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Here's what I do know: @roberts
Also note the dates on the documents from the prosecutor's office. Nobody told me a decision had been made or in any way discussed the possibility of a deferred prosecution with me prior to the letter being sent out. I found out that same day and only because I went there.
That's right! The local media undoubtedly found out before I did, since a story was published about it THAT SAME DAY. I'm an attorney, but I do not practice criminal law and I had never even heard of "deferred prosecution" before specifically.
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You know what I would love to say to her "Who do I turn to, to be compensated for all the pain & suffering I have experienced for the past 2 years?" I was carjacked & shot by a STL gang banging thug! See more below! #innocentlivesmatter #dobetter #stl…
2: The day my life changed forever all because of failed policies, plea bargains & sympathy for violent THUGS!…
3: If @saintlouismayor thinks I would even consider “donating” my money for reparations she has lost her damn mind. I’m not responsible for 💩 that happened years ago! However people like her & other democrats are responsible for what happened to me! #stlmayor
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Plaintiff’s response to Interveners in Robinson/Cole County Court Decision.
19 easy to read tweet thread of brief.
“Putative intervenors (Stl County) improperly allege intervention as of right under Rule 52.12(a), but cannot meet any of the required elements.” #MoLeg @AndStlc
“once they were unhappy with the outcome of the litigation, which is strongly disfavored by
Missouri courts. The putative intervenors' post-Judgment criticisms of this Court's judgment are
just sour grapes, which give them no right to intervene.”
“St. Louis County only attempting intervention at very late stage because its County Executive is extremely displeased with the outcome of the case – not a matter of substantial injustice.” #MoLeg #StL
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I'm so frustrated with radio stations that claim to be serving their communities. Tonight we had two major tornado incidents, one killed two dead in one and countless others missing in an Amazon warehouse collapse. I go to the all news radio stations website and see this. 1/3
It is completely unacceptable for a #radio station to call themselves #news radio and not have 1 word about deaths and damage hours after it happens. They still have the story from this morning saying it could be bad this afternoon. #Tornado @KMOX #stlwx 2/3
And while the "newsradio" station is running recorded programs, the TV stations that do news have done an amazing job wall to wall and now that it's 12:22 in the morning are still doing cut-ins from the @amazon warehouse. @FOX2now @kmov @ksdknews #StLouis 3/3
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#thread #STLJailsCrisis
Last night, the world once again beheld people whose basic rights have been violated, who have been caged by a system that criminalizes race & poverty, & who have been torn from their families because they could not afford a money bond/no bond was allowed.
Following protests in January and February, people last night held a banner from inside #STLCity’s “City Justice Center” that read, “HELP US,” and were heard saying they wanted court dates. While previous protests highlighted the jail’s lack of COVID safety protocols, lack of...
adequate food & access to water, abuse and retaliation by jail employees- people last night pointed to the injustice of money bail and pretrial detention.
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A brief #STLJailsCrisis timeline:
November 2017: James Cody & other people detained in the Workhouse pretrial file a federal lawsuit against #STLCity alleging inhumane conditions at the Workhouse. Still pending.
April 2018: @CLOSEWorkhouse campaign starts to #closetheWorkhouse
September 2018 & January 2019: @CLOSEWorkhouse publishes two reports on the history of the Workhouse, problems with money bail, pretrial detention & the need for #STL to reimagine public safety.…
January 2019: David Dixon sues #STLCity for an unlawful money bail system w/ ACD, @adv_project, @CivRightsCorps & @GeorgetownICAP in his corner.
June 2019: Federal judge in the Dixon case grants a preliminary injunction, orders people detained to get another bail hearing.
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Today, March 2nd, there are election all over the country. These include primaries and general elections for municipal offices, as well as multiple state legislative special elections.

This thread will contain the candidates we’re endorsing.
First, we’d like to reiterate our support for @progparty candidate Max Tracy to be the next mayor of Burlington (Vermont). Max is a dedicated progressive organiser fighting for better housing, a cleaner city, and racial justice.
We’d also like to reiterate our support for the Vermont Progressive Party Burlington City Council candidates.

East District: Jack Hanson
Central District: Perri Freeman
North District: Kienan Christianson
South District: Grace Ahmed
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In our conversations with #STL folks about public education, we've been getting questions about what can be done at different levels of government. To help address some of those, we're doing a new #StandWithSLPS thread! So here it is:

Local 🌆vs.🏛️ State - A Thread🧵

For starters, we should clarify that we are focused on our 3 current asks:

1. Support for a new schools moratorium
2. Creation of a citywide comprehensive plan for schools
3. Curbing of tax incentive abuse

This thread will largely be focused on the above. But first!

