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🧵THREAD: The future of our planet is at stake. Misleading information is all over the media. I am raising my voice based on my understanding from Michael Crichton's "State of Fear." In his book, he sheds light on the hazards of politicizing science. It's more topical than ever.
2/ Picture a brand new scientific idea that alerts us to an impending crisis and offers a solution. This theory quickly gains the support of media outlets, top scientists, politicians, and prominent figures across the globe.
3/ Research is supported by well-known philanthropists and conducted at esteemed universities and research centres. The crisis is frequently covered by the media and is included in the curricula of colleges and high schools.
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#MAID #AssistedDying The Canadian Government is postponing a change in the law relating to this very controversial topic. The @rcpsych psychiatrists are making a fuss. The pseudoscience should be immediately denounced as such & those professing and/or practicing it investigated.
The #pseudoscience of psychiatry has done great damage to humanity across the world. The practitioners should be assumed guilty, rather than innocent, and investigated for crimes against humanity.
All @Psychiatry is bogus cant, starting with Freud the serial abuser of gentlewomen in Vienna and London. The couch🧐☹️👽💀. Some mean good, but in my experience all do bad, whatever the motives. Much of their motivation is sick, devious, and evil.
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1/: About 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut. And yet, both our digestive and immune systems were largely ignored during the 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘮𝘪𝘤. In this 𝗧𝗛𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗, I will briefly tell you things the government won’t tell you. Image
2/: The gut is home to billions of microorganisms (i.e. bacteria, viruses etc.) that are of central importance to us. This community of organisms is called the "microbiome". The #microbiome may weigh as much as five pounds (i.e. 2.5kg). Image
3/: With a surface area of 400m², the gut mucosa is one of the largest components of the human immune system. Its function is to absorb nutrients while making sure that pathogens won't enter the bloodstream. Image
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@jimdtweet @JimFish56837379 @BubbasRanch @Kenneth72712993 @Robin_Hagues @Veritatem2021 Your meaningless answer just shows you're a empty handed #propaganda boy.

You have a few weather stations in 1850, and you claim them to be "global".

You remain a silly science illiterate climut nutter !😂
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@ktclick "autism diagnosis criteria can’t ID autism in about half the world’s population"

50% of human population is not autistic...

My views on PDA are nuanced & derived from PDA literature, respecting divergent views on PDA, following typical research & ethics standards.
@ktclick Presumably, you are aware PDA is a highly controversial topic, with many ongoing-historical debates?

If not this video might be of use to you.
@ktclick You are welcome to submit into the special on issue on PDA & you can explain your views there.…
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Joseph Manson tries to play for anti- #woke pity party tears. He's a fucking tenured prof at a public university with a big-ass state pension and old enough to draw early Social Security. Bite me 1/x…
Joseph Manson gives the game away on his own Substack bio. Like many people who boo-hoo as they call out #wokeness he's an "unabashed Zionist." 2/x…
But of course! "Common Sense" is Bari Weiss' Substack. I dealt with .@bariweiss and other signers of that deceitful, disingenous Harper's letter at my blog. About all of them butthurt, per .@NathanJRobinson & fair part of them butthurt Zionists, per me. 3/…
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Comme c'est très clair et factuel, je relaie ici, avec l'accord d'@AgriGenre, le contenu de la rubrique Échos qui est publié a cette adresse (après la recension du livre)
NO #PseudoScience Image
Bien ouvrir les captures pour avoir tout le texte... Image
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🖐️Have you ever seen those studies claiming finger length is related to health and behavior?

There's a whole field of research exploring the ratio between index and ring finger (known as 2D:4D digit ratio).

I think it's mostly #pseudoscience!

Take a few minutes and read on!👇
Before the debunking details, a disclaimer.

I care about scientific quality+integrity, & helping people understand the nuance behind abstracts & media headlines.

I'm not intending to disparage anybody personally. Perhaps some of this research is legit, but many issues w/ 2D:4D.
Supposedly #digitratio indicates prenatal testosterone exposure.

Fetuses exposed to more male sex hormones in utero are supposed to have a smaller digit ratio (shorter index finger or longer ring finger).

