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Today’s #CPI report continues to depict #inflation that is just too high for most people’s good, especially the @federalreserve’s.
In fact, the report showed that #inflation remains remarkably sticky, which doesn’t correspond to virtually any practical thinker’s timeline of when it might be expected to start to come down further.
These elevated levels of inflation continue to be remarkably high relative to the many months with which the #economy has now operated with persistently higher #InterestRates.
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Picture this: You're the average #Canadian, which means your take home pay after taxes is $4000 a month. Ontario is expensive, so you allocate $1400 a month to #rent an apartment in the #GTA. These are your SEVEN choices as of March 30th, 2023

@RE_MarketWatch @ronmortgageguy
@RE_MarketWatch @ronmortgageguy What happens if you bump up your #rental budget to $1600? You now get 15 choices, IF you include the ONE in #Mississauga.
What about $1800? Any guesses? 24 is your answer.
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Le docu #DiedSuddenly a fait bcp de bruit, je vous fais 1 #résumé.
Il pose la questº des #vaccins, de la #surmortalité et de toutes ces morts soudaines depuis 2021. La questº est si ces problèmes sont dûs au Covid, ou aux 💉.…⬇️
... On commence par des interviews d'employés de pompes #funèbres qui témoignent d'avoir trouvé des caillots fibreux extrêmement longs, du sang avec des grains, comme une microcoagulatº.
+sieurs témoins dans l'#armée US, le lieutenant médecin #Theresa Long témoigne d'avoir ⬇️
... observé de nbreux #AVC, myocardites, #péricardites, progression de tumeurs #cancéreuses et de #caillots sur des #soldats.
Ils parlent de militarisatº de système de la santé.
L'avocat Thomas #Rent parle d'augmentatº de fausses couches de 300% sur la moyenne de 5 ans, ⬇️
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#Thread #Parenting

Have we failed in bringing up.our ‘modern’ kids?

A very distressed neighbour shared that he had driven home after a long day at work. As he entered, he saw his wife in bed with fever. She had laid out his dinner on a tray.

Everything was there just as he wanted it. The dal, vegetables, salad, green chutney, papad and pickles… ”How caring,” he thought,
“Even when she is unwell, she finds the strength to do everything for me.”

As he sat down to eat, he realised that something was missing.

He looked up at his grown up daughter, who was watching TV and said,

Beta (child), can you get me my medicine and a glass of water, please?

She rolled up her eyeballs to show her displeasure at being disturbed, but did the favour nevertheless.

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With respect to today’s #inflation data, core #CPI (excluding volatile food and energy components) came in at 0.24% month-over-month and 4.04% year-over-year and was driven higher by strong increases in the #rent components, which have a tendency to be persistent.
Further, headline #CPI data printed at a solid 0.41% month-over-month and came in at 5.38% year-over-year.
Today’s data witnessed declines in used vehicles, #airfares and lodging, which should temper #market concerns somewhat, but we anticipate that these components are likely to see #prices bounce back in the months to come.
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In August we saw #inflation growth moderate further, for the second consecutive month, at least relative to the impressive rate of growth in #prices witnessed around mid-year.
Core #CPI (excluding volatile food and energy components) came in at 0.10% month-over-month and 3.98% year-over-year, which was considerably less than the consensus forecast and was driven higher by #shelter components.
Meanwhile, headline #CPI data printed at a solid 0.27% month-over-month and came in at 5.20% year-over-year.
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[BREAKING] Promise given by Chief Minister in press conference enforceable: Delhi High Court orders Kejriwal govt to pay rents for poor tenants

#DelhiHighCourt #Tenant #rent

@ArvindKejriwal @CMODelhi

Read full story here:
The Court ordered the Delhi government to take steps to frame a policy to carry out the assurance given by the CM and to give reasons if they decide not to implement the CM's proposal.

#tenant #delhihighcourt

"Once the CM had made a solemn assurance, there was a duty cast on the GNCTD to take a stand as to whether to enforce the said promise or not, and if so on what grounds or on the basis of what reasons," the judgment said.
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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a game-changer for investors looking to take exposure to real estate as part of their portfolio.

It allows all investors - big and small - to make investments in property without putting up very high initial investment amounts.

More 👇🏻
The problem with Real Estate:

While real estate is a popular investment avenue, it has its drawbacks. The initial investment amount is very high and it is very illiquid - it’s hard to sell real estate quickly and at the right price.
REITs: What are they?

