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Looking forward to hearing more on how the #Coronavirus pandemic has impacted on the #Fashion industry #FashionMeansBusiness
First up, Jason Beckley says that “#fashion has always held a mirror up to society”. Says fashion now is “too exclusive and not sustainable enough”. Believes that we will begin to see changes to meet differing consumer demands #FashionMeansBusiness
Frances O’Dell agrees. Says that brands will need to be more transparent about ethical & environmental impact in order to allow consumers to make informed decisions #FashionMeansBusiness
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Our Lady of Fatima said on October 13, 1917, the day of the great Miracle of the Sun, ‘People must amend their lives #Fatima #Fatima103 #FatimasNextJob
2. and ask pardon for their sins. They must not continue to offend Our Lord, Who is already deeply offended.’

The Holy Bible tells us that ‘He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins’ (Isaiah 53:3). St Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church, says that each one of
3. us can truly say the if I sinned just one sin less, then Jesus would have less to suffer in His Passion and Death.

The Blessed Virgin then tells us that we must pray because she knows, and the Catholic Church teaches, that without the grace of God no one can
#Bible #grace
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A tiny golden bee with a cloisonné inlay (just 1,6 cm long) from the tomb of Childeric I, who was buried in Tournai c. 481. Hundreds of those bees could have been fastened to king‘s cloak, making the Merovingians masters of haute couture 1/ #medievaltwitter #fashion Image
The tomb was discovered in 1653 and there were many more bees in it, but the treasure was stolen in 1831 and mostly melted down. 2/ Image
Childeric’s bees have little hooks underneath which allows them to be fastened to e.g. fabric. 3/ ImageImage
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Thought of fashion and haven’t heard about Zara?

Well, that’s quite impossible.
There are a wide range of options available when it comes to fashion hence it is important for a brand to catch the attention of consumer and ZARA is the brand which never goes unnoticed.

Thread 👇 Image
1. The Spanish originated fashion brand which have a wide range of clothing accessories which include kids wear swimming suits shoes etc. Image

Amancio Ortega is the founder and former chairman of Inditex which is the parent company of ZARA.

With a net worth of $65.7B , he was the 2nd wealthiest person of Europe, as of Forbes 2020 Image
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Well, we could not possibly have been lost, someone found this spot before, and left a marker. The deer kept the trail open, it was really just a survey line cut out years ago.
Still haven't found the lake, but we are going again soon, on another route. I'll #thread the 1st part A rough white post, about 5 inches square, chiseled letters
I heard about a private road (used by ATVs) that ran off out-of-view of the highway, so we started this #Hiking trip from there. This was the easiest walking area. There's a lot more to see in trails than have been recorded or shared. #WAYCTV DESTINATION:… Typical two rut private logging road. You might get an ATV oFurther along, more grass, quite long, on the center hump of
The Maple is the first to don her Fall #fashion attire. The Red has been coming out before September this year. The trip into the woods in a few weeks will be even more amazing and well worth a drive down #EasternShoreNS just for the view #WAYCTV?  A small maple tree, about 7 foot tall, with three or four b
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Racism in Fashion, presented by Unlearning Racism Together, Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, Manhattan,
New York City, recording starts 4:19 PM, Saturday, August 22, 2020.
This is a multiple tweet thread
#RacismInFashion #racism #fashion #NewYorkCity #NewYork #nyc
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L’#emballage #plastique utilisé pour protéger les vêtements peut être considéré comme inutile, mais il joue un rôle important dans la durabilité du vêtement : Il permet de protéger le vêtement en transit de la saleté, de l'humidité et de l’endommagement.
Cc @SheeroChana
Certains vêtements sont sensibles à l’humidité et en fonction de la température de stockage ils peuvent se dégrader. Sans parler de la chaîne d’approvisionnement qui peut endommager mécaniquement le textile.
L’impact carbone est très faible au regard de l’impact de l’industrie textile. Donc le seul argument est le zéro plastique pour éviter qu’il ne soit pas ou mal jeté par le consommateur
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🗓 Keep an eye on our Twitter feed daily across August as we share an A-Z of UK-partnered 2020 #CooperationProjects supported by Creative Europe! 🇪🇺

#EuropeForCulture #Culture Image
Congrats to @_ArtReach's #CreativeEurope 2020 funding for project 'AAA: Accessible Art For All'! 🇪🇺

Displaying art in toilet venues in #cultural & community spaces, partnered with 🇩🇪 🇧🇬 🇸🇪 🇮🇹


#CooperationProjects #AtoZ #Thread Image
On day 2⃣ of our August A-Z celebration of UK #CooperationProjects 2020, shout out to 'Comics - A new language for Europe' with @comicartfest ✍️

Partnered with 🇧🇪 🇩🇰 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 #CreativeEurope #Comics

Image: @gemmacorrell Image
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Pioneer Tailors and Fashion Designers

Deola Sagoe (Nee Ade-Ojo)
Ondo, Nigeria
54 Y/O
Brand: House of Deola

Deola Sagoe is an haute couture fashion designer from Ondo State, Nigeria.