General Remarks

Funding for local public school districts comes from 3 primary sources: local, state, and federal. According to the 2020 @SLPS_INFO Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), 80% of revenue comes from local revenue, 13% from the state, and 7% federally.

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STL County cases have tripled. Hospitals are near capacity and public health officials are overwhelmed, @DrSamPage saying now.

People need to stay at home as much as possible so St. Louis County doesn't have to increase public-health restrictions, he said. #COVID19 #STL
.@DrSamPage urges:

Avoid personal interactions. If you can work from home, do so.

If your business and you can take care of your customers with curbside, do so.

Wear a mask everywhere.

Create a 10-person bubble but still wear a mask. That will help w contact tracing.
A @DeSmetJesuitHS student held a Halloween party with about 200 students. 5 students have since tested positive. Others with symptoms are awaiting test results.

@DrSamPage called it a super spreader event. Asking all students who attended the party to quarantine immediately.
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Former Secretary General of the #Lebanese Forces Chantal Sarkis to MTV: #STL's verdict in the case of Rafic Hariri's assassination is historic, and the court acted transparently; if it was truly politicized, it would have convicted the four accused
Sarkis to MTV: We call on the President and officials to act and achieve justice in the case of Hariri's assassination, but after great disappointments, we no longer expect much
Sarkis to MTV: The problem is the presence of an armed group in the country, and when this presence ceases to exist, the application of justice will become available to all
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Future Movement's Media Coordinator Abdel Salam Moussa to MTV: There is a picture that brings Ayyash together with Hezbollah's Secretary-General, and convicting him in the case of Rafic Hariri's assassination is a condemnation of an entire system and of #Hezbollah
Abdel Salam Moussa to MTV: STL's judgment is historical, and Ayyash was found guilty with conclusive evidence, along with accomplices in the Hariri assassination case, but others were not convicted for lack of evidence, which shows that the court observed the highest standards
Abdel Salam Moussa to MTV: We have absolute confidence in the #STL and we are satisfied with its ruling; we consider that it has revealed the truth, and we will continue to demand justice until the last moment
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If there is no direct evidence that leadership of Hezbollah and Syria gave orders it doesn’t mean they are innocent just that the evidence of guilt was not there partly because tribunal was limited to individuals.
Bien que la Syrie et le Hezbollah "aient pu avoir des motifs" d'éliminer Hariri & ses alliés
Le juge #STL
"Il n'y a aucune preuve que les dirigeants du Hez aient eu une quelconque implication ds le meurtre Hariri, et il n'y a aucune preuve directe de l'implication syrienne"
Cette décision a suscité l'indignation au Liban, avec des milliers de réponses sur les médias sociaux.
Mais si beaucoup ont vu le verdict comme un scandale, d'autres peuvent être soulagés par une issue qui offre une concession, aussi amère soit-elle, aux deux camps.
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THREAD: many in Lebanon were expecting drama of high profile indictment like Milosevic trial, this was never going to be the case. Tho it acquitted 3 defendants, @STLebanon found 4th guilty. Remember the tribunal had no mandate to prosecute states or parties.
But UN tribunal has now determined beyond doubt that key operative in Hezbollah, a highly centralized political group/militant org, was guilty in plot to assassinate former premier Rafiq Hariri in 05, a politically motivated plot that wud benefit Hezb and patrons in Damascus.
If there is no direct evidence that leadership of Hezbollah and Syria gave orders it doesn’t mean they are innocent just that the evidence of guilt was not there partly because tribunal was limited to individuals.
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I stop counting how many times “There are no evidences” were mentioned by judges in #Hariri STL
As if 4 men *independently* monitored Hariri for at least 5 months, planned, executed a major crime against #Lebanon’s late PM #Hariri, then staged a fake story about his murder!
How redicluous!
#Hariri STL is clearly apolitical, meticulous, and transparent.
But failure to develop justice makes all the above pointless and irrelevant.
Another nail in the coffin of the state of
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#STL #BreakingNews

