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🚨Our session "Human capacity for the energy and climate transition: what is needed at the local level?" just started!

Tune in to find out more on cities staff & skill needs and which initiatives are helping address this.

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The session starts with @AdrianHiel from @energycities presenting the needs for building decarbonisation at local level from #localstaff4climate report:

👷‍♂️+214,000 new staffing roles at local level
💶+16 billion euros in salaries
📈 +3% of local gov's public expenditures
Zooming into the case of France🇫🇷 Aurore Colin from @I4CE_ presents the needs they identified in their study:

💶12 billion euros in climate investment
👥 for which they need 25,000 more positions dedicated to climate action, just to steer local policies and investment
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Fed up of having to send complaints to the #BBC on its negative coverage on heat pumps to individual programmes, I have written to the Director General, Tim Davie. I haven't pulled my punches. #heatpumps #retrofit #heating #falsebalance

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Excellent talk by Simon Sharpe @INETOxford just now, pointing out how the #climate crisis challenges economic #orthodoxy in several ways. Spoiler 🔥"Economics as a discipline has forgotten what the scientific method is" (@camjhep pointing to #heterodox ideas in defense)🧵
💡The premise: To meet our #climate goals, we need to reduce emissions globally by about 8% per year by 2030, as compared to the 1,5% p.a. achieved so far - hence the title of his book #FiveTimesFaster
1⃣ An #economy going through the rapid and far-reaching systems #transition this requires (acc. to @IPCC_CH) cannot be analysed in terms of #equilibrium, a sitation in which "nobody has any immediate reason to change their actions" according to the Oxford Dictionary of Economics. Image
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#EU #buildings #directive in turmoil amid push for #hydrogen #heating | 15:38
- Heating in buildings is a key driver of #energy #consumption in Europe, where it is responsible for more than a third of the EU’s greenhouse gas output.…
#HydrogenHeating - Sort of...
#Hindenburg Disaster - Real Footage (1937) | British Pathé | 24.3.2016
- Footage of the #German airship catching fire, crashing and burning to the ground:
#Italian politics threatens to #torpedo #EU #buildings #directive | Jan 23
- Italy’s antipathy towards the EU’s buildings directive has once again #flared up.
“We will oppose it, in the name of #commonsense and realism, as a govt but above all as Italians…
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My big wish for #European #energy in 2023 is that the @EU_Commission and European #governments push the rollout of #smartmeters and #smarttariffs across the continent.
Why do I say that? Because #smartmeters and #smarttariffs give #energy customers the ability to control their own destiny by enabling them to switch off and on devices depending on how expensive #powerprices are.
#smartmeters and #Smarttariffs enable new #businessmodels such as what @OctopusEnergy are offering. In addition, #digitalisation will allow the smoother and quicker integration of #EVs into the system as well as smart #heating.
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1) First #energy bill received since smart meter installation?


I'm a single, #disabled man living in a 1 bed flat. I can't afford to put the #heating on. I only shower twice a week now. I barely use the oven/hob/kettle. I'm rationing lighting, for goodness sake.
2) There's nothing else I can cut back on. The cold makes my #MultipleSclerosis worse, but I'll have to ensure it. But because I'm on the wrong legacy #benefits I don't get energy assistance, so I'm stuck spending the equivalent of 2 weeks rent solely on energy.
3) How is this right in a supposedly civilised country? Why must we vulnerable & disabled suffer for the sake of shareholders profit? Who will call the energy companies to account? Not this #government for certain, but we infirm, disabled, & vulnerable just cannot live like this
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There is nothing wrong with the fact that the European Commission is not willing to give money to a government that would rather spend the funds on the enrichment of the Prime Minister's relatives than on the prosperity of #Hungary. 1/10
On the other hand, it is possible, and indeed, it is necessary to criticise the fact that even during one of the most serious social and economic catastrophes in Hungary, the Commission does not try to go above and beyond to make it happen… 2/10
to bypass the Hungarian government and allow the beneficiaries and recipients to receive these funds directly.

I just wrote a letter about this to @vonderleyen, the president of the European Commission. 3/10
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These 6 videos could massively slash fuel bills! 💵 + COULD COST NOTHING!

Please share far & wide you could be really helping someone out this winter!

The first 'The Secret to Boiler Efficiency' is full quick wins anyone can do for up to 15% saving.
The second is more advanced to really refine your efficiency to its max! It's all about squeezing those last flow temperature drops down.

Maybe one for the more technically minded, or find a Heat Geek who knows all this! This could save up to 15%.
This next one is all about timing your heating, should I leave my heating constantly on, or time to come one as often as possible..? Savings possible here could be over 10%.
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New #Report Alert!!!

Laying out the 'benefits windfall' from place-based #local #netzero projects and how to unlock their delivery.

#EneryRevolution @UKRI_News funded, written by @PwC_UK @PCANcities & Otley Energy .

Short thread 1/5…
Super-critical because targeting the two areas - #heating and #mobility that we are stalled on in UK #netzero delivery.
Chart shows top two sectors now #transport (navy) and #buildings (heat - pink) - both flat-lined (bar pandemic effects). (2/5)
This work models costs / benefits from bottom-up for 6 UK cities to #decarbonise in 2 scenarios:
- use same #lowcarbon measures everywhere
- tailor to local needs / opportunities

And adds strategic analysis of current situation for #delivery (3/5)
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#Italy can cut its #CO2 emissions by up to 97% and this can lead to *lower* #energy prices.

Hard to believe? Check out our new paper in #RSER:…


#COP26 #ClimateCrisis #energytwitter
@ImperialBiz @EnergyFuturesIC @CogImperial
#EnergyScope is an #optimization model looking at the whole-energy system, including #electricity, #heating and #transport.

We present a new version of the model and propose it to devise deep #decarbonization scenarios for #Italy, like this one!

#ORMS #DataScience Image
How does a 97% decarbonized Italy look like?

[left] #renewableenergy share in primary energy supply increases from 16% in 2015 to 83% in 2050.

[right] sector-coupling: increased #electricity penetration in #heating, #transportation and #hydrogen production. Image
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Hey, maybe we should all install one of these in our homes?🤔 A heat pump!
A heat pump extracts heat from the cold outside air and transfers it inside our home...
- @ThisOldHouse

#HeatPump #HomeHeating #Heating #furnace #airconditioning #EnergyEfficiency
In depth Explination, like really in depth; by Technology Connections

#HeatPump #HeatPumps #HomeHeating #Heating #furnace #elecricity #EnergyEfficiency #Energy
... To this end, a compressor inside the device uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heat extracted from the outside air. The heat pump can also provide cooling by transferring warm indoor air to the outside.…
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