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Murray Darling Basin deception

**UPDATE** E petition is now closed, however due to the severity of this issue we are applying for a second petition and will combine the signatures. We want to give every Aussie the chance to sign and have their voice heard.
Comment your name in the original post and we will reply when it’s up, so you can continue to share and spread this message. (Second petition ETA is Wednesday 16th October)
This petition is addressed to the House of Representatives who have the power to call for a Federal Royal Commission investigation into corruption of the Murray-Darling Basin. Closing date for signatures: 09 October 2019 (11.59pm AEST)
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Join me today on #MSNBC at 3 pm CT/4ET w @RichardLui. #JillsPin shows unraveling of cover-up of Trump's abuse of power for personal benefit as he starts throwing aides under the bus. Remember Nixon did same to Dean, Mitchell, Rose Woods and others.
Lots of #Watergate terms back in use: #DeepSix. #CircleTheWagons. #FollowTheMoney. #TheCoverUpIsWorseThanTheCrimw (not true here IMO). #ThrowUnderTheBus. Here, as #MayaWiley said, the ones thrown under the bus are getting back on & he's driving over them repeatedly!
Today's #JillsPin inspired by Trump's blaming #RickPerry, Maya and my friend, Jason.
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Thinking a little today about Congress's powers related to subpoenas, which date back to materials requests in 1792, Warren in 1957 “The power of the Congress to conduct investigations is inherent in the legislative process." Here's a good overview:…
Odd to me that some right now question this, so let's begin with the Constitution: "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 1
So from that we get Congress's power to conduct investigations, including "under" "penalty" (i.e. subpoena) requests for evidence, testimony...Thanks @Susan_Hennessey @lawfareblog "The Rules of Congressional Investigations & Trump’s Growing Russia Problem"…
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Because large follower Twitter accounts like to compare everything to the Watergate Scandal, while knowing nothing about the #Watergate Scandal.

Here it is, summarized in 12 convenient, easy-to-read tweets:…

1/ 1972 Break-in at the DNC headquarters
2/ Where members of Nixon's reelection committee broke in to offices, stole documents, and bugged phones
3/ The wiretaps failed to work properly, so they broke in again and were caught
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#Epstein #Wexner #Lindner #Riklis

In 2006 Charles Linder (partner of my abuser and his father Meshulam Riklis) was named as the 2nd wealthiest man in Ohio.

The first wealthiest man in Ohio was Leslie Wexner.

NOTE: These men all know each other. Connect the dots.
In this 1991 lawsuit Rapid American Corp v Harris you can see Meshulam Riklis's name as the owner of Rapid American.

Carl Lindner's name is mysteriously mis-spelled.

Linder was Riklis's partner.

Riklis also went to Ohio State like Leslie Wexner.…
Riklis served in the British army in 1942-1946.

It is during the war it has been said that Riklis worked as a covert agent aka intelligence asset aka spy.
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@realDonaldTrump TraitorTrump,

In his own quiet Eagle Scout mix of dry, laconic & droll ... @FBI's Robert Mueller was the Clint Eastwood anti-hero in Unforgiven:

hard to understand...
but methodical, effective and focused.

For those wanting an Unforgiven link:

@realDonaldTrump @FBI There are tens of millions of Cravens like you ... @FoxNewsSunday + guests, panelists & host come to mind.

Yelping and braying for an "Unforgiven" sh#tshow spectacle.

Lost are:

The Gravity + History of That Moment...

@realDonaldTrump @FBI @FoxNewsSunday Hark back to when Tip O'Neil was #SpeakerOfTheHouse during #Watergate...

TraitorTrump: Read about Watergate-era Chairman of the Judiciary Committee ...

a WW2 Veteran + shortlist @VP-choice for Jimmy Carter's 1976 POTUS campaign...Congressman Rodino…

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“Words are loaded pistols.”—John Paul Sartre Thursday, July 25, 2013
“We need to look at Continuity of Government plans, and in doing so, pry back the dark layers of what these really mean, why they’ve been so secret for so long, and just how sensitive and dangerous they are even today for those who choose to look into them.” #COG 🧐
Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.… #Project131Tunnel
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Who Is British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s

Longtime Partner?

By Ed Dickson
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@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd Chuck Todd is MoscowMitchMcCancer x MafiaLeech-BonespursBankrupt-PornstarShagging-DictatorCuddling-WannabeLéonDegrelle-TraitorTrump's _ _ _ _.
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd Chuck Todd: in his own quiet Eagle Scout droll manner...@FBI's Robert Mueller was the Clint Eastwood anti-hero in Unforgiven: methodical, effective and focused.

