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5.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
3. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
4. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
Democratically elected Pres. & vice-Pres. of Bolivia, Evo Morales & Álvaro García were forced to resign. This was a coup that employed threats & brutality against Morales, García, members of the cabinet, congressional representatives & their families.
I thought we had ended the oppression, discrimination & humiliation of the poor, the indigenous.But there are groups that don't respect life, much less the country.If I committed a crime, is being indigenous & have struggled to get my people out of poverty
W policies of threats/intimidation, they have made several of our democratically elected & positioned, mayors, governors, ministers, & assembly members resign; they didn't resign for cowardice but for reprisals & attacks on their families.That was the Coup
This coup d'état, nor the attacks on my life, will change my ideology. We will always be anti-imperialists.
This is another lesson for learning & strengthening the struggles for sovereignty, inclusion, dignity & freedom with the identity of the peoples of Bolivia & the world.
Now that we have saved our lives, Thank you, Bolivian & Mexican people. We will not take a step back to the racists & coup leaders. Today we see who are true enemies of our people. As long as it has life, the fight continues. "Patria o Muerte! Venceremos!"
As a govt of the Democratic & Cultural Revolution, we don't equip the military with airplanes & helicopters to use against the humblest. My request to the Armed Forces isn't to stain the blood of the people who defend democracy, their dignity & identity.
I congratulate our sisters and brothers in the MAS-IPSP assembly for acting with unity & dignity to reject any manipulation of the racist-right, scammers & homeland sellers. We remain united in the defense of democracy, the rule of law, life & the country.
The tricolor is a symbol of the unity of our dear Bolivia & the wiphala is an emblem of diversity & equality w the identity of all indigenous peoples. No member of the Police can dent those national symbols; who does it, acts w the racism of Mesa/Camacho.
#Bolivia: Indigenous peoples gather in popular assemblies in El Alto, La Paz.
📢🤬The coup d'etat deepens in #Bolivia. The military detain protesters, mostly women, who were conducting a march in Cochabamba and headed to Plaza 14 de Septiembre.
@UN 📢🤬Meanwhile, the media fence hides the violence exerted by the military. In La Paz, the public television signal was interrupted. All state media were captured and suspended signal
@UN Associate members of the "Sindicato Nacional dos Empregados" - Frente Nacional de Trabalhadores, declare against the Perpetuated Coup d'état in #Bolivia 🇧🇴

Their solidarity with Brother @evoespueblo and MAS
@UN @evoespueblo 🗣️📢🚨‼️ ATTENTION ‼️🚨
At least 800 accounts of those who participated in the HT #BoliviaNoHayGolpe had 0 (zero 😱) followers. 800 accounts Zero followers
@UN @evoespueblo 🚨 ATTENTION 🚨
Watch how bots on twitter try to convince that there is no #GolpeDeEstadoBolivia. If you type in the search bar: "Friends from everywhere, in Bolivia there was NO COUP" appear hundreds of fake accounts that show the same message in English.
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog 😭Humiliating and very sad is that the military assaults the elderly for demanding their rights.
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog The #Bolivian people take to the streets. They took to the streets outraged by the persecution they undertook against indigenous peoples and their ultimate symbol, La #Wiphala.
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog 📢@UN @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog 😡👇🏼
Clash groups in Cochabamba are being supported by Bolivian police to counter the protests of the people who reject the coup.

