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@Kassandra_1909 @JoernLinnertz @Puettmann_Bonn @51Zuschauer
Dann würde ich mich mal informieren über:
- Parlamentswahlen 2019 in Ukraine
- Über #Azov bei @ColborneMichael:…
- (Neo)nazis sind wir alle im Westen nach Putins Propaganda
@LtTimMcMillan:… Sitzverteilung in Werchowna Rada nach Wahlen 2019, Swo: Vere
@Kassandra_1909 @JoernLinnertz @Puettmann_Bonn @ColborneMichael @LtTimMcMillan @51Zuschauer
Ja, es gibt Neonazis in der Ukraine, wie in jedem Land.
Bevor man auf die Ukraine mit Fingern zeigt, zuerst mal vor der eigenen Haustür kehren:…
@JoernLinnertz @Puettmann_Bonn @CharlesMichel
Nach #TerrorGruppenListe #EU gesucht. #Buergerfreundlich? Zero!
Endl. gefunden:… Anhang II
#RIM Russian Imperial Movement &
#RIL Russian Imperial League: NICHT in EU-Liste gefunden.
#RIL: Русское Имперское Движение…
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സ്വാനുഭവം ഉള്ളതുകൊണ്ട് പറയാം..

എന്തുകൊണ്ടാണ് ബുൾ മാർക്കറ്റ് ആയതെന്നും/ ബെർ മാർക്കറ്റിലേക്ക് മാറിയതെന്നും മുന്നേ തന്നെ പറഞ്ഞിട്ടുണ്ട് ടെക്നിക്കൽ മാത്രല്ല.

മാർക്കറ്റ് അനലൈസ് ചെയ്യുന്ന ആരെയും കണ്ണടച്ച് വിശ്വസിക്കരുത്, സ്വന്തമായി ചെയ്യണം ട്രേഡ് ചെയ്യുന്നുണ്ടേൽ.. 🧵1/n
ഞാൻ കുറച്ചു മാർക്കറ്റ് മൂവ്മൻറ്റ് ഷെയർ ചെയ്യാം.. 2/n

ലിക്വിഡിറ്റി എങ്ങനെ മാർക്കറ്റിനെ സ്വാധീനിക്കുന്നത് എന്ന് താഴത്തെ ലിങ്കിൽ ഉണ്ട്.. 3/n
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CGD companies are facing huge problems which are affecting their profitability

~ Higher domestic gas prices from producers ( $2.9 to $6.1)

~ Not getting fully from domestic supplier, have to import which are 6X costly

~ Govt has not allocated supplies from domestic supplier to CGD since April-21

Companies which will affect Adani Total Gas, Mahanagar Gas, Indraprasth Gas, Gujarat Gas…
While producer like RIL & ONGC will benefit from recent gas price increase

Natural Gas price increased from $2.9 mBtu to $6.10 mBtu

This will increase earings of ONGC by ₹23000cr & of RIL by ₹15000cr…
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Analysis below are for RIL, ODEL, ASIY, TAFL, CIC

Not IA, Do ur own DD and make the trade ur own

Do u guys have any of these?
#stocks #StockMarket #investing
#RIL - Need to see a breakout for confirmation. Volume needs to follow through on the move with prices closing above resistance
#ASIY - Same sort of price action, no confirmation so getting in now is just speculating a breakout which might be costly. Volume + close is required for confirmation
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seoksoo au || evermore.

seok naksir kak soo, tapi sayang kak soo kelewat cuek dan galak. nah gimana jadinya kalo ternyata mereka ditakdirin bersama alias they were born to be soulmates? ImageImage
✦ bxb
✦ ignore time stamp
✦ seoksoo as soulmates au
✦ DO NOT ASK who is the UKE/SEME or SUB/DOM
✦ contains profanities and harsh words 🔞
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➡️Demergers unlock significant value for shareholders.

Recent examples:
#Jubilant Lifesciences

➡️ Sharing 10 very interesting 'Potential Demergers' which can create some serious #wealth !!

~ ~ Short Thread ~ ~
1. #GHCL (Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd)

→Demerging the Chemicals & Textile business is on the cards.

