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#Zelenskyy’s shirt featured #Ukraine #military emblem, not hate symbol”

#russian #disinformation Image
“AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. #Zelenskyy wore a #military T-shirt that featured the official #emblem for the #Ukraine #Armed #Forces. In its center, the emblem includes Ukraine’s official coat of arms.
The image on his shirt did not match the #Iron #Cross or any hateful symbol, according to historians and #extremism experts.”
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🧵 Thread time!

Have a look at the most liked tweet this season from each #NationalLeague club 👇

I did this back in December, but almost everything has changed since, so it is really interesting to see!
24. Maidenhead United
270 likes (32.9k impressions)
The Magpies’ SM reach isn’t huge but they sure did attract a Premier League star to their ground for Non League Day.

23. Barnet
565 likes (130k impressions)
Like Aldershot, Barnet have staged a clever reply to comments, which come from Notts County, branding their goal as a “scrappy leveller”.

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(1/16) Today again a more theoretical thread about #Germanic #history. It is about a theory of the origin of the first Germanic major #tribes:
the #Iron and #Amber theory!

(Many used images are from external sources, which I will gladly share if needed.) ImageImage
(2/16) But let's start from the beginning. What is a #Germanic "major #tribe" anyway?
Around the year 0, hundreds of small #tribes lived in #Germania. About 400 years later, however, they were seemingly replaced by a few large tribes, such as the #Goths, #Franks, or #Alemanni. Image
(3/16) #Researchers therefore asked themselves early on how this development had come about. It was usually assumed that #Germanic #tribes living near the #borders of the #Roman #Empire formed #raiding parties, in order to be able to undertake more successful #raids. ImageImage
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1/14 #Men and #women experience disease differently. This is reminiscent of #SyndromeX and other chronic disease like #MECFS, #slow #virus manifestations, and even #LongCovid and post-acute sequelae of #SARSCoV2.

A thread summary article 🧵….
2/14 "#Women are up to 75 per cent more likely to experience #adverse #reactions to #prescription #drugs than #men because of a range of differences in #traits between the #sexes, according to a new study from The #Australian #National #University (#ANU)."
3/14 "The researchers believe more should be done to take this into account when treating #diseases."
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Earlier today, #EU agreed on a badly needed reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (#EUETS) which is the system of cap-and-trade of #carbonemissions allowances for #energyintensive industries and the #powergeneration sector. The most critical points are:
1. Agreement to make it compulsory for #EU members to dedicate all their auctioning revenues to #climateaction #investments
2. Sectors covered by the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (recently agreed #EU #carbon import tax) such as #cement, #aluminium, #fertilisers, #electricty production, #hydrogen, #iron and #steel, will see an end to free #allowances for these sectors between 2026 and 2034
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I have been noticing more issues with low iron amongst my obstetrics and gynaecology patients lately so thought we should do a thread on iron...

Why is iron important?
Why can iron be low?
How can you get more iron?

#iron #anemia #pregnancy #periods #ObGynTwitter #MedTwitter
Iron (Fe) is a super important mineral for us.

Iron the centre of the heme group, which sits in the centre of each subunit of the hemoglobin protein structure.

Hemoglobin proteins pack the inside of our red blood cells.
Iron at the core of each hemoglobin molecule binds oxygen.

There are ~260 million hemoglobin molecules in each red blood cell and we each have ~25 trillion red blood cells in circulation!

This is our transport system for oxygen to get from our lungs to our cells and organs.
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🆕🧵Here’s my thread on #Notts win over #Iron

A comfortable win for the Magpies. Not as much to analyse but it’s great to see a slight shift from the Yeovil game

Credit to Notts and Scunthorpe for the footage
The first goal comes from something I identified in my Yeovil post match thread; the long diagonal. It stretches a low block, creating space for the likes of Castro and Rodrigues as their defence can’t shift across. Having a player of Baldwin’s quality makes it possible
The finish is also superb - takes it first time and is so cool with it. Quevin is our best striker of the ball, but this is a different technique, and he executes it so well. He also does what we needed to do against Yeovil - shoot first time to catch them out
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There’s still time for you to read our @notts_stats report

It includes all the key stats, player reports and tactical information

I’ve also included a short thread on some #Iron analysis🧵…
The first thing I noticed is Cook has the freedom to step out of defence. Scunny are reluctant to press, and don’t seem to have the team shape to prevent these runs from deep. Cameron should have no difficulty stepping out of defence and progressing the ball
One area we have to be careful with is the high line. Their goal against Wealdstone comes from a clever run in behind. However, we do tend to hold a higher line than this; either Slocombe would sweep up or one of our CBs would have the required recovery pace to get back
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Another beautiful and touching story is accomplished. #IronVillage in #Irpin officially closed today.

