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“I used to observe the indiscriminate use of plastic and how it would be thrown into landfills and oceans, contributing to pollution.

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#EntrepreneursOfIndia #Sustainability #Fashion #Recycling #TamilNadu #TheBetterIndia Image
I wanted to find a better way to use discarded plastic and help clean the environment," says Tamil Nadu’s K Sankar, who, along with his son Senthil Sankar manufactures clothing using recycled #PETbottles.
The utilization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles extends to packaging several things, but these bottles often end up in landfills, where they can take considerable time to break down.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Private equity finally delivered Sarah Palin's death panels; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ An industrial meat grinder,...
Tonight (Apr 26), I'll be in #Burbank at @DarkDel at 6PM with my new book, *Red Team Blues*:…

2/ Image
From Apr 26-28, @BNBuzz is offering a 25% discount on preorders for my upcoming novels (use discount code PREORDER25):

The Lost Cause (Nov 2023)…

The Bezzle (Red Team Blues #2) (Feb 2024)…


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@Calderdale @CalderGreens @martinhey1966 @CWhittaker_MP You could have been helpful @Calderdale. Instead you chose to victim blame me. @SuezUK don't have the common sense that a cardboard 📦 of flattened cardboard is 🟰to a Council
issue box & can at be tipped into the lorry. Council issue receptacles are inadequate for our ♻️ needs.
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#Dow plastered #Singapore with ads for a sneaker #recycling program, promising to turn shoes into playground tracks. But the shoes it collected in "recycling" bins got dumped illegally in #Indonesia. This isn't strange: it's how nearly *all* plastic recycling *always* worked. 1/ A woman kneeling to tie her running shoe. She stands on a ba
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Plastic recycling's origin story starts in 1973, when #Exxon's scientists concluded that plastic recycling would never, ever be cost-effective (#ExxonKnew about this, too). 3/
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Did you know: Recycling is an oil industry lie, invented and pushed as a 'solution' to the plastic crisis in the 1980s and 1990s to placate the public and avoid bans?

Story time! ⤵️ #ZeroPlasticWaste #Plastic #PlasticBan
Back in the 1980s/1990s, the public was becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of plastic garbage accumulating in the environment. So much so that the industry was facing a serious possibility of plastic bans – the ultimate nightmare for Big Oil.
Plastic bans would have interfered with their ability to profit off production of virgin plastics.

So they presented RECYCLING as the solution – and then spent tens of millions promoting it via ads, recycling projects + PR campaigns, telling people plastic could be recycled.
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Is your housing society a trailblazer in #recycling, #solarpower, #domestic staff welfare and more?

You could win at the 'Best Housing Society Awards', brought to you by The Better India and Godrej & Boyce:
One such society is Roseland Residency in Pune's suburb Pimple Saudagar tgat has been implementing rainwater harvesting successfully for the past decade and has never had to buy a single tanker since.
"We were tired of facing a constant shortage of water in summer. A total of 2500 residents live here. Clearly, our water requirement is huge, and it simply wasn’t possible to spend so much money on tankers.
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Is your housing society a trailblazer in #recycling, #solarpower, #domestic staff welfare and more?

You could win at the 'Best Housing Society Awards', brought to you by The Better India and Godrej & Boyce:
@GodrejAndBoyce Image
One such society is Gala Gardenia in South Bopal in #ahmedabad which runs a community fridge to help the hungry.

Residents drop off their surplus food, fruits, vegetables and groceries in the fridge for the needy to pick it up.
"By now, the construction workers in the area know about the fridge in our society. Most of them approach the security guard and get the food packets collected. We have also started storing cold water bottles for the needy", says a resident.
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23 Global Developments to Watch Over The Next Five Years.

(See Thread).… Image
#1 - DEI gives way to DEI 2.0 which focuses on Diversity (of perspective), Equality (of opportunity), and Incentives (to do well). Image
#2 - As education and incomes rise, birth rates plunge. Demographers increasingly worry about an underpopulated planet instead of an overpopulated one.
@JohnIbbitson @darrellbricker Image
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Infection prevention & control #IPC & #sustainability - a thread inspired by #ACIPC22
🦠🌏🧵 (1/17)
Prof Brett Mitchell highlighted the issue of #IPC #waste in his plenary @1healthau #ACIPC22
Finding #sustainable solutions is clearly important to the #IPC community… #ACIPC22
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Doesn't the Text Go...
On the INSIDE?

#newberrylibrary #newacq #bindingwaste #recycling #fragment Modern paper binding over b...Detail of stenciled pattern...
Didn't identify the text yet, but the binder identified herself!

#herbook Inside of book's fro t boar...
With help from @EricaHnrksn and @SLevelt, here's the 1821 sheet from Le Monde Universel! Note the columns, still visible in the binding...
3/4 1821 page from Le Monde Uni...View of cover of book, turn...
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1/ This was a long-time in the making, but the Special Issue on "Waste Economies Under Wartime Conditions: A Transnational Perspective on #recycling and #WW2" was just published by @BH__journal