Possibility in 2 quarters.
2. Piramal Enterprises (#PEL)

→Three way Demerger possible :

~ RealEstate
~ Pharma(CDMO)

Possibility in 2 to 3 quarters.
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Tata kehte hain TCS bada naam karega!

#Tata Sons is one of the biggest #business conglomerates in India and around the world. Its reliance on the IT-specialisation wing, TCS has only increased.

In FY19, TCS’ contribution to Tata’s revenue increased from 70% the year before to 90%. Contribution of non-@TCS companies shrunk by 23%.

#TCS is among the top three most valued #IT brands, but Tata’s reliance on the subsidiary may be risky.

It has been solely responsible for the consolidation of all its digital businesses. Ratan Tata’s decision to not go public with the company may have been another factor for TCS’ operations.

Over one week, TCS lost its top place to @reliancegroup in terms of market cap.

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Against market expectations of 753Cr loss,#YesBank reports profit of Rs 151Cr,with NII growth of solid 31%

Gross NPAs down 8.6% QoQ
Net NPAs down 12.8%

What a brilliant turnaround,thx to timely action by @narendramodi govt

Note:Yes reported Profit despite Provisions up by 85%
#TataMotors reports highest ever PV sales in Dec'20 qtr,in 33 quarters

Ditto with #JSWSteel,which,despite input inflation,recorded highest ever Q3 sales,in its history

#Infosys recently reported Constant Currency growth of 5.3%,in Dec qtr,highest ever in 8 yrs
#JSWSteel numbers are pretty interesting

Profit at 2669Cr in Dec Qtr,up a massive 1327% YoY

Revenue up 21%,with Ebitda/tonne in excess of Rs13000

Ebitda at 5946Cr,up a solid 143%

Margins at 27.2%,up a whopping 1360bps

And all this,despite global headwinds
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As promised I am now posting details on #RIL #JIO stack. I shall discuss some advantage that #JIO stack has over peers. Pl do not take this as reco to buy stock. This is purely for information purpose
Unfortunately, majority of market participants only see the deal value #RIL has managed to clock & there is entire segment of investors who hate #RIL stock.
Those who understand the technical/business depth of #RIL #JIO #RelianceRetail know the scale and future ahead
Talking first about #JIO stack from telecom PoV, it has tons of advantages over likes of Airtel/Idea-Vodafone that #JIO is pure 4G VoLTE network.
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Why did SEBI fined Mukesh Ambani?

A detailed thread. 🧶
On January 1st SEBI ordered billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd. to pay a combined penalty of Rs 40 crores for alleged manipulative and fraudulent trading in the month of November 2007.

#mukeshambani #SEBI #RIL #Reliance
During the first week of November 2007, 12 entities — all connected to Reliance Industries Limited decided to bet against Reliance Petroleum limited. 
The12 agents decided to bet against RPL using what is called a futures contract.
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Do you believe #markets are #cyclical in nature?
Do you think #history #rhymes, if not #repeats?
Do you agree #greed and #fear are two main forces in the market?
If answer of above Q's is yes then following tweets will solidify ur view if its a no then they will change ur view.
Above is a monthly chart of #Sensex. It goes through an alternating #greedandfear cycle of 8 years. Sensex moves up in greed phase and consolidates in fear phase. It was up 469% in greed phase of 1992. was up only 20% from 1992 to 2000. From 2000 to 2008 it was up 271%.
In fear phase of 2008 to 2016 it was up only 48%. #Sensex has entered greed phase in 2016 and will stay there till 2024. So far its up more than 50%. But the story doesnt end there. The sectors which move up during these phases also go through a cycle.
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German GDP down 10% in June qtr

France down 14%

Singapore minus 41%

#USGDP minus 32.9%,as per advance estimates

#COVID has inflicted universal damage--fall in India will be relatively lower&cushioned by good agri growth

Even when March qtr GDP grew 3.1%,#AgriGrowth was 5.9%
Besides Farm sector,thx to Banking clean-up,by @narendramodi govt, #Banks are doing well too

