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Good morning, welcome to Daily Thread number 465 covering #Ukraine's heroic defence against #Russia's illegal aggression.

I've been here from (before) the start of war, reporting on (sometimes from) a country I've loved, worked + lectured in many, many times.
Overnight was quiet
Before we get stuck in to today's news, a gentle reminder these threads are basically an unpaid full time job - actually more than that as you get days off with a job! Coffee donations welcome (link in Bio)

To catch up on Friday's news, click here
A few drones buzzed #Ukraine yesterday evening but air raids did not last long and no damage was reported.

The drone/cruise missile numbers on #Russia's daily losses are high as they include Friday morning's attacks.
Artillery, special equipment & fuel tanks way above average Image
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Day 464 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine starts with another horrendous wait to see if air defence can protect them as cruise missiles head towards them as I type.

This is THE daily thread with all the news of the brutal war in one place, updated all day (and night!)
So much happened yesterday - here's the link to the start of Thursday's thread.

Deaths from #Russia's missiles because shelters were locked
#Crimea bridge falling down?
Big explosions in #Belgorod + #Kursk regions and the rebel Russian units attack again

Almost all of #Ukraine is under threat right now. Sirens sound across the country except for a handful of western regions.

#Cherkasy, just south of #Kyiv is initially thought to be in the firing line of the missiles launched by #Russia from bombers over the Caspian Sea. Image
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Welcome along to the daily thread for Day 440 of the war in #Ukraine

More deadly missile attacks launched in the early hours this morning by #Russia on what is supposed to be one of the sacred days in the calendar, 9 May.
#Russia has no victory to celebrate.

All the news here⬇️
It was another busy day yesterday, a lot of news from the battlefields of #Ukraine and beyond too.

For a catch up on anything you missed on Monday, click and scroll down from this link:

So during the night #Russia launched no fewer than 25 Cruise missiles - but #Ukraine's air defences managed to shoot down 23 of them.

In the first wave 8 Kalibrs were fired from Black Sea ships. Then at 4am 17 Kh-101/555s were fired by ships over the Caspian Sea. Image
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Day 426 of #Russia's needless and disastrous full invasion and war in #Ukraine.

A reasonably quiet start to Tuesday 25 April.
Need a quick recap of yesterday's news? Click below:


The level of #Russia's losses in the last 24 hours remains in line with recent days. Another 690 killed in #Ukraine and we remain on course for 200,000 in mid-May.

Also note a very large 31 vehicle/fuel tanks.

#RussiansGoHome Image
British Intel today comments on the figures. They are slightly behind the 8-ball because as readers here will know, the trend is slightly up again. But yes, down from the insane numbers when #Russia was launching non stop attacks with cannon fodder.

#SaveUkraine #StopRussia Image
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1/ Hello,
i had too many thing to deal with this afternoon and i came back home late, so i won't be able to do a full recap tonight.
i'll do it during the week.
just few elements i gathered all day long :
first of all about #Bakhmut
Russians seems to be contain in the north
2/ but in the south along the river & the direction of the city center, they have apparently made some progress (even if nothing certain can be said right now as we have only geoloc vids of "conflicts" areas.
if true they are 1km away to possibly make a junction along the river
3/ also there is some indications of some progress to the S-W of the football field in the South part of the city. Ru claims last 48h to have units passed the famous Marioupolska street seems confirms.
but (in the orange area) there is no other proves than small Ru units for now
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It's a wet and windy start to the week where I am, hope it's better where you are.
In #Kyiv + #Bakhmut it's around freezing now (9am) but some very mild days and nights mean a lot of mud on the frontlines later in the week in #Ukraine

It's Day 383 of #Russia's war, here's the 🧵
I know a lot of people miss things at the weekend.
But you can get a quick catch up of all that happened in #Ukraine yesterday by taking a scroll through the previous thread, and I would urge you to do so, some important news and events in there:

One thing from yesterday I do want to flag up is this story and what will hopefully become a concerted effort to ban athletes from #Russia from the Olympic Games.