"We are going to slaughter them," threatens one of them
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog 🤬📢@UN
Via @telesurenglish
Passing over the constitution itself, already shattered by the coup, without deputies from the majority bench, or quorum, Senator Jeanine Añez proclaims herself President of #Bolivia. The institutional coup advances.
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog @telesurenglish The companions recorded the moments of their moving farewell with the valuable men of the Bolivian people. Exiles of their patria by a coup d'etat criminal.
@evoespueblo y @GarciaLinera
"¡Fuerza, fuerza! ¡No están solos!"
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog @telesurenglish @GarciaLinera 🤬📢There is a perfect word in the English language for when army generals appear on television demanding the resignation of an elected head of state while their allies detain & torture government officials.
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog @telesurenglish @GarciaLinera 🤬📢Leaders from the Western countries & the @UN are cowards.
🤬📢In the 21st century, these leaders continue to go along with the #USA regime to destroy countries because of their natural resources.
🤬📢After all, who commits crimes against humanity😡?
@UN @evoespueblo @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres @eu_comission @FedericaMog @telesurenglish @GarciaLinera The video shows the moment when a demonstration in front of the Military Air Force Polytechnic enters the premises. The protesters expressed their repudiation of the fascist right-wing coup against the #EvoMorales government. #Bolivia
A coup right-wing senator proclaims herself as president of the senate & then interim president of Bolivia without a legislative quorum, surrounded by a group of accomplices & led by the armed forces & police who crack down on the people.
I report to the international community that a senator's self-proclamation act as president violates Bolivia's CPE & the internal rules of the Legislative Assembly.
It is consummated with the blood of brothers killed by the police & military forces used for the coup.
Jeanine Añez proclaimed herself president of #Bolivia Constitution? Legality? It doesn't matter, it's a coup d'etat that counts on the blessing of #Trump and the #OEA.
The coup d'etat closed the media generating, together with the complicity of many others, an informative void about what happens in #Bolivia that gives impunity to the coup. Listen to what people think, what they denounce.
Jeanine Añez's self-proclamation outside the Constitution & without quorum is the coup attempt to give it an institutional face.
Añez isn't going to rule - you can hear that they were telling her what she had to say during her speech- it will be the necessary face for Coup.
🗣️📢@UN, @FedericaMog @eu_comission @KremlinRussia_E
🤬📢Can I know what the fuck this is?
🤬📢Will you continue to accept that countries are governed by a self-proclaimed person?
🤬📢You are playing with democracy?
🤬📢Are we living in a circus now?
@UN @FedericaMog @eu_comission @KremlinRussia_E This self-proclamation attempts against arts 161, 169 & 410 of the CPE that determine the approval or rejection of a presidential resignation, the constitutional succession on presidencies of the Senate or Deputies & the Supremacy of the CPE.
Bolivia suffers an assault on the power of the people.
Who is the new self-proclaimed president of Bolivia?

Here we tell you who is Jeanine Añez
#URGENT || Military puts presidential band on #Bolivia's self-proclaimed "president"

Is this democracy? How does this scammer come to power? at the expense of the saga of the indigenous people fighting against #GolpeDeEstado
@codepink Urgent
Opposition senator declares herself ‘interim president’ of #Bolivia without quorum or vote
Number of killed during riots in #Bolivia rises to 7 - reports
BREAKING: Morales condemns opposition Senator Añez assuming Bolivian presidency as 'artful, disastrous blow' sptnkne.ws/AuYc
By @telesurenglish
"What Aymara New Year or Morning star!!! Satan worshippers, nobody replaces God!" said the self-proclaimed interim president of #Bolivia, @JeanineAnez on her Twitter account in June 2013.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez Carlos de Mesa tramples the State Constitution, destroys democracy and massacres the people. That is your legacy for history.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez Fernando Camacho, the regional pride is not to divide Bolivia, the Bible is not used to kill Bolivians and the State Constitution is not to burn institutions. Stop destroying Bolivia.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez This is the self-proclaimed president of #Bolivia, Jeanine Añez.
The level of impudence of the coup plotters is so great that it did not even delete this tweet.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez 🗣️📢Do you still doubt that there was a coup d'état in Bolivia organized by the United States?🤨👇🏼
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez EVO, BROTHER, RETURN TO BOLIVIA!
It is the shout in the streets of Bolivia, the paramilitary and coup opposition fled and the social movements and indigenous fronts took the center of peace where the powers are
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez So, it was the farewell of Evo Morales and Álvaro García Linera of #Bolivia. Will return.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez Bolivia representative at the OAS (@DiegoPary statement):

"I wish to say to the Americas & to the world that my country is now the victim of violence and the rupture of democratic order without precedent."
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary OPINION: ‘Nobody is using word coup’: As with #Venezuela, OAS aids US attack on #Bolivia’s sovereignty
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary #Bolivia’s Foreign Minister Pary resigns amid power transfer - reports
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary Opposition senator Jeanine Áñez illegally proclaims herself Bolivia's president in a quorum session
2/3 of parliamentarians are against the coup but were attacked, threatened & many had family members kidnapped to blackmail them
It's very serious! #Bolivia
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary #Bolivia: Bolivia's future is white & salty

Bolivia's white gold lithium wealth one of the reasons for the coup

No cell phone or electric car works without metal
Morales Govt @evoespueblo did everything not to repeat history of colonial exploitation
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo Urgent: #EvoMorales reports that scammers offered
$ 50,000 to presidential security over his head. The former union leader arrived in Mexico early Tuesday afternoon for political asylum after suffering a coup.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo Before the coup d'état in # Bolivia, the pattern that already predicted it: the US modes operandi.

