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🔔 Dr. Nicole O’Byrne was one of the very first high profile Frederictonians to support me in my first campaign to represent the people of #Fredericton South in the Legislative Assembly in 2014

Like me, she... 1/

#nbpoli #frederictonnb #explorefredericton #gpc #cdnpoli
2/ ...found that Green principles lined up nicely with hers, and she was a vocal champion for me. I trust Nicole with my vote.

In #Parliament, she will advocate for the urgent needs of #Fredericton families, our community...

#newbrunswick #nouveabrunswick #cdnpoli #oromocto
3/... and our environment. Growing up in a farm family, she learned the value of hard work, the sustenance the earth and #climate provides if treated respectfully, and the importance of family and community to our well-being...

#frederictonnb #elxn44 #newmarylandnb #mintonb
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[#THREAD] City Police still have all of my personal possessions, amounting to over $2000 worth of clothing, ID, electronics, the key to our front door, etc.... that they illegally took from me on March 14th, despite them not being logged as 'Exhibits' until March 18th. 📼⬇️
Today we'd been speaking to the #NewBrunswick Residential Tenancy Tribunal (#RTT) a Service New Brunswick owned, operated and gov't staffed office.
They hung up & ignored our emails, pleading for them to stop the eviction that they authorised the local sheriffs to enforce for tomorrow. Those are the same sheriffs that assaulted me on May 21st, throwing me out of trying to attend my required Plea Hearing.
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Fun fact? I've spent 46 more days incarcerated than @chrissaccoccia1 has. I was arrested for messing with his hateful ilk in #Fredericton 14 March...after they'd been harassing a peaceful protest, hurling racist slurs, and toting racist shit about china on boards...
I squawked my #EctoOne siren (#GhostBusters nerd & #Feniex installer, on the way to being certified) and put on my hazards.
THEN, the hateful little #Chuddies started hitting my vehicle, multiple times, one woman had a weird fascination with talking about my penis (I 𝙝𝙤𝙥𝙚 my spouse is satisfied - she was still home when I got released ✌️😉).

My demo unit? Purchased here:…
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Hey Americans. We need immigrants & would love to have you. Here’s my plug for #NewBrunswick, Canada. Safe, affordable, and pretty much COVID-free. Free healthcare, cheap university, and very very little chance your kids will be shot at school. #movingtocanada #Elections2020
In capital city #Fredericton, average family detached home costs $189K CDN, which equates to $144K US. That’s right. Did I mention your US dollars go 30% farther here? Check us out by following #frederictonnb on Insta. Fredericton has 90km of bike/running/commute trails too.
You might also consider Saint John, aka #saintawesome. Huge opportunity here and amazing waterfront urban neighborhoods and suburbs. This was our backyard when we lived there. Amazing urban scene and great restaurants. #movingtocanada #Elections2020
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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.@DanAlbas saying #WeakSauce in the House of Commons is #WeakSauce.

#cdnpoli #QP
You know damn well, @RobMoore_CPC, that it was the all-party panel that got #NewBrunswick through the pandemic so well.

You should give credit where credit is due.

#BlockedByRempel thinks it's the Prime Minister's job to make decisions that should be made by medical experts / health Canada.

Cons put politics over people. Always.

#cdnpoli #covid19Canada Image
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Sad news in #NewBrunswick tonight. Another anti-choice RW bigot got elected again.

Was it a fair election? Were there outside influence campaigns being run? #nbelection2020 #nbpoli
Hmmm, so apparently lots of people in non-Con ridings didn’t receive a voter registration card. 🤔

Given the fact that Ford, Kenney, Harper, etc etc, cheated & committed acts of fraud to win, someone ought to do some digging into #nbelection2020.

Like I was saying about #NewBrunswick re-electing a RW bigot. #nbelection2020 #nbpoli #cdnpoli
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Early polls here in #NewBrunswick has Higgs' PC in the lead. 25 seats needed to win majority. Currently leading or elected in 27 ridings.

#cdnpoli #nbpoli Image
CBC calls the election for the PC party.

Now it's just a matter of whether or not they get a majority or minority.

