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Etant franco-canadien, d'origine russo-ukrainienne, je dois dire que je me suis senti pas mal concerné par l'actualité ces derniers temps...

Je vous donne mes différentes réflexions et sentiments👇
L'invasion de l'Ukraine par la Russie était quelque chose de hautement improbable jusqu'au discours de Lundi. En orientant son discours sur la négation de l'existence de l'Ukraine, Poutine faisait entrer l'invasion dans le champs des possibles.
Historiquement, Ukraine et Russie sont liées au point où la première est le berceau de la seconde. L'Ukraine en tant qu'Etat-nation est une réalité extrêmement récente, ses frontières le sont encore plus, et le débat historique est intéressant intellectuellement.
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With the #cryptocurrency market collapse, a #CBDC outage, and rumors of the largest #stablecoin project folding, January brought bad news for #digital currencies of all kinds. ⬇️ some takeaways. (1/n)
1. As #crypto prices collapsed, narratives of each coin need to be reevaluated. Fixed supply alone does not make for an inflation hedge. Claiming that a project is "Decentralised" does not make it so. Technological promises remain elusive:… (2/n)
2. A live #CBDCs had an outage. One of the use cases for a retail #CBDC is as a resilient payment rail that can act as a backstop to the payment system in cases where other electronic means of payment fail. Engineering should focus on this aspect:… (3/n)
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Nixon on Larry King Live 1990 via @YouTube
With all his faux pas and shortcomings.
#Nixon was a great statesman and a natural diplomat.
He understood the world better than most of his predecessors.
After him, the USA has not been able to mimic another leader like him in the Oval Office.
I am not being satirical.
#Nixon and his #Domino Theory in Former French Indochina turned out to be quite right.
After the Americans left the region, both #Laos and #Cambodia fell into Communists hands.
South #Vietnam fell as well.
The remarkable resemblance with Modern Day #Afghanistan.
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#Metaverse Thread!

If we look at technology trends (Not only crypto).. one of the biggest buzzword right now is #Metaverse

We will take a deeper look at what it is, its history, usual in a newbie friendly way!

Some great #Crypto picks at the end! 🧵

1/ Background: So why is there so much buzz around #Metaverse right now...Well this hype started in Sep 2021 when #FB announced an investment of $50m to develop their Metaverse

There's also a feeling in the tech industry that finally the tech to support #Metaverse is here!!
2/ With advancements in VR gaming and connectivity like 5G being closer to implementation

But the reality is that the #Metaverse has been there for a long time and many companies have invested billions of dollars in it already

Let's look at a brief history of the #Metaverse!
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1/ SOME THOUGHTS on #stablecoins & the #crypto selloff, which are probably connected.

HUGE news last week & it matters far more than @elonmusk or @binance news. A long thread 👇:
2/ First, #Tether finally disclosed how it invests reserves & it was a big negative surprise (not previously knowable at this level of detail). This news probably contributed a lot to #crypto selloff since Wednesday.
3/ Why? Because now risk managers at #crypto hedge funds almost certainly will require haircuts on #Tether, which means traders had to sell #crypto to reduce their total risk exposure.
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#Facebook to start pilot runs for its digital currency ‘#Diem’ this year, says report…

By @Jeegabyte
@Jeegabyte #Facebook might flag off a trial of its currently halted digital currency project by the end of this year, as per CNBC.

The currency, formerly known as Libra, was renamed #Diem in December 2020, after receiving backlash from regulators and the general public.
@Jeegabyte CNBC reported, quoting a source it did not name, that Diem Association, the Switzerland-based body that oversees #Diem's development is planning to launch a pilot with a single stablecoin pegged to the USD in 2021.

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The latest #OCC guidance allowing settlement through #stablecoins is exciting but with many side effects. There are threads that link it to the #Bitcoin price and ATHs, #Tether ,#Libra , #JPMorgan #WallStreet , #DCEP. I'm watching out for 6 aspects 👇1/n
1 - What most have caught on to is that stablecoins getting linked to banks will eventually make them more regulated and justify full AML/KYC disclosures. This will eventually be required everywhere, not just in the US. Another impact would be on reserve management..2/n
2 - There are few credible audits on the reserves of stablecoins. This will have implications for the #Bitcoin price. Many are aware that Bitcoin rice pumps are often correlated to heavy #Tether minting and movements from whale wallets. 3/n
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This is now a competitive advantage for #ripple, further their entire management team has been working with #SEC, #banks, and governance teams for years. Another advantage. I'm hard pressed to think they are not comfortable with each other at this point in the game. Not #Libra 6/
We literally supply the world with US dollars. A strong dollar is having bad effects for other countries (World is in a global recession, soon to be a great depression here if we keep printing the world's currency). Why? The dollar is weakening, and that's not good for 2/
us as importers ( weak dollar = paying more for goods imported to USA). How do you solve this issue? When demand for dollars is high, but US production is low, and we import a majority of our goods and you don't want to ruin your economy to benefit another? 3/
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West banks on the Global South for #debt bondage/slavery capture. #IMF

"The financial industry is undergoing rapid technological change... The increase in demand for digital services triggered by #COVID19 is turbo-charging this transformation."…
"Fintech's potential to reach out to over a billion #unbanked #people around the world, and the changes in the financial system structure that this can induce, can be revolutionary."


h/t @VanessaBeeley
"Platforms like #Amazon, #Facebook or #Alibaba incorporate more and more financial services into their 'ecosystems', enabling the rise of new specialized providers..."

"The effects of digital transformation are powerful for the financial sector,..." #Facebook #Diem
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