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📍🧵 THREAD #Creator #DigitalFashion

We partner with footwear creators (designers and brands) to pave the way for the next-gen sneakers and design the future of footwear. During the @drp_ville festival we showcase and highlight 3 of our creators 👇
1/ Redd Smith

He's a footwear designer based in Bristol 🇬🇧 He's exploring the bridge between virtual and physical sneakers by designing in #VirtualReality and using the disruptive 3D printing tech of @TheZellerfelds Redd is currently designing footwear at @GravitySketch ✍️ Image
👟 His model on our booth is the “Regenerate”. Inspiration for this concept came from the way plants and trees generate growth around man-made objects such as railings and walls.

He will be present on our booth Saturday June 25th. Image
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After a short rebound, the crypto market came back down on fears of a potential implosion as 3AC was facing serious insolvency risks. In #Coin360 Daily Digest👇

@Immutable @DecentralGames @decentraland @sknupsgg @dolcegabbana @LidoFinance @FTX_Official @BitvoCrypto @PolyNetwork2
1/ $BTC was wandering around the $20k support level with the RSI falling to the deeply oversold stages.

This suggested a short-term relief rally, but if #BTC breaks support, a new round of liquidations will occur. Traders should beware of the sell-off as:
2/ $ETH faced a similar situation as it was entering the oversold level, but traders were afraid of a drop to $1k which could push the price lower.

Follow the market with our heatmap:
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An article about new #website #categorization service using #nlp approach and machine learning model:…
It offers both google products #taxonomy which is ideal for #ecommerce sector as well as the IAB taxonomy which is more commonly used for general website categorizations, e.g. for marketing.
Why need for categorizations in marketing? If an advertiser wants to publish ads on publishers websites, generally it wants to know in what kind of category are the publishers websites.
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The current launch model for #starkids for their debut #movies

Especially applicable to kids entering with #KaranJohar #SajidNadiadwala

1. The star kids become active on Instagram. While most are active anyways, they now hire a agency to manage #socialmedia + do #PR
2. #BombayTimes articles begin to happen, giving inspirational stories from their life or getting quotes from them on topics like #fashion #fitness #holidayspots etc

4. Rumours circulate about their starring in an upcoming film

5. Photoshoot happens with 1-2 reputable magazines
If the star kid is A list, it'll be with a lah Dee dah grade magazine like Vogue, else magazines like Grazie, Filmfare etc

6. Motion Poster of film releases

7. Articles appear about the star kids journey, their role models, thanks to the producer sir for opportunity etc
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CROONICLE: Never Become a Relationship Doormat…
CROONICLE: Signs that You Are Not the Marrying Type… #relationships #dating
CROONICLE: WordPress Plugins for Organic SEO Expert… #seo #WordPress
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Why are audits are ineffective tools for detecting reporting & correcting environmental & labor violations in #fashion supply chains? A thread/1
Most brands design audit programs that only inspect Tier 1 suppliers, where the final assembly of products takes place. This means, subcontracted units or other tiers in garment production (dyeing, spinning,etc), where working conditions are worse - are not included in audits./2
Many #fashion brands, themselves design audit programs. This means they determine how audits are conducted when they should be conducted, which factories must be part of it, or even which agencies must to involved in it.3
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Available 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Worldwide Delivery 🚚🚚🚚

DM/whatsapp/call 09128227042

#Dubai #kano #Nigeria #fashion #arewaweddings #arewapeople
#veils #beautiful #northernblog #caps #northernhibiscus #nothe
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Building a mindful #metaverse -
1/6 There won't be an overarching #Metaverse in #web3. Each will have its own use case, economics, rewards, features, policies but ultimately - #interoperability is a must.
2/6 #Interoperability or Io, allows for #Metaverses to speak to each other.
#Metapolis is being built as the first L1 metaverse to make this a “reality.” #Blockchain will serve as the bridge. More on this in due time.
3/6 Consumer behaviour was changed by mall culture, digital marketing & later, the internet. The #Metaverse will change it again: #borderless, #accessible, open for all - an always-on layer of engagement.
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🇨🇱 Images from the Atacama desert, which has become a dumpster for the global fast fashion industry. Over 100,000 tons of clothing, many of them new items with price tags that weren't sold or used, have been dumped in the Atacama desert in Chile. Image
The fast-fashion concept, the mass-production of cheap and disposable clothing, has made the fashion industry one of the most polluting industries worldwide, just after oil and agriculture. ImageImage
When combining CO2 emissions from clothing production & the massive clothes waste, fashion production accounts for 10% of humanity's carbon emissions.
#Fashion #ToxicFashion #FashionPollution #FashionIndustry #FastFashion #SustainableFashion #FashionRevolution

