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#VitaminC #eskimo
🔴SORU : vitamin-C sıcaklık görünce bozulur. Hatta ada çayına sıkılan Limon'dan C vitamini almayız. Peki , Etçil hayvanlar bitki tüketmeden vitamin-C ihtiyacını nasıl karşılıyor?

🔹️Bu eskimo insani resmini bilerek koydum çünkü konu ile alakası var.
. Image
🔹️Öncelikle Etçil hayvanlar C vitamini ihtiyacını özellikle karaciğer olmak üzere çiğ etten karşılar ve Şekerden kendi vucudu L-askorbik (vitamin-C) sentezler.
🔹️Yıllaaar yıllar önce büyük büyük dedelerimiz de C vitaminini kendisi uretirdi. Tıpkı bazı hayvanlar gibi Şekeri C
vitaminine dönüştürdü. Sonra bu işlevi gören gen silindi,yok oldu. Uretemez olduk, disardan almamız gerek.
🔹️İnananlar için Allah, inanmayanlar için doğa/evrenin kanunu bu. HER ŞEY,DEĞİŞİR DÖNÜŞÜR...
🔹️Peki eskimo ne alaka ?
Eskimo ,Algonkiyen dilinden gelme "Çiğ et yiyen"
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The #COVIDSecondWave is real .
Being prepared helps a little.

As someone who is recovering from Covid, sharing some basic points on #COVID19 .

Pls share if useful . 😇🙏

(P.S - I have cross verified with doctors prior to posting this in public domain )

If any symptoms, get tested (RT- PCR) IMMEDIATELY along with ENTIRE family.

DON'T WAIT for 2-3 days.
Labs are already backed up !

Begin wearing masks & Social Distancing EVEN INSIDE Homes.


The SOONER the treatment begins, the BETTER it shall be.

Rapid Antigen Test ( RAT) is a poor substitute for RTPCR.
Preferably, get #RTPCR Test done .

RAT has a high false negative rate.

Patients can be negative initially yet HAVE COVID. Accordingly more tests are advised.

NOTE :EARLY & CORRECT diagnosis is the key .
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🚔 Henk van Essen
📨 @POL_Korpschef

#MH17🚩 #FreeAssange🔓

Mayor @AmsterdamNL
#Halsema📝 IBS

#911Truth👆1st tweet
#MH17 attached here👇

cc @mfa_russia @Dpol_un
@PieterOmtzigt @wikileaks

Security @Schiphol airport ® #Mossad. #MH17 was 1st🚩 #NATO's #WarOnRussia

My boss flew #MH17

I tried to report a crime
Got 'arrested' @112Schiphol
Mayor #Halsema 📝IBS
🔒 #HumanRights

🚔 @POL_Korpschef I want to report #MH17 mass murder @PieterOmtzigt
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1/: What is generally forgotten and ignored during this “pandemic” is that #immunity against a pathogen such as a coronavirus is usually achieved by our body's own immune defence system and mass vaccinations. In this ⬇️#thread,⬇️ I will explain which supplements are worth taking.
2/: Due to nutrient-poor soils, processed foodstuff, changing eating habits, substance misuse etc. our body does not get sufficient nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for optimal metabolism.…
3/: In the context of the current “pandemic”, I will provide you with a list of nutrients that I believe are worth considering. I will underpin my advice with both scientific publications and explanations.
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What do we know about Vitamin C and #COVID19 so far?

The role of #VitaminC goes beyond immunity-boosting & the micronutrient at high dose is crucial to prevent severity.

Making a case with 14 studies, postulating Vitamin C to be an integral part of COVID treatment.
Direct Association:

1. August 2020 case study in a 74 years old COVID 19 patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome treated with oral vitamin C 1 g twice a day along with antivirals was able to be taken off mechanical ventilation within 5 days.…
2. A single-center observational study identified a total of 17 patients who received IV vitamin C for COVID-19 & noted a significant decrease in inflammatory markers, including ferritin and D-dimer, and a trend to decreasing FiO2 requirements.…
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🚨BIG NEWS: In January, the unpublished VICTAS trial of vitamin C in #sepsis was stopped after enrolling just 501 of a planned 2000

Now data on shows why, and it doesn’t look good for #vitaminC. Is this the last🔩in⚰️of the ‘metabolic cure’?

A short🧵
I’ve been hopeful but more than a little skeptical about the 🍹🍋 metabolic cocktail for sepsis (vitamin C + hydrocortisone + thiamine) since the original before/after case series.

I’ve followed this literature closely & have been waiting eagerly for the results of the RCTs.
Thats’s why I was excited to see that VICTAS had posted results.

The VICTAS trial is the largest (& arguably best) of the vitamin C RCTs: a placebo-controlled, Double-blind RCT done at 43 sites across the US. The 1° endpoint was vasopressor free days.
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2 more NEGATIVE studies of #VitaminC in #sepsis: #ACTS in @JAMA_current & #ATESS in @yourICM.

It' doesn’t look good for the "metabolic cure”
5/6 negative for 1° endpoints; ORANGES found ⬇️ pressor use
5/6 with no mortality Δ; CITRIS did, but mortality was 1 of 46 2° endpoints
1/ Image
This is a great time to do some meta-analysis.

As you can see from my quick/simple analysis, neither vitamin C either alone or in combination with hydrocortisone and steroids reduced in mortality in people with sepsis:
2/ Image
What about other endpoints? It doesn't look much better for vitamin C: 4/6 found no ΔSOFA scores.

