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"Attuning to nature’s rhythm has been associated with reduced neural activity in brain areas linked to risk for mental illness and inspired the attention restoration theory...nature replenishes our ability to concentrate and pay attention." @CuriousCortex…
How the Brain 'Constructs' the Outside World - Scientific American…
#neuroscience, #perception, #frameworks, #learning, #matching, #cognition
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"May this conference serve as an invitation to all of us, as representatives of faiths and leaders in society, to discharge the responsibility for humankind to unite as members of one single human family.” -- Ariane Sabet…
Fading Family Lines- Women and Men Without Children, Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren in 19th, 20th and 21st Century Northern Sweden…
#FamilyLineage, #SwedishPopulationStudy, #LineageExtinction, #AdulthoodMortality
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What the Child Tax Credit fight says about America - @DrRichBesser & @DAcevedoGarcia - The Hill

#ChildTaxCredit #InvestInKids #CutChildPoverty (1)
On Child Tax Credit expiration:

“no help came this past week because we let the expanded credit expire during an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and with prices rising on everything from groceries to utility bills.” - @DrRichBesser @DAcevedoGarcia (2)
“The expanded credit kept at least 3 million children out of poverty every month between July and November, leading to a 30 percent decline in child poverty rates overall.” - @DrRichBesser @DAcevedoGarcia

#CutChildPoverty (3)
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65 million children will be worse off and child poverty will nearly double if Congress fails to pass some version of #BuildBackBetter with the improved Child Tax Credit.

Child poverty is a policy choice. (1)
Leaving 65 million children worse off, @Sen_JoeManchin, is the equivalent of filling BOTH the West Virginia University Coliseum and the Cam Henderson Center at Marshall University a COMBINED 2,826 times. (2)
@Sen_JoeManchin The idea of a fully REFUNDABLE Child Tax Credit originally came from the bipartisan National Commission on Children created under President Reagan in 1989 and completed under President Bush in 1991.

It took 30 years to pass it as part of the #AmericanRescuePlan! (3)
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Don't assume parents are writing open letters, or expressing their concerns about these changes having not read the (sparse) information provided. WE HAVE READ IT & still have very serious concerns. /1 #MBED #MBPoli Stop insulting the intelligence of Manitobans, @CliffCullenMLA
In schools that have PACs, they are primarily made up of white, higher-income Moms who have the resources, the time, & the privilege to volunteer at their children's schools. This is in no way to devalue their hard work. However @BrianPallister's comments made nasty assumptions..
@BrianPallister made comments insinuating that parents who have to work 2+ jobs to provide for their families aren't "making sacrifices" for their children's education. Their sacrifices are just different from those of the parents who can afford to volunteer on PACs #MBEd #MBPoli
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/17/2021…
Data pathology: diagnosing problems with data…

#pathology #data
2020 UST March Madness - Money: Inside and Out…

#money #march #bonds
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Dear #poverty scholars, it is time for a reckoning. It is long overdue. #Discrimination, #structuralinequality & the lived experiences of the poor is not a tangent, it is core to "mainstream" poverty scholarship.
@nyuwagner L. Mead’s @springerpub Society paper "Poverty & Culture" perpetuates inaccuracies, ideologies & power imbalances that distract productive discourse & policy innovation. This treatise insults poverty scholarship; no matter political leaning. (see more from @lennan77)
It needs to stop. Stop blaming the poor. Stop assuming that history & context do not matter. Stop unfounded explanations such as “culture.” Stop ignoring the developmental needs of children & the nurturing of families.