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!Part 2
1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on March 5, 2023
#RussianArmy this week tried to push their tiny advantages here & there as said earlier.
But as we speak, out of #Bakhmut, nothing is really going on "well" for them anywhere.

2/ first of, about the north #Kupiansk #Svatove area
General FEBA line remained quite the same for the last couple months even if extremely small yet violent combats are happening everywhere & Ru trying to push back #UAarmy everywhere & vice versa. no real gain. Ru are trying to
3/ to push to 2 main directions, as they clearly want to push the #UAarmy out of #Dvorichna, #Hryanykivka (first) but also to the south in the outskirts of the forest near #Synkivka then they would push through by P79 and try to take into a pincer movement the city of #Koupiansk
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Day 374 of #Russia's war of choice.
I hope your weekend will be happy and peaceful, especially if you're in #Ukraine.

Every single day you can catch up on all the news around the war in one place with these daily threads, updated in real time.

Share, return, scroll!💙💛
Here's the link to Friday's thread for you to catch up with anything you missed:


For most, it's all eyes on #Bakhmut' in Donetsk region.

Previously an insignifcant town probably fewer than 1% outside #Ukraine had heard of before #Russia's illegal invasion.

Here's the British assessment:
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Day 368 of Europe's war and welcome to Sunday's daily thread with all the information you need in one handy🧵

It's still fairly quiet in most of #Ukraine as #Russia continues its illegal war.

Here's the link if you want to catch up on yesterday's events

The death of another American soldier has been confirmed in #Ukraine.

28-year-old Afghanistan veteran Andrew Peters from #Wisconsin died 10 days ago while helping Ukraine defend its territory. Andrew was part of the International Defence Legion.
📷Wisconson Public Radio
Each day #Ukraine releases figures for the numbers of Russian soldiers killed and equipment destroyed.

Invariably it's lower at weekends. So today's numbers (covering Saturday's losses) are lower across the board. I'm wondering if a couple of units don't report at weekends?
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🔴 Oleh Syniehubov, the head of #Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration, wrote that on the morning of February 20, at approximately 5:00 a.m., the #Russians shelled the #Kupiansk district. A private residential building was destroyed in the village of Novoosynove.
Preliminarily, a woman may be under the debris. Rescuers are working on the spot.
In the village of Kurylivka, the buildings of an agricultural enterprise were damaged as a result of shelling. A large-scale fire broke out. Also in the morning, the enemy shelled the village of Strilecha, #Kharkiv district, wounding 2 civilians.
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Hello There!
everything is ok today, nothing to worry about - to much- right now...
have a good day you all!
so i'm gonna a very quick recap today... maybe more this week as you'll see why.
2/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on February 12, 2023
#Russian is NO MORE moving forward in about all the directions they intended to force their way in, during the last couple of weeks.
#Bakhmut & #Kreminna area one of them.
#AFU resist.
3/ I invite you to check previous reports for gen maps & explanations. For the North areas around #Kupiansk where nothing has really changed...
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Hello There!
everything's (almost) ok this morning...
Take a walk.. have a good day you all!

2/ ok... short debrief to what happened yesterday evening. 'plus de peurs que de mal"
What happened is as i said in S-West #Bakhmut to #TchassivYar it was only scouting & probing and they were destroyed easily.
What happened close to #KrasnaHora area is that stupid #Wagner
3/ went "alone" to try to do something major, just because certainly #Prigozhin gave direct orders... but they were not supported from a joint forces ops with regular Ru army.. so they effing "failed". in Some places they even withdraw..
reminder :
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Hello and welcome to day 349 of #Russia's war of choice.

#Ukraine still defends valiantly, but the west's tardiness to act has placed them under severe pressure for the next 6 weeks until trained troops return with some new toys.

All the news in one thread, read on...
First the link to yesterday in case you were busy or just want a summary.

A lot of flim flam was written but actually you missed very little. Here's one of the shortest threads of the last 11 months so far:

#Ukraine #Russia

The clock is ticking if #Russia is to meet #Putin's 25th "deadline" (that's a guess, don't take me literally)

The little man with a big anger issue is clearly intent on taking all of Donbas before the anniversary, or 1 March latest.