The Trump Administration Is Undercutting Democracy in Bolivia
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo Thousands marched from El Alto to La Paz in what is only the beginning of this story. The uprising against the coup is what follows in the days and weeks to come.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo "A joint venture with a #German company was canceled by the #Bolivian government last week over concerns that not enough benefit would go to the indigenous people who live near Uyuni."
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo He is Andrónico Rodríguez, in charge of the Six Federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba.

They declare themselves in national mobilization against the d'etat @evoespueblo, and summon to be in the streets, until #EvoMorales returns to the presidency.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo Bolivia found 21 million tons of lithium in the Sal de Uyuni desert, is that why they need a new “Democratic” government?
The one who doesn't understand is because he doesn't want to!
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters "LIKE COCKROACHES!

You lift a stone, and many come out ....

👉 One had left in Venezuela, surnamed Guaidó,

👉 And now one comes out in Bolivia with the last name Añez."
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters 🗣️📢Excellent Thread👌🏼👏🏼
I advise all my followers to read this😉👇🏼
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters Via @OVargas52
While leftist media is silenced, the main right wing newspapers are working directly with the military, getting exclusives inside fighter jets. 'Embed reporting' in bourgeois journalist speak.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 🗣️📢Excellent Thread👌🏼👏🏼
I advise all my followers to read this😉👇🏼
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 “EVO VUELVE, DUDE!” Protestors from El Alto demand of the return of Evo Morales in the center of La Paz #EvoElMundoEstaContigo
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 Indigenous campesino unions pledge to keep resistance going against the coup.

Extraordinary bravery, considering those they face have the entire weight of the state's repressive apparatus.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 While Senator @JeanineAnez proclaimed herself President of #Bolivia, the indigenous movements and supporters of Evo Morales are going to the streets to reject the right-wing coup.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 By @telesurenglish
Rock ’n’ Roll legend and former frontman of Pink Floyd
@rogerwaters sent a message of support to democratically elected and forced out former Bolivian President Evo Morales.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 🤬📢See👇🏼
"I dream of a #Bolivia free of Indigenous satanic rites, the city isn't for 'Indians,' they better go to the highlands or El Chaco," Senator @JeanineAnez said on her Twitter account about her country where+than 65% of the population is Indigenous
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 "CIA & NSA are behind the suspension of accounts & the information blackout on digital platforms. In Bolivia there was a coup d'etat carried out by the Armed Forces, the Police, the big media & the oligarchy. The government of @mauriciomacri was complicit"
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri LIVESTREAM starting now - Aaron Maté, Max Blumenthal, and Ben Norton will talk about the coup in #Bolivia.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri By @JebSprague
A massive uprising is underway against the coup in #Bolivia
Bloody repression is now being carried out by the country's military/police, backed by far-right racist paramilitaries in the country. The coup plotters are being supported by🇧🇷🇨🇴🇺🇸
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague 🤬📢ATTENTION WORLD, HELP BOLIVIA

Without the needed quorum to start a parliament session, Jeanine Áñez proclaims herself as president of the Senate.