As poverty & social policy scholars, what can we do?
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“I thought perhaps there was a time when a PM making a false statement in Parliament would apologise..” @MichaelMarmot on #childpoverty #healthinequalities2020 @ToynbeeHall @equalitytrust @FairLondon
“Our lives depend on public health...” says @khankfarza in her critique and talks about the need to understand racialise #trauma and address hierarchy #healthinequalities2020
High level of community involvement in health initiatives but lack of presence in the research highlights @khankfarza #healthinequalities2020
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@MarcusRashford - legend

Child poverty is THE most pressing issue for the NHS

Mr Rashford has had far more impact than I ever could, but here are 25 of my slides for a recent @AlderHey talk on #covid19, #lockdown and #Childpoverty in the UK Image
In adversity the vulnerable lose out most: everyone on Titanic hit the same iceberg, but the poorest people were most likely to drown Image
The public health message in the Black Plague was to flee towns for country residences - the poor cant do this so they stayed behind and got plague. Same in New Orleans - the poor, largely black population couldn't get out of a difficult situation. Image
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In the year when child poverty was set to have been ended, we’ve published an important new book on what we can learn from previous efforts to reduce #childpoverty and what we now need to do to end it for good.… Image
Called “2020 Vision: Ending child poverty for good”, the book is a collection of incisive contributions from: @alisongcpag & Tom Lee on progress in tackling child poverty and where we’ve gone backwards; @ProfJBradshaw on how child poverty compares in different European countries;
.@TorstenBell and Cara Pacitti of @resfoundation on rising child poverty, wage stagnation and working families; @millar_jane and Tess Ridge of @UniofBath on poverty, work and lone mothers; @MikeBrewerEcon on what needs to happen to financial support for children;
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A brief thread to summarise:
- 72% of poor children live in working families in 2018-19, up from 70% in 2017-18, and 15% of poor children have a self-employed parent, that’s a record high.
- Number of children in poverty rises 100,000 to 4.2 million after housing costs (AHC), up from 3.6 million in 2010. That’s 30% of UK children below the poverty line.
- 600,000 more children in relative poverty (after housing costs) since 2010.
- 100,000 more children in absolute poverty (after housing costs) since 2010 while the economy has grown by 16%.
- 51% of poor children are aged under 5 - that’s more than 2 million children.
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THREAD: The Marmot Review 10 Years On, commissioned by @HealthFdn, reveals widening health inequalities and devastating impact of #childpoverty #Marmot2020… 1/n
@HealthFdn "Child poverty is not an inevitability, but largely the result of political and policy choices in areas including social
protection, taxation rates, housing and income and minimum wage policies" #Marmot2020 2/n
@HealthFdn "Rates of child poverty, a critical measure for early child development, have increased since 2010 and are now back
to their pre-2010 levels with over four million children affected." #Marmot2020 #marmot 3/n
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Our response to the new #childpoverty stats today [thread]. Number of poor children in working families up from 67% to 70%… 1/
53% of poor children are aged under 5 (up from 51%) - that’s more than 2 million children 2/
200,000 more children in absolute poverty (after housing costs). 3/
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I agree with the sentiment but I cannot emphasise enough that #homelessness, #foodbanks, #ChildPoverty, #HostileEnvironment all existed before #brexit. They are not a consequence of #brexit but #Conservatives policy. It doesn't have to be this way, it's a political choice ->
Before someone from #FBPE jumps in and says "that's because focus has been on brexit" ... not it isn't. This is #Conservative policy. The privatisation of #NHS, the changes in #Education, reductions in #LegalAid ... where has the #EU been in stopping all this? It hasn't.
There has been a constant drive to reform society from health to education, none of which is about addressing the issues of inequality.

Labour demands inquiry into how GCSE reform has benefited private schools -…
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THREAD: Number of people in the U.K. in #poverty:

Working-age adults: 8.4 million

Children: 4.5 million

Pensioners: 1.4 million

Total: 14.2 million people
#NewPovertyMeasure #UKPovertyMeasure
Percentage (%) of people in #poverty in the U.K in 2016/17:

Children in poverty: 32.6%
Working adults in poverty: 21.5%
Pensioners in poverty: 11.4%

Total U.K. population in poverty: 22.0%
#NewPovertyMeasure #UKPovertyMeasure
Family status of people in #poverty in the U.K. circa 2016/17:

Single parent families: 2.6 million
Couples w/ children: 5.6 million
Single, no children: 3.1 million

#NewPovertyMeasure #UKPovertyMeasure
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