#BBNaija #BigBrothernaija2020 #BBErica #EidMubarak #OmoEkoCalmDown
She has won multiple International, Continental and Local awards in the Fashion Industry. She began designing in 1988 when she joined her mother’s business with a view of expanding and modernizing the business.

Daughters of Africa
The Luxury Network
She was the first black woman to present a collection at AltaRoma, Rome’s celebrated fashion week, back in 2004 and the first Nigerian to have her own stand-alone show at the New York Fashion Week September 2014.


The Luxury Network
Nigeria Business Directory
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You can't think about Living Legend #ManojKumar without his performance in #shaheed I ll rate it the best movie ever made on #BhagatSingh
It won the award for Best Feature Film in Hindi, the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration.
In 1956 when 19 year old #ManojKumar approached for a role, he got his debut role in the movie #Fashion however the role offered was that of 90 year old man. He accepted it & as they say,after that rest is history.
Video: @bigfmindia #SuhanaSafar by #AnnuKapoor @themoviemystic
#DoYouKnow #ManojKumar met honourable PM then #LalBahadurSashtri ji who gave the slogan "Jay Jawan,Jay Kishan" wanted a film to propagate the message & Thus it led to Manoj aka Bharat Kumar coming up with cult movie #Upkar 1/n
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Pioneer Tailors and Fashion Designers

Christian Dior
21 Jan 1905 to 24 October 1957
Brand: Christian Dior

The brand Christian Dior personifies elegance, innovation and ingenuity....


#Icon #ThrowbackThursday
Tinubu Erica
A leader in the world of haute-couture, the House of Dior is one of the biggest names in the world of fashion and much credit for everything that the brand reckons with goes to its founder, the legendary fashionista and fashion designer – Christian Dior.
Christian Dior Quotes

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

"Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money."


#hushpuppy #bbnaijalockdown2020 Nengi Erica
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Today in pulp I look back at the world of Soviet women's fashion!

It's not all berets, but it mostly is... #TuesdayThoughts Image
Now you may think that fashion and the Soviet Union go together like Groucho Marks and Friedrich Engels. However that is to misunderstand the nature of the Commad Economy: if she commands it, you'd better buy it for her. Image
So there is a rich history of fashion and fun (along with the tractor factories and endless ballet performances) in the old USSR. Let's take a sashay along it... Image
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Late night talk...

C'est officiel, une collection de pièces exclusives et limitées de prêt-à-porter pour HOMMES... Et FEMMES !

Suivez le compte @mrafropolitanlive sur Instagram pour ne rien manquer des coulisses de cette création. Image
Les croquis, les prototypes, les matières, les essayages, les shootings, la mise en ligne pour acquérir les pièces à l'international... chaque étape vous sera distillée.

Les early adopters pourront profiter de cadeaux exclusifs et contenus inédits pour vivre cette aventure.
pleinement et même y participer : MADE IN YAOUNDÉ avec amour.

L'esprit #Tailoring que vous nous connaissez ne manquera pas, cette fois avec plus d'audace.

Des pièces qui vous transporteront et marqueront votre authenticité. #Leadership - #Charisma - #Greatness
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The first ever Delia's Catalog, Winter 1995. Don't say you didn't read it... #SaturdayThoughts #fashion ImageImageImageImage
Oh, so you want some MORE pages from the Delia's catalog do you? Image
You want to go back down this particular rabbit hole... Image
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03/07 #CadaDíaUnaArtista #TwitterCultural #Fashion
LOUISE DAHL WOLFE (1895-1989) fue una fotógrafa con alma de pintora que revolucionó las revistas de moda.
“Estudié pintura y diseño y con ello aprendí a calibrar el espacio y distribuir formas y volúmenes por él” ImageImageImageImage
Ella misma declaró en una entrevista que cuando llegó realmente no había fotógrafos de moda, solamente artistas que por casualidad llegaron a hacer este tipo de fotografías. Ella hizo escuela.
Luz, composición y color son la base de su obra. ImageImageImageImage
En Nueva York conoció a las fotógrafas Anne W. Brigman y Consuelo Kanaga, quienes la iniciaron en la técnica. Viajaron por Europa y África y se entrenó en el uso de la luz natural y captar la belleza de los exteriores. ImageImageImageImage
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Source: Alabama Chanin Journal (2016)

"The art of tailoring dates to the early Middle Ages. Some of the earliest tailors were linen armorers by trade, meaning they created custom, padded linen garments that were worn under chain mail...