Then, appealing to the "immediate constitutional succession," proclaims herself as president of Bolivia.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague 🗣️📢VERY IMPORTANT SEE🤨👇🏼
Mexico's Foreign Minister tells the incredible story of how they flew Evo Morales to Mexico.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague 🗣️📢VERY IMPORTANT SEE🤨👇🏼
Mexico's Foreign Minister tells the incredible story of how they flew Evo Morales to Mexico.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague By @TimRobbins1
Curiouser and curiouser. Isn’t lithium what will replace oil to power engines in the coming green economy? Imagine what would happen if that new wealth actually benefitted the poor in Bolivia, Argentina & Chile.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague @TimRobbins1 By @TimRobbins1
This is NOT what democracy looks like. Clearly, #ThisIsACoup. Do not believe the narrative you are being fed. I stand with the poor & the indigenous in #Bolivia being terrorized by the thugs that have taken over the government.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague @TimRobbins1 With an act that only lasted three minutes. Without quorum and with the presence of four stripped opponents of @evoespueblo, the opposition senator Jeanine Áñez self-swore in a coup, rancid and racist script.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague @TimRobbins1 Very important going forward: Movement leader Andrónico Rodríguez lays out plans for resistance, taking the lead & mobilizing all forces "on the streets until President Evo Morales returns to the presidency."
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague @TimRobbins1 #Breaking..share this around to #EvoMorales supporters now! Get in touch w independent media,follow those reporting from the ground in #Bolivia in as many areas as possible.#BoliviaCoup
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague @TimRobbins1 🤬📢These #USA #Motherfuckers have given a coup d'état in #Bolivia and now, the #American citizens are leaving, so that the indigenous people of Bolivia are massacred by the scammers that #USA created and sponsors.
@telesurenglish @JeanineAnez @DiegoPary @evoespueblo @rogerwaters @OVargas52 @mauriciomacri @JebSprague @TimRobbins1 Via @freedomgirl2011
Some are predicting that #EvoMorales departure
could now open opportunities for multi-national mining companies. Bolivia is estimated to have 9 million tons of #lithium reserves - the 2nd largest in the🌍.
Use #electriccars #Iphone
In #Bolivia there will be no government in the next few days because the goal was not to give a coup d'etat to install a new government! The objective was to give a coup d'etat to generate chaos so that the country is destroyed as a nation state.
By @OliviaArigho
My piece for @novaramedia on the coup in Bolivia, which has been steered by the urban middle classes and ultra-right regional elites in #Bolivia. #NoAlGolpeDeEstadoEnBolivia
@OliviaArigho @novaramedia Via @mazzenilsson
#Bolivia recently picked a Chinese partner for $2.3 billion lithium projects and suddenly democracy is very important to the Bolivian opposition. So important infact that they cease with democracy to protect it.
Go figure....
@OliviaArigho @novaramedia @mazzenilsson By @BenjaminNorton
“With the exploitation of lithium in a 400 sq km area, we’ll have enough to maintain ourselves for a century,” Bolivia’s President Evo Morales boasted of the rare metal used in smart phone and electric car batteries.
@OliviaArigho @novaramedia @mazzenilsson @BenjaminNorton By @BenjaminNorton
Mining industry website notes Bolivia is part of"lithium triangle,"where 75% of🌍's lithium comes from. This is needed for electronics, batteries...
It lamented that #Evo was "no friend to mining" & had nationalized the natural resources
The global demand for lithium, used to make batteries for cell phones, laptops, & hybrid cars, is expected to triple in the next 15 years.

50-70% of the world's supply of this critical mineral is contained in just one place -- Bolivia's Uyuni salt flats
During the 2011 regime-change war we were smeared as "conspiracy theorists" for saying NATO wanted to destroy Qadhafi's independent govt and exploit Libya's huge oil reserves

Weeks later that's exactly what happened

Bolivia has big gas & lithium reserves
Via @ElPalPalacios
#BoliviaCoup The fascist military who have led the coup are flying their bombers over peaceful demonstrators.
@ElPalPalacios By @SaxRafael1
The middle gem can still be found in the web archive, since she's attempting to delete all evidence of her racist tirades
🗣️📢@UN @FedericaMog @eu_comission @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres
🤬📢 #USA What the fuck is this?
🤬📢Are you kidding us?
US State Department recognises #Anez interim president of #Bolivia
@anyaparampil @GrayzoneProject 🗣️📢Bolivia's most important indigenous campesino organisations state:
* Do not accept Evo's resignation
* Police/military must operate within law, not use lethal arms & not support coup
* Immediate release of protesters
* Reserve right to use all democratic means of resistance
@anyaparampil @GrayzoneProject Via @OliviaArigho
“The struggle of indigenous peoples didn’t begin with President Evo, neither is it the end of it.” Important words of hope and moderation from Yolanda Mamani at the #ParlamentoDeLasMujeres today in La Paz
@anyaparampil @GrayzoneProject @OliviaArigho "We have to be prepared against this new war that is coming. It is the war that is here, a paranoid war of false news, alarms. We must take care of our security in these moments of surveillance, access true information"
-Cielito Saravia
@anyaparampil @GrayzoneProject @OliviaArigho By @jmcevoy_2
Fear, confusion, and resistance after far-right coup in Bolivia

My latest with insights from @OliviaArigho on the ground in La Paz
By @jmcevoy_2
Also check out her coverage of Bolivia for @alboradanet
@jmcevoy_2 @alboradanet Huge crowds from el alto earlier in plaza San Francisco demanding that the #wiphala and pollera be respected. Here’s the moment the wiphala is hoisted up the obelisk: #BoliviaHayGolpe
@jmcevoy_2 @alboradanet By @isgoodrum
No mention of the military forcing his resignation.
No mention of the opposition's violence & anti-indigenous pogroms.
Total acceptance of the OAS' spurious case for fraud.