REITs are a new-age financial #product that allows investors to invest small amounts of money into real estate. The REIT pools in money from many investors and invests the money in income-generating real estate.
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#Rent-a-Spahn: Mitten in der Corona-Krise nahm Jens Spahn letzten Herbst an einem Lobby-Dinner teil. Besonders brisant: Die Teilnehmer spendeten für Spahns Wahlkampf und die Spenden sollten offenbar bewusst aus der Öffentlichkeit gehalten werden. Thread (1/6)
Die Teilnehmer überwiesen an Spahns CDU-Kreisverband jeweils 9.999 Euro – ganz knapp unter der Grenze, ab der Parteispenden namentlich veröffentlicht werden müssen. (2/6)…
Organisiert wurde das Dinner vom Ex-CDU-Staatssekretär Peter Zimmermann, der die Lobbyagentur Wolffberg betreibt. Er stellte auch die Spendenforderung an die Teilnehmer – zugunsten von Spahns CDU-Kreisverband: (3/6)
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Lumber Prices Are Soaring. Why Are Tree Growers Miserable?
Sawmill operators harvest gains while Southern landowners struggle with tree surplus; ‘I’m not making anything’…
Mortgage Companies Want In on the IPO Boom. Investors Aren’t Convinced. 

Initial public offerings for mortgage lenders haven’t worked out the way all the companies were hoping… #realestate #rates #home #housing #credit
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Yesterday, we had a call. A call that made 3 of my volunteers cry.

You see, an individual in need contacted @HarvestHillsYYC and asked for help with food. We have permission to tell his story and share his request with everyone.
It started off with a phone call to a new volunteer that was on her first on call shift over the Christmas Break. "N" called and left a message in which he asked to be called back as soon as possible.

So our volunteer Melanie returned his call.
She asked N what he needed help with & he said he needed help with food/rent cause he could pay his rent & not eat for the month & maybe eat once every 3 to 4 days....or pay some of his rent and be able to eat everyday and hope he could find the money to pay the rest of his rent.
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You won't buy a microwave oven and own it for years, you will rent it.

You won't buy curtains, you will rent them.

You won't buy a belt to hold up your trousers, you will rent both.

"You"ll own nothing, and you'll be happy."

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When I say McDonald's, what comes to your mind ?

Burgers, right ?

But if I tell you that McDonald's is not a burger company.....will you be surprised ?

Then you should be, because IT ISN'T A BURGER COMPANY !!

#burger #mcdonalds
Yes, McDonald's isn't a Burger company bcoz most of the revenue that McDonald's makes doesn't come from selling burgers !

Then what does it come from ?

Let's take a look at it's financial statements !

#revenue #financials Image
If you take a look at the revenue breakdown, out of $21B in total revenue, about $9.4B comes from "company operated restaurants" i.e. from selling burgers !

The remaining revenue of about $11.6B comes from Franchise Royalty and Rent !!

#rent #royalty
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Having a self owned home is a dream come true for the majority of us . We still equate it with prosperity & being settled .
But with the alarming cost of reality (especially in Metro's) when does this make sense?
My viewpoint on the same.
(So called)Pro's :
*Having your own place - Pride of possession.
*An investment .
*Having liberty to decorate as per choice { provided the wife permits 😉 }
*No need to shift often.
*Loan available at low interest rate.
Easy way to #leverage in markets (Common blunder!)
Are these really as good as they sound?

*The pride of owning a house comes with buckets of stress ,for most of the properties are purchased taking huge #loans spread across 2-3 decades of repayment.
So are we actually owning a house or is the bank possessing us ? 🤔
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A thought on #NYC: the city isn’t dying, but it has problems: the cost of living is too high, #incomeinequality is rampant, and the city’s blood runs through its #transit system. Some things to consider:
(1) The #rent is too damn high, the residential market is distorted, and despite a 10% decline in #Manhattan rents they are still among the highest in the country #housing…
(2) Some people are leaving the city. #Housing demand in the #suburbs can shift back to the city, but the suburbs make more sense for families now…
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Special Analysis
"#Congress’s inability to actually represent the real-live human beings of #America, combined with an #economic system that rewards lack of #empathy and an excess of #greed, has brought us to a dark time..."
by @LeeCamp… #EvictionCrisis
"...the United States is facing an impending eviction crisis of “biblical proportions,” according to the Housing Rights Initiative."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #EvictionCrisis #COVID19 #house #housing #coronavirus #Congress
"...the private #tech sector is moving into position to swoop in and take advantage of the impending #housing crisis."
by @hijodelcuervo… #technology #EvictionCrisis #EvictionMoratorium #COVID19 #house #Rent #coronavirus #TuesdayThoughts
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"The coalition of companies that form part of the “broad coalition” include #tech giants like #Facebook and #Microsoft, transnational behemoths like #Philips, as well as U.S. pharmaceutical retail chain #CVS Health."
@hijodelcuervo… #BillGates #COVID__19
"The Committee’s investigation has been called the “most sweeping congressional probe to date,” though that is not saying much considering the complete lack of regulatory oversight of these mammoth companies..."
@hijodelcuervo… #Amazon #Facebook #Congress
"In a ‘normal’, pre-pandemic #economy, a number roughly equal to the population of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – or about 3.7 million people – are evicted every year in the United States
by @hijodelcuervo… #home #HomesOfTomorrow #rent #Facebook #technews
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Ok everyone this is serious.....the father of four that needs our help just called @HarvestHillsYYC and said that he has received his eviction notice for the end of the month.
I have been in contact with his landlord and the landlord has said to me that he would love to keep his tenants but unless he gets the rent by the end of the month....he is going to have to find other tenants who can pay rent or he has to sell his house and move out of AB
So please help this tenant and help the landlord too both keep roofs over their heads.

