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As U.S. Army units penetrated the Euphrates Valley in the opening days of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF), they surrounded the key city of Najaf during the headlong dash towards Baghdad.

Located at a strategic position on the highways to Karbala and Baghdad, the 3rd ID began to encircle Najaf on 24 MAR. That night, the 11th Aviation Regiment’s AH-64 Apache helicopters staged a deep-penetration assault against the elite Iraqi Medina Division near the city.
The Apaches survived a coordinated enemy effort to eliminate the strike force and were followed shortly thereafter by the 3rd ID itself, which blazed through the Medina Division en route to Baghdad. Najaf remained isolated, as-yet uncaptured by U.S. forces.
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The main thrust of the OIF ground assault burst forth from Kuwait, with the I MEF striking northwards while the U.S. Army’s V Corps swung northwest to towards the lower Euphrates Valley.
The 3rd ID led the charge, breaching an earthen berm on the border and blitzing about 90 miles northwards to seize the enemy airbase at Tallil by 22 MAR. 3rd ID elements secured critical Euphrates River crossings and reached As Samawah, 130 miles away from Kuwait.
By 23 MAR, the 101st ABD was conducting attack helicopter assaults which penetrated as far as Baghdad. Special Forces units attached to Task Force Viking and Task Force Dagger penetrated Iraq from the northeast and southwest during these early days of OIF. #Armyhistory #USArmy
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🇺🇸 Let's take a journey through the #HistoryofUSA! From the early Native American civilizations to the modern-day superpower, this fascinating thread will explore key moments in the development of the United States of America. 🗽🦅
Before the arrival of Europeans, numerous Indigenous tribes thrived across the land. From the Iroquois Confederacy in the northeast to the Pueblo peoples in the southwest, their rich cultures and societies laid the groundwork for America's story. #NativeAmericanHistory
In 1492, Christopher Columbus' voyage marked the beginning of European colonization in the Americas. The Spanish, French, Dutch, and English all established settlements, profoundly impacting Indigenous peoples and the land. #Columbus #ColonialAmerica
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“My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.”
– Pres. G.W. Bush
On 19 MAR 2003, Pres. Bush declared Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF), a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with the goal of deposing Saddam Hussein’s decades-old despotic regime and eliminating its capacity to create or utilize weapons of mass destruction. #USArmy #TRADOC #IraqWar @USArmy
The U.S. Army’s involvement in OIF began on the night of 19 MAR, when the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) attacked enemy border observation stations in the country’s southwest.
#ArmyAviation #Blackhawk #MilitaryHistory #OIF #OperationIraqiFreedom #WarOnTerror
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1. #Syria: No recent reports of Turkish attacks beyond the reported bombing of #Managh airbase near #Afrin and harassing fire in the #Darbasiyah district. A review of the Turkish media found nothing in the three main English daily papers. The Turkish language Ankara Gazeti
2. had an article quoting DM #Akar that Tukey's actions are legal under international law presumably reaction to reports where he was seen admitting to using #chemicalweapons in #Iraq. Not a very strong position and could indicate that behind-the-scenes diplomatic engagement is
3. not very positive for the Erdogan regime. #Turkey has air power and heavy guns but a poorly trained conscript army that will be chewed up and spit out by the US SOF trained SDF in urban warfare. Erdogan may have played his hand in the belief that he could extract concessions
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Thoughts on #ImranKhan: I met him briefly at @AJEnglish studios where we spoke about #Guantanamo. He was disgusted by #Pakistan’s role in handing ppl to US without any legal process like #Afghanistan ambassador to Pakistan @abdulsalamzaeef and me. 1/9
I met him again in 2011 at an event for girls’ library in Afghanistan organised by @yvonneridley. We spoke about #WoT, #Gitmo & #AafiaSiddiqui for whom he’d fought. CIA’s Raymond Davies had killed 3 Pakistanis in #Lahore & we discussed how this was the moment to get her back. 2/9
Khan opposed #WaronTerror from the outset. He marched in #London against #Iraq invasion. After becoming PM he bought peace and security to tribal areas and ended US drone strikes. He sought peace with #Taliban & honoured ppl of #Afghanistan. 3/9
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Last Thursday (s. ; or for the full live stream, s. ), @SevimDagdelen from #DieLinke has discussed with @RaniaKhalek & @EugenePuryear esp. the recently decided & billion-dollar rearmament of the German #Bundeswehr... a result of the #RussianFederation's military invasion of #Ukraine, as officially justified by the #GermanFederalGovernment. A recommendable interview! Besides her opposition to such rearmament & the associated fundamental departure...
...from the so-called „#Entspannungspolitik“ established by #WillyBrand & #EgonBahr for #Germany's relationship with the #USSR (& also its territorially largest & politically strongest successor state in the form of the #RussianFederation),...
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Saleem Safi & Imran Khan give brief history of #MaulanaFazalurRehman & #JamaateIslami Secret Connection with Mr #PervezMusharraf on #WarOnTerror & #NoConfidenceMotion

