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Really pleased that our Roundtable on 𝘈𝘥𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘐𝘯𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘴 is up @Journal_BPA. Thanks to @billresh and the rest of the journal's team!…
In it, @herschelfthomas and I discuss "look-up" data systems versus those built for analysis and integration.
Democracies' concern for accountability and the triumph of "efficiency" in organizational research. Means that the vast majority of data systems are built for look-up and not for solving problems.
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@WVUPolicyRes - a 🧵

If you follow me, you'll know that earlier this year I came home to #WestVirginia and @WestVirginiaU @WVUEberly to start the Institute for Policy Research and Public Affairs. Our Twitter account is above, and we'd appreciate a follow.
Our account will cover research, data, and issues important to the state of #WestVirginia and the broader region of #Appalachia, but will touch on issues important nationally in areas like ours.
We also aim to signal-boost research by scholars working in #publicpolicy, #publicadministration, and #stateandlocal #socialscience. If you have work that you think is relevant to our aims, please dm us and we'll be happy to #Tweet you and your work.
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Hi #EconTwitter and #SocialScience.

James MacKinnon, Morten Nielsen, and I are excited to announce our @Stata package summclust. It is designed to assess the reliability of conventional cluster-robust inference. It also calculates improved standard errors.🧵 1/
For a much more detailed explanation, see the working paper "Leverage, Influence, and the Jackknife in Clustered Regression Models: Reliable Inference Using summclust" 2/
summclust calculates many statistics to assess whether standard cluster-robust inference is reliable. It also calculates cluster robust jackknife standard errors which offer more reliable inferences. 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/06/2022…
American alligators are capable of West Nile virus amplification, mosquito infection and transmission…
#WestNile, #VirusAmplification, #MosquitoInfection, #AmericanAlligators
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/11/2021…
Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds…

#Arctic, #rain, #snow, #ClimateChange, #models
The United States Is Not “a Nation of Immigrants”…

#USA, #immigrants, #multiculturalism, #ColonialHistory, #settlers
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THREAD: Some interesting uses of the @TwitterAPI to explore #extremeweather events in relation to #climatechange. I found the cognitive dissonance explored in the #wildfires in Australia to hold up based on……
…research that has been carried out. This is where #socialscience can be a leader in engaging with the public. Work that I’m doing now creates spaces for conversations that explore #severeweather risk, focusing on issues of shelter access for those without a range of resources
…we help #communities explore their options, including building consensus on alternative shelter provision, especially where funding is an issue in rural communities. We work with faith groups who have strong #trust and social networks alongside other stakeholders to explore…
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🎉 Please RT: We're hiring!

• Sponsored Research Post Award Specialist
• Complexity Postdoctoral Fellowships
• Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity in A.I.
• Part-time Research Assistant
• Facilities Team Member

Learn more and apply at
#jobs #hiring ImageImageImageImage
Work on scaling theory for social systems with SFI's @ChrisKempes and Geoffrey West!

We're on the hunt for a new #AppliedComplexity postdoctoral fellow to start in January 2022.

Learn more & apply on our website:…
#scalinglaw #socialscience #economics
Related: "Scaling Laws and a General Theory for The Growth of Companies," a new pre-print co-authored by Kempes & West:…

Some exposition on the piece by former SFI Board Chair @mjmauboussin:
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1/7 (comment on recent severe storms in Europe)
Is the warming climate our biggest problem or lack of proper #socialscience research? Recently on #wxtwitter and in the media you can read that every single severe weather outbreak in Europe is explained by #climatechange. Did ...
2/7 ... everyone really forget that severe hail / tornado / wind / flooding have occurred on a regular basis in the past climate in Europe? Warming climate is an important problem and we should work together on limiting its negative effects, but our current bigger issue ...
3/7 ... is that Europe is still not prepared for dealing with severe weather outbreaks. We consistently advance predictability of these events but we omit an important aspect of social sciences in this topic. So much work needs to be done on improving society's severe weather ...
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So #ICYMI #OnThisDay in 1974, and into the following day, was the #Tornado #SuperOutbreak This montage of images is on the @NWS pages at: Image
I have the following image as a poster in my office for several reasons, which I will expound upon in subsequent tweets. Firstly it was produced by hand by Theodore ‘Ted’ Fujita, who developed the F-scale (later the EF-Scale based in wind intensity and damage. Image
What I really noticed in the key/legend on the map was how he was also looking at the type of structure where fatalities occurred, something that other scientists (@StephenMStrader) were looking at before I came along, but once you start, you can’t stop. I’m pretty much obsessed. Image
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"Capital is back because low growth is back" @PikettyLeMonde said, stating that decreasing growth leads to increasing #inequality. If that would be true, we have a social-ecological dilemma #degrowth. I wrote my BA about it and got the #GSÖBW price for it yesterday. Thread. 1/14
Yesterday was #GlobalClimateStrike. Many studies show: The #ClimateCrisis can only be solved if economic growth rates in the North decrease rapidly. @timparrique, @g_kallis, @jasonhickel. If decreasing growth necessarily leads to increasing inequality, we have a problem. 2/14
True,since the 1980s economic growth has decreased in Germany, while income and wealth inequality have increased @CharlyBartels @MiriamRehm. But is it a correlation or causality? I argue, political decisions led to increasing inequality, not declining growth. Four arguments: 3/14
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Fish Farming Is Feeding the Globe. What’s the Cost for Locals? | The New Yorker…

#farming #fisheries
Researchers report new approach to cultured meat…

#meat #artificial
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#SocialScience in general & #PoliticalScience in particular are failing SOCIETY & civilisation itself, because, in overreaction to the evils of Nazism, they lost their way, or rather, they failed to find it, & are thus now leading us towards a precipice.
It is not too late for the present generation of social science academics to correct the mistakes made by their predecessors. But first they have to recognise them.
In a misconceived, knee-jerk, #NeverAgain response to the Nazis having manipulated & abused German tribalism for their own evil purposes, human tribalism itself was demonised, which is like demonising male sexuality for its role in rape.