#Alberta #Landlord #Rent #Calgary #YYC #Donate #GivingBack #Canada
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Date of filing #IncomeTaxReturn for current financial yr,extended from 31stJuly,to 30thNov2020

TaxAudit date for firms,extended from 30thSep,to 31stOct

Date of issuance of Form16 by firms,extended from 30thJune to 15thAug

22 lakh nil return payees,can soon,file #GSTR3B via Sms
*All the aforesaid dates are with reference to financial year 2019-20,ending on 31st March 2020.
Date for starting operations by new #SEZs,for claiming tax holiday via Sec10AA of IT Act,extended to Sep 30th2020

Linking PAN with #Aadhaar extended to March 31st2021

Date for #SelfAssessment,till 1 lakh, extended to 30thNov2020

No extension of SA for tax liability over 1 lakh
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Even in the midst of the #COVID19 pandemic some real estate agents are accused of threatening to evict tenants or defer full payment until later rather than negotiating rent reductions for them. But landlords say they're suffering too. #abc730 @GraceTobin #rent #rentrelief
Alisha and her partner John wrote to their real estate agent in March seeking rent relief for 6 months. Their landlord offered a $40 a week discount for 3 months. #abc730 #rentrelief
There’s been a six-month eviction moratorium since March for tenants who have lost income due to #COVID19. A large number of renters are expected to be evicted when it lifts in September. #abc730
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SPECIAL REPORT: For most Americans, the $1,200 #stimuluscheck didn’t even cover #rent and a third of #American renters haven't paid rent yet this month, meaning an ongoing de facto rent strike is likely already taking place.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
@realDonaldTrump pumped $1.5 trillion into the stock market. Recent study of the #CARESAct found that 82 percent of benefits will go to the 43,000 Americans who earn over $1 million per year, with less than three percent going to those making less than $100,000.
The median rent in the #US is $1,000, meaning most of the country’s $1,200 check was spent before received. A third of Americans did not pay rent at the beginning of the month, meaning there is an ongoing, de facto #rent strike taking place. 
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This will not have the impact on #housing that you think that it might. This is insufficient.
...“we can still get evicted after that moratorium is lifted if we're so behind on everything, that we don't have all of the back #rent ready? What if the landlord doesn't want to work with the tenant on paying them back in increments..?"
“it’s like a #rent “loan”. It helps in the beginning, but you better hope you make 2-3 times the amount when you're allowed to go back to work -otherwise you'll be in rent debt. It’s basically kind of a #housing band-aid.”
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Airing today at 1:30 PM, @Nickelodeon (Tucson cable: @CoxComm ch. 63/@Comcast ch. 48)
[To move to Saturdays at 11:00 AM on October 19, and then to 12:00 PM Arizona time on November 9 due to Daylight Savings]
As everyone and their mother knows by now, #TheCasagrandes is a spin-off "from the world of #TheLoudHouse" centering on the exploits of Ronnie Anne, her family, and her friends at a place called Great Lakes City, to which she and Bobby and their mother had moved from Royal Woods.
The spin-off has been the subject of discussion and debate in the Loud Crowd for over a year since its conception, and the conception was inevitable from the time that the episode "Relative Chaos" debuted. I am glad that a show such as this one in particular exists . . .
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#ElizabethWarren's bill reminds me of Romney's advice to youths in 4/2012, "Borrow money, if you have to, from your parents. Start a business... [Jimmy John Liautaud] borrowed $20K from his dad..."

The loan was c. 7/82 and was actually $25K.
$25K in 7/82 = $59K in 4/12
In the first half of 2019, the nat'l average #rent increased by 2.6%.…
Warren declined to be interviewed for this story. In May, at request of media, her campaign released a summary of her outside work. As a senatorial candidate, Warren released a shorter version, which omitted her work for Dow Chemical.

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