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1. Covering the 4Cs: children, climate, complexity, coronaviruses (CoV). As Covid is counterintuitive I share data. Excess mortality is high in every state safe New Zealand, which implemented #ZeroCovid. For solutions read Quarantine law and WHO member states' pandemic playbooks. Image
2. Current excess mortality is fascinating -- Taiwan, Japan, Australia at the same level. Germany nearly half as high as Italy, similar to Hong Kong/Macao, which COULD be indicative of China. India data (?!?) Russia a complete desaster even before the war.… ImageImage
3. China CDC now reports cases only once a month. (Counter western media coverage claiming they stopped reporting?) The reason given is that WHO ended the COVID-19 PHEIC in May. If the West had wanted timely data, they shouldn't have ended it.

Amateurs.… ImageImage
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We now relive the “Roaring Twenties,” but with a SARS-virus that, unlike the 1918 pandemic influenza, establishes chronic infection and will take society down if left to evolve unmitigated. Party time 😈👇
@JessicaLexicus crashed the party before it was even endemic 😂👇 Image
We warn the “back to normal” party goers against significant ‘policy resistance’; the expected pushback to any kind of policy change.
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The future belongs to societies that protect their children. It’s as simple as that.
2. The future won’t belong to societies that don’t protect their children. Simple.

To keep us entertained, this thread on UFO politics. 👇😂
3. If I cared to own the future, as leader, I would simply not infect all my children with a virus that has sequence similarity with HIV-1 gp120, dog rabies virus and snake neurotoxins. Not to mention all the SARS-CoV-2 proteins not included in this study.… Image
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Here's an ancient riddle. Why did the ghost of Socrates block me? I don't recall interacting with him or his ghost in this or a former life Image
Not that I mind! (don't tag him) It's just funny,
I don't think we need Socrates or his caliber to figure this stuff out. 2x15 minutes coffee break google seems to be enough.

Anyway, throwback to a thread written when China still pursued #ZeroCovid policy. They're in big trouble now (as everyone else) 🖖
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The “cure” not to die during acute phase SARS infection, is to have either full blown AIDS or already be persistent infected with SARS (both acquired lymphocytopenia)
There’s still going to be an accelerated aging of the immune system (immunosenescence) but death will be “WITH” mysterious and spontaneous LongSARS/#PASC and not death “FROM” SARS.
We discovered survivors of SARS infection had persistent infection well too late to really help improve their health and reverse immunity damage being caused by persistently infected renal epithelium cells.
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1. Maternal chronic immune activation harms the fetus. They experience catch-up growth, retardation in utero and then faster growth in the first year, an evolutionarily conserved double tap that foreshadows obesity and cardiovascular problems later in life.

For your children. 🤨
3. People started to share @RealCheckMarker's arguments on (1) unmitigated international aviation; (2) WHO's template and the North American pandemic playbook; and (3) the real risk of SARS with legal and other experts. Good, this is how society learns. 👇
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This image of students masking at a public event hosted by @IYSSE_SDSU has been greeted with enthusiasm by workers and scientists globally. It proves that when educated and provided with a political perspective, workers and youth will protect themselves and others. 1/
In addition to near-universal masking (only 3/120 didn't), we used @far_uv lamps, Corsi-Rosenthal boxes, good ventilation, and testing by event organizers. These measures must be implemented everywhere, as part of a global strategy to stop the pandemic. 2/…
In opening his lecture, which centered on the #UkraineWar and the global upsurge of the class struggle, @DavidNorthWSWS elaborated the unique perspective of the WSWS & ICFI towards the pandemic. Our key writings from 2020 are compiled here:…
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1. Simple policy like 'hygiene and pasteurization' doubled the human lifespan after 1889, stopping constant CoV outbreaks from milk.

Simple policy like 'quarantine, isolation, N95 and international cooperation' ended SARS-CoV-1.

