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‼️Trump tears at the very fabric of our society by dividing us, dehumanizing us, inflaming hate, inciting violence— his hateful & abusive rhetoric leaves us horrified & most importantly makes us less safe.


Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses
The new law nullifies an Obama-backed rule that added people with mental illnesses to the national background check database.…
PBO recommended the now-nullified regulation in a 2013 memo following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook School, which left 20 first graders and six others dead. The measure sought to block some people with severe mental health problems from buying guns.…
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MONGERING, and spreading #INTOLERANCE. ENOUGH! ENOUGH OF YOUR TALK OF ILLEGAL INVASION OR EQUATING ALL MUSLIMS WITH TERRORISTS. ENOUGH WATCH THE MASSACRE OF #NewZealandMosqueShooting. Some seemed to play dead, he returned to shoot them up mercilessly. He riddled them with

Every single decent media outlet, journalist should HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR WORDS!
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Our preprint of Mammalia-wide evolution -- announcing a new tree of life for 5911 species based on a single DNA matrix and fossil node- and tip-dating. We show how ecology (vagility, latitude, diurnality) best explains living diversity & speciation rates.
2/ Bayesian posterior sets of 10,000 trees are built using a 'backbone-and-patch' framework and 31-gene supermatrix of 4098 species (70% of total). This approach gives realistic uncertainty in branch lengths and topology for comparative analyses of mammalian evolutionary rates.
3/ We show that rates of species diversification vary through time: 1) tree wide, with an uptick in lineage turnover near the K-Pg boundary matching that seen in mammal fossils; 2) among lineages, with 24 major rate shifts detected across the tree; and 3) within clades (rodents!)
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All eyes are on the #TrumpShutdown but I need to get this off my chest:

It is appalling that @SteveKingIA, a white supremacist who is becoming increasingly brazen across the world about his white supremacy, can remain a Member of Congress in good standing with his caucus. /1
Steve King--who endorses #immigration restrictions and workplace discrimination against Muslims, believes that POC represent the end of Western civilization--is the CHAIRMAN of the Subcommittee on the CONSTITUTION and Civil Justice of the House Judiciary Committee. /2
When Republicans were last in the Minority, from 2007-2010, Steve King was the Ranking Member of the Immigration Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee--effectively the party's official, leading spokesperson on the issue. /3
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Many have seen @SteveKingIA's viral meltdown.

King continued, made the rounds of local TV, calling comparisons with the #TreeOfLife shooter "insane, denying @washingtonpost reporting about collaborating with anti semitic websites, and defending the anti-Semitic FPO.

As the more complex aspects of the story break into TV especially, the mounting, well-documented evidence is presented as one side, and King's lies, avoidance, and anger is the other, with little clarity or context for audiences who haven't been reading the @washingtonpost.
I understand the limitations of TV, and I think most journalists are doing a great job with a very crowded election season and a lot of news to cover.

But this story is bigger than the election and it's important that @SteveKingIA's lies are not propagated unchallenged.
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In response to antisemitic white nationalist attack, Vice President Mike Pence opens campaign event with a Christian Rabbi.
He begins by promoting that people in power are ordained by Jesus to wield power.
Then, rather than praying for the victims and survivors of the Pittsburgh synagogue attack, Mike Pence's Christian Rabbi prays --by name-- for each Republican candidate on a list given to him.
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Nazis on DailyStormer not happy with the #synagogueshooting #TreeofLife :
This is really, really not good news.
Unless it’s Moslems."

They're hoping it isn't a "white guy" but it is.
Nazis respond on DailyStormer: "Please Jesus Christ let it be Moslems."
DailyStorm Nazis worried how this will affect their efforts to elect white supremacist friendly candidates in #Midterms2018
#SynagogueShooting #TreeofLife #PittsburghSynagogueShooting
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Multiple fatalities and additional casualties amid an active shooter situation in or near Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue.…
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Non loin de Montpellier, une femme à l'air mystérieux attend son tram face aux étangs. Ce matin de vacances, elle s'est levée à l'aube. Elle regarde l'avenir. Elle a rendez-vous avec son destin.
Aussi vaillante que Kirikou après une nuit de 5 heures, arborant un air de mystère et une paire de tongs, elle se dirige vers le colosse de béton qui se dresse, impitoyable, devant elle : le Corum. Dans son esprit, cette citation d'un célèbre poète post-moderniste : "Hodor."
Son mystère et elle-même se rendent tous deux au plus gros colloque de biologie évolutive de l'univers, Evolution 2018. #evol2018
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