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'Explosive UAP Whistleblower Article' published by 'The Debrief' authored by Leslie Kean & Ralph Blumenthal

Here is what went on before and explains the back-channel efforts of what I'm told happened at the Washington Post and the New York Times
Pentagon Push-Back & The Media Cowards

NYT & WaPo
Senior Desk Editors

Julian Barnes of #NYT @julianbarnes
Shane Harris of #WAPO @shaneharris

Did these media outlets and the respective named journalists bottle one of the biggest stories in history, potentially one of the
biggest articles since #Watergate and #IranContra? they were both given the chance to run the #thehill UFO #whistleblower article and they both turned it down, if this is correct and this is what I have been told did happen, these guys and those media organisations need to be
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🧵HILO: #WaterGate

El hecho de que el agua cotice a futuros en Wall Street puede tener varias implicaciones para la población civil:
En primer lugar, puede aumentar el precio del agua, ya que la especulación en el mercado de futuros puede aumentar la demanda y el costo del agua.
Esto podría afectar significativamente a las personas que dependen del agua para sus necesidades básicas, como beber, cocinar y limpiar.
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Charging Nixon in Watergate was like finding Capone guilty of tax evasion. It didn't address the real crimes of racketeering and laundering. #GingerHoldings

Nixon, USAID, Taiwan, PepsiCo, Gulf of Tonkin, heroin, military... Bush, Dulles.
1953: VP Nixon and SoS John Foster Dulles ImageImage
Nixon, Eisenhower, Dulles Image
1956: John Foster Dulles, Nixon, and Indonesia President Sukarno Image
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Why would a bottled water business report be interested in #COVID?

Imagine that 80% of the bottled water industry was owned by 3 corporations. How easy or difficult would it be to contaminate the bottled water supply with, say, a coronavirus vector?… Image
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‼️‼️ ATTENTION ‼️‼️

A Forensic Analysis of the Peter Obi and Bishop Oyedepo's "Yes Daddy" Leaked Audio - Here's all you need to know.

This will be a long thread:

Happy New Month Kenneth Okonkwo Deleting Shettima
/2 Since the audio was released by Peoples Gazette yesterday, there have been two lines of defence taken by members of the Peter Obi inner circle.

While some have come out to debunk the audio as alright falsehood, some others like Kenneth Okonkwo have come out to clarify and
/3 explain the conversation in the audio as being a false representation of the real conversation.
So I decided to do a forensic analysis of the audio to see what the evidence will expose.

If this audio was presented before a court, it would be analysed by forensic experts
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Isabel Oakeshott & Matt Hancock: not only does betraying a confidential source damage journalism, it is also a threat to public health.

Oakeshott's claims about leaking the WhatsApp messages in the name of 'public interest' are highly suspect.…
Many scandals - including #Watergate & the MP's expenses scandal - help us to understand the vital importance of preserving source confidentiality.

These & m any others would have seen the light of day if the original source had not trusted guarantees of anonymity.
What, then, do we make of the decision by journalist Isabel Oakeshott to present the Telegraph with the complete cache of more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages confidentially given to her by Matt Hancock, for which she signed a non-disclosure agreement?
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I media #Cinesi stanno dedicando ampio spazio alle rivelazioni esplosive contenute nell'articolo del giornalista statunitense #SeymourHersh e gli animi sono molto infiammati dall'indignazione. Hersh ha fornito dettagli su come le agenzie di intelligence statunitensi hanno (1/11)
pianificato il #Sabotaggio del gasdotto #NordStream su ordine del Presidente #USA Joe Biden e su come la Marina statunitense ha fatto esplodere le condutture del gasdotto con la collaborazione delle forze #Norvegesi. Dopo la pubblicazione dell'articolo, #Washington ha (2/11)
subito smentito la notizia come "fake news" ma questa smentita non convince nessuno. I cinesi insistono perche' la comunità internazionale chieda spiegazioni a Washington.
Hersh, 85 anni, è un giornalista vincitore del #PremioPulitzer, più di 50 anni fa il suo reportage (3/11)
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I’m really believing the #CBS #BidenClassifiedDocuments leak came from our unaccountable & corrupt #FBI that typically uses CBS straight from the #COINTELPRO playbook in coercing our MSM (but keeps FBI’s hands clean) to publicly target we Americans to be wedged against each other…

Anti-war protesters broke into a FBI office & leaked the documents to the press and on March 24, 1971, The Washington Post ran a cover story on the vast program initiated by the FBI in 1956 to neutralize suspicious persons and organizations.
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This Master Thread 🧵 is a collection of my deep dives into 20th Century HIDDEN HISTORY, sourced from declassified documents 🗄 and films 🎥 in US government archives.

