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New Banking Payment Hubs being set up with #XRP

1. Volante +Mulesoft +SalesForce
2. Earthport+ Visa (Blackrock is an investor of Earthport)
3. Temenos +NuoDB + Amazon

#XRPCommunity #ripple #blockchain #fintech
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Me mandan este video. MUY TRISTE lo que está pasando en los bancos, además de un riesgo a la salud pública

¿Es muy exagerado desear que @alferdez haga una Cadena Nacional o similar para hablarle a nuestros #jubilados?

La herramienta hoy es la comunicación e información, sin más
Muchos desde la madrugada, durante 12 horas amontonados con menos de un metro de distancia y volviendo a su casa sin cobrar. Con el antecedente de que hace unos días se juntaron el pago de distintos planes y todos en el cajero. Hoy la falta de #InclusionFinanciera real MATA.
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#CashlessConsumer is at #AadhaarTribunal and is talking on intersection of #Aadhaar and #DigitalPayments / #Fintech.

#CashlessConsumer makes the following demands to seek a reform in #DBT / payments infrastructure
1. A thorough #CAG audit on #DBT infra to officially document the reasons for exclusions (untraceable payments referred in #NITIAayog Poshan report) and detailed report on #APB, compensate the beneficiaries who are denied welfare benefits with interest
2. Policy decision to gradually migrate #DBT to use #NEFT (run free of cost by RBI wef 1.1.2020) instead of NPCI owned #APB infrastructure which charges ministries implementing #DBT delivery.
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Talking about the culture of factuality and Veracity, lack of a national ID system allows Nigerians play fast and loose with information, thus affecting data quality-- Emmanuel Agha (Innovectives Ltd) at @TheLodt's #BigData panel yesterday.

My #fintech company often engages in verification survey of data to avoid the 'AC Panelroom syndrome' of tech developers. Experience in local markets h/ever show that traders change info if you're perceived as coming from govt-Emmanuel Agha #BigData
Although a #fintech entrepreneur myself, I've noted violations of regulations & standards on customer information request. E.g. there're Nigerian apps which do not allow you onboard until location info is disclosed, which is wrong- Emmanuel Agha #BigData
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1/ idea for a #fintech company built around #Bitcoin: offer graduates/dropouts with student loan debt to transfer their outstanding loans & make lower monthly payments which are then 90-100% deposited directly into Bitcoin
2/ the student loan crisis in America alone is staggering. According to @Forbes, there is over $1 TRILLION of student loan debt in the U.S. which is held by over 37 million Americans; ~27% of which default currently
3/ the average outstanding balance is $23K and the average graduate holds ~$37K in debt
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A thread on #sexism
I was waiting for the euphoria of #DelhiAssemblyElections2020 to reduce to post this. I am looking out for a job, it is no secret. But, responses to my applications are very less, I don't know why. But a recent one was blatantly sexist. 1/n
This is a #bangalorestartup, a #fintech working with banks. Got the founder's number through a good friend, he has been sending me a few leads. I got in touch with the founder (let us call this company X) of X. He asked me to email my resume, which I did. 2/n
Post that, I got a call from his #HR representative, after asking me basic details she asked me a few sexist questions. How many children I have? How old are they? Do they go to school? Who will manage them while I am away? Do I have adequate support to manage them? #Sexism 3/n
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China Intelligent Finance Development Report 2019, lately released by CF40 Research Group, makes an attempt to track the history and discuss the future development of AI in finance.
Technological advances always go side by side with financial development. They historically led the changes in finance, such as the ATM in the 60s, electronic payment in the 80s, online payment and mobile banking in the 90s, Internet finance since 2000, and #fintech since 2008.
The development of fintech has roughly gone through three stages: electronic, digital and intelligent.
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1/ 🆕 at Quant's Perspective @ScalableCapDACH @ScalableCapital

Rolling Down the Yield Curve (by @ChrisAndData)…

#quants #fintech

Thread 👇
2/ Upwards sloping yield curves can be explained by several yield curve theories, which imply different future yield curve trajectories. Rolling down the yield curve will maximize future returns when yield curves remain constant over time.
3/ We start of with an artificial scenario in terms of yield curve and forward rates (shown in the graphic). If we now want to invest money for 1 year, bonds of which maturity should we buy?
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Lets talk about the #MonetaryPolicy Implications for #FinancialInnovation / #FinTech...
I am sure by this time we have all heard of the phenomenon known as #FinTech. Recently, I used the #GoogleTrends platform to ascertain the degree of search interest in the term "FinTech". The graphs depict a surge in interest from around 2014...
I took the #GoogleTrends analysis a bit further and determined where (geographically) interest in the search term #FinTech was most pronounced...
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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thinking out loud about #WWIll in the #nigerian #tech space.
It all started with the then big boys of #innovation
with #ridehailing services. #Uber came into Nigeria and we realized taxis were not enough. whether it was because it was a popular international service
or because it had a good PR for representing your class or status, truth is #uber really did solve a problem. instead of walking to parks or bus stops looking for a taxi, your ride comes to you.
You have the right to choose what ride comes to pick you up based on your pocket
let's not even talk about convenience, the good Air conditioning that these guys used to offer during rides (not certain anymore) or the fact that it gave people the ability to have multiple jobs/sources of income once you have a vehicle.
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What is cash? 💰💵

