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Transnistria THREAD
I have read so many things about that "country" and would like to share that in a structured thread. This thread is mostly about the historical background and relation of the region to #Ukraine. Image
This region was important since middle age or even earlier. That's all because of the Dniester river, which is a communication route. It used to belong to Rzeczpospolita, Crimean Khanate, Cossack Hetmanate, the Russian Empire, and more. /1
Since the end of the 18th century and until 1918, it has been part of the RU empire.
Keep in mind that the region never had such an unusual form as today. It usually was split between other administrative regions. /2 Image
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Day 379 of #Russia's attack on #Ukraine, here's my daily thread.

The fierce fighting around #Bakhmut and other hotspots in the east continues.

Bakhmut is 35 miles (55km) from #Kadiivka in #Luhansk region which has been under Russian control since 2014.
35 miles in 379 days!
Yesterday's link for the thread is here⬇️
Luckily, a quiet day with #Georgia's heavily Russian influenced Govt taking most of the headlines.

More death and destruction from #Russia already this morning.

Four people are dead in #Lviv region after local officials say a rocket hit a residential area.

Rescuers are still searching debris in #Zolochiv.
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Transnistria THREAD
I have read so many things about that "country" and would like to share that in a structured thread. This thread is mostly about the historical background and relation of the region to Ukraine. Also available on my…
This region was important since middle age or even earlier. That's all because of the Dniester river, which is a communication route. It used to belong to Rzeczpospolita, Crimean Khanate, Cossack Hetmanate, the Russian Empire, and more. /1
Since the end of the 18th century and until 1918, it has been part of the RU empire.
Keep in mind that the region never had such an unusual form as today. It usually was split between other administrative regions. /2 Image
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NEW: Russian authorities appear to be escalating their promotion of false flag information operations to distract from their lack of tangible battlefield gains & slow down the provision of Western military aid ahead of expected Ukrainian counteroffensives.
2/ The #Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) accused the “US and its accomplices” on February 28 of planning to carry out a provocation in #Ukraine using toxic chemicals.
3/ The #Russian MoD relatedly claimed on February 19 that #Ukrainian officials are planning false-flag attacks at hazardous radiation facilities in #Ukraine to accuse Russian forces of indiscriminately striking such sites.
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❕Notes from #Transnistria: While the local media (read as “press service” of the local authorities) are silent about “invasion” of the region, people are informed from anonymous Telegram channels and Russian TV like “Russia Today” or “Rossia 24”. Image
There they are indoctrinated with "breaking news" that the Azov battalion is about to invade and take over the region. This sowed panic in the early days to the point that some began to think about leaving.
On the other hand, the Moldovan authorities, who said that no one was going to seize anyone, and “silent mode” of local media, played a calming role for transnistrians.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, 24 Feb 2023:

🔸The Russian Federation warns the United States, NATO countries and Ukraine against adventurous steps towards Pridnestrovie (#Transnistria) due to the escalating situation;⬇️
🔸The Russian Federation is in favor of resolving any issues on Transnistria by political and diplomatic means;⬇️
🔸 In case of Kiev’s provocation against Transnistria the troops of the Russian Federation will respond appropriately;⬇️
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🇷🇺 #Transnistria: Il Ministero degli Esteri russo ha rilasciato una dichiarazione sull'imminente provocazione in Pridnestrovie

- ⚡️La Russia mette in guardia l'Ucraina e i Paesi della NATO da passi avventurosi verso la Pridnestrovie a causa dell'escalation della situazione;

- La Federazione Russa è favorevole a risolvere qualsiasi questione relativa alla Pridnestrovie attraverso mezzi politici e diplomatici;

- Le truppe della Federazione Russa risponderanno adeguatamente in caso di provocazione da parte di Kiev contro la Pridnestrovie;
- ⚡️Qualsiasi azione che minacci le forze di pace russe in Transnistria sarà considerata come un attacco alla Federazione Russa. ⚡️

- riepilogo 🧵👇
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The #Kremlin also appears to be setting information conditions to stage a false flag operation in occupied #Transnistria, #Moldova. (1/5)
2/ The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) claimed on February 23 that Ukrainian forces are planning to conduct an armed provocation against #Transnistria in the near future.
3/ The Russian MoD claimed that Ukrainian forces would dress as Russian military personnel and stage an alleged Russian offensive from positions in #Transnistria. The Moldovan government denied the Russian MoD’s allegations.
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#Kiev preparing armed provocation against #Transnistria: Russian MoD
The Russian Defense Ministry said #Ukraine is planning an armed provocation against #Transnistria, which will be carried out by #Ukrainian armed units, including the #Nazi-extremist #Azov battalion.
The ministry wrote on Telegram that the Kiev government is planning an armed provocation against the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic [PMR] in the near future, which will be carried out by units of Ukraine's armed forces, including the Azov nationalist unit.
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So for those who aren't aware about situation in #Transnistria what's this all about?
There is warehouses in the Transnistrian village of Kolbasna are the largest arsenal in Europe. They are located just 2 kilometers from the border with #Ukraine.
Created in the 1940s.
In warehouses there is an arsenal of the 14th Guards Combined Arms Army of the USSR, weapons, and ammunition from the GDR and Czechoslovakia.
▪️ The arsenal today contains more than 20 thousand tons of artillery ammunition, ammunition for infantry..
Experts believe that this ammunition will last for decades of hostilities.
The detonation of the arsenal will be equal to the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
The warehouses are guarded by a task force of #Russian troops and the military of #Transnistria
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🇲🇩🇷🇺🇺🇦 About the situation around Transnistria