...cravenly, you call for "spectacle"...
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd @FBI There are tens of millions of Chuck Todd + Cravens like him...

Cravenly yelping and braying for an "Unforegiven" shitshow spectacle.


Gravity of the moment...

History of the moment...

Hark back to when Tip O'Neil was #SpeakerOfTheHouse during #Watergate...
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The corrupt Taylors - it's never ending #watergate #grassgate #educate > NSW funded $16m project run by MP Bronwyn Taylor's husband…
If the NSW cost benefit analysis was a dud, I wonder what the Federal one said.....or even if there was one undertaken. Come on @DanTehanWannon you handed out the C'wealth money $5.1M to these shysters, come clean about your involvement.
Here's education guru Duncan Taylor - I'm not sure what this photo represents but I'm sure it says "education" to someone, somewhere perhaps at sometime
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So it appears the new "star" of the Democratic party is now John Dean of the famed Watergate scandal. Beginning today, he is testifying on a panel to the House Judiciary Committee re: the implications of, and potential actions as a result of, the Mueller Report.
2) It is interesting the Democrats would choose to take expert advice from a man who was convicted of obstruction of justice, served prison time and was disbarred from practicing law over Watergate! (You just can't make this up this stuff, people!)
3) He admitted supervising payments of "hush money" to the Watergate burglars, notably E. Howard Hunt, and revealed the existence of Nixon's enemies.
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Unpacking the class and power structure of any culture requires an understanding of its codes and symbols. Here’s a class analysis of this tweet to explain how journalists mock those they perceive to be a lower-class than them on the twitter community. A thread👇🏻
‘This website’ has become an in-group term for twitter used by journalists and other blue ticks who want to minimise the importance of the voices of other users on here, basically implying it’s just a website, a hobby, insignificant, an entity, a distraction.
This focus on the technical aspects of the platform is basically code for ‘insignificant’. In reality, we know social media platforms are more than just a website. They’re a tool for billions to contribute their valid ideas and contributions on any topic - which is important.
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THREAD: I invoked Rod Serling & Twilight Zone when the news hit about #Trump asserting #ExcutivePrivilege over documents underlying #MuellerReport. I thought I should explain given your questions about US v Nixon & more.
First, there are two different issues to sort through. 1. grand jury material redacted in #MuellerReport and the grand jury material - documents - the report relies on; and 2. documents like McGahn's notes that Mueller refers to in the report that may exist outside of grand jury
House Dems are basically arguing they can see grand jury material behind closed doors (not public) without a court order. The Congressional Research Service notes that 2 court decisions agree with them & others do not. This sets up a court battle.…
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#Auspol Is @AngustTaylorMP 2 scared to be accountable to the Goulburn Community? Why is the MeetTheCandidatesForum audience+numbers rigged to Chamber of Commerce members guests & businesses only?

Our representatives are held to a higher standard of accountability, so why is Angus avoiding awkward questions & inconvenient press coverage, on integrity & accountability? including
- on #Watergate & #Caymans companies?
3 - does Angus have any role in EAA levee banks ruining Kylie @qwadja & Lawrence farmers over the Balonne with the backed up flood waters from the levee banks on the EAA properties?
- Why does @AngusTaylorMP hate the local Windfarm industry?
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The two farms at the heart of the water buyback scandal - Kia Ora and Clyde in Qld - have been sold, along with Eastern Australia Agriculture. However the structure of the deal means the actual price paid may never be made public. #transparency #auspol #watergate
1. The two major Queensland cotton farms at the centre of the water buybacks dispute, Kia Ora and Clyde, have been sold to a Canadian-based private equity investment firm, however the structure of the deal means the price paid for the properties may never be revealed publicly.
2. Under the deal, Fiera Comox, an arm of Canada's Fiera Capital, has bought the properties by buying the company which owns them, Eastern Australia Agriculture, with the deal settling on December 19 last year.
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Le #breaking GOAT😉 de la nuit US. Le procureur spécial #Mueller a ÉCRIT au ministre de la Justice #Barr pour lui dire que son relevé de conclusions sur son enquête ne correspondait pas à son rapport sur #Trump. Retournement massif.…
2) Dans cette lettre, #Mueller accuse nommément #Barr d'avoir semé la confusion dans le public avec ses conclusions sur #Trump qui "ne capturent pas pleinement le contexte, la nature et la substance du rapport et de ses conclusions" (#verbatim)
3) D'après le @washingtonpost, dans 1 entretien téléphonique postérieur- mais attention, là, sources indirectes- à la lettre, #Mueller ne reproche pas à #Barr de mentir mais d'avoir présenté des conclusions égarant le public et les médias quant à l'obstruction de #Trump.
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L'info #breaking de la nuit US. Le président #Trump et ses enfants attaquent devant le tribunal fédéral de Manhattan les banques Deutsche Bank et Capital One pour les empêcher de répondre aux assignations de la Chambre démocrate sur leurs états financiers.…
2) La plainte des #Trump est très intéressante en ce qu'elle s'appuie juridiquement sur la remise en cause du pouvoir d'enquête du Congrès que le président et ses enfants estiment ici sans motif législatif, donc infondé. La guerre aux contre-pouvoirs est bien déclarée.
3) Toute l'argumentation de #Trump tourne autour de l'arrêt Watkins de 1957 de la #CourSuprême qui a établi que le Congrès a des pouvoirs d'enquête larges MAIS pas infinis, ET qu'il doit justifier la publication de données privées par 1 motif "légitime".…
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Barnaby Joyce and #Watergate: the water buybacks scandal explained by @MaryanneSlatte1, a senior water researcher at @TheAusInstitute. MEGA THREAD.