Cash is like a digital payment but cash also protects privacy, cash works without internet connection, cash doesn’t need electricity or a charged phone or any specialist hardware to transact, cash is accessible to anyone, cash is collectible... is beautifully designed, cash celebrates our leaders, artists and scientists and other prominent figures, cash is tangible, cash can be a commodity, fiat or fiduciary currency, cash is relatively immune to financial censorship and government restrictions... spans both economics and archeology, cash transactions are near instantaneous & cash is accepted almost everywhere....
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This post is the first one in the series of ‘Simplifying FinTech and FinTech Laws’. The evolution of finance started almost a century decades ago when the world saw the establishment of Fedwire in the US in 1918.…
The actual #fintech application was the first mobile payment in 1997 to buy a #CocaCola from the vending machine. In India, as well, the FinTech has completed almost one and a half-decade, but still, there seems to be little awareness about what the term ‘FinTech’ actually means.
The fact that people are not aware of what ‘FinTech’ is and what daily #financing applications constitute it is the inspiration of the series of posts. The author is hopeful that these posts will help in #simplifying the #understanding of FinTech and related #Laws.
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El Financial Stability Board (FSB) publicó ayer 9/12 un informe denotando distintos canales teóricos del #riesgo de las #BigTech para el sistema financiero.

Abro mini hilo con puntos de interés.

2/ La alerta es clara pues, sin lugar a dudas, el contexto cambió drásticamente en los últimos dos años

Aquel afamado temor a que las #GAFA o #BAT estén brindando servicios financieros ya no es algo a futuro, es un hecho

Estos debate en 2016/17 no se relacionan con los de hoy👇
3/ Interesante porqué los gigantes tecnológicos ingresan al campo financiero cuando su rentabilidad comparada a los Bancos Globales (G-SIB) ya era mayor

Según informe del FSB:
a) Diversificación
b) Acceso a Nuevos Datos Financieros
c) Brindar mejor su servicio primario (el tech)
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Mega news this week is prospective merger of Schwab & Ameritrade. Getting a lot of questions, so wanted to share thoughts on what #Schwabitrade may mean for advisor community & from advisor's perspective...

Charles Schwab Holds Talks to Buy TD Ameritrade
Schwab was/is already the #1 player in the RIA custody space, having effectively created the independent RIA platform by launching Schwab Advisor Services in 1993. TD Ameritrade was their longest standing competitor, but much smaller (relatively speaking) in the RIA channel.
RIA custodians hold their cards close to their vest, but the estimate is that Schwab serves 7,000+ RIAs while TD Ameritrade serves about 6,000 of them. However, Schwab has almost $2T in RIA assets compared to TD's ~$600M.
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Our financial stability discussants on #BankingUnion, the #CMU & systemic impacts of #Fintech are B. Martenczuk (@EBFeu), D. Laboureix (@EU_SRB), M. Hellwig (@maxplanckpress), F. Demarigny (Next CMU HLEG) and C. Stiefmüller (@forfinancewatch) #FWconference2019
@EBFeu @EU_SRB @maxplanckpress @MacroPru "If we think about capital requirements in #Basel3, big banks are back where they were in the late 90s and still using internal models for risk weighting etc. which leaves banks very vulnerable" Martin Hellwig in its #FWconference2019 keynote
@EBFeu @EU_SRB @maxplanckpress @MacroPru @WEED_eV @TI_EU @TNInstitute @SOMO @Suedwind_eV @monnetaorg @PositiveMoneyUK @NEF @UNI_Europa @etuc_ces "The @EU_SRB is about getting banks ready to withstand a resolution - it means loss absorption capacity but it also means organising banks business in a way that is resolvable" Dominique Laboureix at #FWconference2019
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The #FinTech Industry is fast becoming crowded with new players emerging all the time. Much of this maybe has to do with the fact that with other Asset Classes reeling, Retail is kind of getting pushed to financial assets for bulk of their savings.
Once upon a time being a small stock broker was good enough to generate enough revenues to match the salary offered by most jobs in the Industry. That died when the Discount Brokers marched in.
Being a Mutual Fund Advisor was a very viable business opportunity but is now getting hit on 2 fronts - emergence of Direct & easy availability by firms such as Zerodha and PayTM as well as cutting down on Commissions by the fund houses.
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This is really big news. Goldman Sachs is getting ready to gear up its 'real' business plan for FinLife CX... (tweetstorm incoming, 1/?)