Scum writers for a scum publication.😡👇🏼
@jmcevoy_2 @alboradanet @isgoodrum 🗣️📢@IntlCrimCourt @UN @UNHumanRights
I publicly accuse the #USA #CIA #OAS of being involved in the attempted coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🤬📢#USA are responsible for all crimes, violence, racism in #Bolivia, perpetuated by the extreme right-wing scammers.
@jmcevoy_2 @alboradanet @isgoodrum @IntlCrimCourt @UN @UNHumanRights Let the world know that the indigenous peoples will not give up.

There is no “self-proclaimed” or army that stops the angry people.

Tomorrow, the deputies of the MAS will ignore the self-proclamation of the #LadyGuaidos & the resignation of
@jmcevoy_2 @alboradanet @isgoodrum @IntlCrimCourt @UN @UNHumanRights @evoespueblo RACISM & HATEES TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLE by the scammers, right wing extremists || #Bolivia

Indigenous peoples are outraged by this racist attack against the wiphala symbol. The ones in the video are from #Beni where the self-proclaimed one comes from.
@jmcevoy_2 @alboradanet @isgoodrum @IntlCrimCourt @UN @UNHumanRights @evoespueblo Strong resistance to #GolpeDeStateBolivia.
The Red Ponchos: “We ask the whole population to join us, we are not afraid of them (scammers). The military has not won any war in our country, but we have won it. They with their rifles, us with our breasts.
🚨‼️ URGENT ‼️🚨
If you still have doubts that it is a coup d'état in #Bolivia, watch this video & watch the army in Bolivia arrest its unarmed indigenous people who just wanted to manifest itself (arrest us at night so there are no witnesses).
This senator lady really hates Indigenous everything considering she aspires to be president of a largely Indigenous country. Not sure when is the right time to engage in a broader discussion on Christian extremism on our continent.
But ... Who is really Luis Fernando Camacho, one of the main drivers of #GolpeDeEstadoEnBolivia? Here are some key points to get to know him.
🗣️📢‼️ 🚨URGENT 🚨‼️
🗣️📢🌍 Leaders, 🌍 Citizens
🗣️📢World democracy is being attacked.
🗣️📢We can't keep silent
🗣️📢I implore you to come together & make a global demonstration against the attempted coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️It is urgent that we act quickly to end this madness.
🗣️📢To legitimize the dismissal of the president of #Bolivia, @evoespueblo, over 4,500 new Twitter accounts were created, which with almost no followers, acted to legitimize the coup & wash the face of illegitimate govt. #EvoElMundoEstaContigo
@evoespueblo 🤬📢@OEA_oficial Is a great disease for #LatinAmerica, their silence after the events of #Bolivia prove the perversion of this organization.
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial We fulfill a political and moral duty. We did what we considered fair and human. I also have nothing to hide about #Bolivia's President @evoespueblo
... He received asylum because his life was in danger. "
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial "This indigenous president has delivered very good results. I hope you know how the economy has behaved, how it took Bolivia from being a people with a lot of poverty, with a lot of marginalization, how it took it forward."
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial López Obrador, about Evo: "I want him to have time and freedom for his things. I am respectful of his agenda. He must feel in Mexico like at home ... With Evo, you can establish communication, is needed, of course it is."
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial 🚨URGENT🚨
#Bolivia denounces coup d'état and violation of human rights
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial "Mexico and #OEA-worthy countries must require a committee of independent experts to check for fraud in #Bolivia.
If so, punish the culprits. If not, let #EvoMorales be immediately reinstated, and punish all those responsible, starting with Almagro."
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial By @telesurenglish
#Argentina's Chamber of Deputies and Senate will hold sessions in which lawmakers will urge President #MauricioMacri to reject the coup against #EvoMorales.
@evoespueblo @OEA_oficial @telesurenglish #EvoMorales from Mexico: "In the October elections, the first vote counts gave us the victory with 7 percent, however, I announced that we must wait for the rural sectors vote."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "On the next day of the elections, opposition groups announced that there was fraud, despite the fact that the vote count was not over yet."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "We resist all week. On November 1, opposition groups failed in the coup. Now I realize that the helicopter accident was no casual. I will ask for investigations."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "The OAS surprisingly advanced its report. I consider that more than a report it was an interpretation, in which there were political mottos."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "Now I realize that the OAS is not at the service of the peoples. They wanted me to communicate with Luis Almagro."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "I resigned because of the threats that union leaders, public officials, and their families received. For the fires in institutions."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "I resigned to preserve the peace in Bolivia. I want to ask the Police and the Armed Forces not to get stained with the blood of the people."
#Urgent Bolivia
The Greater Indigenous Cabildo, of El Alto has said they will now go to La Paz, so that Jeanine Añez renounces her illegal self-proclamation. See, listen, there are thousands.
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "Loyal police officers showed me messages in which people offered them USD 50,000 in exchange for delivering me."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "I want to thank the Mexican Government because they saved my life. Several times, my permits to take off or land at different airports, including those in Bolivia, were withdrawn."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "What we have built with a lot of effort, now they are destroying it very easily."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "I call for a national dialogue and with several countries. I ask the U.N. not to allow the coup."
#EvoMorales: "With the senator's self-proclamation as president of Bolivia, the coup d'etat is proven. Constitutionally, the president of the Senate should assume the presidency. & the president's resignation must be approved or rejected by the assembly."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "With my resignation, I was looking for peace, but the next day there were deaths from gunfire. Camacho and Mesa are responsible for all the violence that now exists in Bolivia."
#EvoMorales from Mexico: "Not only ministers are being persecuted, but also journalists, social activists. Unfortunately, many of them will have to leave the country for political persecution."
#Bolivia | Thousands of #EvoMorales supporters gathered in El Alto in support of the socialist president.
#EvoElMundoEstaContigo #BoliviaGolpeDeEstado
Hundreds of citizens take to the streets of #Bolivia in support of #EvoMorales and against a coup d'etat.
#EvoElMundoEstaContigo #BoliviaGolpeDeEstado
🤬📢Opposition senator #Anez (#Racist #Fascist #Corrup #Sold) declares herself #Bolivia's interim president following #Morales' resignation
'Bolivia🇧🇴 is a country very difficult to govern, it’s a country that is very poor. In this country, Morales assured 5% growth every year...now we have this tragedy for the Bolivian people'