In no time you'll know your overland flows from your water buybacks and everything in between.…
Q: What has happened?
A: Joyce is under fire because of an $80m deal he approved as water minister in 2017. The company that received the payment, Eastern Australia Agriculture (EAA), booked a $52m profit on the deal, much of which appears to have been transferred ...
... to its parent company in the Cayman Islands.

That company was co-founded by the energy minister, Angus Taylor, who has stated that he has no current involvement in the company and has received no benefit.
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#Breaking Comme on l'expliquait hier dans ce #thread (,),#Trump pense avoir gagné le match retour du #Watergate et sorti la présidence de tout impératif de contrôle. La preuve: il bloquera tout témoignage de collaborateur au Congrès.…
2) Dans cette interview publiée par le @washingtonpost cette nuit, #Trump explique qu'il s'opposera aux témoignages de ses collaborateurs au Congrès car il les a déjà laissés parler à #Mueller et que, selon lui, celui-ci l'a complètement exonéré. Pas la peine de recommencer donc.
3) #Trump veut ainsi empêcher son ex-avocat de la Maison Blanche McGahn, son ex-responsable de délivrance des accréditations de sécurité Kline de témoigner au Congrès et refuse aussi que le ministère du Trésor y communique ses feuilles d'impôt.…
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1: It's time to say it: Despite Twitter's outrage about #Watergate Barnaby Joyce is still likely to win #NewEnglandVotes. A thread for pragmatists ⬇️
2: I live in the electorate of #NewEnglandVotes. I was born on Kamilaroi Country into a family that settled in the region 150 years ago. Shop owners and graziers, my mob aren't special. If I were to analyse the family tree I'd find plenty of rusted-on Nat voters.
3: I am a hybrid. My mother's family were English settlers who arrived in 1905 and settled in the outer northern suburbs of Sydney. They were blue-ribbon Liberal voters.
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1. My frustration with most msm reporting of #Watergate comes down to a fundamental disagreement about the role of the journalist.

I first realised the schism in my first journo job, with Brisbane’s Courier Mail, when the chief sub castigated me about a story I’d filed.
2. It was about condom vending machines in schools. The Monisyer, Lyn Powell from memory, said something false, so I quoted him then stated the facts. The chief sub said: “Your job is not to tell the truth, your job is to report what people say.”
3. I don’t agree with that. I don’t see there is any purpose to journalism if the job is not to inform readers or viewers of the facts.

I’m not talking about inserting opinion into news stories, I’m talking about facts which contradict reported claims.
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Listening to @RNDrive . I have seen the brief that was provided to @Barnaby_Joyce. The documentation came from the department, not the QLD Government. Before he approved the purchase he should have made his own inquiry.
The Australian Government Solicitor acted for Commonwealth. Did he ask any questions of the AGS about the entity he was dealing with? #watergate
Did he ask why the Department were using a limited tender in preference to an approach to the market?
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Former Water Minister @Barnaby_Joyce is with @PatsKarvelas right now on water buybacks

Live stream:

Or follow along here 👇

#rndrive #auspol #AUSVote2019 #watergate (AAP)
@Barnaby_Joyce @PatsKarvelas Why was $80 million of taxpayer money given to a company domiciled in an offshore tax haven?

"Because that's what the price was ... I am at arms length, I do not negotiate the price" says @Barnaby_Joyce #rndrive
@Barnaby_Joyce @PatsKarvelas "I do not negotiate the price, I do not negotiate the vendor" insists @Barnaby_Joyce #rndrive #auspol

"Let's just calm down, and answer the question" says @PatsKarvelas
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