"United Capital Announces Goldman Sachs Executive Rachel Schnoll to Lead FinLife CX"
The rumor when United Capital was on the block to be sold was that Duran hoped to position UC as a #FinTech company (and sell for FinTech multiples). Instead, they 'just' got a great valuation as a mega-RIA business.
But the FinLife CX technology is compelling as an entire wealth management front-end for financial-planning-centric firms. United Capital figured out how to integrate FP software with CRM & client output, and make a real PFM portal for clients, that no one else did.
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Enjoyed the #Fintech #India #NPC2019 fireside chat with @kunalb11 today. Kunal did an amazing job and was very thoughtful and candid in his responses to a bunch of rapid fire questions. Here are some quotable quotes. Thanks @siddharthaa7 @shripati for remembering.
Winner Take All in Fintech, Duopolies or Oligopolies?
- Not a Winner take all but a few winners
- As markets becomes efficient the number of players reduces
Banks and NBFCs - Friends or enemies?
- If Banks got tech, NBFCs would be out of business.
- Fintechs get tech, Banks have low cost of capital.
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October @stratisplatform node map is surprising and possibly a bit 👻.

1) 2,586 nodes 🔥🔥 🔥
2) #Brazil 🇧🇷 is highest growth - 1025%!
3) #China 🇨🇳 say “Hi!” with one #Csharp node.
4) New countries - 🇭🇺 🇮🇷 🇱🇦 🇨🇳 🇹🇼
Germany 🇩🇪 continue to dominate Europe in this #DigitalTransformation. Hungary is new. While smaller countries like Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, and Spain continues their explosive growth! Please join $stratis #hackathon @devpost @EUBlockchain
Middle East has a slight uptick. Bahrain 🇧🇭, Turkey 🇹🇷, and Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 maintain their lead and continue their growth. Iran is new. I suspect we will hear some news from #Bahrain and #Turkey in 2020. Please join $stratis #hackathon @devpost
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#IMPORTANTE mundo #Fintech:

Resolución General 4622/2019 ayer: retenciones de IVA y Ganancias a las ventas de Medios de Pagos Digitales a partir del 19/11.

Sólo Micro Empresas estarán eximidas de estás retenciones si realizan el siguiente trámite en #AFIP👇👇👇
Hoy me llamaron de algunos medios para hablar de esta medida. También de algunas instituciones privadas que estaban un poco perdidas con el alcance.

Les dejo algunos comentarios que envié en este Hilo
1/ En una economía sin precios de referencia como la actual, muy probablemente esta medida tendrá efectos en los precios. Me animo a decir de mínima incentiva el “más barato en efectivo” que todavía se presenta en muchos locales del país. De máxima directamente al valor del bien.
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Problemas de #UX de #DEBIN #CREDIN #CASHIN via #PRISMA, hilo...
Uno está en su #homebanking, y quiere, ponele, usar este maravilloso nuevo sistema #DEBIN para mover guita a su #Uala (u otra cuenta) en forma instantánea, q es la gracia de este sistema -y que, ojo, funciona!. Ej en #Itau
Transferencias-> A cuentas Virtuales.
1er error: el sist de PRISMA permite no sólo mover plata a ctas virtuales (con CVU c v corta) sino como veremos más abajo,también a ctas bancarias tradicionales con CBU (c B larga :)
O sea, el menú de Itaú es confuso, deberia ser
"transf y solicitudes instantáneas"(DEBIN-CREDIN)
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1/: @bharatpeindia is bringing millions of small merchants on to the #digital payments ecosystem for the first time. Their goal: to become the largest enabler of free offline #payments and provide a one-stop platform for all #financial commerce solutions.
2/: Through a unique 30 second on-boarding process, @bharatpeindia has already reached a 1.7 Mn user base. 4 Mn+ #merchants will be using the platform by FY 2020.
3/: There are 50 Mn merchants in India, a vast majority of whom are underserved by #banks and #NBFCs. The credit gap in the market is ~$400b. This is the opportunity the company is going after.
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Wrapping up a week long stay in the Bay Area. Thanks to all the founders, VCs and others in the #fintech community that took time out to meet.

Here are my key learnings (including one massive shock):
It's become clear that there are two key reasons why there is such a density of successful #startups here:

First up: A bias to optimism
Everyone seems optimistic. VCs in the Bay talk about the size of the opportunity and what needs to go right for something to work out, vs European VCs that focus on metrics and risk.
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