We can end CoV-2. Don't halve the human lifespan.
@ilonamotto @RealCheckMarker 93. What I see is such analysis: Creative yet generic, abstract and not reflecting existing law, policymaking, and SARS-CoV-2 literature—WHO IHR 2005 as most relevant example. We could do better as political scientists, systems scholars, parents or just as public-facing scholars.

95. One fundamental problem: IPCC and mainstream science ignore uncomfortable knowledge (@SFuntowicz PNS). Undesirable social tipping points (@ilonamotto) or positive feedback structures like aerosols are ignored in favor of politically acceptable stories.…
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1/ Dieser lange Text des @derspiegel, der in 03/21 unter Zuhilfenahme von Zitaten von @ECMOKaragianni1 @BrinkmannLab @DrJanaSchroeder offenbar dazu dienen sollte, einzig und allein den Kindern die Schuld an Infektionen u. Todesfällen der dritten #Covid19-Welle (B.1.1.7) in … Image
2/ … die Schuhe zu schieben, und die wichtige Eltern-Kind-Beziehung nachhaltig zu stören, darf niemals in Vergessenheit geraten.

Der Artikel - dessen Headline später abgeändert wurde in „Passt gut auf euch und eure Kinder auf“ -
strotzt nur so von falschen Anschuldigungen …
3/ … und Spekulationen, die ungeprüft und unhinterfragt übernommen wurden, um das Narrativ der Kinder als Gefährder der Gesellschaft zu festigen.

Ich möchte die wichtigsten Aussagen der Autorin @bredow hieraus zusammenfassen:…
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1. #ZeroCovid 2030 is the goal

Activists, campaign for it. Scientists, analyze how to achieve it. Policymakers, implement it.

Different countries may pick different dates - either way it will require international cooperation.

By then we will have ten year COVID-19 survivors.
2. It’s stunning that I’m the only one making such an argument. As if millions of people worldwide hadn’t studied political science or understand how policy making works!

Pick up the slack please, this is not acceptable.

No goal = no policy = no change.
3. Key: know that public opinion has little impact on policy outcomes. Most discussions you see? Irrelevant. Power matters more.

Read political science, use the legal system, work with political entrepreneurs, unions, patients, employers, insurances—that’s how you affect change.
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1. Is SARS starting to unravel the west?

As IR scholar I analyze such questions. Where are we, where are we heading?

After vaccines or reinfections decreased acute phase death ratios (aCFR), most experts now think the “pandemic’s over”. They are wrong.

USA vs. Taiwan, 0 : 1 ☺️ ImageImage
2. I am no Russia expert. (1) Can someone tell us how former SU states, above all Moscow, managed to drop life expectancy to 69 yrs in 2021, before Putin’s war? Now it’s lower yet again, with many young men being lost. (2) Read this thread as background. Image
W Europe/Taiwan > China > US > Russia 👀 Image
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🧵THREAD: In an age of alleged pandemic urgency, supposed good intentions have led to discrimination against the unvaccinated and coercion for gene therapies. This thread unveils the bad guys' deeds that must not be allowed to fall into oblivion.

A special note of disapproval.⬇️ Image
#1 Thank you to all the citizen journalists for calling out the nefarious activities of the government and stopping the Mary Poppins-singing censor czar @wiczipedia from scheming to infringe upon the people's right to free speech. Image
#2 Thank you, @BillGates, for finally admitting that your vaccines don’t stop transmission and don’t stop infection. Now, please stop buying up farmland and injecting our food with mRNA. Image
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Not quite sure what to make out of all this.
Just updated available- and reported-data..

Deaths /mio /day Early March = 0.04 Cases/100k/day Early Feb + 0.02 % XBB.1.5* Latelyreported - 0.03 % Vaxx'd + 0.2 %BoostedBivalent - 1.1 Blue… Image
Data would imply that vax conferred durable protection. Caveat small data sample. And, reporting standards may vary across selected states. Still, I wouldn't expect XBB.1.5* to be more mortal, if population transmission were to be reasonably contained.