📷 by @MayneJason Image
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We have had a busy 2021 and we look forward to 2022 which is brightened further with the spirit of Indovation and ideation. Cheers to each of you and your families. Image
2/n 2021 was a challenging year personally for many with #Covid 2nd wave but it presented professional opportunities for #startup ecosystem too. @SucSEED_IN built its maiden #AngelFund #IndovationFund, amongst overwhelming response & kept growing its strength as #AngelNetwork too ImageImage
3/n At #IndovationFund, we believe that early-stage discovery is best handled with the help of Experienced folks. We have great #SectoralCommittee structure helping us to discover, screen, curate, invest and mentor these startups, in 6 sectors of our #Fundfocus #SucSEEDfamily Image
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A-Z of autism.

From a personal autistic perspective.

C (probably won’t be concise!)


The first C I want to mention is ‘compassion’.
This is something autistic people are assumed not to have, even though it’s often something we have in abundance.

But compassion is sadly lacking in many services we access, even those specifically designed for autistic people.

Lack of compassion for us may stem from people finding us annoying.

It may reflect the fact that autistic people are seen as having less social value.

Or perhaps atypical expressiveness makes people assume we don’t have feelings.

Whatever the reason, we end up being hurt.

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Fabulous fashion inspired by ancient #Egypt at the epic Pharaohs’ Golden Parade event that is taking place right now in #Cairo as 22 royal mummies are transported from the Egyptian Museum to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.
#PharaohsGoldenParade #fashion
and more beautiful fashion ....
and more ...
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CINTAILAH. Ajakan Pak @jokowi untuk benci produk asing sebagai bentuk dukungan #produk #lokal tentu memiliki motif baik. Ini juga seiringan dengan tren #konsumen #dunia selama #pandemi. Namun, kebangkitan "#lokalisme" ini justru didasari #cinta bukan #benci. Kita bahas👇
#Lokalisme, menjadi suatu tren yang ditimbulkan akibat #pandemi #COVID19. Riset dari @Kantar, menyebutkan bahwa ada gejala #konsumen di #dunia cenderung lebih memilih #brand dan #produk dari dalam #negeri-nya sendiri. Mengapa?

#local #lokal #jokowi #umkm #perdagangan #asing
Kini, #konsumen di #dunia ikut melibatkan faktor #emosi dalam membeli #produk. Kehadiran #brand lokal yang masih mungil tapi mudah direach memberi peluang konsumen untuk diapproach lebih #personal oleh si #brand. Ada #intimacy dari relasi keduanya.

#lokalisme #local #jokowi #ukm
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Big congrats to @nonfungibles on releasing their 2020 Annual Non-Fungible Tokens Report! @NathalieBcht, @latelier & I thoroughly enjoyed partnering with them on it:
Some key takeaways from the report & my personal observations a/t #NFTs. A long-ish 🧵👇:
MARKET SIZE: The NFT market had a historic 2020 - tripled in value, reaching $250m (in terms of value of all #Ethereum transactions on chain, so actual market size is even bigger). This is rapid growth for a space that’s just a few years old.
Market is still volatile & prone to speculation but more sophisticated use cases are emerging based on utility, community, competitive elements. All are prerequisites for a more mature market. For all the hype around crypto, it is #NFTs that offer some of the more promising uses.
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Thanks to @kimbiddulph it’s #Archaeology31 time again! - Starting with prompt number one: #new.

Which in this case is: New year, new journal. Empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts, notes, sketches ... opportunities. Image
#Archaeology31 day 2, #future, offers a great chance to highlight a topic I found particularly interesting as of late:

How will an #ArchaeologyOfTheFuture look like - What do *we* leave behind for future colleagues?

(Weekend reading recommendations included. 😉) Image
Starting with the question what actually constitutes #CulturalHeritage, #sites, and #monuments of our age ...

