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“I used to observe the indiscriminate use of plastic and how it would be thrown into landfills and oceans, contributing to pollution.

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#EntrepreneursOfIndia #Sustainability #Fashion #Recycling #TamilNadu #TheBetterIndia Image
I wanted to find a better way to use discarded plastic and help clean the environment," says Tamil Nadu’s K Sankar, who, along with his son Senthil Sankar manufactures clothing using recycled #PETbottles.
The utilization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles extends to packaging several things, but these bottles often end up in landfills, where they can take considerable time to break down.
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#fashion 2023 🤔
look at the ventilated arms 🤪
any men could become jealous 🤡

2023 year of #CovidIsNotOver but #hOpium
intentional governemental #denial
urge of normalcy
with some salty pictures
like these ones
to push over #COVIDisAirborne 😵‍💫

#MaskUp #JustSaying 😷 Image
🤔 2) Image
🤔 3) Image
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A chance this could be #1970s but more likely #1980s as shoulder pads very exaggerated. Has such disco diva vamp glamour. So I mixed a bit of vampire and disco as inspiration with a contemporary character! It's in pure silk and by CACHÉ another fab American label #vintagefashion
Another piece very 'vamp' glamour. Have a few drop dead gorgeous #goth dresses by Sarah Whitworth whose label Deadlier than the Male based Hyper Hyper Kensington High St. Ghost, Pam Hogg also there
Ah #1980s..such we danced like creatures of the night to Bauhaus
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1. Teddy Bear Thread - A mural in Sydney Australia went up for World Pride festival featuring BDSM and a Teddy Bear... #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
2. Why you might ask? Perhaps Pride should be questioned on that. #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
3. Overnight the mural was added to, and "Leave Our Kids Alone" written over the improvements. #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
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🕯️Exploring lighting styles in #MidJourney

pt. 2 of an ongoing series, today we're building off of yesterday's exploration into film types (link at end of thread)

Retweet if you're liking the series so far. It really helps and your support means the world to me

🧵 A thread street style photo of a woman, studio lighting, shot on Kodastreet style photo of a woman, natural lighting, shot on Kodstreet style photo of a woman, low-key lighting, shot on Kodstreet style photo of a woman, Soft Light, shot on Kodak Gol
Same base prompt as yesterday, this time with [lighting]

💬 [Shot Type] photo of [Subject], [Lighting Style], shot on [Film Type]

For easy comparison, images in this thread are:

💬 [Street Style] photo of [a woman], [Lighting], shot on [Kodak Gold 200]
Some key lighting examples

💡Studio Lighting

👀 Controlled lighting set up using multiple artificial lights to achieve the desired effect. Commonly used in #portrait #fashion, product, and commercial #photography street style photo of a woman, studio lighting, shot on Koda
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Why fashion brands are willing to take part in Paris Fashion Week??

[A #Thread]
#fashion #ParisFashionWeek #business #FashionWeek #BusinessNews

Stay update on :…
Paris Fashion Week is one of the most well-known and respected fashion events in the world, and participating in it can provide a brand with significant exposure to a global audience of fashion industry professionals, media, and consumers.

#Thread #ParisFashionWeek
Being a part of Paris Fashion Week is considered a great honor and can enhance a brand's reputation & prestige. It also provides an opportunity for brands to network with other industry professionals, designers, & buyers, which can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.
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Demonic Symbolism Alert Activated 🚨

Mark Ryden.

Net Worth $15 Million - $500 Million

Pervert who likes mixing satanic imagery with little children and tells them to use his one eye bathroom

Partner #Barbie
Thread 🧵
#FashionGate #FashionHellGate Mark Ryden Artwork Thread &...Image
1. This guy creates Eye-catching material.

The use of small symbols to speak big words that not a lot of people remember because it goes back through hundreds of years of time buried from the American school system. A way of speaking from our ancestors.