#WWI #WWII #FDR #ColdWar #JFK #RFK #MLK #LBJ #JFKFiles #ColdWar #CIA #FBI #USSR #SovietUnion #Ukraine #Nazis
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As the warm story-inspiring light of #Sagittarius dissipates, we feel the darkness creep around us w/ our days shortening.
At the pt. of the shortest day, where night & darkness would seem to prevail, we step into the mystery & power that is #Capricorn
From a spiritual point of view, #Capricorn symbolizes that moment when the darkness of matter SEEMS to prevail over the light.
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There’s a lot about #Watergate you probably don’t know — because it was kept from you.

As journalist ⁦@jeffersonmorley⁩ spells out in his latest book, Nixon’s plan to threaten CIA Director Helms over the #JFK Assassination blew back in his face.…
In the context of his long-standing demand for the CIA’s records, the invocation of “the ‘Who shot John?’ angle” on the Nixon tape can only refer to one thing: Kennedy’s assassination.
The ambush in Dallas was the first thing on Nixon’s mind as he pressed the CIA director for the agency’s Bay of Pigs files.

The president intuited a connection between the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961 and JFK’s assassination two years later.
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Après le témoignage de Cassie Hutchinson, la commission d'enquête parlementaire sur l'insurrection du Capitole assigne à comparaître Pat Cipollone, l'avocat conseil de la Maison Blanche sous #Trump. Mais improbable qu'il…
2...Cipollone, catholique intransigeant et père de dix enfants, membre influent de la Federalist Society est un des ces conservateurs sociaux qui ont pactisé avec #Trump malgré leur peu de goût pour le… si le témoignage d'Hutchinson a mis en valeur les efforts de Cipollone pour éviter l'implication de la Maison Blanche et de Trump dans l'insurrection du Capitole, effrayé qu'il était des possibles conséquences légales, pourquoi viendrait- il coopérer avec la commission?
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#Insurrection #January6thHearings #Trump portrait of mental instability unprecedntd!Evidence of panickd ppl around #Trump SHOCKING. Military action feared!Trump lost composure,grabbd steering wheel leaping from back seat &assaultg Security.#Jan6Cmtee: #Trump’s political obituary.
#Trump wild activities incl assault & mental instability,known to ALL #GOPCowards Consider #GOP continue to take orders & kiss ring,making his comeback more likely.Greed so immense,#USA/global welfare disappeard from their dashboard.THAT is all that matters.#TRUMPMurdochMonster
#USA Rioters chanting: Hang Mike Pence. #Trump says he ‘deserves it!’Sentiment expressd other times, defendg rioters.Instead of sendg them away, #Trump further inflamed w/ incendiary tweet (2.24pm jan 6) accusing VP of failing to protect country.WH staffers alarmed,disgustd.
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So much of #Watergate didn’t become public for years, often decades, later. Thanks to @vermontgmg’s new history, we have a number of examples. Here are a few: 1/x
Reporter Carl Bernstein had a tip a special grand jury had taken a secret straw poll on whether the president was guilty. Prosecutors weren’t aware of it, denied it, one called publisher Katharine Graham to warn her off it. But it happened, we found out 7 years later. 2/x
New Vice President was chatting with a @Newsweek reporter when the reporter told him Nixon couldn’t survive the scandal—“and you’re going to be president.”
Ford responded: “You’re probably right.”
But the conversation remained off the record until 2007. 3/x
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Querétaro sin impunidad

Ojalá se dijera lo mismo de la federación dónde Gertz se pasa la ley por el asterisco y dónde desde Palacio Nacional se cubre la corrupción de #JoseRamonLopezBeltran13.
#Asesinos son aquellos que dejan sin quimioterapias a niños.

Llama la atención la "oportuna" tragedia hasta @CarlosLoret habla de algo diferente a las corruptelas de Gertz o la obvia impunidad de #JoseRamonLopezBeltran12 ¿o ya va en el #JoseRamonLopezBeltran13?

Un partido que realmente a nadie le importaba.

Se vuelve trascendente en cuestión de segundos a ras de cancha.

Dos equipos que tienen la importancia de un costal de tezontle (Dixit @Donvix)
Una horda de trolles prestos a crucificar a un gobernador panista @makugo.

Un estado que comparado con Zacatecas, no pasa nada.