(#Archaeology31, 2. #future)
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TOMORROW'S #FakeNews busted TODAY - about POLLUTION levels YESTERDAY on DIWALI! 😂
- Pls see the 2 graphs attached on Hyderabad Polln levels on Diwali Night!
- Before all 'eminent' journalists & 'woke' activists cld get up - the Pollution was gone!!
Source… ImageImage
Busting #DelhiPollutionData - Tomorrow's FakeNews Busted Today! See similar graphs for Delhi as well. This is how it is every year, every city. But blaming #Crackers for the same has become a #Fashion. Please share widely to stop spread of #FakeNews and #FakeNarrative! ImageImage
For this who want full details of the entire web lies spun to ban #Crackers then pls download and read this paper.
One document which will resolve all ur questions!…
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Our Lady of Fatima said on October 13, 1917, the day of the great Miracle of the Sun, ‘People must amend their lives #Fatima #Fatima103 #FatimasNextJob
2. and ask pardon for their sins. They must not continue to offend Our Lord, Who is already deeply offended.’

The Holy Bible tells us that ‘He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins’ (Isaiah 53:3). St Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church, says that each one of
3. us can truly say the if I sinned just one sin less, then Jesus would have less to suffer in His Passion and Death.

The Blessed Virgin then tells us that we must pray because she knows, and the Catholic Church teaches, that without the grace of God no one can
#Bible #grace
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Racism in Fashion, presented by Unlearning Racism Together, Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, Manhattan,
New York City, recording starts 4:19 PM, Saturday, August 22, 2020.
This is a multiple tweet thread
#RacismInFashion #racism #fashion #NewYorkCity #NewYork #nyc
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🗓 Keep an eye on our Twitter feed daily across August as we share an A-Z of UK-partnered 2020 #CooperationProjects supported by Creative Europe! 🇪🇺

#EuropeForCulture #Culture Image
Congrats to @_ArtReach's #CreativeEurope 2020 funding for project 'AAA: Accessible Art For All'! 🇪🇺

Displaying art in toilet venues in #cultural & community spaces, partnered with 🇩🇪 🇧🇬 🇸🇪 🇮🇹


#CooperationProjects #AtoZ #Thread Image
On day 2⃣ of our August A-Z celebration of UK #CooperationProjects 2020, shout out to 'Comics - A new language for Europe' with @comicartfest ✍️

Partnered with 🇧🇪 🇩🇰 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 #CreativeEurope #Comics

Image: @gemmacorrell Image
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Pioneer Tailors and Fashion Designers

Deola Sagoe (Nee Ade-Ojo)
Ondo, Nigeria
54 Y/O
Brand: House of Deola

Deola Sagoe is an haute couture fashion designer from Ondo State, Nigeria.


#BBNaija #BigBrothernaija2020 #BBErica #EidMubarak #OmoEkoCalmDown
She has won multiple International, Continental and Local awards in the Fashion Industry. She began designing in 1988 when she joined her mother’s business with a view of expanding and modernizing the business.

Daughters of Africa
The Luxury Network
She was the first black woman to present a collection at AltaRoma, Rome’s celebrated fashion week, back in 2004 and the first Nigerian to have her own stand-alone show at the New York Fashion Week September 2014.


The Luxury Network
Nigeria Business Directory
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Pioneer Tailors and Fashion Designers

Christian Dior
21 Jan 1905 to 24 October 1957
Brand: Christian Dior

The brand Christian Dior personifies elegance, innovation and ingenuity....


#Icon #ThrowbackThursday
Tinubu Erica
A leader in the world of haute-couture, the House of Dior is one of the biggest names in the world of fashion and much credit for everything that the brand reckons with goes to its founder, the legendary fashionista and fashion designer – Christian Dior.
Christian Dior Quotes

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

"Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money."


#hushpuppy #bbnaijalockdown2020 Nengi Erica
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Today in pulp I look back at the world of Soviet women's fashion!

It's not all berets, but it mostly is... #TuesdayThoughts Image
Now you may think that fashion and the Soviet Union go together like Groucho Marks and Friedrich Engels. However that is to misunderstand the nature of the Commad Economy: if she commands it, you'd better buy it for her. Image
So there is a rich history of fashion and fun (along with the tractor factories and endless ballet performances) in the old USSR. Let's take a sashay along it... Image
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