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"I am Jamie Bryson, I just turned 40 years old in April of this year. In April of 2021, I was diagnosed with #YoungOnsetParkinsonsDisease (#YOPD). I am an endurance athlete. I regularly compete in #Ironman and other triathlon events, road cycling events, & mountain biking events.
I live in the Dallas area w/ my wife, 3 boys (ages 12, 9, and 4), and 2 dogs. In November 2021, shortly after my YOPD diagnosis, I also discovered that I had a mass on my kidney and underwent surgery to have it removed in December.
The mass was in fact cancer, but it was caught super early (by accident) so I did not need any further treatment beyond surgery, although I did have to return to the hospital a couple of weeks later with an internal bleed and had COVID at the same time.
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🧠 Bad Brain 🧠

"...we identified 2 STRONGLY AMYLOIDOGENIC
SUBSEQUENCES from the ORF6 and ORF10 sections
of the SarsCoV2 proteome.
Nanoscale imaging, X-ray scattering, molecular
modelling, spectroscopy and kinetic assays revealed
that these SELF-ASSEMBLED structures are amyloid>
in nature and screening against neuronal cells revealed that they are HIGHLY TOXIC (approximately as toxic as the toxic amyloid assemblies in Alzheimer's Disease)...> "A greater proportion of cells undergo late-stage apopt
when mixed prior to assembly the peptides form
a wide range of polymorphic structures exceeding
that of either peptide assembled individually...

Such well-ordered 2D crystals were never observed
for either peptide individually,
and provide clear evidence of co-crystallization."
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#2 B-COMPLEX/MULTI VITAMIN. Buy a liposomal or other form that increases bio-availability. Take 1 capsule w/Breakfast and Lunch. If you have stomach upset, try sublingual (under tongue) EZ Melt B-Complex in AM & Multi w/iron for Dinner.…
#3 OMEGA 3s. Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Algae Oil are all good sources of Omega 3. Be careful the EPA/DHA ratio. EPA helps with inflammation/DHA helps with cognition. You need both! Opt for a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA (2:1 ratio eg. 800 DHA/400EPA)…
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Drug discovery for complex diseases like #Parkinsons (#PD) is challenging - we need screenable cellular phenotypes to move faster. Today in @NatureComms, we present an #AI-driven phenotyping platform that identifies #PD hallmarks in patient cells:… 🧵(1/11)
By combining our cell culture #automation, #CellPainting, high-content imaging, and #DeepLearning methods, we built a robust platform for phenotypic profiling and collaborated with @GoogleAI to screen fibroblasts from 91 #Parkinsons patients and matched healthy controls (2/11)
We profiled images of nearly 6 million fibroblasts, creating the largest publicly available #CellPainting dataset to date at 48 terabytes (3/11)
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🛣️ Ventura Highway 🛣️

"The spike protein is a PRION-LIKE PROTEIN...
The immune cells carry that prion-like protein into the SPLEEN...then in the spleen, the prion-like protein, which again, you can say is spike protein, causes the immune cells to start producing alpha-synuclein>
which is a prion-like protein linked to Parkinson's Disease. The immune cells in the spleen are making lots and lots of spike protein, it’s really toxic. They need to get rid of it. They stuff it into these exosomes...
These little nanoparticles…human manufactured nanoparticles>
What the ones will contain with the vaxxine is spike protein…. along with some miRNAs that are regulatory molecules, along with alpha synuclein...all of that’s packaged up in those exosomes and shipped out of those immune cells in the spleen.
Where it goes is, it travels along>
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As some of you know im suffering weird #neurological symptoms atm. The last week has been pretty awful. One of the weirder symptoms is called micrographia: writing getting smaller and smaller.
↙️ My writing on Tuesday (bad not awful day)
My writing on Wednesday (awful day) ↘️ The words: corporate → research & development Location: coThe words: brief [blanked out] on extension Written in small
Micrographia in itself *can* be an early sign of conditions like #Parkinsons

In patients with Parkinsons, closing their eyes whilst writing can often help mitigate micrographia
(in my case the rapid onset followed by rapid improvement makes me think / hope its just whatever the fuck is going on with my neuro-immunology not a sign of whats to come...😬)
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"Knockdown of PTBP1 FAILS TO CONVERT brain astrocytes into neurons in vivo״…
Why is this negative finding of such interest? mainly because two recent high profile papers reported that PTBP1 knockdown converts glia to neurons to treat #Parkinsons Disease, see following links
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1) 🇬🇧 The 8 steps of UK #LongCovid prevalence research in a nutshell - By an upset parent.
1. Child suffers disabling symptoms for over 12 months
2. GP says it is health #anxiety and standard blood tests show nothing wrong, so there can not be anything wrong.
3. #Parent has been
2) using Zoe app, but gives up logging symptoms after x months as they can't see the point anymore. No one believes they are sick anyway
4. Child has disabling symptoms for over 12 months
5. GP says children don't get #longcovid as the @govuk has told them this
3) for the last 18 months. Parent and child both dismissed as "anxious". #Child never sees a #paediatrician as GP dismisses them & paediatricians, therefore, don't see many kids with #longcovid.
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$LOAC - SPAC for 4D Pharma (#DDDD) due diligence thread including:

✅Company overview
✅Product overview
✅Collaborations with major #pharma companies ( $MRK, $PFE, and Merck KGaA)
✅Key competitors
✅Pipeline and upcoming catalysts
𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙥𝙖𝙣𝙮 𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙞𝙚𝙬
4D Pharma (#DDDD) is a pharmaceutical company leading the development of a novel class of drugs derived from the microbiome (LBPs).🦠

Here is a quick overview of how 4D utilizes the microbiome for unique solutions.
#DDDD / $LOAC is leading the microbiome sector with:

✅More than 1,000 granted patents
✅Partnerships with several large biopharma companies (Merck, Pfizer, Merck KGaA) and in talks with others
✅Unique discovery platform of live biotherapeutic products (LBPs)
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Preprint alert: @StefanieAlber et al discovered PTBP1 expression in ADULT peripheral neurons, with roles in sensory function and regeneration, transporting regeneration-associated RNAs to axons. Why is this so interesting? (1/6)…
The dogma is that PTBP1 should NOT be expressed in mature neurons, as it is downregulated as central neurons mature. So finding it in adult peripheral neurons is intriguing. (2/6)
PTBP1 is a splicing factor. Finding it outside the nucleus and trafficking RNA to axons in an injury-regulated manner is a new role, with interesting implications when thinking about the different regeneration capacities of central versus peripheral neurons. (3/6)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/22/2020…
Matt Blaze: A Cryptologic Mystery

#cryptography #mystery
Researchers discover new molecules for tracking Parkinson's disease…

#disease #tracking #Parkinsons
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As its the first day of #WorldAlzMonth, I thought I'd give a brief overview of work I've done in collaboration with @BAM_Research.

My research focuses on improving how we diagnose and care for people with #dementia.

I use #gait analysis and #wearables to meet these aims (1/n).
My first step was to find out if people with #dementia have unique signatures of #gait impairment (i.e. Unique walking patterns).

My review revealed that gait may be useful to identify dementia but we didn't know enough about gait in dementia subtypes.…
With @BAM_Research, I set up the GaitDem study, which examined if #gait would be a useful marker for differential diagnosis of #Alzheimers disease and #Lewy body #dementia.

Using gold standard techniques, we found early evidence that gait may be useful.…
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Researchers from the Systemic Synuclein Sampling Study report provides class III evidence that total cerebrospinal fluid α-synuclein does not accurately distinguish #Parkinsons from healthy controls…
Lower total α-syn levels in CSF in #Parkinsons, but specificity is low.

Plus α-syn monoclonal antibody staining on skin & submandibular gland samples is specific for PD, but sensitivity is low.
This sentence in particular: "Relationships within subjects across different tissues & biofluids could not be demonstrated"

When systemic conditions get territorial? Or is it time to go back to the drawing board on this whole α-syn/#Parkinsons thing?
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On #WorldBrainDay, the Neuronet programme is celebrating @IMI_JU's public-private partnerships in #neurodegeneration research; from fundamental science to clinical studies, data analysis to knowledge mining & beyond.

Keep your eyes peeled! #WeAreNeuronet
2/20 @bwfalcon, now a group leader at @MRC_LMB, worked on the structure of Tau filaments @imprind, showing how they are misfolded in the brains of people with #neurodegenerative diseases.

Read about his work here: #WorldBrainDay
3/20 #WorldBrainDay 2020 is dedicated to raising awareness of #Parkinsons disease. There are currently no disease-modifying treatments for mild cognitive impairment in PD; the #PD-MIND project aims to test a new drug to treat this condition. Find out
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Check out the latest preprint from the lab on "Integration of #Genomic & Multi-tissue #proteomic data in neurodegenerative diseases" lead by @chengran2020 @WUSTLdbbs in @ccrugom lab at @WUSTLmed supported by @cziscience via @medrxivpreprint… #tweetorial ⬇️
This is the first #proteomic study that uses high throughput pQTL in neurological relevant tissues to identify novel genetic loci regulating protein levels, which will improve our understanding of the biology of #Alzheimers, #Parkinsons, & other neurodegenerative diseases
We identified hundreds of novel pQTLs in CSF, plasma, & Brain linking novel genes, biomarkers and drug targets with #Alzheimers, #Parkinsons
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NEW: “When does postural instability appear in monogenic parkinsonisms? An individual-patient meta-analysis” in The Journal of Neurology.
A 2-year effort with @LucaMarsili1 @andrea_sturchio @Dr_Murli_Mishra @DrAlfonsoFasano @nachogenePD @Marcelokauffman @AlbertoEspay

Monogenic parkinsonisms are very different from one another. Not only on the severity of parkinsonism, but also on cognition, behavioral, and autonomic function.
(See a nice review ⬇️…)
A critical marker of disability is postural instability🚶➡️🧑‍🦯➡️🧑‍🦽, which leads to falls, and increased morbidity and mortality. The frequency and time-to postural instability in different monogenic parkinsonisms remained unknown.
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Dear #GeneTherapy twitter, thank you for your had work enabling cures for diseases of #Aging. What's that, you aren't working on that at all? Oh but you are, and @Nicole_Paulk and I wrote an oped to explain why:…
#Aging is a set of biological mechanisms that cause all your tissues to decline in distinct ways, and in doing so lose physiological coherence. This process is the main risk factor for most US deaths (incl. #COVID19).
The systemic nature of #Aging means that old patients are usually #Comorbid, suffering from more than one disease. Our best remedy right now is often a cocktail of drugs, whose side effects interfere with each other and further strain other organs.
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In this thread, I will compile my medical illustrations in oncology and #RadOnc.