In recent days, there have been movements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Odessa region in the direction of the border with Transnistria.
More than a dozen Hammer armored combat vehicles with personnel were deployed along the Kirovograd highway from Odessa to the PMR.
Several railway trains from Odessa with armored vehicles and empty wagons were delivered along the railway line to Slobodka. And since the beginning of this year, detachments of mercenaries have been operating in the settlements of Dolzhok, Studenoe and Grabovo.
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There is an increased disruptive activity in self-proclaimed and Russian-supported #Transnistria and #Moldova. Lets see what happened, what happens now and how it could evolve in military and political terms in near future. Also we have to asses it with the war in #Ukraine.
1) Transnistria was a region within the Moldovan SSR which was heavily Russified during the Soviet Union. After the independence in 1991, tensions between pro-Russian population and Moldovan Government was escalated against a suspicion of possible unification with Romania.
2) Moldova lacked a serious military power in 1992 when a short-war break between pro-Government forces of volunteers and pro-Russian volunteers with Russian military. War freezed in a year and eight months which brought us another frozen conflict in post-Soviet world.
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Il regime di Kiev sta tramando una provocazione armata contro la Repubblica moldava di Pridnestrovia ( #Transnistria ) nel contesto delle crescenti tensioni nella regione.

2/ Secondo il Ministero della Difesa russo, sarà condotta da unità delle Forze armate ucraine, compresi i membri della formazione Azov.
3/ Questo attacco “false flag” sarà usato come pretesto per l'invasione del territorio transnistriano.

A tal fine, i sabotatori ucraini saranno travestiti da personale militare delle Forze armate russe.
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Mentre tutti i governi sanno che la #Russia ha vinto e continuerà a liberare la #Novorossia e la #Transnistria, alcuni fingono di credere che invaderà la #Moldavia come ha fatto in #Ucraina. Non importa che dopo la dissoluzione dell'#URSS, la #Transnistria si sia (1/10) Image
dichiarata indipendente come la #Crimea. L'importante è continuare a presentare la #Russia come una tirannia conquistatrice che devasta tutto ciò che incontra sul suo cammino.
Va ricordato che quando la #Moldavia si è dichiarata indipendente, ha riconosciuto come nulle le (2/10)
conseguenze del Patto tedesco-sovietico del 1939, compresa l'annessione della #Transnistria alla sua entità politica. Tuttavia, poco dopo, l'ha rivendicata come proprio territorio. Nel giugno 1992, il colonnello Howard J.T. Steers, ufficiale dell'intelligence militare (3/10)
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Arrivano segnali a dir poco preoccupanti dalla #Moldova. E non sono quelli che la stampa internazionale ha fino a ieri riportato come decisivi. Più che sul decreto sulla sovranità moldava annullato da #Putin rispetto alla questione #Transnistria, occorre infatti
concentrarsi sul repentino cambio di passo imposto dal Ministero della Difesa 🇷🇺sul fronte comunicativo. Poche ore fa, Mosca ha infatti redatto una nota allarmante nei toni e nella sostanza, dichiarando che "secondo le informazioni in possesso, il regime di #Kyiv sta
preparando una provocazione armata" contro la Moldova. Questa operazione, sostiene la #Russia, dovrebbe tenersi "nel prossimo futuro" e "sarà effettuata da unità delle Forze armate 🇺🇦, comprese quelle che coinvolgono la formazione nazionalista #Azov". Il comunicato prosegue
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1. I've been watching the reporting including disinformation regarding #Moldova, #Transnistria and in particular #CobasnaAmmoDepot. I've seen reports that a detonation at Cobasna could be like a small nuke. So I looked at the satellite photo. Rough count about 40
2. warehouse structures ranging up to 13,000sq ft. None appear to be protected by revetments. For comparison, our newest Costco is about 161,000 sq ft or 12 times larger than the largest warehouses in #Cobasna depot. Most are much smaller.
3. The total land area is about 1 sq km. We've got ammo depots much larger than that on this island. Cobasna's ammo is reported to be out of date. If still usable is not likely to be the massive cache of ammo reported and its detonation is unlikely to be similar to small nuke.
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La orden que revoca el documento de 2012 fue publicada en el sitio web del Kremlin.