#cdnpoli #NBpoli Image
Conservative strategist on TV lying about Higgs not wanting the election. Oh, no. He just demanded that all other parties agree to keep him in power for 2 years. They offered to guarantee until March and reassess. That wasn't good enough for Higgs and he blamed elxn on Vickers. Image
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This was the #AtlanticBubble 500 million years ago – underwater! In fact, Nova Scotia wasn’t even land back then. It was sand, silt and mud at the bottom of an ocean.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton #novascotia #AtlanticBubble @NS_Museum @NS_Energy_Mines ImageImage
It wasn’t until continents collided 400 million years ago that these sediments were lithified (turned into rock) , squeezed, folded and thrusted up into mountains – eventually becoming the province we know today.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton #novascotia #atlanticbubble Image
You can see the west coast of modern #Newfoundland and northern #NewBrunswick outlined on this map but all of #Atlantic was off the coast of the continent Laurentia which hosted most of North America.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton #novascotia #atlanticbubble Image
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RCMP shot and killed #RodneyLevi, a Mi’kmaq man, today in Red Bank, New Brunswick. This is the second Indigenous person killed by RCMP in #NewBrunswick in a week.
New Brunswick RCMP also shot and killed Chantel Moore, of the Nuu-chah-nulth tribe, during a wellness check last Thursday.
Police shot Moore at least five times. When asked in an interview how many times police shot Moore, the RCMP officer laughed in response.…
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#NewBrunswick is ONLY province in 🇨🇦 where, since early April, its govt has allowed MDs to treat early #COVID19 pts with safe/generic #Hydroxychloroquine in the community & monitor via tele-medicine


COVID-19 deaths in NB: 1
#COVID19Canada #medtwitter
2/ “If we prefer waiting for #HCQ RCTs, it’s very possible that #COVID19 storm will be behind us & that we’ll be too late. We have decided the right thing to do is to use our judgement as MDs, as clinical specialists.” —Dr Gabriel Girouard, Infectious Disease MD in NB #medtwitter
3/ Update: NB had halted outpt #HCQ for early #COVID19 w/in 2wks coinciding w/HC warning re cardiac toxicity. Too few pts enrolled to make conclusions. Only French media reported. HC hasn’t issued new stmt. Now know: no HCQ cardiac toxicity in COVID19, even in RCTs at high doses.
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Hey #weather research scientists! We are looking for your expertise! Are you interested in wind/temp profile at night? Are you using or wishing to use doppler on wheel? We could have something to propose to you! #severeweather #aeroecology #DOW 1/n
I'm a research scientist in #forest #ecology at the @cflscf (@NRCan). With a high-expertise team, we are looking at the dispersal patterns of the most important pests in eastern North American conifer forests: the #sprucebudworm. 2/
@cflscf @NRCan #Sprucebudworm #outbreaks occur every ca 30-40 years and can last 5 to 15 years. The last major outbreak (1969-92) covered 55 M ha (yes MILLIONS !) and resulted in tremendous losses in the forest sector. (below: area defoliated in 1975). 3/
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150 victims of the #Titanic are buried in 3 #Halifax cemeteries: Fairview Lawn, Mount Olivet and Baron de Hirsch. 149 have #headstones from the Hanson #Quarry in #NB. A #Dal prof spent 15 years figuring out where the stones are from cuz there are no historical records.
#nspoli Image
The stones and the #quarry were tested for #mineralogy, texture, chemical composition and age to see if they matched. That's harder than it sounds - the original rock is no longer in the quarry (it was extracted) and these features can vary within a deposit.
#nspoli #NovaScotia Image
Still, the analysis suggests the stones, donated by #titanic-owner #WhiteStar in 1912, are almost certainly from there.
The #headstones are 422 million-year-old #gabbro (aka black #granite) and a popular #Halifax tourist attraction.
#nspoli #NovaScotia #NS #cbpoli #NewBrunswick Image
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We often tout #NovaScotia's amazing #geology but all four #Atlantic provinces have great geological sights - partly because we were all connected in supercontinent #Pangea 200-300 million years ago! We're going to talk about some spots in #NL, #NB and #PEI this weekend.
#nspoli Image
This is #AtlanticCanada 10,000 years ago. #PEI was still connected to the mainland - no #ConfederationBridge needed! Sea levels are lower during ice ages because so much water is frozen. It wasn't until 5000 years ago that rising sea levels made PEI an island.
#nspoli #NovaScotia Image
#Newfoundland's #BellIsland had iron mines from 1895-1966. The #NovaScotia Steel and Coal Co. helped open the first one. The iron was made into steel in #Sydney, #CapeBreton. Steel is iron and carbon (which is derived from coal) so #CB coal and #NL iron were a good match!
#nspoli ImageImage
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