Danger: 🧵
Hoow it started. #Irpin had 7000 people whose houses were damaged or destroyed. City mayor @markushyn asked @Ukrzaliznytsia to help his people with temporary housing. And we are always happy to support such stories, even if that's not about our core business.
In 2 weeks we established 5 railway carriages for temporary housing in #Irpin. We paid pretty much attention to minor details. We wanted to give our residents a decent living space. Otherwise we wouldn’t give this village our trademark #iron label :)
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Here are my #NationalLeague thoughts after todays games

Firstly #Alty are finally coming good, and looking like the side I’ve predicted them to be all season. 3 wins in 4, and getting the rewards for playing the right way. Great to see @MullarkeyToby on the scoresheet,top player
#Spireites have lost 3 on the bounce and must be worries about results. Even starting Kabby didn’t help. Huge credit to Eastleigh who continue to have a good season

Maidstone stopped the rot finally with a late equaliser; hope this is a turning point for them
#Iron might have been 3-1 up, but #TheShots did brilliantly to come from behind and rescue a point. Apter is some player for Scunthorpe

A great win for #WeAreTheWood capitalising on a #WeAreBromley slip up. A tough away day too so fair play to Garrard’s side
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OK, talked about this a little last month, and outlined some thoughts on a Spaces last night, but it's time to revisit the "China will save commodities" thesis.

I'll use the #steel & #coal space because that's what I know best, but there are analogs to other industries too...1/x
For better or worse, I've always relied on China credit impulse to give me a sense of where we are in the #steel cycle...3 out of the past four cycles, prices peaked 12-24 months after a peak in credit.

Except for 2013/14...2/x Image
The reason? China was dumping steel into the export market. That happened to be the year I moved from the coal team to steel at WoodMac, and it was just about all clients were talking it kind of left an imprint.

Well guess what? Exports at highest level since then 3/x Image
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"Animal-source foods are believed to contain the #meatfactor, a substance enhancing the absorption of micronutrients from plant-based foods"…
"it has been suggested that peptides, phospholipids &
mucopolysaccharides released during digestion of muscle tissue contribute in facilitating #iron uptake by mediating the formation of readily absorbable ferric oxohydrate nanoparticles"
But: "the enhancement in nonheme iron absorption is not at all influenced by the presence of heme in the muscle tissue [..] heme-free beef and heme-free chicken protein maintained the enhancing effect on nonheme iron absorption"
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The oldest male genes of the R1a haplogroup some 15500yrs old are found in #Bharat, this is followed by the #Caspian region with 12300yr old samples & #Europe with 6900yr old ones .
People migrated out of the tropics carrying language with them as the world warmed & ice melted .
Linguistics & genetics both indicate a migration of tribes from #India to the west . Corroborated by historical Records of the #Saraswati drying up & causing migration .

A third indicator is the spread of technology, around 1750BC ancient #Turkey was shaken by the arrival of a people with the new for the region technology of #iron working , with Iron tools & weapons the #Hittite people quickly carved a kingdom dominating the Black sea region.
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Africa should take full advantage of current elevated prices to cash in on mineral wealth: The African continent is home to substantial reserves of #copper and #cobalt (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—DRC—Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe), #diamonds (in Botswana and…
Angola), #platinum (in South Africa and Zimbabwe), #uranium (in Namibia, Niger and South Africa), #gold (in Ghana, South Africa and Sudan), #iron (in South Africa), #manganese (in South Africa, Gabon and Ghana), bauxite (in Guinea), #lithium (in Zimbabwe), #coal (in South Africa
and Mozambique), #naturalgas (in Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria) and #petroleum (in Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and Libya).
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1/12 Our government, since when @PMOIndia @narendramodi took office, is
devoted to the welfare of the poor.We’ve taken a number of steps to help the poor and middle class. As a result, the average inflation during our tenure has remained lower than during previous governments.
2/12 Today, the world is passing through difficult times. Even as the world is recovering from Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine conflict has brought in supply chain problems and shortages of various goods. This is resulting in inflation & economic distress in a lot of countries.
3/12 Even during the pandemic, our government set a paradigm of welfare, especially with PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. This is now acknowledged and appreciated the world over. #PMGKAY
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The most important factor in how much dietary iron you absorb is not whether it is heme or non-heme, plant🌱or animal🐮 - it is your current #iron #status.
If you are iron #deficient you may absorb 25% from plants, if you are iron #replete you may absorb less than 1%. Image
#IronStatus (is your body low in stores?) is the main factor determining how much iron you will absorb from your diet🌱🥩. The body doesn't want too much so high absorption ONLY occurs if your #storage is #low. The body is smart🩸🧠🫀🫁💡! Image
The body is very good at recycling #iron from dead red blood cells.
Only 5-10% of our iron needs come from our #diet🍽️
🥬🍠🍳🍔🍗🥜🍞🥩 Image
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Dalian iron ore futures gain 4.7% in night session, coking coal futures up 2.9%, coke futures up 2.3%.
#coal #CoalTwitter #ironore #iron
SHFE nickel, steel rebar, hot rolled coils futures rise more than 2%. #nickel #steel
Shanghai INE crude oil futures rise 1.9%, low sulfur fuel oil futures rise 2.1%. #OOTT
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China's most active nickel futures rise 3.5% in night session to 214,050 yuan/ton, thermal coal futures up 2.4%. #nickel #coal #CoalTwitter
Dalian coking coal futures fall 4.3% at night open, coke futures down 3.7%, iron ore futures down 3.6%, LPG futures down 3.2%, palm oil futures down 3.1%.
#coal #CoalTwitter #LPG #ironore #iron
Zhengzhou thermal coal futures trim intraday gains to 0.2% vs rise of 2.4% at open. #coal #CoalTwitter
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Why #Ukraine 🇺🇦 matters to #EU, #US, #UK, #Canada, the world thread 🧵↓