#Art #FashionGate ImageImageImage
2. @DavisSalika showed Barbie partnered with him to create a unique Anniversary #Barbie edition

So I looked into what they created and things he has also created to see what kind of environment it produces.

An investigation is needed to take place. #SaveOurChildren #Twitter ImageImage
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#ZaraBusiness thread!

1/ If you're a fashion lover, chances are you've heard of #Zara. The Spanish fast fashion retailer has taken the world by storm with its #trendy, #affordable clothing.
2/ Zara was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega, and has since become a major player in the fashion industry with over 7,000 stores in 90 countries.
3/ So, what's the secret to Zara's success? One key factor is their focus on speed. They're known for their ability to quickly design and produce new styles, which keeps customers coming back for more.
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Fashion 2.0

First try training Stable Diffusion v2.0 (512-base).

Some individual photos + tech details in the🧵

#stablediffusion #ai #portrait #fashion
Fashion 2.0
Fashion 2.0 - 2
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A #Metaverse Beyond #Gaming

Introducing #Exosama Network

• So, what is it?
• How big is it?
• What is the hype around it & @DonnieBigBags?

Get ready to "Expect Chaos" ⚡️


Let's begin with what is @ExosamaNFT Network

• Versatile L1 blockchain with a focus on #gaming, #music, #fashion, and #Metaverse

• High-performance #EVM capability (continuation of EWT tech)

• Ability to bridge to multiple #metaverses and ecosystems

Check out this talk where @DonnieBigBags admits to stumbling upon #NFTs 🤯 and accidentally building the biggest #blockchain game on @Polkadot

@RugRadio @farokh
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Broken Camera

Selected images from the Rejected pile.

If you're not a fan of cursed images, best not to watch this video.
#stablediffusion #fashion #photos
Broken Camera 1 ImageImageImageImage
Broken Camera 2 ImageImageImageImage
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1/5 Making an orphan smile gives you immense happiness. You cannot find it anywhere or anything. It’s this smile that keeps me motivated.

Ayat is an orphan. She has two brothers and a sister. Delivered them a Winter Package. Ayat insisted that I shall take a cup of tea. #Smile ImageImageImage
2/5 I didn’t want to go inside their house, but her grandma told her that he may not like to drink tea offered by an impoverished family. Then I spent 15 minutes with the orphans. They were so happy. On my way out, I asked Ayat to go with me till the street. #Afghanistan
3/5 I asked her what she wants. She said she loves biscuit but she has to eat it before going back to home. Because she doesn’t want her siblings to know she got biscuits. She returned home with enough snacks.
#Donate #Orphans #Happy #SaveAfghanistan
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⚠️📢⚗🚨Pls RT‼️
#MSNBC #WomenWhoCode #WomenInSTEM #thelaundress
#IDTwitter @B0tSci
1/ "Some strains of PSEUDOMONAS are ANTIBIOTIC resistant, which can increase the seriousness of the infection. (Der) Pseudomonas can... contaminate & grow on LAUNDRY 👀
2/& at high enough levels spreads via contact w/contaminated laundry/sheets/pillowcases/sleepwear, etc.

Pseudomonas also spreads by inhalation & can cause👉CYSTIC FIBROSIS‼️Per Consumer Reports, Pseudomonas a. is a VERY hardy bacteria +can grow in many different conditions.MORE
3/ #Pseudomonas
#AntibioticResistance #influencers
#thelaundress #RECALLED
#Fashion #MaskUp
Consumer Reports, says Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a “very hardy bacteria,” which means it can grow in a lot of different conditions.
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#venus & #Mars

The best thing about Mars and Venus conjunction, placement, opposition’s and trine to each other is , it will makes your very passionate in whatever endeavour you follow, either it’s about #relationship, #marriage or in any creative studies or profession
i.e music, #fashion, #beauty, film industry, media, #Sports, #gymming and show biz etc. If we go for majority of views, Venus and mars conjunction usually delays a marriage,a person may remain unmarried if there is involvement of either Saturn or nodes Aspect on this
conjunction in either D1 or d9. If the person is married the native may not have a normal home life due to spouse working in different city or different work culture; however the conjunction itself does not cause any multiple partners either before or after the marriage .
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L'art de L'Achat Revente Vinted.