#SBI reported 81% jump in net profit at Rs 4189Cr

Yes,there was one time gain of 1540Cr--But even without this,profit grew by 15%& #NII by 19%

#GrossNPAs fell from 6.15% to 5.44% QoQ💪
#NetNPAs of #SBI fell from 2.23%,to 1.88%,in June2020 qtr

Improvement in #AssetQuality of SBI is good news&this,despite providing for #COVID19India related losses

SBI made Covid related provisions worth 1836Cr inJune qtr

Total provisions against Covid related losses are 3008Cr
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#Option Chain
#Option trading

# ATM CE position built up... Strong resistance
# ATM PE position built up... Strong support.
# Far OTM position built up on call side...Strong bullish
# Far OTM CE position built up... Strong bearish....

I couldn't find it so simple.
Mostly, what I learned is this presumption is a very easy way to misguide the masses by using the option chain.

On many occasions I have taken absolutely opposite stand and got good hit ratio.
Apart from the position built up, if one pays attention to futures position, traded value in cash and delivery% along with the traded value at the each strike price of respective option, this may give much stronger insight of bias, since, bigger money at stake.
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Indian Markets! Image
RECORDS by Reliance Ind today

Highest market cap by Indian co: INR 1.45 Lakh crore
Highest Increase in m cap in a day: INR 59.7K crore
Highest traded value: INR 12.46K crore
(NSE: INR 11.8K crore + BSE INR 0.6K crore)

#RelianceJio #RelianceRetail #RIL #MukeshAmbani #Ambani
who made this
🤣🤣 Image
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Google glass was a collosal failure

Will Jio glass fare better?

#RIL #Reliance #JioGlass #Jio
"An Indian tech giant" is what CNBC and foreign media are calling Reliance Industries…
Reliance seen emerging as bigger threat for U.S. firms like Amazon, Walmart

Zoom faces competition from Reliance's video conferencing tool…
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From Samsung,to Foxconn& #Google's $10bn fund--India under @narendramodi is gaining traction,even as China's expansionism,is isolating it

From producing 8000 #PPE kits in March,to over 4.5 lakh kits daily now,#Modinomics is blending global&local

My Oped…
#Google's decision to invest 33737 Cr for 7.7% stake in #Jio,on back of #Facebook's investment of 43574Cr in April,is great news

While there's thin line between FPI &FDI,since in both cases,10% ownership threshold has not been crossed by foreign company,it should qualify as FPI
Since both #Facebook and #Google do not own 10% or more individually, they do not get voting rights or any say in management of RIL

While Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (RJIL),is a separate Co,it is part of RIL

Deal has been stuck with #RIL,not RJIL,which again makes it #FPI,not FDI
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1. RIL’s New Vision is ‘To build a New Reliance for a New India’. Our Mission is to ‘Grow India and Grow with India’. #RIL recognises the aspirations of new #India and #Consumer & #Technology are its two mantras to meet those aspirations #NayeIndiaKaNayaJosh #RelianceAR Link:
2. In line with its aim to serve more and more Indians in a strongly inclusive way, #RIL continues to extend reach to consumers and communities!
#NayeIndiaKaNayaJosh #RelianceAR… Image
3. #RIL is the highest private sector contributor to the national exchequer… continues its commitment to the nation’s growth!
#NayeIndiaKaNayaJosh #RelianceAR… Image
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Reliance Industries Ltd.

First and ONLY company in Indian stock markets to cross
USD 150 billion market cap!

#JioPlatforms #JioMart #Jio #jiodigitallife #Reliance #RelianceJio #RelianceIndustries #MukeshAmbani #ambanikafacebook #Ambani #RIL
very impressive as 2nd highest market cap in India
is TCS at USD 101 billion
#RelianceIndustries is 33% larger than #TCS

3rd highest HDFC bank at USD 73 billion; #RIL is 2x!

take a bow #MukeshAmbani!!

