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Bueno, pues aquí viene mi comentario acodado en la barra (bueno, en mi escritorio) de las elecciones de ayer. #10N
Abro hilo ⬇
Primero, la participación.
Ha bajado de media en todo el estado con respecto a abril algo menos de 2 puntos.
1.835.000 votos menos
¿Esto ha beneficiado a la derecha o a la izquierda?
La izquierda ha perdido, sumando las pérdidas del PSOE y UP (y sumando los votos de Más País), 859.000 votos.

La derecha ha perdido, sumando subidas de PP y Vox y restandole la de Cs, 806.000 votos.

Parece que la abstención no influido más a ninguno de los bloques. #10N
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🇪🇦 Quando lo scrutinio in #Spagna alla conclusione (>96%) lo scenario sembra ormai consolidato. Quali le possibilità di formare un governo?


#MaratonaYouTrend #10N #Elecciones10N
🇪🇦 Le opzioni per una maggioranza non sono molte: una "gran coalicion" PSOE-PP supererebbe agevolmente i 176 seggi. Ma è un'eventualità decisamente improbabile, visti i precedenti storici e la cultura politica spagnola


#MaratonaYouTrend #10N #Elecciones10N #Spagna
🇪🇦 Entrambe le "coalizioni" – termine improprio, poiché in #Spagna ciascun partito si presenta per sé – di sinistra (PSOE-UP-MP) e di destra (PP-Vox-Cs) non arriverebbero nemmeno a 160 seggi.
Entrambe sono da escludere, quindi?


#MaratonaYouTrend #10N #Elecciones10N
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1. And another morning epiphany. But first a point: A mule (someone who delivers something from one place to another) is not necessarily the source. If you want plausible deniability, you use a mule and make it appear that the mule is the source.…
2. That #Sanchez is the the fall-guy for this is no surprise. His involvement with #RogerStone and #CarterPage is the key. And this brings me to my morning epiphany: was the FBI raid on #RogerStone's house because of his involvement in this conspiracy?
3. #Bezos was investigating already, which means that by then he had already alerted authorities and #DeBecker's contacts in LE. The raid on Stone seemed to be one of great urgency. The warrant was obtained the night before. Usually such raids are done in non-violent cases if...
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1. Hilo sobre el extrañísimo combo Sharia, Feminismo, Diversidad Sexual y Derechos Humanos:


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OK, some context on #Spain: last week, a court found that the ruling #PP had been using irregular funds for years. The Socialist party (#PSOE) launched a motion of non confidence, which is being discussed today in Parliament (opens thread)
Initially,nobody in #Europe cared much:after all, this was to be the second time #Rajoy was questioned by the Parliament (last year, on an initiative by #Podemos) and Socialist leader #Sanchez (who is not an MP, as he lost his seat last year) did not seem to have too much support
Mainly because he needs 176 votes, which he can only get if MOST regional parties (including heavily pro-indy forces in #Catalonia and #basquecountry) support him, as #Ciudadanos has said they would not support the motion, because they want new elections.
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