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو
1 - Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Imran Khan give brief history of #NoConfidenceMotion & Pre-Poll & Post-Poll #Electoral #Rigging in #Pakistan

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو #SindhHouse #SindHouse
2 - Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Imran Khan give brief history of #NoConfidenceMotion & Pre-Poll & Post-Poll #Electoral #Rigging in #Pakistan

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو #SindhHouse #SindHouse
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Today is the 20th anniversary of the opening of #GuantanamoBay prison, one of the oldest, most infamous relics of the #WarOnTerror, & an emblem of institutionalized Islamophobia. The following are key 2021 events related to Guantanamo.

1/2021: @Amnesty report + UN press release
3/2021: Lufti bin Ali's death
4/2021: Camp 7 closed + Abu Zubaydah's UN case
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On the anniversary of the Jan. 6 #CapitolInsurrection, I’m reminded: This IS who we are. We are a nation of #WhiteSupremacy. As a counter to the US “this isn’t who we are” narratives related to #RacialInjustice, #StateViolence & prejudice, I’ve pieced together the following post.
The following are excerpts from my Jan. 2021 op-ed in @Truthout: “If @POTUS Wants to Confront White Supremacy, He Must Also End the #WarOnTerror.’”
"Solving the problem of #WhiteSupremacy is seen as a simple matter of removing those who embody it."
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1/10 The recently released @HBO documentary “The Forever Prisoner” ignores the ongoing brutal harms against Abu Zubaydah, the focus of the documentary, and all victims of the “War on Terror.”
2/10 The shortcomings of filmmaker Alex Gibney’s documentary remind us that justice delayed is justice denied and acknowledging harm should be a goal worth pursuing in and of itself.
3/10 Ultimately, Gibney’s film falls short of this goal.
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This report explores the impact that #security #thinktanks such as the Henry Jackson Society (#HJS) are having on British #democracy and societal cohesion
It highlights links between such groups & the British & international #FarRight which combine with patterns of divisive
far Right which combine with patterns of divisive and agenda-
driven reports based in impoverished methodologies to #shape UK #policy & #political #discourse for the worse.
Such groups have caused concern amongst numerous equalities, community, & faith groups &
& are cited as enabling & encouraging Islamophobia & racism, facilitating far
Right mobilisation, & pushing successive UK governments towards policy positions that damage societal cohesion.
This report brings together open-source articles, reports, & public instances of events
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1. ci sono altre cose importanti di cui vi devo parlare. La prima è questa vicenda che racconta #GuidoOlimpio. Vi devo aiutare a…
2. Chi è il personaggio di cui parla Guido Olimpio? E' Mike D'Andrea, il più temuto capo del #CounterTerrorismCenter della #CIA. Tutti avevano paura di lui: lo chiamano IL BECCHINO
3. Vi ho parlato per la prima volta de Il Becchino quando lavoravo per #Repubblica e rivelai che gli USA avevano fatto accordo con la famiglia di #GiovanniLoPorto,ucciso da un #drone USA in Pakistan, per il pagamento di 1milione e 185mila euro[ARCHIVIO]:…
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On 10/7/01, when the US launched the #WarOnTerror w/ Operation Enduring Freedom, they littered Afghanistan with Tomahawk missiles, cluster bombs, and pamphlets like this offering $$$$ for al Qaeda & Taliban fighters.
Like thousands of others, I was sold to the US for bounty money, sent to a black site where I was tortured & then sent to Guantanamo. I was only 18 years old. I wasn’t a fighter. I wasn’t al Qaeda leader or Taliban.
At Guantanamo, I met farmers who were sold by neighbors who wanted their land. I met charity workers, teachers, engineers, all kinds of men who were sold as fighters.

[Me at #Guantánamo Camp 6 2012]
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#Thread 1/8
20 years ago today, just 6 days after 9/11, George W. Bush gave the CIA broad powers to "Capture and Detain" anyone in what would become the #WarOnTerror
Weeks later, I was sold to the CIA and sent to a black site in Afghanistan where I was tortured along with many others until I confessed that I was someone I wasn't just to stop the pain. This is what I wrote in my book
I was then sent to #Guantánamo, where I spent over 14 years as a prisoner of the US. I didn't have rights, I didn't have an attorney or legal representation until 2009. I was never charged with a crime. I was never told why I was being held. I was only detainee ISN 441.
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#Spotlight: From the invasion of #Afghanistan & #Iraq, new #surveillance powers, to the opening of #Guantanamo, #September11 changed America | ImageImage
#September11: The total cost of the post-9/11 wars in #Afghanistan & #Iraq is estimated at $6tn, making them the most expensive in US history | ImageImageImage
#WATCH: After #September11, President Bush launched a #WarOnTerror & sent US troops to #Afghanistan & #Iraq. Read more here:
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20 JAHRE 9/11…
vom zentrum aus gesehen:

- alles nach #tavanasa, sorry @murschetg

#BSGGT | #LavinaNera | das erwachen der fundamentalkräfte | Image
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KEINE BROTLOSE KUNST @matter_birgit Image
m/ein tagesziel #greins #surselva | die verschiebung des körpers. im sozialen raum | das erwachen der #fundamentalkräfte | blasen sphären schäume | ##sozialarbeit als arbeit am sozialen | #dögs | 20 jahre #WarOnTerror |… Image
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20 Jahre 9/11 – eine Zäsur? | #srfSternstunde Religion | SRF Kultur via @YouTube
@YouTube Darüber spricht @OliviaRoellin mit den Islamwissenschaftlern #AhmadMiladKarimi und @StefanWeidner6 #SRFsternstunde #SRFreligion

stell dir vor, massen leitende medien würden liveübertragungen machen von #DroneWars…
habe ich dein einstieg in das gespräch richtig verstanden?
- die interpunktion eines "anfangs" wird in der #schreckensherrschaft eines radikalen islams gemacht?

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Müssen wir den Taliban helfen? | #Journal21… #HeinerHug
"Jetzt stellt sich plötzlich die Frage, ob man die Taliban im Kampf gegen einen noch radikaleren Gegner unterstützen soll."

#nachhilfeunterricht zu #ISIS gibts auf #wikipedia:…
um nicht @DanieleGanser zitieren "zu müssen", weil das ja ein Illegaler Akt wäre:

„Die US-Besatzer im Irak hatten ein tragisches Talent dafür, sich […] ihre intelligentesten Feinde selbst zu schaffen und zu vereinen.“

– Christoph Reuter. @derspiegel
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1/10War on virus is about cognitive dissonance. Those of us who stood by silent as minority communities were gentrified through the war on drugs, or profited by it, do not imagine being the targets of an epic urban renewal through lockdown measures and vaccine mandates.
2/10War on virus is about destabilization.  The bulk of wage workers as well as business owners who cater to the establishment must collide with those who have realized that their livelihoods are being destroyed or their businesses are being swallowed by large corporate entities.
3/10Communities are divided.  Family members are divided over fear and uncertainty.  We are being primed for further colonization of humanity and nature.
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If you think you know everything you need to know about the Aug 2020 blast that destroyed half of Beirut - a blast that Human Rights Watch in a recent report calls "one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history" - here are some things that might change your mind
Did you know that an Oct 2020 FBI report concluded only 552 tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded on 4 Aug 2020, a FIFTH of 2,754 tonnes that arrived on a Russian-leased cargo ship in 2013 that was widely assumed from Day One to be the cause of the blast?
Did you know all those bags of "NITROPRILL HD" seen in the photos of the Beirut warehouse were NOT blasting agents? The HD means "high density" which is the way NH4NO3 is prilled for FERTILIZER! "Experts" like Jeffrey Lewis @ArmsControlWonk were wrong to suggest otherwise.
3/ ImageImageImageImage
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PTI Leader Mr #FawadChaudhry revealed to Dr Moeed Pirzada that Mr Ansar Abbasi , Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Orya Maqbool Jan connived with the #Taliban against #Pakistan

Ref :

#TTP #China
#ETIM #AlQaeda #Afghanistan #CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF
تحریک انصاف کے رہنما #فواد_چوہدری صاحب کیمطابق انصار عباسی ، حامد میر اور اوریا مقبول جان نے پاکستان کیخلاف طالبان کے ساتھ مل کر محاز قائم کیا

#TTP #China #Taliban #Pakistan
#ETIM #AlQaeda #Afghanistan #CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF
PTI Leader Mr #FawadChaudhry says “ death of Most Wanted Terrorist #HakimullahMehsud of #TTP is like a personal loss of #PTI , #PMLN , Mr Imran Khan & Chaudhry Nisar

Ref :

#ETIM #AlQaeda #Afghanistan #CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF #Taliban
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1 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
2 - The ordeal of Mullah Zaeef ( by Ayaz Amir September 22, 2006 Dawn) On 21 Sept 2011 Mullah Zaeef narrated his ordeal to the @UN while living in Pakistan

Ref :

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
۱ - ایاز امیر نے ۲۲ ستمبر ۲۰۰۶ میں #طالبان کے ملا ضعیف کی ان تکالیف کے بارے میں لکھا جو پاکستان نے انہیں دیں 👈

جو مشکل طالبان نے ۲۰۰۱ میں پاکستان کے لیئے کھڑی کیں 👈

#Taliban #Afghanistan #Pakistan #TTP #AlQaeda
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