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Bullish or Bearish thread:
1/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Weekly timeframe.
It could find support at 35k over the next few days.
Or, it can dip to the highlight support zone of 29k-31k.

#cryptotrading #cryptotwitter #Cryptothoughts #Bitcoin #BTC #Binance BTCUSDT binance weekly chart
2/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Monthly timeframe.
Double top is visible but the bull structure isn't broken yet.
It can very well find recovery from these zones.

#Tradingview #Binance #Bitcoin #BTC #Bullish BTCUSDT binance monthly chart
3/5: meanwhile these things are also happening @CNBC on the legal side.
#CNBC #cryptocurrencies #ETF #BTC Cnbc SEC approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF - matter of when, not
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In his Oct 9th speech, Xi said he will achieve his supreme goal of the reunification of China. He said it’s not enough for Taiwan to simply avoid declaring their independence…he expects them to actively work to unify with China. The “Chinese Dream” cannot be attained without
Unification of Taiwan. This dates back to the 1999 book Unrestricted Warfare where the Chinese Air Force Colonels discussed “securing the first island chain” (which Taiwan is integral) as mandatory by 2020.
The book was first published with the subtitle “China’s Master Plan to Destroy America” with a picture of the burning World Trade Center in its cover.
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Jul 15 2020: #McKinsey "has continued to scoop up #COVID19-related contracts for [] govts... in the 4 months since the pandemic started, the firm has been awarded work for state, city & federal agencies worth well over $100 million — & counting." #Reset…
June 28, 2021: "... the #World #Government #Summit will work together with a select group of knowledge partners [] that will help govt leaders globally shape their future agenda's."

#4IR #GreatReset #McKinsey #Biotech…
"...priorities must include repairing the social fabric, navigating a transformed geo technological order, competing in a transformed global economy, and securing the long-term future."

#4IR #Corporatocracy
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Thanks to @steve_sedgwick & @cnbcKaren for having me on #CNBC #SquawkBox this AM.

What did we discuss? Well, #inflation of course!

I prepared some slides for the show which I'm happy to present in this thread.
#macro #Fed #Yellen #JeromePowell #bankofengland #QE
Are people in denial or is the #centralbank money flood just drowning all the signals?
#Commodities, #freight, #carbon - and a whole lot besides - sure do cost a lot more, these days.
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When Mr. Market admires #Oatly ($OTLY.US) and has a lapse in memory of past sector deals, a healthy refresher is needed.
Plant-based cream on #Danone’s ($BN.FP) morning coffee, a lengthy thread (x/11):
In the summer of 2016 #Danone acquired #WhiteWave for $12.5b or c. 14x EV/EBITDA 2016F aft syn. Danone became the leader in plant-based food with an estimated market share of >40%. The acquisition added many plant-based brands, but more importantly the #Alpro and #Silk products.
#Danone plant-based portfolio includes (est,ori):
-Silk (1977, WW)
-Alpro (1980, WW)
-Promavel (1983, WW)
-So Delicious (1987, WW)
-Activia’s PB product (2019, R&D)
-Danette’s PB product (2020, R&D)
-Actimel’s PB product (2020, R&D)
- Follow your heart (1988, 2020,Earth Island)
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The @SEC_Enforcement is in utter disarray. As many know, Acting Chairwoman Alison Herren Lee published her directive that conditional settlement offers would no longer be considered when negotiating potential settlements. The next day, @HesterPeirce and Elad Roisman published
a letter publicly disagreeing with Herren Lee and arguing that conditional settlement offers are necessary in achieving fair and adequate resolutions.

Recently, the public received a Risk Alert published by the @SEC_News. For those that didn’t et a chance to review the Risk
Alert, I have included my scathing review. The bottom line is that Gary Gensler is, arguably, the most important SEC Chairman appointment in U.S. history. He is walking into a publicly divided Commission. His predecessor, Jay Clayton, dropped the most significant SEC enforcement
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Anybody else buying this $STPK (-17%) dip? I am

Battery storage + AI software= 2 hot themes

When Biden starts dishing out large wads of cash to support his economic vision, energy storage is going to be an integral aspect & these guys are bigger than $TSLA in this segment ImageImageImageImage
I predict $STPK will see 1000%+ under Biden. $2 trillion is coming & a lot is going to go into the sector $STPK is the leader in. Producing more energy is needed but not as helpful as efficiently managing its use

Storage + SaaS/#AI software= hot themes ImageImageImageImage
$STPK/Stem DD...

Energy storage & Artificial intelligence | Sustainable Energy via @YouTube
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Thanks to @GeoffCutmore & @cnbcKaren for having me on the show this morning.