➡️… Image
Population mortality from XBB.1.5* could roughly equal 2.500 to 3.500 deaths per week in the USA, which coincidentally be similar to the proxy excess-over-prepandemic-lower-quartiles during week 6, 2023, mostly pertaining to people aged 65 - 85.

➡️ Image
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1. Taiwan and China's new world order

@AMFChina is right: time for experts. No state or empire aiming to "Live with" SARS can dominate world politics.

SARS-CoV will age and disable the population until elimination. Solutions require international cooperation under WHO guidance. ImageImage
2. Any practitioners or IR scholars that seek to defy reality will run up against the hard walls of biology. It's a dynamical problem; this can escalate quite dramatically if folks remain in denial.… ImageImage
3. I've been really subtle and patient, but apparently people need to face reality head on. Am I eager to see German life expectancy drop to 65 years? NO, but it will happen - it's biology, stupid - if you all don't wake up asap. Good luck everyone.
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《Humanity’s main strategy going forward must be to cooperate in using less energy, materials, and land, with a focus on justice for humans and non-humans alike》

“Metacrisis” etc.: we use syndemic, to address health and inequity. @richardheinberg⁩ 🙏…
Very respectable work by @postcarbon, I much appreciate them. It’s not much, but even I have 1 million views per month, not bad considering the content is pretty harsh. All these small efforts add up. Follow @gordonschuecker @NJHagens too: Image
Sometimes we can be impatient - naturally, given the scale of problems that we but few others see.

Resharing this look back to add my bingo card for 2023-2025 includes one or more states returning to #ZeroCovid policy. Eventually people will figure out how to protect themselves.
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1. What does #ZeroCOVID 2030 policy mean?

Three Zeros: Zero new cases, zero new deaths, zero stigma
COVID: same virus and pathogenesis as SARS
2030: workable policy goal. Essential to all effective policy.

First lesson of cognitive policy: Always Frame First. (AFF). Awesome AF. Image
2. Lesson from the HIV pre-ART era, i.e. where we are on COVID-19: use the lessons of 40 years of HIV medicine. We literally have no time for anything but drug repurposing. People are decompensating; SARS is cruel in this very specific way. #UequalsU U=U=U
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1. XBC.1.6

If you like Delta and Omicron, you'll adore their love children Deltacrons BQ.1.2 and XBC.1.6, with TMPRSS2 tropism, LRT bound. MAY be pathogenic like Delta, transmissible like Omicon: I'd suggest not finding out.

Restart (AUS) or start (Rest of world) #ZeroCovid. 😘 ImageImage
2. Here is your next best chance to avoid the next big shipwreck before the ship leaves harbor.
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Wie kam es dazu, dass die Welt Lockdowns verhängte, obwohl Stand der Forschung war, dass Lockdowns bei Atemwegserregern keinen Sinn machen? Ein wichtiges Puzzleteil ist der Besuch eines hohen WHO-Beamten in Wuhan im Februar 2020. Er ist begeistert von den Maßnahmen🧵⤵️ 1/5
2/5 In einer Pressekonferenz am 25. Februar 2020 erzählt der Berater des Generaldirektors der WHO, Dr. Bruce Aylward, der Welt davon wie wirkungsvoll Lockdowns sind, scheinbar nur anhand von positiven PCR-Testergebnissen in und um Wuhan. Quelle:
Diese Maßnahmen konnte China nicht ohne Grund so schnell und "effektiv" verhängen. Dr. Aylward lobt die ausgedehnte Überwachung, die "Wachsamkeit" und den Fokus auf jeden einzelnen Fall. Auch wenn die Fallzahlen sinken muss die Aufmerksamkeit bei der Krankheit bleiben.#ZeroCOVID
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~ SARS Epidemic ~
Situation update for China for week of: March 23

#ZeroCOVID #Azvudine #PASC #SAND #LongCOVID #LeonardiEffect #AirborneAIDS #Incurable
1 (1) - New cases have levelled off to 3,575/week New cases have levelled off to 3,575/week
1 (2) China conducted a total of 40,000 tests the week of March 23, down from their peak of 1.9 million back in mid-December. China conducted a total of 40,000 tests the week of  March 2
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Hoe VWS opinievormers tot haar ambassadeurs kneedde…

Wat @CeesCees72 boven water haalt, is tot nu toe altijd de moeite waar geweest.