- Comment créer la meilleure annonce -
Salut les gars, toujours dans la série de l'art de l'a/r vinted.

Aujourd'hui je t'apprend à créer l'annonce parfaite !

Si tu as loupé la première partie :

Une bonne annonce se distingue par 2 choses : ses photos et sa description.

C’est grâce à ses deux aspects que tu vas pouvoir te différencier de tes concurrents.
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Farewell to #WOTD MVP Queen Elizabeth II! A retrospective thread of gowns and images
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📍🧵 THREAD #Creator #DigitalFashion

We partner with footwear creators (designers and brands) to pave the way for the next-gen sneakers and design the future of footwear. During the @drp_ville festival we showcase and highlight 3 of our creators 👇
1/ Redd Smith

He's a footwear designer based in Bristol 🇬🇧 He's exploring the bridge between virtual and physical sneakers by designing in #VirtualReality and using the disruptive 3D printing tech of @TheZellerfelds Redd is currently designing footwear at @GravitySketch ✍️ Image
👟 His model on our booth is the “Regenerate”. Inspiration for this concept came from the way plants and trees generate growth around man-made objects such as railings and walls.

He will be present on our booth Saturday June 25th. Image
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After a short rebound, the crypto market came back down on fears of a potential implosion as 3AC was facing serious insolvency risks. In #Coin360 Daily Digest👇

@Immutable @DecentralGames @decentraland @sknupsgg @dolcegabbana @LidoFinance @FTX_Official @BitvoCrypto @PolyNetwork2
1/ $BTC was wandering around the $20k support level with the RSI falling to the deeply oversold stages.

This suggested a short-term relief rally, but if #BTC breaks support, a new round of liquidations will occur. Traders should beware of the sell-off as:
2/ $ETH faced a similar situation as it was entering the oversold level, but traders were afraid of a drop to $1k which could push the price lower.

Follow the market with our heatmap:
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An article about new #website #categorization service using #nlp approach and machine learning model:…
It offers both google products #taxonomy which is ideal for #ecommerce sector as well as the IAB taxonomy which is more commonly used for general website categorizations, e.g. for marketing.
Why need for categorizations in marketing? If an advertiser wants to publish ads on publishers websites, generally it wants to know in what kind of category are the publishers websites.
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The current launch model for #starkids for their debut #movies

Especially applicable to kids entering with #KaranJohar #SajidNadiadwala

1. The star kids become active on Instagram. While most are active anyways, they now hire a agency to manage #socialmedia + do #PR
2. #BombayTimes articles begin to happen, giving inspirational stories from their life or getting quotes from them on topics like #fashion #fitness #holidayspots etc

4. Rumours circulate about their starring in an upcoming film

5. Photoshoot happens with 1-2 reputable magazines
If the star kid is A list, it'll be with a lah Dee dah grade magazine like Vogue, else magazines like Grazie, Filmfare etc

6. Motion Poster of film releases

7. Articles appear about the star kids journey, their role models, thanks to the producer sir for opportunity etc
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Why are audits are ineffective tools for detecting reporting & correcting environmental & labor violations in #fashion supply chains? A thread/1
Most brands design audit programs that only inspect Tier 1 suppliers, where the final assembly of products takes place. This means, subcontracted units or other tiers in garment production (dyeing, spinning,etc), where working conditions are worse - are not included in audits./2
Many #fashion brands, themselves design audit programs. This means they determine how audits are conducted when they should be conducted, which factories must be part of it, or even which agencies must to involved in it.3
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Available 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Worldwide Delivery 🚚🚚🚚

DM/whatsapp/call 09128227042

#Dubai #kano #Nigeria #fashion #arewaweddings #arewapeople
#veils #beautiful #northernblog #caps #northernhibiscus #nothe
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