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@Lv10noob @NavyLookout If there was a high chance it was RU navy, and some evidence seems to exists already, they would get a full blockade through DK straight for sabotage/ecological impact and #NS would get immediately revoked its permits.

A NATO member most likely did it, outside NATO structures.
@Lv10noob @NavyLookout And only a nuclear power could fit the suspect profile. So US, FRA and UK.

The USA has been warning Germans in early September about possible sabotage.

Public has no direct evidence but circumstantial evidence hints to UK.

Unless proven innocent the UK is suspect.
@Lv10noob @NavyLookout Denmark has physical evidence: On Brnonholm there are hydro-acoustic station.

DK PM flew 3d after to UK and looked very very upset.

SWE has sonar data from their ships which caught a submarine before the sabotage.

US has data from P8 from several encounters with the sub.
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Sweden, Denmark and Norway block Nord Stream AG from examining Nordstream pipeline.…
#Nordstream1 #NordStream2 #NordstreamLeaks #nordstreampipeline #NS1 #NS2 #Nordstream #Russia #NATO
Kremlin: Russia must be part of Nord Stream pipeline probe…
Sweden sends diving vessel to probe leaking Nord Stream pipelines…
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Leider wird sich irgendwann herausstellen, das es die #Russen selbst waren, die #Northstream sabotiert haben denn folgendes spricht objektiv dafür:
#NS2 ist zu 50% einsatzbereit während #NS1 nun ausgefallen ist, denn bei NS2 wurde lediglich ein Rohr gesprengt. Ziel: Doch noch
eine Betriebsgenehmigung bekommen, damit sich Investitionen rentieren. NS2 kann aktuell gut 80% der Leistung von NS1 erreichen, ein Kuhhandel.
• Russland hat nach der Farce mit der #Turbine und der folgenden Wartungsstory nun den Hahn von NS1 endgültig geschlossen, ist aber
laut Verträgen eigentlich verpflichtet zu liefern. Es stehen #Milliarden an Vertragsstrafen im Raum, allerdings nicht bei Wagniswegfall (kaputter #Infrastruktur).
• Jetzt hat Russland einen guten Grund die Lieferung von Gas auch über die Alternative #Jamal-Pipeline über
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(1/5) Der zynische Idealzustand vollständiger Erpressbarkeit - das russ. günstige #Gas war pures Gift in #US-Augen, es garantierte wirtschaftl. #Konkurrenzfähigkeit & relative Unabhängigkeit von #NATO/#US-Interessen - #Putin, wie war der Name? ...
(2/5) .... #Sanktionen gg #China, sind jederzeit willkommen, sonst ist der #Flüssiggas/#LNG-Hahn schneller abgedreht, als man sich das vorzustellen vermag.

Im Klartext: würde D jetzt versuchen ins Gespräch mit #Putin zu kommen, hieße das für #Washington u.U....
(3/5) ... erweiterte (nach #NS1 & #NS2 Sabotage) feindselige Aktionen gg D via #Ukraine und innerdeutschen öko-(+/-)rechtsradik. #Terrorismus, #Polen|s (dann #US)-unterstützte #Reparationsforderung, neue #Migrationsströme und - natürlich - ausbleibende #Gaslieferungen. ...
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So it looks like someone committed a terrorist attack and a defacto declaration of war, against both the European economy and Russia. Wonder which submarine equipped power could have done it? 🤔
#USA #Russia #Ukraine #EU #EUpoli #WorldPoli #terrorism…
A former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, has attributed to the United States the sabotage of two pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carry natural gas from #Russia to #Germany.
#USA #Ukraine #EU #EUpoli #WorldPoli
Poland’s Secretary of State denounced Sikorki’s claim as “Russian #propaganda,” calling it “a smear campaign against Poland, the US and Ukraine, accusing the West of aggression against #NS1 and #NS2.
But Russia literally controls the taps, so self-sabotage claim makes no sense!
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My take on #NordStream explosions 💥 3 total leaks, 2 on #NS1, 1 on #NS2. Neither CURRENTLY in use to ship gas due to breakdown in relations btwn #Russia & #Europe over #RussiaUkraineWar 1/8
#NordStream leaks are near #Bornholm, #Denmark. 12 nautical miles from international waters, 70 meters deep = dive-able 🤿 2/8
Very hard to imagine that this was an accident, deep sea pipeline leaks are pretty rare. It is likely sabotage. Could be divers, likely not a spy submarine for a variety of reasons #NordStream 3/8
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#NS2 Nord Stream 2 jest nadal w rozgrywce - choć my chcielibyśmy bardzo odczarować rzeczywistość - Raz że rura stoi - znaczy leży, dwa że #Niemcy nie mają skąd wypełnić powstałej luki gazowej tej zimy i widzą że są na sznurze energetycznym Moskwy.
Sprawa jest prosta- 20-25%
niemieckiego miksu energetycznego zasila gaz. Ok 35% tego gazu szło z Rosji na którą postawiono z powodu ceny, zamykania potencjału przez Niderlandy i stałe wolumeny z Norwegii. Realnie tanio i dużo oferowała tylko Rosja.
Niemcy postawili również na rury - bo rurami można
najwięcej i najtaniej. Zrobiono to pomimo licznych kontrowersji wobec tematu "Rosja i traktowanie sąsiedzkich byłych SSR, opozycji, publicystów, wolności słowa, praw człowieka etc etc"
Transformacja Energiwiende wygaszanie atomu i węgla docelowo miały zwiększyć ilość gazu
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🪆 the nested doll of lies - a story of russian energy blackmail:
😱a sanctioned turbine (currently in 🇨🇦) is necessary to operate Nord Stream 1
🧐There’re 7 turbines, this is only 1 of them. Turbines currently operating are sufficient for full capacity…
😱 without #NordStream2 - Europe can’t attain energy security
🧐 putin’s energy weapon was never going to bring new gas to Europe; it’s only purpose was to squeeze Ukraine out of transit. As M Gonchar convincingly argued, it ruined European security…
😱 if #NordStream1 is shut down, the east-west gas flows can’t continue
🧐Europe doesn’t depend on #NS1. This route is preferred by Russia, but alternatives are plenty
🇺🇦 has around 109 mcm/day of spare gas capacity and it could be used to offset flows”…
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⚡️ Thread 1/14
"Nord Stream 1 is not advancing 🇪🇺 interests and it is still pumping 🇷🇺 gas exports directly to 🇩🇪, bypassing 🇺🇦. There has never been a better time to shut it down."
our CEO, S. Makogon shares his views in an op-ed for @EURACTIV…
2/14 For decades, Putin played hardball with the gas trade, and Europe usually met it with appeasement and acquiescence. In Ukraine, we found it puzzling. Europe depends on Russia for less than half of its gas, but Russia depends on Europe for pretty much all of its revenue.
3/14 When it comes to natural gas, Putin’s pivot to Asia is an empty threat. First of all, Russia’s extensive pipeline network is heavily oriented toward Europe.
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