But, there's very little evidence of this in humans.
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🇧🇷 #Bolsonaro doit faire face aux accusations de meurtre et au bilan humain Covid
indique un projet de rapport du Sénat, dispo en ligne et que the @theguardian a consulté
▶️négligence incompétence
▶️déni de science
face à l'urgence de santé publique
"C'est mathématique: plus il y a d'infections, plus il y a de décès. Sans vaccins, la mortalité aurait été stratosphérique, comme cela s'est avéré être le cas..."
Le rapport conclut : "Nous n'oublierons jamais"

11 crimes cités incluant
▶️Crimes contre l'humanité
▶️Incitation au crime
▶️Charlatanisme pour sa promotion "obstinée" de remèdes inefficaces tels que #HCQ
#preventsenior a un chapitre dédié

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Un peu de lecture #Fakemed : #sophrologie
#pseudoscience #pseudomedecine

Feuilletons ensemble ce magazine ....⤵️1/n Image
Tout d'abord on apprend que penser positif avec des bons souvenirs, c'est bon pour le moral
....grâce à la #sophrologie

⤵️2/n Image
Et si vous respirez des bonnes odeurs, ça fait du bien au moral aussi ! c'est l'aromachologie 😏

Un enseignement ... de la #sophrologie
⤵️3/n Image
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Russell's teapot is an analogy, formulated by the philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), to illustrate that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making empirically unfalsifiable claims, rather than shifting the burden of disproof to others.
He wrote that if he were to assert, without offering proof, that a teapot, too small to be seen by telescopes, orbits the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars, he could not expect anyone to believe him solely because his assertion could not be proven wrong.
Now while, Russell specifically applied his analogy in the context of religion we could just as easily extrapolate this to pseudo scientific claims.
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Lies people tell about #Water
Part: 1

"We can find charlatans peddling #snakeoil in a wide variety of spheres, but there are quite a lot of lies that are told specifically about water. It's such a ubiquitous substance, everywhere around us, and inside of us,
and since we need it to survive,it's fertile grounds for #pseudoscience. What kinds of lies do people tell about water?There are many colorful examples we will cover,but this first part will focus on the main #conspiracy surrounding water & that is the fluoridation of tap water.
From government mind control to neurotoxic effects, there is no shortage of #misinformation associated with this incredible achievement of modern society, so let's run through the most common talking points and see what they're all about, shall we?
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Medicine is clashing with the Social Darwinism of the economist's "creative destruction" based on the "survival of the fittest". Competition is good for it lets the strong survive and the weak perish. To intervene against this is a crime against nature
Underlying this is the dogma that the "invisible hand" of the natural processes of the market drive it towards "self-regulating equilibrium" created by Darwinian forces of market competition. Quote from Prof Nouriel Roubini: Crisis Economics ISBN: 9780241956922 ImageImage
Market intervention is thus an unnatural perversion that undermines the invisible hand of the processes driving the market towards self-regulating equilibrium. It undermines the survival of the fittest to destroy the "wealth of nations"
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I challenge ur narrative tat alternative medicine works
It doesnt/#neem studies tat u keep quoting, are NOT peer-reviewed, NOT published/has been collecting dust in preprint server since Apr 2020
Tis makes ur argument invalid
But #science is kind, so lets discus
2 This is UR molecular docking study u uploaded to preprint. Y was this never published? Bcoz this is highly flawed from methods to results to conclusions. Molecular docking was blind - hence ligand optimization is not accurate...
...and grid coordinates wer computer generated. Hw did u correct for tis? U cud hav used predicted binding sites 2 improve accuracy/efficiency…
Predicted binding sites 4 #SARSCoV2 is widely published/ use of grid-based docking wud be better...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/09/2021…
Europe’s third wave: ‘It’s spreading fast and it’s spreading everywhere’…

#COVID19 #waves #surges #europe
PSYOP, Cyber, and InfoWar: Combating the New Age IED - Modern War Institute…

#cybersecurity #infowars #military #InformationSecurity
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1/: The fate of the world as we know it is at stake. Pseudoscience is dominating the news. My appeal is based on the appendix of Michael Crichton's book ‘State of Fear’ that clarifies why politicised science is dangerous. It is more topical than ever. ⬇️a thread⬇️ Image
2/: Imagine a new ‘scientific theory’ that warns of an imminent crisis and points to a way out. This particular theory quickly draws support from mass media, leading scientists, politicians, and celebrities/influencers worldwide.…
3/: Research is funded by renowned philanthropists and carried out at prestigious universities and research institutes. The crisis is reported frequently in the media. This science is taught in college and high school classrooms. ImageImage
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My comments:
#quackery is diff frm #pseudoscience
Former may hav secular/political or religious attributes while the latter does hav regional differencs wit respect 2 political/religious practices
Some eg, discuss:
Traditional Chinese Med
Japanese Kampo
"A quack is a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman".
"Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that claim to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method".
#pseudoscience may or may not lead to quackery
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You said, " no #ayurvedic #drug has any adverse effects". This is classical “Like a frog in a well” phenomenon.
Let me clear ur doubts. But Im sure u wil choose 2 remain in the well. Ur wish, but don't drag others into ur well of ignorance
#MedTwitter #livertwitter