© Olena Karpenko Image
This is #Ukraine 🇺🇦 pictured on top of a map of #Europe. It's the biggest European country, bigger than France. Donbass' territories occupied by Russia are as big as Switzerland.

What is happening now is not a small local conflict, but a hazard for the whole world.

Why does #Ukraine 🇺🇦 matter?

✅ 1ˢᵗ in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;
✅ 2ⁿᵈ place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;

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Here's a quick update on our Asia Currencies & Commodities views in partnership with @SGX, so you can keep an update on the markets that matter🐝
[1a] #China: policy easing continues. The PBoC became the first central bank to cut rates in 2022 with a 10bps cut in the one-year medium-term lending facility (MLF) to 2.85%. This was the first cut since the height of the Covid stress in March 2020. Yet $CNH remains stable.
[1b] We remain neutral on CNH given that the ongoing C/A surplus and equity inflows are offsetting declining yield support. Image
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Weekend Digest

Name the Pathogen

5 Clues:

- #Chitlins
- #Iron sepsis
- Mesenteric #adenitis
- Reactive #arthritis
- Terminal #ileitis Image
#Yersinia enterocolitica

It is #zoonotic and is acquired by exposure to contaminated food.

When #IDBR says #chitlins (#chitterlings), you say Y. enterocolitica

Chitlins are food made of pork intestines (where Y enterocolitica resides)…
#Yersinia enterocolitica

Enterobacteriaceae #GNB that causes #enterocolitis, diarrhea (often bloody), terminal #ileitis, mesenteric #adenitis, and RLQ pain that may be mistaken as #appendicitis (#pseudoappendicitis)
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#China's most active manganese-silicon futures contract and ferrosilicon futures contract in Zhengzhou open 8% higher and hit the limit-up.
#Ferro #silicon
Iron ore futures in Dalian drop 3%, still on the downtrend.
Rubber and asphalt also drop 2.7%.
Live hogs down 4.5%.
#Iron #ironore #steel
Coke and coking #coal futures in Dalian DCE extend gain to 4%, thermal coal in CZCE gains 6.13%.
The coal shortage problem in China is yet to be solved.

#Tin futures in Shanghai up 3%.
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AH fuck it, i'll join the bandwagon, since people asked (and i don't wanna type this story in DMs).

Thread🧵on #Evergrande!

Why #contagion will continue to spread, why Xi will NOT change course, why it's The Federal Reserve's fault, why Hyperinflation's next, and more!
First off, Why Now?

Evergrande's been Teetering for more then a year. Naturally, things have to come to a head at some point, but why now?

I think the answer is found in Commodities. Specifically the fact that building important stuff like #Iron and #Copper have been mooning.
To stem the tide, at $4,8 a pound copper, #China announced they would release metals from their strategic reserves to stop the price increases, and copper took a dive.

Reserves they ran up in July 2020 when the price was cheap, btw. China Copper imports were off the charts.
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Don't mind the Private Air Jets that will be falling from the Sky .. It's ones choosing too take the easy way out instead of being arrested for the crimes they have committed upon Children & Humanity ..

Some very high ranking Military officials that chose to be corrupt, they
also are going to choose to take the easy way out instead of being arrested.
It's all so very sad, it truly is. Every which way you choose to look at all of it, it's just sad. All the lives these corrupt individuals have hurt for money or to be placed in positions of "POWER"
to basically protect the higher ups in the chains of evils command is just horrible..
I think of the children at these individuals homes waiting for mom or dad to come home from work but they don't because they either took the easy way out or they were arrested.
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