#twitterstorians #discardstudies #waste #history #SWW

2/ The introduction by Chad Denton & Heike Weber places the history of waste & recycling into an international context. It argues that we need to rethink waste's role in #bizhist & the role of salvage and reverse logistics in the history of #WW2 #SWW…
3/ In "Nazi German waste recovery and the vision of a circular economy" Weber explores the waste economy inside the Nazi state & shows how waste reclamation was an integral part of Nazi ideological and racial worldviews.…
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1/ New evidence coming from Georgia shows that so-called “Advanced Recycling” is just the plastic industry’s latest greenwashing tactic designed to mislead the public. Let’s unpack this false solution for this week’s #FacilityFriday @SenDavidWatters @NHHouseofReps @HowardPearlNH
2/ “Advanced Recycling” is a term coined by the plastic industry that refers to technologies that break down plastic waste into a liquid mixture. Industry claims that this material is used to make new plastics but that is a lie. It is ALWAYS burned. #FacilityFriday Image
3/This week, Brightmark was forced to halt plans to build the world’s largest plastic-to-fuel facility in Georgia after failing prove that its existing facility in Indiana was able to successfully recycle plastic using the same technology. #FacilityFriday
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Are Northern Ireland's environmental policies sustainable or a load of rubbish? This week we explore the gap between our #climate goals and the reality while looking at ideas for the future 🌍

Environment In Focus 👇


Viewpoint: Kicking off a week-long series focusing on the climate crisis and how it affects Northern Ireland. #climateni #greenweek…
Invasion will be an environmental disaster for both Ukraine and rest of world, writes John Breslin…
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2021 - A review of direct air capture (DAC): scaling up commercial technologies and innovating for the future

Threads to highlight important & interesting nuggets of academic info.

Don't trust me, I'm human:…
2. #DAC is a developing approach to negative emissions technology (NET), necessary to ensure that global temperatures remain low.

"[NETs] must be used to offset sectors that are hard to de-carbonize and to repay the debt held by the planet's carbon reservoirs."
3. The principle of a DAC device is to filter #CO2 out of thin air, producing a more concentrated stream of CO2 at an #energy cost.

"To meet our #climate goals, 10B tons/yr [of CO2] must be removed globally by 2050... DAC currently removes 1000s of tonnes of CO2/yr" Schematic of Climeworks' DAC technology https://www.theengin
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/12/2021…
Fans Pour Funding—and Faith—Into a Hit Drama About Jesus…

#entertainment, #movies, #TheChosen, #ChristianThemes
Reductionism vs. emergence: Are you “nothing but” your atoms?…

#emergence, #reductionism, #science, #philosophy
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And we're live - our ZW Live! #webinar "Should the #EU ban all exports of its #waste?" is now in full swing!

Watch it live on our Youtube channel if you couldn't register via Zoom:

@PierreCondamine @msaraswati @FokusNexus3 @Europarl_EN @EU_ENV @RethinkPlastic @brkfreeplastic @CLEAR_Lab_ All systems produce #waste - but how can we "waste well"?

Even with proximity principles in place, waste get side to the populations with the lowest incomes and from whose the biggest efforts are required - food for thought from our speaker @MaxLiboiron.

#WasteTrade #webinar
“Waste exports means creating further impacts on 'sacrifice zones' and communities which are already vulnerable; it is a presumed entitlement.” – @MaxLiboiron
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/27/2021…
A stream in Waipio smelled like beer. An investigation into a strange spill ensued.…

#runoff #contamination #alcohol #brewery #hawaii
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/11/2021…
Yacht Full of Climate Scientists Plots Giant Sea Gate to Save Manhattan…

#ClimateChange #mitigation #manhattan #SeaGate
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/10/2021…
‘Last, best, and final offer’ from Deere to UAW members…

#ContractNegotiations #ContractProposal
We’re Heading Straight for a Demi-Armageddon…

#ClimateChange #mitigation #consequences
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Here's a #BrightonWaste 🧵
Lots of ways to reduce your waste or manage it better


Find all the local @TerraCycleUK schemes for hyper-recycling
Plastic packaging, crisp pkts, PPE, toothbrushes, lots of stuff you can't kerbside recycle!
The biggest and best local specialist recycling happens every Thursday at @BrightonOpenMkt check what can be recycled and how to participate BEFORE you go!…
Check this national postcode search to see what can and cannot be recycled where you live from home (in theory for when there's not a strike on!) and all the other local #recycling options available via @recycle_now
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Is there a greater act of high treason this rat traitor could have committed?

#Rats #Traitors of the #UniParty Congress cannot mouth the words "high treason" because they themselves are equally guilty!

#SpyGate ImageImage
#GotRope ?

What a sh1thole @TheJusticeDept we suffer

They conduct their shitshow investigations

#ButNothingsHappening Image
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In the century since its invention, plastic has become a #Pollution nightmare. Much is designed to be used just once. And much is. Yet billions are being invested in making more.

📢 Our special on #PlasticPollution and #Fossifuels is live! 📢
Despite #ClimateGoals set around the world, including increases in #SolarPower and other #RenewableEnergy, the fossil fuel sector is not about to turn its back on hydrocarbons. It has seen a beacon of hope in plastics, an industry to which it already has deep connections.
#SingleUsePlastic, like this shampoo sachet, is what fossil fuel companies are betting on to secure future profits.
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The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing on infrastructure this week:…

Lots of discussion about water use and wildfire management, but also commentary on nuclear power and critical minerals that may be of interest to investors. Image
In his opening remarks, Chairman @Sen_JoeManchin talked about supporting our “zero emission #nuclear fleet” and rebuilding our domestic supply chains by responsibly mining #criticalminerals
Ranking member @SenJohnBarrasso also opened with a mention of the “necessity of advanced nuclear”

It is notable that the two most senior members, Democrat and Republican, are both strongly supportive of #nuclear power.
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