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If some in the international community still harbor the illusion that #AbiyAhmed would respond affirmatively to GoT’s call for a mutually agreed cessation of hostilities agreement once he secures ‘a position of strength’ in the disastrous campaign he did launch three weeks ago,
they definitely are in for disappointment for at least two reasons. For one, by not exerting enough pressure on these repeat offenders, they are allowing the regime and its Eritrean allies to shed more blood in pursuit of a genocidal goal. More importantly, a position of strength
is hard to come by if you are trying to defeat & annihilate the people of Tigray. The series of offensives #Abiy & #Isaias did launch has hit a brick wall. Their forces are in disarray in many fronts with tens of 1000s rendered out of action. So much for a position of strength!
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15 días antes de su derrocamiento un 21 de abril de 2005, @LucioGutierrez3 recibió una carta del dueño del Banco Pichincha #FidelEgas, quien reclamó airadamente al presidente, al ministro de gobierno y al comandante de la policía...
...porque @abdalabucaram había aparecido en #CadenaNacional en los canales @tctelevision @Gamavisionecu y 3 de cable (todos propiedad de los otros banqueros ISAÍAS) "Injuriando y amenazando" a #Egas, acusó de una campaña de desestabilización del #SistemaFinanciero contra...
...El #BancoPichincha. Acuso a @LucioGutierrez3 de no protegerlo, y de amenazar a su medio @teleamazonasec, de pactar con el #GrupoIsaías y de evitar como gobierno ante #USA que les retiren la #Visa. #Egas dijo que su canal defiende la #EstabilidadDemocrática...
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Reasons why #UNSC should #SanctionEritrea & #SanctionEthiopia

#Isaias is constructing a3⃣cornered axis of autocracy in z HOA where he's z leader & 🇪🇹&🇸🇴are his junior partners.

@RussiaUN @Chinamission2un @StateHouseKenya @AmbMKimani @MexOnu…
#Isaias offered2⃣things to the🇪🇹🇸🇴insecure rulers.

1⃣practical advice on political survival against the odds—specifically, how to face int'l pressure to democratize

2⃣a model of military training that transforms high school students into obedient fighting machines

Although #Isaias said nothing about his war aims his decades of unremitting ruthlessness in🇸🇴,🇾🇪&🇪🇷 tell another story. His PR strategy is to say as little as possible

4+month into #TigrayGenocide & his only public statement was that 🇪🇷was “fulfilling its responsibilities” wrt🇪🇹
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Mesfin Hagos (founding member of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (#EPLF) in the 1970s who served as Minister of Defense in the 1990s), the most authoritative voice on #Eritrea|n military affairs, reveals the extent of #Eritrean involvement in the #Ethiopia|n war.

(2/18) In an address to his country’s parliament on November 30, 2020, #Ethiopia’s Prime Minister confirmed #Eritrea|n support to his ongoing war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (#TPLF), the regional government of the northern regional state of Tigray...
(3/18) ... where they were provided shelter and the space and provisions to recuperate. He flew there with three of his generals to reorganize the troops for a counterattack on #Tigray – from #Eritrea.

What Prime Minister Abiy did not tell his audience was the fact that...
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each step of your life really prepares you for the next.
i'm sitting here thinking about how #isaias affected us in VA/NC and how if i never moved to Iowa, i might not have gotten the level of tornado/severe weather experience to prepare me for tropical coverage.

as tough as it was out there, i have no choice but to be grateful 🙏🏾
believe in the process even if you don't know what you're believing in or what's on the other side.

you'll look back on everything with near tears in your eyes.
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This is 💯 me
Some stuff was flying #Isaias Image
And @jbaruch and @ligolnik are the guys who built deck over weekend
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Today’s meeting includes an update on the investigation into last month’s derailment at Silver Spring, votes on adoption of a number of final safety event investigation reports, ROCC status report & more
Watch live starting at 12:30
We are proud to offer closed captioning to make this meeting more accessible. As always, you can watch on YouTube. If you want the option to turn the captions on/off, please join us through Zoom.
Also join through Zoom to participate with public comment
Join us here on YouTube for our remote public meeting on our #WMATA oversight work
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#Isaias has now become a hurricane again. Arriving to NYC tomorrow morning.