A thread
Clinical outcomes, histopathological patterns, and chemical analysis of Ayurveda and herbal medicine associated with severe liver injury-A single-center experience from southern India
Outcomes and Toxicology of Herbal Drugs in Alcoholic Hepatitis - A Single Center Experience from India
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1/Cirrhosis patient on Madhumardan #ayurvedic tabs by #Jain & Pranada #herbal proprietary drug by #Bipha. Patient now with jaundice, recovered from brain failure and an episode of infection. Listed 4 liver transplant. #Ayurveda prescribed by patient's #BAMS sister
Madhumardan contains 32 herbs.
Yes. 32 herbs. It's just crazy. 32 herbs. I can't get over this. Website mentions no side effects. Human #health has no value in #AYURVEDA. This is the truth about the #science of #life which is actually science of #business. Harmful BS.
Pranada is a proprietary medicine. Look at indications for use. Dropsy, hydropsy and cirrhosis. What are these diseases which are totally different from each other, treated with same drug. Vague idiots. AGAIN, #PSEUDOSCIENCE OF BUSINESS. No regard 4 human health. Stupids.
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1/A retired #oncology professor from a Govt. College. Now dabbles in #Ayurveda. Runs an 'ashram' in Kerala to 'treat' #cancer patients. He refers a patient with BCLC-C stage liver cancer 2me. A nice letter 4 further management. Patient has advanced cancer
Systemic therapy option+
2/ I spent 50 mins with patient/family - discuss prognosis, comfort care - the works. Once patient left 4som blood tests, I tell family, separately, regarding end of life care, once the time comes. They wer sad but contend. Very crunched 4money. So best option - they cudnt afford
3/ Best approved option for advanced liver cancer is Atezo+Bevaci - too expensive. So they tuk next good option - Lenvatinib - affordable for them. I sent a detailed letter with plans, along with patient son, to the evidence-based turned #ayurveda oncology professor.
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1/A horrific patient scene today. A #kidney #transplant patient doing well since 2015. Had fall and fracture of foot. Underwent surgery,improving. Asked for physio sessions to continue at home. Asks around,finds #ayurvedic traditional healer. He does external works.
2/ patient feels better. #Ayurveda healer gets his trust. Says post transplant infections and diabetes worsen (patient was already diabetic kidney disease for which transplant was done). Says #natural is safest way. Patient falls for healers confidence. Starts #herbal drugs.
3/ Drugs and potions prepared at home from locally sourced plants. Small fee Healer also advise nutritional changes. More like starvation. No proteins. Remember patient is post kidney transplant. #weightloss in 1 mo. Loss of appetite in 2 months. Then came something unexpected.
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@US_FDA approved the #Qcollar jugular compression device to "protect athletes' brains during head impacts."

This decision was based on VERY FLAWED DATA and does NOT demonstrate the safety or effectiveness of the Q-collar.

Read detailed thread⬇️

Here is the text from the @FDADeviceInfo press release.

If you don't understand the highly nuanced #MRI technique known as DTI, these results sound straightforward and convincing.

THEY ARE NOT. Don't be fooled by these numbers!🤔

I will dissect these in the thread below. Image

"No significant changes" is based AVERAGE response, not individual.

First, an easy-to-understand analogy below.

If half the sample experiences an increase and half experiences a decrease, they can cancel each other out to falsely suggest "no change" when one does exists! Image
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On 18.12.2020, computer engineer @FitTuber shared @YouTube video titled "10 Safe & Useful Ayurvedic Tablets to Replace Allopathic Pills (Instant Relief)". The drugs he promoted were by @baidyanathgroup, not sure if it was paid promotion. I bought them:
10 drugs, details, batch numbers R given in pic👇. All by @baidyanathgroup exept 1 by
We did GCMSMS, ICP-OES and FTIR analyses on these samples. Here are my 10 safer modern medicine alternatives 2 @FitTuber's untested, potentially harmful #Ayurvedic drugs
Kanthsudharak Vati by Unjha Pharma
@FitTuber: 4 sorethroat, cold, cough
Analysis: Lead 0.54 mg/kg, Cadmium 0.4 mg/kg, Thallium 0.71 mg/kg and industrial phenols.
Low values, but not ideal.

Safe alternative: Levocetrizine & non-sedative cough syrup Levodropropizine
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