew past the law's 60-day deadline by a month.
2/The law mandates a second, more Draconian round of sanctions unless:
-Russia assures the US it is no longer using chemical or biological weapons
-Russia allows onsite inspectors to ensure the government is not using chem/bio weapons
3/ That second round could include:
- Ending flights to US by Russian national carrier Aeroflot
- Banning all/most Russian imports/exports with US
- cutting off diplomatic relations
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There must think we're all stupid
#Amesbury poisoning victim & drug addict Charlie Rowley looks remarkable well after being in a coma for weeks.
Why would anyone go to the trouble of putting "#Novichok" in a bottle inside a brand name sealed perfume box?…
So if the perfume bottle was in "a sealed box in a cellophane wrapper" it couldn't have been the source of whatever poisoned the #Skripal's.
Why would poisoners bother to carry 2 sources of poison?
Why would the poisoners travel to QE Park to dump it?
As @MrMalky pointed out:-
Why does Charlie Rowley look like he's just been for a 2 week holiday in the Med with a lovely suntan and not gaunt & white like he'd be after suffering a near death experience with 3 weeks in a coma in an ICU?
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BREAK - @metpoliceuk announce that they believe a "small bottle" found on Wednesday was the source of #novichok that killed a British citizen and left a second critically ill in hospital #Skripal #Salisbury
The small bottle was found during search of Charlie Rowley's house in #Amesbury. Scientists at Porton Down ran tests to confirm a substance it contained is #novichok. Further tests will be conducted to establish whether this is the same batch as was used against the #Skripals
Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing, said: “This is clearly a significant and positive development."
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