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Latinos did NOT help “create” #HipHop. At all. In fact it definitely seems in the early 1970s, Latinos had very #RACIST views of Hip Hop. This is Dj Charlie Chase 🇵🇷. One of the 1st #Latino DJ’s.

“Hispanics were telling me… what are u doing playing that Jung!e Bunny music?”
This shows ppl in the 1970s knew #HipHop was BLACK music. W/ a FEW #Latinos who participated in BLK culture. & it shows the racism from the Latino community in NY. Here again Dj #CharlieChase says fellow Latinos would tell him…

“What R u doing playing that Jung!e Bunny music?”
& much respect 2 the Legend Dj Charlie Chase 4 being honest. Especially w/ #LIARS like #FatJoe trying 2 rewrite history 2 say Latinos were Co-Creators w/ Blacks in Hip Hop. Even saying it was “50/50.” Trying 2 slowly #EraseBlacks.

Disrespectful White Supremacist #Colonizer sh*t.
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A2 #Latinos are 1.5X as likely to be affected by #ALZ than non-Latino whites. They face inequities that discourage healthcare participation. They’re less likely to receive a timely diagnosis & more likely to experience #racism. #BrainHealthEquity #SaludTues @UsAgainstAlz (1/3)
A2 continued: In addition to barriers in healthcare participation, #Latinos & other people of color face higher risk for #ALZ or related dementia due to due to higher risk of comorbidities, like #diabetes and #hypertension. #BrainHealthEquity #SaludTues @UsAgainstAlz (2/3)
A2 continued: Lastly, social determinants of health #SDOH, like educational attainment, obesity & pollution are disproportionately felt by #Latino communities. We must make an intentional effort to promote #prevention & #BrainHealthEquity for #Latinos #SaludTues @UsAgainstAlz 3/3
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📣In one hour we'll be discussing the impacts of #redistricting on #Latino voters in Florida, who make up 1/4 of the state yet who stand to lose #Representation under newly drawn maps. Follow the discussion
👉LIVESTREAM: @EthnicMediaSvc
@kiraromero @latinojustice
Welcome to today’s briefing on Florida’s redistricting process and what it means for Latino voters, co-hosted by @EthnicMediaSVC, @LatinoJustice and @scsj and moderated by @PilarMarrero.
Read our report on how #redistricting in Southern states is eroding fair and equal #representation for communities of color. 👇…
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Now that #JBalvin is trending after his music video sparked backlash over its portrayal of Black women, allow me to use this moment to illustrate a few points about the mechanics of racism, whiteness/Blackness, and Latinidad across different contexts. 🧵
First, let’s get this out the way: #Latinos can be white, Black, Asian, or any other race imaginable because Latino is not a race but a cultural identifier. Most Latinos are mixed race, but being mixed doesn’t mean you can’t be racist or perpetuate anti-Blackness.
Latinos can be racist because white supremacy and anti Blackness are not exclusive to the U.S., but are global phenomena. Latinos, like J. Balvin, can be white and racist (whether it is intentional or not is beside the point).
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New research from @UCLAlatino estimates that 78.1% of #Latinos voted NO in the CA #recall. Contrary to predictions that Latinos could be a key vote in defeating Newsom, very high support for @GavinNewsom among Latinos remains broadly unchanged from the 2018 election. (1/3)
As researchers @roddominguezv, @misaeligaldamez, @MichaelHerndon, @ana_loaxaca, @PalmerTurnbull, & @MikeBRios found, #Latino voters mobilized later than others. The single biggest day of Latino votes was September 14, 2021– the day of the #recall election. (2/3)
In most counties, support for @GavinNewsom ⬆️ as the concentration of #Latino voters in precincts ⬆️. For the full data, click here:… (3/3)