Many are from textbook w @DanTrifMD…
based on @ARRO_org study guide for board exams.

A picture is worth 1000 words.
Here is oncology in a few pics.
@DanTrifMD @ARRO_org @SpringerNature Starting with pediatrics:
Rhabdomyosarcoma treatment paradigm for cancers of head/neck depends on parameningeal vs non-parameningeal location. PM is an unfavorable site, affects stage. #sarcoma #HNCSM
@DanTrifMD @ARRO_org @SpringerNature CNS/brain anatomy from sagittal view.
Chapter from @cgr0105, Sameer Nath, from University of Colorado
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When Europe bans something that Africans have mastered (like ganga), our puppet leaders are quick to adopt it & disadvantage us. But when they ban something truly dangerous, like aluminum cooking utensils, our leaders will ignore it, because they really don't GAF about our health
If you have never thought about it, pls do so today.... Where is the other half of that aluminum ladle or spoon??? Unlike the "dad3s3n" which was a cast iron pot (still inferior to the Clay pot, but more later) these aluminum cooking pots are a serious health hazard.
The proof is very simple. Break (so there is no metal contact) fresh kontomire into 3 cooking pots containing water. One clay, one cast iron (or stainless steel) and one aluminum pot. Boil for 10 mins. Remove samples from each & place on a clean white cloth to inspect ...
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Carmen Recupero begins a presentation on the applications of neuro-lymphatic therpay... 🧠
A link between lymphatics and the brain has been suspected, but now there's research backing it up: "Treating lymphatic health in the body is not an arm and a leg."
Recupero coins a new term to describe her enthusiasm with glymphatics: "glymphie" 😅💙
#nln2019 Image
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At the UofG press conference for the FIELD study results, published today @NEJM, @UofGMVLS’s @WillStewNeuro says ‘This is the largest study to date looking at the incidence of neurodegenerative disease in any sport not just former professional footballers’
#WorldChangingGlasgow Image
Commenting on the findings from this landmark UofG led study @WillStewNeuro says: ‘Although former pro football players had a higher risk of death from neurodegenerative disease, they are less likely to die of other common diseases, such as heart disease and some cancers’. Image
‘Looking in detail at neurodegenerative disease subtypes, the study revealed risk ranged from a 5-fold increase in #AlzheimersDisease, through an approximately 4-fold increase in #MND, to a 2-fold risk for #Parkinsons Disease, compared to population controls’ @WillStewNeuro
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PING @UQ_EAIT. This semester I've had the opportunity to tutor '#Biomaterials in Medicine' (CHEE4305) & today was the most fun I've ever had in a class at UQ!

The topic was @elonmusk's revolutionary tech startup #Neuralink, aiming to develop implantable brain devices.
So what makes Neuralink so revolutionary?

Historic Biomaterial revolutions - pacemakers, hip implants, bionic limbs - have changed what humans are capable of doing. However, Neuralink has the potential to change who we are as a species!…
How can a Biomaterial change the identity of the human species?? What exactly is Neuralink?

This video from @ColdFusion_TV is the most accurate & succinct summary of Neuralink that I've come across:
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The Conservative Party of Canada supports a 3 year prohibition on embryonic stem cell research.

They claim adult stems cells are more promising, so let's look at their claims.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #NeverScheer #stemcells #research #science
The Ford Government has already cut funding for stem cell research.

"Scientist working on treatment of premature babies calls move 'extremely short-sighted and uninformed'"…
What are embryonic stem cells?
"Embryonic stem cells exist only at the earliest stages of embryonic development and are capable of making any cell type in the body."

via @UMich…
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1. This is a very useful thread #MedTwitter because it tracks common reasoning errors that lead doctors to readily accept psychosomatic dx for #MEcfs and other contested conditions like #EhlersDanlos, #mito, #dysautonomia, #LymeDisease, etc.
2. Start with the duty that defines your profession @strauss_matt - to ensure that every patient with a need for med care (medical testing, treatment, or support) receives it when she seeks it from you. Mistaken psychosomatic dx violates that duty in every case where it occurs.
3. No doctor should have to be told to err on the side of medical caution. Your job requires (a) humility about the limits of dx science and (b) historical awareness of immense suffering caused by psychological explanations for #MS #epilepsy #PepticUlcer #Parkinsons #lupus etc.
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