This was madness.
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I, along with the Union Minister of @PetroleumMin @dpradhanbjp ji, laid the foundation stone, of the Academic Block, Library and Staff Quarters of the Central University of Odisha today on its XII Foundation Day. ImageImageImageImage
I am delighted to see the progress made by the institution in tuning its objectives and processes in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020.
I have also been informed of the key administrative changes in the offing at CU Odisha, with the recruitments for teaching and non-teaching staff in progress. ImageImage
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The thing that makes me the most frustrated about #COVID19 (and has for many months) is the failure to learn lessons from previous outbreaks, particularly about the downstream effects of #pandemic response policy. A thread 1/
This morning @BBCr4today @TheCrick discussed disruption to non-covid #clinicaltrials ; also have seen depressing delays to #cancer detection and treatment ; and changes to routine SRH, maternity, NCD, mental health services.

This is well documented impact during #Ebola 2/
Economic disaster at macro + micro levels follow outbreaks - look at economic impact SE Asia post #SARS and W-Africa post #Ebola ... and to look at individual narratives of household financial hardships & increases in poverty (w/associated disease, kids out of school to work) 3/
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I have some important insights & ideas to contribute to the issue of race & identity, but anything which fails to comply with his own, illiberal & quite Orwellian racial ideology @DAaronovitch dismisses as RACIST.
The British state & establishment, like all western establishments, which have shared roots in international academia, are committed to an ideology of racial mixing, known in Orwellian newspeak as post-racial multiculturalism & DIVERSITY, & promoted by mass 3rd world immigration.
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"Explosive Proofs of Mathematical Truths"

In just a moment, we'll start live coverage of @SimonDeDeo's SFI Seminar-by-Zoom on a data science study of the epistemic structure of actual proofs.

(Seminar not streamed, but recording will be shared soon.)…
Theodor Adorno proposed that political preferences are consequences of the kind of explanations people prefer — individual or systemic.

#SocialScience research by Jinwoo Kim asked: is there a correlation between the social and physical narratives preferred by authoritarians?
"We can think better about cultural evolution. We need to go beyond the infection metaphor and include more cognitive #science."

- @SimonDeDeo interrogating #memetics and the validity of #mimetic behavioral science interventions
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"As the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the world, one thing is clear: this epidemic, like all others, is a social phenomenon." #socialscience via @IDS_UK
"Peoples’ social responses to the disease and interactions with each other are a critical part of the unfolding story. COVID-19 is reinforcing and catalysing social relations; revealing inequalities and division; and also galvanising solidarities and collective action."
"Now, more than ever, is the moment for embracing a plurality of views, including those of social scientists and of the people experiencing this epidemic and mobilising in innovative ways."
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*THREAD* Second session today at #RSPBScieConf19 features @Natures_Voice work on "Saving Nature Through People" #conservationscience #socialscience
@Natures_Voice First up: @tomswinfield on tropical forest restoration🌴🌳 Private sector restoration concessions must be profitable if they are to be a scaleable restoration option. An enabling regulatory environment is needed. @hutan_harapan @ICRAF @BurungIndonesia #RSPBScieConf19
@Natures_Voice @Tomswinfield @hutan_harapan @ICRAF @BurungIndonesia Next, Sierra Leone: Reconciling #biodiversity and #livelihoods in high biodiversity developing world settings is a perennial problem. New @Darwin_Defra project seeks to achieve this goal in greater #Gola landscape @FionaJSanderson
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"Most of the things that differ from the past will shortly die. The more they differ, the sooner they will die."

@SimonDeDeo of SFI & @CarnegieMellon on the linear correlation of #novelty & #transience - aka, "Why you mostly listen to the same songs over and over" - at #CSSS19:
"It's true that new things die. It's also true that is you want to be very very big, be new."

@SimonDeDeo of SFI & @CarnegieMellon on successful #novelty & hopeful #monsters in #evolution, #innovation, & #investment - aka, "Either be really boring, or be Beethoven" - at #CSSS19:
"#Revolutions are not just about ideas, they're about #information management. You can't just run a #revolution in a seminar room."

"The stranger your speech is, the more likely people are to just nod & move on."

@SimonDeDeo on topic modelling #revolutionary speech at #CSSS19:
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Gooooooooood morning Twitterverse! I'm an environmentalist who sees myself as a bit of a Captain Planet protégé. I am using science to help protect this wonderful world we live in. First things first: does anyone actually remember Captain Planet?!
Captain Planet was a 1990s cartoon aimed at kids but had a very strong environmental message throughout. It brought together the "Planeteers" who were kids that wanted to help make the world a better place. Pretty neat, huh?!
And why do I start my week on Twitter talking about kids' cartoons? Well, to me, science is about making positive change for society. And to do that, we need to get our messages out there & get people interested. Cartoons are a great way of engaging kids in science messages
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