Check for updates on City's response here:…

If you are able to, tomorrow would be a very, very good to stay at home.
The sudden downpour that soaked many of us this evening (me too!) is not yet the main storm. That will be a whole other level-- wind gusts of 65 mph.
* Corrected web link:…
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[THREAD] Latest on #Isaias:
- A strong tropical storm, to make landfall tonight near SC/NC border near or at hurricane intensity.
- Significant coastal flooding, high wind, heavy rain threat from Carolinas to Maine.
- DC to NYC to be heavily impacted. 1/…
Storm will interact with unseasonably strong dip in jet stream as it nears Mid-Atlantic, will result in powerful onshore winds from MD to New England.
- Jersey Shore to see 70-75 mph wind gusts. Surge threat for NYC.
- Widespread 3-6-inch rain amounts in DC area. 2/
Also possibility of tornadoes with squalls coming ashore in parts of SC/NC with landfall, but also in northern Mid-Atlantic and southern New England.

This is a serious storm that could cause widespread power outages and disruptions, during a time of other disruptions. 3/3
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Storm-following animation for #Isaias showing GOES-East infrared imagery (left) and MRMS base reflectivity radar imagery (right) every 2 minutes.

The loop covers 1800 UTC 2 August - 1458 UTC 3 August. Get the latest NHC advisories at!
Note: radar data are plotted within a set distance of the TC center to approximately match the IR circle. Thus any radar echoes that occurred in the far corners of the right map won't appear in these images.
Animation that picks up where the above ended: the intensification, landfall, & subsequent overland movement of #Isaias (1500 UTC 3 August - 1158 UTC 4 August).

The storm is moving quickly but the GOES meso domain is fixed, hence the wonky-looking left panel closer to the end.
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A few tidbits as you wait for the coffee to cook:
Isaias is still a stopical storm, but THIS CLOSE to being a Cat 1 hurricane. In fact, it's a foregone conclusion that it will be Hurricane #Isaias by landfall in the Carolinas. 1/x
Barring something totally off the wall, that landfall will take place late tonight or very early Tuesday. Location has narrowed to the upper Grand Strand or SENC south-facing beaches as the most likely target, but that's less certain. 2/x
The Central and southern Sandhills, including FAY and Fort Bragg, remain under a Tropical Storm Warning with winds above 40 mph expected and gusts possibly up to 60 mph. Pockets of torrential rain are likely after sunset. 3/x
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#Isaias and DC-MD-VA! Short thread...
* Tropical storm and flash flood watch out for large parts of the region
* High confidence in heavy rain. NWS has INCREASED our rain forecast to 4-6" along I-95 corridor, 2-4" to west, 5 to 7" east. (1/x) Image
Heaviest rain from #Isaias in DMV expected Mon night to Tues evening.

Strongest winds forecast Tuesday afternoon - esp in the afternoon as core of storm comes closes. Expect strongest winds (30-55 mph gusts) EAST of I-95 near Bay and Delmarva unless storm shifts west. (2/x) Image
Models pretty consistent forecasting #Isaias to track east of DC. But rain & winds will expand as it merges with stalled front & is captured by jet stream.
In unlikely event storm takes more western route, would increase chance of tropical storm winds in immediate DC area. (3/x) Image
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Video just sent to me by resident of Freeport, Grand Bahama. Taken a few minutes ago.

Looks worse than it is, he says. Most areas not flooded at all. #ISAIAS
More. In Freeport.
That post-storm drive is a cultural tradition in this part of the world
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OK, here's the view for the Sandhills and points east. There are two caveats before we start micro-managing, however: The strength of #Isaias at landfall and where exactly the landfall takes place. With a storm this small, both are subject to change in the next 36 hours. 1/x
First the official word from the NHC: They anticipate #Isaias to remain below hurricane strength as it turns and races up the East coast beginning tomorrow. Included in that track is a run through the southern Sandhills Tuesday morning. 2/x
A closer look at the current NHC track shows a coninuted westward crawl. Yesterday morning the cone center came ashore near Wilmington. Today, it's more like Georgetown, SC, running inland near Whiteville, E'town and Clinton. That's abt. 30 miles SE of FAY. 3/x
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Here are the major 00z global models and their ensembles. #Isaias will likely stay just off the SE FL coast, although a brief landfall of the center still cant be ruled out. I think landfall will likely be between Cape Romain SC and Cape Fear, NC. I have shifted my track (1/4)
a bit west with landfall of #Isaias near the NC/SC border, I am still a bit NE of the model consensus at the moment. With a track up the NC coastal plain, Tidewater/Delmarva/NE Coast. It does looks more likely that the center will stay mostly onshore on its ride NE. (2/4)
As far as intensity. #Isaias has not been a easy storm to forecast intensity wise. I would imagine little strengthening today as it is close to the coast. There could be a window to re-attain cat 1 strength tomorrow over the ocean before landfall Monday night. (3/4)
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5am Update on #TSIsaias

Tropical Storm #Isaias Advisory #21 from the National Hurricane Center

Current location:
About 45 MI...ENE of #FortLauderdale
45 MI...SE of #WestPalmBeach
Winds: 65mph
Movement: NW at 9mph

#TropicalStormIsaias #TropicalStormWarning Image
Additional watches or warnings may be required later today.