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#THREAD | ¿Qué está ocurriendo con @HillaryClinton? ¿Cómo hizo su campaña para acceder a los servidores de la Casa Blanca y crear una conspiración contra Donald Trump? ¿Y por qué se cree que este será el mayor escandalo político del presente siglo, incluso peor que #Watergate? ⤵️
Según una investigación del abogado especial del Departamento de Justicia, John #Durham, la campaña de @HillaryClinton pagó para infiltrarse en los servidores de la Casa Blanca con el propósito de crear un vínculo inexistente entre Trump y el Gobierno de Vladimir Putin.

(1/8) ⤵️
Los abogados de la campaña de @HillaryClinton pagaron a una empresa llamada “Tech Executive 1”, con el propósito de infiltrarse en la campaña de #Trump, crear una narrativa de injerencia rusa, y alterar el curso de las elecciones presidenciales del 2016.

(2/8) ⤵️
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So more potential criminality around the #BigLie. Forged elector certificates favoring Trump over Biden from multiple states from the 2020 elections. We have long past blown by a #Watergate level conspiracy in my opinion.
Here's a very good thread from @the_peetape covering this topic, kicking off with a segment on Rachel @Maddow last night. The #BigLie is turning into a giant blackhole that is going to suck alot of people into the clutches of criminal prosecution.
What is especially interesting about these forged electors documents is not just the people who signed them ... but also the ones that declined to at the last minute. Now why did well known Trump activist CJ Pearson decide not to do this? #BigLie cc @the_peetape @visionsurreal
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1/ #Jan6thCommittee votes to hold @MarkMeadows in contempt. This is the right decision, but commentators saying that Meadows has a stronger case for ExecPriv than Bannon are wrong. Both have ZERO basis for claiming privilege. Here's why - and it's worth reading the full thread.
2/ There are many reasons why neither Bannon or Meadows has a legitimate ExecPriv claim. 1st, ExecPriv only covers convesations with the president about the job of the president. Planning a coup and overturning the results of an election are not part of the job of any president.
3/ That alone ends the issue, but there's more. 2nd, SCOTUS' #Watergate decision giving my team President Nixon's tapes also made clear that even where conversations are about policy and privileged, ExecPriv gives way to overriding national interests like those involved here.
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The Germans and Japanese both looted and plundered in WW2. Both got liquid assets out of their countries into neutral banks and industries before wars end. This cold calculation is banal and rational. Bormann arranged it for Germany. Why anyone would doubt that Bormann survived?
Remember, when you hear news of governments making decisions which make no sense and only make things worse:

The engineer intends to wreck the train.
To understand and make sense of the present, study the past. #History
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Documents MAJEURS pour l'étude de la fin de la présidence #Trump et son viol des normes admises de fonctionnement de la #démocratie US que ces courriels de pression sur le ministère de la Justice pour faire invalider l'élection de #Biden en décembre…
2. On y apprend donc pêle-mêle que #Trump, ayant à peine nommé l'intérimaire Rosen comme ministre de la Justice à la place de #Barr, lui fait parvenir le 14 décembre des documents fantaisistes et démentis par la justice sur des fraudes imaginaires au #Michigan...
3...on y apprend aussi que #Trump et son entourage voulaient que le ministère de la Justice dépose un recours auprès de la #CourSuprême fin décembre pour faire annuler le scrutin dans 6 Etats et convoquer une élection spéciale...
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Who is Sylvia Burwell? Gates Foundation President; moved to government post as Secretary of HHS thru Obama. › wiki
Sylvia Mathews Burwell - Wikipedia
Worked for Clinton ("helped form NEC"), (Jay) Rockefeller campaign, PRESIDENT of the Global Development Program for BM Gates Foundation, Harvard, Oxford (Rhodes Scholar)... ImageImageImageImage
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8. Searingly honest and revelatory account of the a good journalist’s internal voices on a story like this, and the external constraints on publication. I RELATED BIG TIME.

Superb, Tory. I would have made the same decision as you for the same reason, until she’ ready let it be.
9. Succinct summary of investigation state of play by @osbornep

10. Backgrounder thread by @CroweDM on the NSW Police statement closing its investigation.
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IDK how many feel as I do that the Morrison lead government will not bring out #Budget2021
For all thinking people it appears the we are now in an undeclared Federal election campaign
The impact of the Opposition`s attack on all of Morrison`s failures
has finally cut through
Media cannot find positives to promote this LNP government any further
A further eroding of the Democratic process in shutting down debate in #HoR question time cannot be defended by the #MSM, nor can it be glossed over
Also, the impact of the new US Biden admin with it`s #NetZeroBy2050 & return to the #ParisAgreement will see Morrison not only further sidelined by global powers it will see him totally isolated in #ClimateChangeDenialism

The impact on reducing #covidstimulus
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