NOW, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon convenes to give verdict vs killers of Rafik Hariri… Image
STL judge keeps referring to Mustafa Badreddine AKA Sami Issa. Who's he?
Batreddine was a senior military leader of Hizbullah, bomb maker, & cousin of Imad Mughniya.
He was assassinated in a 2016 bombing ordered by Hassan Nasrallah and Qasem Soleimani!
To follow the investigation report, read @ronenbergman's incredible investigation 5 years ago.
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15 years after the event, 6 years after the start of the trial, long awaited Judgment at the STL coming up at 11am.
Judge Re reading out of the summary of facts illustrates immediately that virtually all the Prosecutor's case relies on circumstantial evidence from telephone networks information.
Judge Re announces Judgment is 2000 pages! Did I hear that correctly???
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I fight because I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. I’ve felt the weight of student & medical debt, & I’ve lived unhoused as a single mother. I’m not alone—for too many people in #MO01, our reality is one of struggle & survival.
#STL consistently ranks top in the nation for violent crime, police shootings, & sexual disease transmission. Over the last 20 yrs, our unemployment rates have risen, our unhoused population has grown, & our communities are as segregated as ever. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Rep. @LacyClayMO1 has presided over this district for two decades, w/ little to show for it. We deserve a congresswoman who truly represents us—all of us. We deserve someone who will fight for real change we can feel. I’m running, bc we deserve a champion. I am that champion.
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#STL evicted its fifth encampment during #COVID19 under the order of safety and public health concerns. Through fast work of advocates, we were able to house 16 people in less than 48 hours. What frustrates me is how little City government was involved in assisting. 1/
The City's lack of coordination and collaboration is inadequate. It should not take volunteers to do the work of local government to house people especially when it goes against CDC guidelines during #COVID19 to dismantle encampments if they're insufficient housing available. 2/
When spending time with unhoused people at the encampments, I learned about their dreams if they had access to stable housing and healthcare. A robustly funded Housing First model is needed to end homelessness. Medicaid Expansion is crucial too. 3/
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After spending weeks trying to aid in support of the unhoused population in #STL, I have revisited this public health guidance from @CDCgov.

“If individual housing options are not available, allow people who are living unsheltered or in encampments to remain where they are.”
It goes on to say:

“Clearing encampments can cause people to disperse throughout the community and break connections with service providers. This increases the potential for infectious disease spread.”
Having visited two encampments and engaged in numerous meetings and conversations with dedicated health care providers, outreach workers, and other partners, I have a better understanding of the complexities than I did prior to COVID.
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Thread. The workhouse is a white supremacist shithole of a facility. It has been filled with mostly black & brown bodies for decades. Many simply couldn’t afford bail, many others held on non violent charges. The impact that facility has had on lives/families/ communities 1)
over the years is deep real & profound. It’s a living breathing functioning cog within this racist prison industrial complex system, a system built on white supremacy. There is no disputing this. And there should be absolutely no hesitation to #CloseTheWorkhouse. None. But 2)
this is #STL so of course many public officials, black & white, have hesitation. Don’t let political noise and/or the BS rhetoric distract from the truth here. The Workhouse is a montrosity & has been for YEARS. It’s wrecked havoc on lives. It is thoroughly racist to the core. 3)
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Short #Missouri #COVID19 evening update 🧵 for Wednesday, 5/13, covering testing data for MO, #StLouis zip code and individual-level outcomes, and #STL hospitalization data -….

We’ve got more hospitalization metric improvements today despite… 1/7
… a jump in the number of new admissions ☝️. These jumps have happened before, even when the overall trend is downward. Focus on that trend and not the absolute change. Metrics for sickest patients, ICUs and ventilator use, also continued their downward trajectories 👇. 2/7
Worse news on the testing front, where we are failing to expand testing and have falling from our recent peak numbers on the 7-day average of new tests. On the plus side, our % positive is dropping, but we really need to expand our testing capacity and are failing to do so. 3/7
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Here is my #Missouri #COVID 🧵 for Tuesday, 4/28. To see the interactive maps, head over to the MO tracking site -….

Today, we have a special Parson’s reopening edition of the thread, with two plots showing new cases in MO 👇: 1/16
Specifically, the plots ☝️ show a 7-day average of new cases in MO on both a log and a linear scale. They break apart all of MO’s new cases, and only new cases outside of the #StLouis metro (since that is where many reported cases are). I’ve labeled peak dates as well. 2/16
Part of the White House’s plan is to identify “data-driven” metrics that show improvement in states, one of which is whether new cases are declining. I don’t know if states got more guidance than what is on the White House’s website… 3/16
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For the most part, asthma, hypertension, and diabetes are inequalities — differences that are a direct result of racism, poverty, disinvestment, and other structural barriers — not “pre-existing conditions.”
#publichealth #healthequity #covid19
Here’s an excellent article by @uche_blackstock that provides an overview of the barriers to equitable treatment and other inequalities that emerge during the #covid19 pandemic and similar disasters: #healthequity #phealth
Most US cities have a 15-year gap in life expectancy. Neighborhoods that have seen these catastrophically-high premature death rates for decades, due to inequality, racism, & incarceration, are also likely to be impacted by #covid19 at 2-5 times the rate of affluent areas. #nnip Image
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