Current warnings are for:
#FortLauderdale #WestPalmBeach

#TSIsaias #TropicalStormIsaias #TropicalStormWarning Image
#Isaias is moving toward the northwest near 9 mph. A general northwestward motion is expected today, followed by a north-northwestward motion by tonight.

#TSIsaias #TropicalStormIsaias #TropicalStormWarning Image
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We've been watching shear and dry air take their toll on #Isaias as shown in this 24-hour infrared imagery loop. The deepest convection (coldest cloud tops) shifts east and shrinks in coverage after 00 UTC.

Its current track, a bit west of the forecast, increases Florida risk.
Over the past 48 hours, Isaias has navigated a complex environment of mountainous island terrain (where Isaias produced strong wind and heavy rain) and, lately, increasing shear and dry air. The storm wrapping in dry air becomes readily apparent at the end of this TPW animation:
TPW = Total Precipitable Water

TPW estimates how much moisture is in the *entire* atmospheric column, so TPW doesn't show where (vertically) that moisture is. Dropsonde measurements revealed a layer where some of the (much!) drier air was near Isaias:
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Early (to me) Saturday morning @GovRonDeSantis storm briefing from @FLSERT in Tallahassee.. some headlines:
Federal disaster declaration approved - ie @fema reimbursement
for #Isaias expenses - #Florida east coastal counties;

@WPLGLocal10 1/.... Image
... @FLSERT sent out shelter kits with PPE (#covid19 isolating shelter available, tho likely won’t be needed)
...Staging power crews, 8 million meals, urban search & rescue ..
#Isaias latest path?

@WPLGLocal10 2/ ...
Looks like SoFlo #Miami Dade #Broward #Monroe is spared the worst of #Isaias.. Some storm surge predicted Jupiter Inlet to Ponte Vedra.
👉🏼 Now’s a good time to mention- @FLSERT Dir.@JaredEMoskowitz will be with us for “This Week in S. #Florida@WPLGLocal10 Sunday 1130am
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NEW: Hurricane #Isaias maintains strength over The Bahamas as hurricane watches are upgraded to hurricane warnings along Florida's East Coast. Image
Up to 4 feet of storm surge is forecast across portions of Florida's coast. Image
We're LIVE all night with the latest.
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So there has certainly been some convergence on the track forecast today for #Isaias The 12z major global models and their ensembles. It looks like the storm will strengthen into a hurricane as it moves through the Bahamas and towards Florida. I could see cat 1, maybe cat 2.(1/4)
in a high end scenario Some increasing vertical shear could limit intensification or weaken #Isaias this weekend as it moves up just off the FL coast. I like a track just off the GA/SC coast with a threat to the NC coast by Mon/Tues The waters are warm so we could (2/4)
see some re-intensification. The steering currents look to keep #Isaias close to the coast as it re-curves so interests along the whole east coast need to monitor and prepare. This is my best idea as of now. But, I would like to see the storm pull away from Hispaniola .. (3/4)
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Acadia National Park here we come! 🏕🦅🐋 🥾⛰
Almost to the New Hampshire border, blasting Sparkle. Life is g⭕⭕d.
Made it to Maine! Image
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Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 is forecast to strengthen into Tropical Storm #Isaias as it blasts the islands of the northern Caribbean with heavy rain, gusty winds and building seas.
The system's lack of a well-defined center has been keeping forecasters from upgrading it to tropical storm status.
Here is the latest eye path for the system. Forecasters say landfall in Florida is not absolute at this point. There is still room for the storm to turn east of Florida & the Carolinas, or even be pulled up farther west over the Gulf of Mexico.
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Sure, "polls aren't votes", but 15 pts down means Trump's (ym"sh) vulnerable, dries up fundraising, allows GOP electeds to contradict him publicly, allows reporters to treat him normally & not as the magician of 2016 who commands a cult of violent kooks.
To combat the complacency that the polling imbalance could bring, I suggest telling fellow anti-Trumpites that no matter how much DJT is down in November, when you vote, it will feel as good as punching him in the face with all of your strength

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