Sucedió el martes, luego de la reciente reunión de #Biden en Polonia 🇵🇱 con la Presidente de Moldavia, Maia #Sandu.
🚨#Moldavia 🇲🇩 la semana pasada aprobó un nuevo primer ministro prooccidental que prometió seguir sus intentos para ingresar en la #UE 🇪🇺
Desde entonces, todo se fue volviendo muy tenso con #Moscú que acusa a Moldavia de seguir una agenda antirrusa.
(Agencias @Reuters y #EFE)
Estimo que es una respuesta más al viaje de #Biden a Kiev y Varsovia. Al menos en lo inmediato no veo ningún asidero para justificar. Lo de #Putin es una medida administrativa solamente.
Es un tema para analizar históricamente.
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#Putin's speech also followed his February 21 decree revoking his May 2012 edict on Russia's position on #Moldova's territorial integrity.
2/ #Putin revoked his 2012 orders to the Russian Foreign Ministry to firmly uphold the principles of the United Nations Charter - which require the development of friendly relations between states on the basis of equality, respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity -
3/ ...and also revoked #Russia's commitment to actively seek ways to resolve the #Transnistria issue on the basis of respect for Moldovan territorial integrity.
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Dopo il patto Molotov Ribbentrop (e il protocollo segreto), l’URSS aveva difficoltà a giustificare davanti all’opinione pubblica l’aggressione di uno Stato confinante.
Per questo dissero che invadevano la Polonia per “proteggere” le minoranze russe dai nazisti.

#Putin #Zelensky
La logica imperialista russa era tutta nel “protocollo segreto”, la cui copia russa fu nascosta nel plico riservato “N.34”.
La sua esistenza fu negata fino al 1992.
Gli storici occidentali che studiavano quell’alleanza con i nazisti erano definiti “falsificatori della storia”.
Ieri la propaganda sovietica era finalizzata a convincere i russi e i comunisti di tutto il mondo che l’URSS non aveva avuto responsabilità nello scoppio del conflitto mondiale e che l’occidente era corrotto e bugiardo. Oggi la propaganda di Putin è più o meno la stessa cosa.
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It's Sunday 19 February and this is the start of another thread on #Russia's illegal war.

#Ukraine continues to fight for its very existence.
This is another daily thread with all the news, all day.

Here's the link for yesterday's thread:

Starting today with a video which came out last night, supposedly showing a snapshot of the ongoing power-battle inside #Russia's war effort. This even extending to the troops now as #Wagner's mob of mercenaries comes up again "official" Russian army troops in #Ukraine
Here are the daily losses for #Russia in its bid to obliterate #Ukraine and its people.

Numbers well down across the board, except for the two cruise missiles which were hit, though the other two landed in #Khmelbytskyi.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine
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1/ #Russia planning a "coup" in #Moldova, including direct attacks on gov buildings / hostage-taking /killing (list like early on in Kyiv when noboby believed it) by RU spec ops & men with mil training background working under the guise of “opposition protesters.”
2/ The president added that the security forces of #Moldova are preparing to prevent these provocations (& you can be sure even if no ones talked abt it, but in conjunction with all western intel agencies ally) and are keeping the situation under control.
So as crazy as it sounds
3/ (it's actually both craycray & makes a lot of sense, let me explain)
so for Russia, it is obvious (& we do have actually lots of intel regarding their activities in #Moldova) that they r planning things like that for a long time:
reminder (one of many)…
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Nel corso del Consiglio Europeo, aprendo la discussione con gli altri leader, il presidente #Zelensky ha detto di aver parlato di recente con la presidente della #Moldova, Maia Sandu, e di averla "informata del fatto che abbiamo intercettato il piano di distruzione
Moldova da parte dell'intelligence russa".
Il presidente ucraino ha sottolineato che questo documento mostra "quando e come" la Russia intende "distruggere la democrazia in Moldova e assumerne il controllo".
Zelensky ha aggiunto di non aver avuto dubbi, nel momento in cui ha
ricevuto questo documento e capito da dove proveniva, e di avere "immediatamente informato la Moldova rispetto a questa minaccia per proteggerla. E sono sicuro che ognuno di voi avrebbe fatto lo stesso".
Zelensky ha poi proseguito affermando che "noi non sappiamo se Mosca
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Here is the new and third thread 🧵 for the Strategic Assessment of Russo-Ukrainian War that started after the fell of Soledar and defense of Bakhmut. This is the fourth thread on overall strategic assessment of war. #Svatove #Kreminna #Vuhledar #Ukraine #Russia #Soledar Image
1) Please take a look for understanding how a counter-offensive should be conducted, what are the goals and requirements and for the events that occured between September to November.
2) You can take a look to this thread for the first part of the Ukrainian Winter Counter Offensive which includes the situation and events between November to January.
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Guys, we go again! No rest on the frontline for the brave warriors defending #Ukraine, so the least I can do is report on it and the least you can do is read and spread the news, ensure there is NO war fatigue.

Welcome to Saturday's news thread, Day 304 of #Russia's illegal war:
So much happened yesterday, including numerous fires in Russia, in Moscow in particular.

Then there was a likely assassination in Melitopol and reported drone attacks on Crimea.

Missed something? No problem... click and scroll yesterday's thread:

Last night @RishiSunak published this festive greeting for the people of #Ukraine.

Impressive! Has the British PM has been using the @JohnLewisRetail creative team?
(for non UK followers John Lewis is renowned for its Xmas ads)

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