Here's a short thread of the notes - entitled, "Time to Get Real?" - which I put together in preparation.
They should hopefully be self-explanatory:-

#SquawkBox #CNBC #macro #equities #commodities
You've heard it here before: pay out or pay down is a big part of the #inflation equation:-
Yes, there's a "V" - or at least a flipped square root sign - underway, but will it extend far enough & fast enough?
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What is the logic behind buying #HathwayCable shares??
It's quoting more than 15% premium valuation than its merger ratio with #Network18 shares. So in short if I buy 100rs. HC shares I will get 85rs NW18 shares.
If I buy #TV18 shares I get 10% extra #NW18 shares
Big speculation happening by operators and small investors will burn their hands in Hathway shares. #CNBC channel being reliance group company will not show this anomaly and instead shows only prices are rising...
Even #zeebusiness is also not showing.. @AnilSinghvi_ sir?
@SEBI_India is this manipulation or genuine price fluctuations?
Can u please check the price patterns?
Is their something hidden news which is proping up #HathwayCable shares??
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Singapore. Cargo ships everywhere. Global economy has stopped. #singapore #cnbc #wuhan #coronavirus #covid19 #shanghai #WHO #CDC #WSJ
“Singapore-China's state-owned CNOOC has declared force majeure on LNG contracts.. as the country's largest LNG importer tackles disruptions in downstream markets in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.”… #wuhan #coronavirus #wsj #cnbc #covid19
“Force majeure clauses rarely mention diseases, but ..provide relief in the event of “acts of government”.. Chinese authorities have ordered lockdowns and closed factories.. so the "act of government" language could allow.. to invoke force majeure…
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1/3 Today I share my #childlessnotbychoice story at @linsdrabwell childfree blog. I am nowhere near to saying I am childfree, but I am now comfortable with saying I am childless not choice and that being #childless doesn't define me. I am more than what I am not. Image
'Once or twice we were able to mark in pen, but it wasn’t permenant, like our lost babies, the ink disappeared, but the marks of love are still very much visible.' Read the full post at….
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1/3 Yesterday I was at Childless @StoryhouseLive a wonderful day of talks & sharing of experiences of being childless not by choice in a family-centric world. Left inspired and with developing connections within the warm, friendly & understanding childless community. Image
2/3 Thanks to @DawnLlewellyn & @spruceyhaigh for organising & @StoryhouseLive for hosting. Lovely to chat to @gatewaywomen about creating a space for men, certainly will explore further & @RobinHadley1 about his research into men & childlessness, paving the way in academia.
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At same period the UK Authorities, banks & state owned companies all converged with their plans to take our home, our car & our money, my mother's #DWP welfare benefit was also targeted on several occasions, the worst being what happened at #Adecco #Guardian #TheTimes #GMB
My mother was seeking #employment & arranged an appointment with #OfficeAngels who she was already registered with & had worked for, for years. However, the time & date of the appointment was at a similar time to that of her sign on with the #DWP. #Jobseekersallowance #Jobseekers
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their day jobs properly & decided to take the law into their own hands. It started as a small cover up 12 years ago but has turned into British State Persecution.

#Skynews #BBCNews #DailyMail #Guardian #Euronews
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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Sometimes you see the dumbest shit and wish you could look away but you just have to call it out. CNBC tweets provide 95% counter-intuitive accuracy for #bitcoin prices. I mean what the fuck. Image
disclosure I got bored but here's my half ass analysis. So this superstar has cherrypicked a handful of CNBC tweets over 9 months. lets say 50. over that same period there has been more than 6.75m tweets on bitcoin. So his sample set is 0.00007ish. Image
btw did you know you can fit 28 people in a #mini. and if they all worked for #CNBC and could #tweet while in the mini they could manipulate the #bitcoin market. #bancnbcstuffedinminis Image
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their jobs properly & then decided to take the law into their own hands. The result of this decision has led to events stranger than fiction

#BBCNews #Skynews #Itvnews #Channel4News #ThisMorning #TheresaMay #UKGov #LBC
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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(1) This thread is about a Great American and a great movie. In fact, the movie was made by this Great American, who we affectionately know as #BillMurray.
(2) Unlike the current trend of celebrities jumping over each other to denigrate the efforts of the current administration and .@POTUS, during a short interview on #CNBC Mr. #BillMurray made the following 'positive' remarks (can jump to 1:50 if need be):

(3) It is a measure of how highly respected #BillMurray is by all sides of the political spectrum that he can offer the comments he made and not be attacked the next day.
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