#JioPlatforms #JioMart #Jio #jiodigitallife #Reliance #RelianceJio
If you think investing is easy
or predictable
RIL did NOTHING for 10 years (2007-2017)
and then up 3 x in 3 years

Growth/profit is NOT linear

#RelianceIndustries #RIL #MukeshAmbani
#JioPlatforms #JioMart #Jio #jiodigitallife #Reliance #RelianceJio Image
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Yes--#Reliance is now #DebtFree

#Jio raised Rs 1.16 lakhCr from #Facebook,Silver Lake,Vista Equity, General Atlantic,KKR, Mubadala, ADIA,TPG,L.Catterton&PIF

7000Cr raised,via 49% stake sale in fuel retail venture,to #BP

53124Cr raised via #Rights

Debt was Rs 1.63 lakhCr
That RIL is #NetDebtFree is big,but bigger news is,Rs 1.69 lakhCr was raised in 58 days,flat

#SaudiArabia's Sovereign Wealth Fund,#PIF's 2.32% stake in #Jio has #EnterpriseValue of 5.16 lakhCr& equity valuation of Rs4.9 lakhCr

Great going for #RIL,with 9.23% weightage in #Nifty
Most interesting bit about the massive fund raising exercise by #Reliance,is the serious money committed by #Arab world, including,AbuDhabi based, #Mubadala

With 10 lakhCr+ in market cap,#RIL is a story that showcases,size &scale,matter

Jio& #RelianceRetail to be listed in 5yrs
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My vision is to provide the latest telecommunication facilities to every Indian at the price of a post card - Dhirubhai Ambani (early 2000's)

Gave the slogan:
"Karlo Duniya Mutthi Mein"
(Get the world in your hand)

Mukesh Ambani launched Jio

Data is the New Oil
One can have the whole world in his hand by having a smartphone topped with good data plan

Not to forget,

Reliance Telecommunications

Jio is succeeding

Wealth creation takes immense
amount of Time, Patience, Guts & Determination
One can call Mukesh Ambani
whatever he want:
Intelligent Fanatic.
Rich class second generation

In world history, only JIO provided free voice call with free data for almost one year & wipped out the competition & raise the standard for telecom industry
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@piyushchaudhry This chart justifies levels of 700-900 for #RIL in next 12 months. Also, FB - RIL deal of 9.9% stake sale will not pass the regulators due to upcoming Data Protection & Privacy law for India on lines of EU’s #GDPR.
@piyushchaudhry The whole strategy of #RIL to adopt O2C strategy (Oil to Chemicals) and hence selling stake to Aaudi Aramco seem to be under serious challenge seeing the drop in Petrochemicals business in Q4, FY20. Don’t ignore the #EV Tech replacing fuel ⛽️ consumption going forward. Serious !
@piyushchaudhry #RIL ‘s major capital is deployed in Oil & Gas/Petrochemicals Business, JIO being 2nd. % Returns from traditional Petroleum business for RIL will be less going forward. JIODigital business though depends on buying abilities of the market constituents having low per capita income.
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Reliance Industries head Mukesh Ambani has decided to forego his entire compensation. #RIL (1/n)
Reliance Industries' board of directors, including executive directors, executive committee members and senior leaders, will forgo 30-50% of their compensation. #RIL (2/n)
Reliance Industries announces salary cut & deferment of performance linked pays for employees of its hydrocarbon business citing "pressure" on the business due to the decline in the demand for refined products and petrochemicals amid #COVID19 crisis. (3/n) #RIL
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#MukeshAmbani addresses shareholders at 42nd Annual General Meeting of #RIL…
Slowdown in the economy temporary: Mukesh Ambani at 42nd AGM of RIL | Track live updates here:
RIL announces biggest investment, says Saudi Aramco buy $75 billion stake in O2C biz | Track live updates on 42nd AGM of RIL here:
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Shri Mukesh D. Ambani addressing shareholders at 42nd Annual General Meeting of #RIL…
In the Golden Decade of Reliance, 2018-19 was yet another year of robust and record performance. Reliance became India’s largest and most profitable company - both in public and private sectors: Mukesh Ambani at #RILAGM
Only diversified Indian enterprise with three major growth engines in one single corporate entity – Oils to Chemicals division, Jio and Retail. All three have done exceedingly well in the past year. We are also incubating newer growth engines: Mukesh Ambani at #RILAGM
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