British intel doesn't think they'll do it.
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 29, 2022
#RussianArmy is still moving forward in a dozen of different areas & put maximum pressure but these are still very minor success. North #Bakhmut area one of them.
#AFU not in #Kreminna
2/ Quick recap.
first, about #Kupiansk #Svatove area
the general FEBA line remained quite the same for the last couple months even if extremely violent combats are happening everywhere & Ru trying to push back #UAarmy everywhere & vice versa. no real gain. only attrition for both
3/ the only thing that is quite "annoying" imo is that #UAarmy had to defend & destroyed (digesting) a very important "mass" of Vatniks there, & they r still enable to secure a famous natural line of defense that would have give them some "air" before Spring & next Ru offensives
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⚡️1/n #Kreminna - lustrzane odbicie #Bakhmut. Wg niepotwierdzonych informacji Ukraińcy są już w pierwszych zabudowaniach miasta - zajęli tartak i szkołę z internatem.
#WojnaWUkrainie #RussianUkrainianWar
2/n Rosjanie przeprowadzili kilka dużych kontrataków, ale Ukraińcy odparli je. Rosjanie próbowali na północ od #Kreminna z Zythlivki zaatakować Terny.
3/n Wg adm. USA zajęcie #Kreminna otworzy Ukraińcom możliwość do kolejnej kontrofensywy na wiosnę. Teraz zima uniemożliwia rozwinięcie ataku przez rosyjskie fortyfikacje. Walki toczą się na całej linii do #Svatove i #Kupiansk i jest to przygotowanie pozycji do ukraińskiego ataku.
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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on January 16, 2022
Dumb war of #RussianArmy is still on its way..
Several areas are under maximum pressure but Ru are having some minor success only in #Bakhmut area.
#AFU still at it around #Kreminna
2/ Quick recap here, & maybe come back later on, if needed.
first, about #Kupiansk #Svatove area
the general FEBA line have remain almost the same for the last couple months even if extremely violent combats happened in several areas & Ru trying to push back #UAarmy everywhere
3/ Rushits shelled again more than 10 settlements today indicating direction of actions, including #Vilshana ! (again in 3 days), #Kotlyarivka, #Krokhmalne & #Berestove-Kharkiv region & of course #novoselivske #Stelmakhivka, #Makiivka #Nevske in Luhansk region.
sadly AFU did not
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Liebe Freunde,

über die Panzertruppe der #Ukraine konnte ich bei #Kupiansk von einem #T64-Kommandanten viel lernen. Ersatzteile für die Oldtimer sind Mangelware. Dringend wird zusätzlich modernes Gerät wie der #Leopard2 zur Verteidigung gebraucht.
Die Bedienung ist robust - besonders bei den - 15 Grad Celsius während unseres Treffens. Vielen Dank, dass ich die Steuerung des Turms und des Ladevorgangs so praktisch üben konnte. Die Panzertruppe leistet übermenschliches zur Verteidigung ihrer Heimat gegen #Putin|s Überfall.
Die #Ukraine wird mit den sowjetischen Modellen mehr und mehr in Probleme der Ersatzteilbeschaffung kommen, weil diese schlicht nicht produziert werden. Auch deswegen müssen die Demokratien der Welt endlich versorgbare #Kampfpanzer liefern. Die Ausbildung muss jetzt beginnen.
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Liebe Freunde,

die #Invasionstruppen haben vor ihrer Flucht die befreiten Gebiete der #Ukraine großflächig vermint. Es kann nicht geerntet und nicht gesät werden. Gerät und Ausbildung zur Entfernung der Minen haben hohe Priorität für die Gebiete um #Lyman und #Kupiansk.
Hier kann #Deutschland mit anderen Staaten viel leisten, um die riesigen Landstriche, die von Minen und Artilleriegranaten überzogen sind, wieder in einen bewirtschaftbaren Zustand zu bringen. Das hilft den Einwohnern und Landwirten vor Ort. Das hilft aber auch der Welternährung.
Es ist diese Brutalität und Menschenverachtung, die die Ukrainer motiviert sich zu verteidigen. #Russland verstößt - etwa mit Antipersonenminen - gezielt gegen internationale Konventionen. Niemand will unter der Herrschaft dieser #Kriegsverbrecher stehen.
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Day 309 of the war. #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.
Thanks for reading yet another daily thread

Thursday started with explosions for many in #Kyiv with a nationwide air alert. City leaders in the capital say it's air defence working.