@namisumida @SuzGamboa @bigdanimals @joegarofoli @llerer
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🧵A new report shows what we can already see—or better yet, what we can't see: Latino representation in the media and in Hollywood. 1/6 @PoderLatinx
Last October, Texas Rep @JoaquinCastrotx, asked the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) to investigate the situation. The report showed a significant exclusion of #Latinos in newsrooms, TV and film. 2/6
The report found that in 2019, the estimated percentage of Latinos working in newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers was about 8%. 3/6
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New post: #Iowa's largest advocacy group for #Latinos, @LulacIowa, is asking @IowaSOS to let auditors in all 99 counties accept Spanish-language versions of voter registration and absentee ballot request forms.
I reviewed the petition & legal context:…
A Polk County judge ruled in 2008 that it was illegal under #Iowa's English-only law for then @IowaSOS Michael Mauro to provide voter registration forms in other languages.
@LulacIowa contends that's incorrect b/c the 2002 had an applicable exception:…
#Iowa's 2002 law allows using languages other than English as "required by or necessary to secure the rights guaranteed by" the US & Iowa constitutions.
LULAC maintains that exception should apply to providing voting-related materials in other languages.…
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We are so proud of receiving the Health and Science Award by @NCDiamanteInc Our success is rooted in being an interdisciplinary network that started meeting on March 18, 2020 to respond to the pandemic @GabrielaPedsMD @vivimbmd @ISLA_NC @DurhamPublicSch ImageImage
and went on to appear on many networks, facebook live, radio, and youtube sessions to inform the community in Spanish how to stay safe from #COVID19 @Duke_FamMed @dukeobgyn @DrBevGray @DukeHealth @StethoscopeOn ImageImageImage
Our biggest success is rooted in uniting clinicians, health departments, health systems and government together with the community in safe conversations to improve health. La importancia de identidad y dignidad ImageImage
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Steve Hilton gets it
... The #Democracts Norms: "from deplorable to despicable, 4yrs on non-stop hate, they want #Americans they dismiss & demean to rollover & pay homage to the new regime, No"

Real power 'when you change the way people think'
#Thatcher, #Reagan, #Trump -ism
... Triumph of #Trumpism
#American's want #Trump 2nd term on the success of the 1st on its substance & on its results, one of most successful in history: issues addressed (#China #Manufacturing #MiddleEast #OpenBorders #EndlessWar)
... Trumpism is
pro-#Business on #Tax & #Regulation
pro-#Worker on #Trade & #Immigration

Andrew Sullivan: "Trump's core message was seared into one of our major political parties for the foreseeable #future & realigned #American #Politics"
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• 1 in 1,250 Black
• 1 in 1,500 Indigenous
• 1 in 1,700 Pac. Islander
• 1 in 2,200 Latino
• 1 in 2,800 White &
• 1 in 3,000 Asian
…Americans has DIED (through 8/4).…
We've updated our COLOR OF CORONAVIRUS project with data through 8/4. #Black & #Indigenous Americans continue to see the highest #COVID19 death rates. #PacificIslanders & #Latinos have seen the sharpest rise in actual mortality rates during past 2 weeks.… Image
The toll of health inequity, as measured in lives lost...

We have posted new data through 8/4 for all states and the nation, by race, revealing #COVID19's continued toll.
Explore the data:…

#healthequity #epitwitter #medtwitter #CoronavirusUSA #ASA2020 Image
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.@CHIRLA was one of many #immigrant/#refugee activist groups that I invited to participate in the @Vote_CNP conference last year in Santa Monica. I was trying to organize a participate in a round-table about what an effective and humane #immigration system would look like.
No organization local to L.A. responded with as much as a polite regret.
It is possible that an immigrant/refugee rights activist could make the CIM in to any kind of nefarious organization if they don't learn about what we are from our own writing and mouths. Chief among those myths is that the CIM is #whitesupremacist.
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Bueno -- I made my thoughts clear in this conversation with @ericgarcetti on his new push to get more #Latinos working in Hollywood...on the issue of *whispers* Antonio Banderas.…
@ericgarcetti Here is @NPR's take on the ehem, controversy…
@ericgarcetti @NPR And @longdrivesouth has this deep dive into our confusing labels…
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1/ A photographic look at the Trump visit to University Medical Center in #ElPaso. He visited there after the 7th worst #massshooting in US history. Targeting #Latinos, the attack killed at least 22 and injured 26. Pictures from Dayton included.
2/ Trump is vilified by many in El Paso for his border war, and his venom and prejudice appears to have helped inspire a white nationalist to target Latinos and commit mass murder. He planned to visit hospitalized survivors, but none would meet with him. So, what to do?
3/ What Trump is accomplished at is flipping the script. In a remarkable cache of 40 pictures on its Flickr feed, the @WhiteHouse bombarded the media and social media with exclusive images of his #ElPaso visit after excluding the press from covering it.
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Almost ALL of those killed in #ElPasoShooting were #Latinos. And yet I see no mention of this in headlines or in chyrons. The largest minority in this county was targeted. Why are the headlines about Trump?…
There is a serious problem here. The focus is almost exclusively on the president. Latinos are just props in some larger narrative. Its horrific.
When the stories are written and the headlines and the news briefs overlook (I’m being generous here) who was targeted , you have to ask yourself why. I seriously hope every news show and Sunday show and opinion page allows voices from our community to be heard.
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