Maar dit stuk is een klasse apart. Je valt van de ene verbijstering in de andere.

Het verdient een apart draadje.
Het gaat over de reclamecampagne om de vaccinatiebereidheid tegen #COVID19 op te krikken.

Een op zich al twijfelachtig gebeuren, want Big Pharma, reclame en goede geneeskunde verdragen elkaar over algemeen slecht.

Daarvoor bestaat er dan ook een Code Geneesmiddelen Reclame.
Echt waar.

Je vraagt je af of die naam wel juist gekozen is, of dat het niet zou moeten zijn 'Promotie Geneesmiddelen Reclame'. Dat lijkt mij de lading meer te dekken.
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1/16 - “When China suddenly scrapped onerous #ZeroCOVID in Dec, the country wasn’t ready for a massive onslaught of cases. Hospitals turned away ambulances, crematoriums burned bodies around the clock, hauled them to warehouses for lack of storage space.”…
2/16 - “Chinese state media claimed the decision to open up was based on “scientific analysis and shrewd calculation,” and “by no means impulsive.” But in reality, Communist Party ignored repeated efforts by top medical experts to kickstart exit plans until it was too late.”
3/16 -“Instead, the reopening came suddenly at the onset of winter, when the virus spreads most easily. Many older people weren’t vaccinated, pharmacies lacked antivirals, and hospitals didn’t have adequate supplies or staff, leading to hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths.”
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#1 Just like during COVID, data is being manipulated when it comes to climate change. The climate cult claims that global warming is solely man-made, that the science is settled, and that the #ZeroCarbon strategy (similar to #ZeroCovid) is the only way to save us.

#2 The Pfizer revelations were not @JamesOKeefeIII's first heroic act. In 2021, he caught CNN's Technical Director, Charlie Hester, on tape saying that when the public becomes tired of Covid, the network will shift its focus mainly to climate change and global warming.
#3 Also Klaus Schwab and his @WEF stress the importance of protecting against "a new virus possibly, or other risks which we have on the global agenda" and climate change.
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1. SARS as national security concern.

I simplify.

@Taiwan_CDC kept covid/excess deaths to zero until forced to stop #zerocovid in 2022.

China/PLA can wait for the momentum of chronic disease to take hold within 10-15 years. Taiwan knows; here info sent to citizens today alone. ImageImageImageImage
@Taiwan_CDC 2. Three SARS infections to early onset dementia in this 19 yo. (1) In teens, this didn't happen. World's first case of probable Alzheimer's was recorded in Beijing. (2) Dementia is phase three of HIV or SARS-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND/SAND).
@Taiwan_CDC 3. Background / pharmaceutical solutions to investigate with urgency.
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1/ „Vor gut zwei Jahren, … schrieb ich hier in einer Kolumne, dass sich viele Menschen nach immer härteren Maßnahmen sehnten, um die … #Pandemie endlich einzudämmen. Mich eingeschlossen. Ich schrieb: ‚Die autoritäre Versuchung ist groß. Ich entdecke den Diktator in mir.‘ … Image
2/ Viele Deutsche hielten damals #China für ein Musterbeispiel effizienter Coronabekämpfung. Zigtausende unterstützten Initiativen wie #ZeroCovid, forderten ein Durchgreifen der deutschen Politik, einen radikalen Shutdown, ein Runterfahren von Wirtschaft & öffentlichem Leben. … Image
3/ Doch was mich im Nachhinein umtreibt, ist, wie leicht die Freiheitsrechte in unserer angeblich so liberalen Gesellschaft suspendiert wurden. Der Firnis der Zivilisation ist diesbezüglich offenbar dünner, als ich glaubte. Ist Freiheit für die Deutschen doch nur ein …
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