Here's y'day link
With enemy aircraft moving, this alert for many regions including #Kyiv has already lasted over 2 hours.

More ships appeared in the Black Sea armed with missiles too, according to Gov of #Mykolaiv (RU: #Nikolaev) Vitaliy Kim

There has still been the regular shelling during the night in #Ukraine

Two villages near #Zaporizhzhia were hit by #Russia's artillery. Also struck of course was #Nikopol, which I don't always mention in these threads but continues to be targeted daily.

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1/ Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on December 18, 2022
Special failed war of #RussianArmy is still on its way..
On the #Ukraine side of things Some fronts line are now "stabilized" but on other areas the Ru are having some minor success.
2/ Quick recap here, & maybe come back later on if needed.
first, about #Kupiansk #Svatove
the general FEBA (frontline) seems to have remain almost the same for the last month even if extremely violent combats happened in several areas & Ru trying to push #UAarmy hard almost
3/ everywhere where there is a possible road or path to go around #ZSU defense. clearly trying to overwhelmed them and push them back, past the #Oskil river in order to gain a major control of the area & be able to have strong natural defensive line.
well. their plan failed.
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This is the daily #RussiaUkraineWar thread for Sunday 4 December.

It's 284 of the monstrous war with hundreds of thousands dead because of #Putin's ego and his initial war crime.

Here's the link if you missed Saturday's news:

Britain's Ministry of Defence report for Sunday references research I hadn't seen.

For a totalitarian state where everything is controlled and people are afraid to speak the truth, these are quite dramatic numbers from #Russia

#StopRyssia #StandWithUkraine
The war is slowing
#Ukraine's spirit and resistance remains high

Those were the headlines from #USA Intel chief Avril Haines' speech overnight.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine…
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Day 273 of #Putin's illegal war and here's the daily news thread.

Today, Wednesday, marks the completion of 9 months since #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine

This thread's updated live throughout the day. To check what you missed yesterday, click here:

#Ukraine tonight has accused #Russia of kidnapping mayors of various mayors in #Kherson oblast.

The Interior Ministry says invaders abducted the leaders of several communities in the region and took them to the left bank of the Dnipro when they retreated.

They remain missing
It's potentially a huge day for the #EU.
The Union is today scheduled to set its price limit for #Russia's fuel.

Two questions - can they set it at a level which can hold and damage the Kremlin, and can they get all members to agree to it.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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Welcome along to the daily thread covering #Russia's invasion and war on #Ukraine.

The new week starts with Day 271 of the illegal conflict.

For a recap on yesterday's news (though it was quieter) click here:

The daily update from Britain's Ministry of Defence concentrates on what's happening in east #Ukraine, particularly #Svatove.

I must point out we think more of #Russia''s troops are arriving from #Kherson to bolster an aggressive push rather than just defensive.
#Russia:s estimated daily losses remain steady.
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Sunday 20 November is the day the world cup starts in Qatar. It's also day 270 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine.

Welcome to the daily thread with all the news, updated throughout the day.

Here's the link for yesterday's thread:
I mention the World Cup as #Russia has a history of using big events to hide some of the worst atrocities.

In 2014 the Terrorist State was actually covertly invading #Crimea while hosting the Winter Olympics.

And don't forget FIFA let Russia host the last WC despite waging war.
Again fairly quiet overnight in #Ukraine and for the last 24 hours little movement on the frontline.

#Russia's daily losses reflect that with the trend towards lower numbers continuing for the time being.

#StopRyssua Image
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