Also, while ΔSOFA scores and duration of vasopressors are important, I would argue that mortality is a more meaningful (and more patient centered) endpoint.
3/ Image
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NEW Research: High dosage of #VitaminC (1 g once a day) produced promising result in 74 year old elderly woman w/ #COVID19. Treatment regimen also included #Hydroxycholoroquine, Azithromycin and zinc. @zev_dr…
Correction on typo: The dosage of Vitamin C was 11 g in 24 hours.
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What makes a nice companion to flortaucipir? Why, florbetapir! As the name suggests, it's job's to target and illuminate beta amyloid. #LawsonCyclotron 1/
Also labeled with F-18, this tracer bind to amyloid plaques in #Alzheimers disease and can assist with diagnosis. It is also approved by the FDA for this purpose. Like it's companion tau tracer, we make it under license and are the sole #Canadian🇨🇦 suppliers 2/
This includes multiple clinical trials for anti-amyloid drugs where the PET scan was used to determine efficacy of the drug. By observing a decrease in PET signal between baseline and post-therapy, the drug could be considered a success 3/
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Yes this is 'real.' And it's underway.

Imagine being in business for 23 years. Then one Groundhog day under The Age of CONYOUVIRUS you go POUF! How can this be real?

Breaking this story in Twitterville for the record. I'm not only reporting this but yet again Thompson-style living through it.

Why are they criminalizing the selling of #silver & #vitaminC? Co-opting the word 'whistleblower' but really evoking snitches?
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1.I watched Dr. Richard #Cheng in #Shanghai YouTube post. Dr. Cheng took the lead on the use of high-dose #VitaminC to counter the #Covid19 pandemic. Dr. Cheng reported that the Covid19 virus is mutating & there are now 8 strains that may make effective vaccines a challenge.
2. IMO anyone who thinks this will go away may be sadly mistaken. As Dr. Cheng has said, #VitaminC is cheap, easy to get and has no dangerous side effects that he reports up to dosages of 100 grams a day have only some GI disturbance side effects.
3. But dosage that is advised is about 5 grams a day while healthy. That dosage has no known side effects. IMO @DeptofDefense should immediately require each member be on a minimum of 5 grams a day.

If we can't end this attack we need to make it less able to kill us. @INDOPACOM
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1/عدم درمان وفقدان واکسن،مقالات غیرقابل اعتماد/تجاری سیاسی،تنها راه مبارزه/درمان #کرونا تقویت #سیستم_ایمنی ست حتی باوجود #دارو،تقویت سیستم دفاعی درالویت
#براندازم #تهران #شیراز #یزد
#حصر #کرمان #اهواز #قم #البرز
#دانشجو #دانشگاه
#زاهدان #کردستان
2/لزوم۱.درمان بادوز بالای ویتامین C #وریدی+مایعات فراوان+محیط گرم+CoQ10
۲.لغو #روزه خرافه #رمضان ادامه روزانه۳وعده غذایی #بیمارستان،باز بودن اغذیه فروشیها/کاهش مایعات وقند خون سبب ضعیف ایمنی وافزایش مرگ میر پیر #جوان
@saeednamaki @VBehdasht @Alirabiei_ir @Rouhani_ir
#لرستان #رشت
3/NO vaccine,NO treatment,NOT enough substantiate evidence/study..all proves that the only way to win is to boost #ImmuneSystem, even if w/a confirmed anti #COVID19 therapy, body MUST be strong to defend& destroy enemy. @NIH @cdc
@POTUS @VP @seanhannity @marklevinshow @NikkiHaley
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1/ Full resolution of symptoms after viral infection subsided (> day 7).

"The emergence and rapid increase in activated CD38+HLA-DR+ T cells, especially CD8+ T cells, at days 7–9 preceded the resolution of symptoms. "
2/ However, suppressed antibody-secreting cells were observed in #COVID19 patients.

According to this article about half of the patients experience digestive symptoms.…
3/ "Patients with digestive symptoms had a significantly
longer time from onset to admission than patients without digestive symptoms (9.0 days vs.
7.3 days). Overall, people without digestive symptoms appeared to be more likely to ...
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Most people are vitamin D deficient. Studies show D staves off respiratory infection. Fact.

In my 20s I took a gram of vitamin C everyday, and didn't get sick despite being within a meter of coughing, infected people while giving guitar lessons.

.. I stopped because I developed acid reflux (most likely from continually eating spicy Indian and Thai food), but I'm going to drink a glass of 1 grsm C powder mix now, because I'm sure across a few days it *will* make a difference in my immune response.
I've been taking D supplements, presuming how little I'm outside and the darkness of winter, I'm likely deficient. I'll have to manage reflux somehow with the C for now.

Efficacy is unknown, but it's at least something.

Vitamin C is very well researched,
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What is going on with VITAMIN C in Critical Care? From basics to current day conundrums. #FOAMed #FOAMcc #VitaminC You can use the @threadreaderapp to read this Tweetorial!
First - let's look at what Vitamin C is. Unlike most mammals, we can't actually synthesise it! It's a water-soluble vitamin:…
Which is why it needs ingested, or... supplemented.
It's most important function (from a critical care perspective) likely comes from its function as an anti-oxidant. #FOAMed #FOAMcc…
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