1) protect the wearer from the chafing associated with heavy armor. From this occupation, the earliest tailors guilds were born in Europe. Tailoring began to diversify in Western Europe, between the 12th and 14th centuries."

"Before this time, garments were generally made from a single piece of cloth and were created for the sole purpose of covering or concealing the body; individual style was of no particular interest to a garment’s maker or wearer."

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#BornthisDay June 20, 1911 #actress & #StyleIcon Gail Patrick. Known for movies eg My Favourite Wife 1940, Stage Door 1937, My Man Godfrey 1936, became TV producer later life responsible Perry Mason. Often cast as haughty other woman in movies- great style legacy as result!
Some more studio shots of Gail by Everett etc.

#BornthisDay June 20, 1911 #actress & #StyleIcon Gail Patrick

#vintagefashion #style #dresses #boudoir #gowns #furs #robes

Quit academic/law career for Hollywood-paid $50 wk neg to $75. Early roles inc 'Murders in the Zoo' 1933, 'Death Takes a Holiday' (blonde) 1934 -remade as ''Meet Joe Black'- 'One Hour Late' 1934 & 'Mississippi' 1935
#BornthisDay June 20, 1911 #actress #StyleIcon Gail Patrick
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1) New tools as #DataMining could help, but!
2) We need #quality not #quantity
3) A lot of papers are useless
4) And other more are unknown to the scientific groups
➡️We have a lot of work to do.
There are more. Thx to @EBaladia for share this: Waste in COVID-19 research by @PaulGlasziou/@bmj_latest…
❌A lot of trials How about quality?
❌Preprints A huge situation
❌Duplication Big problem
@nutriologaedna @MagdaRamrez8 @EvidNutrition @UrsuliuxMed
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“Quality has drastically declined at well-known brands, too. A pair of Levi’s at what I consider an extremely high price point of 100 euros will only last two or three years now.”… #fashion #fastfashion
"Based on studies she’s supervised in the field, Easter has found that fabrics have become thinner."
"Interestingly, the $9.95 pair of jeans outperformed the $129 pair on several levels. For example, the two most expensive pairs – by Lucky Brand and Gap – turned out to be the least colourfast, they shed, and scored lowest on fabric and seam strength."
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Hashtags are Instagram’s signpost and a  powerful tool. 

The right set of hashtags increases your reach on instagram and an increased reach means more exposure for your business and more followers.

In this thread, I will show you

Types of hashtags 

How to research hashtags
Let’s get started!

Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a # sign to identify messages on specific topics.

Hashtags put your content where it will be seen by those interested in your offer, they also increase your reach and engagement.
This is why you need to spend time researching hashtags populated by your target audience. 

There are different types of hashtags you should consider when researching hashtags.
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#BornthisDay 23 March c1905 #StyleIcon #actress one greatest stars 20thC #cinema, #JoanCrawford.
Winning Academy Award famous role #MildredPierce many other #filmnoir dramatic & comedic roles. Starred movies #1920s- 1970s #vintagefashion 1/8
#BornthisDay 23 March c1905 #StyleIcon #actress #cinema, #JoanCrawford. Started as body double Norma Shearer, after winning lots Charleston competitions. Not afraid being seen as flapper "If you want to see the girl next door, go next door." #vintagefashion #1920s #1930s 2/8
#BornthisDay 23 March c1905 #StyleIcon #actress #cinema, #JoanCrawford. Her early roles endeared her to legion female fans to whom she epitomized independence & glamour they aspired to. #1920s #1930s #vintage #fashion #style 3/8
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#Story of my journey from #Housewife to #SareeDraper
I started my career as a fashion stylist for ad-shoots. After I got married wore saree on regular basis as I love wearing saree and I respect the attire brought down by my grandmothers and mothers.
I took #career break because of random #shoot timings, got busy with my family and kids. I was a housewife and used to get many compliments for the way I wore #sarees .
I used to help people #drape saree and so they started recommending me to others, this is how I realized To change this passion into profession. Saree is classic Indian attire and has perennial and eminent history and I want to popularize the art of perfect saree draping.
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A thought strikes me browsing through the never ending online catalog of Apparel, that Apparel shopping is so much different than other type of shopping. Wouldn't it be great to swipe right & left like Tinder to be selective for first few minutes that will filter through the
catalog incrementally (ai) in real time. In the real world this is called window shopping!
Bombarding with XXXX numbers of items and tons of filters in the catalog is a complete disgrace to Hick's Law.

#retail #ecommerce #apparel #fashion #sales #brand #userresearch
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