-Ex-Brazilian Finance Minister @BresserPereira
@BresserPereira #InPictures | Rural teachers gather in La Paz to support the legitimately elected president #EvoMorales.
@BresserPereira Massive demonstration in El Alto against #GolpeEnBolivia!
Also against racism and discrimination and their symbols. They organized to defeat the extreme right-wing scammers, & in support of the socialist president #EvoMorales.
@BresserPereira With the Wiphala waving, #Bolivians today are in the streets of #ElAlto, saying that #EvoEsElPresidente and demanding the cessation of #GolpeDeEstadoBolivia # 13Nov
@BresserPereira #BreakingNews: Police bar Adriana Salvatierra, Senate President of #Bolivia, the legislator of the "Movimento ao Socialismo de #EvoMorales", who, according to the Constitution, was next in line to occupy the seat of government
@BresserPereira "We cannot allow a racist to assume the presidency, that lady has hatred towards our symbols," says a citizen in town hall that takes place in El Alto
@BresserPereira This is the pronouncement of the 120 countries of the Non-Alien Movement.

The life of President Evo was endangered, the lives of government members and social leaders are at risk, and they violated the Constitution.
@BresserPereira #BreakingNews, the mobilization of #ElAlto is already in La Paz, thousands upon thousands of people against: the coup d'état, Jeanine Añez self-proclamation, and disrespect for the Whipala.
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian Bolivian woman cries inconsolably and denounces that the indigenous women were cut their hair, beaten, humiliated, and all, because of the so-called violent that made Camacho

Today's Video from the #Ovejuyo #Bolivia 🇧🇴 Community
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian "My name is Claudia Quispe, our peasant brothers are being killed by the #Bolivia military & the police, the press does not reach where there are deaths, we have asked for help and nobody comes"

They denounce murders in the Ovejuyo sector in #Bolivia 🇧🇴📹
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian #URGENT 🔴📹 | Ovejuyo residents say "we are in peace" and the military fire warning shots #Bolivia 🇧🇴📹
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian From El Alto, hundreds of people from social and political movements march to La Paz in defense of democracy and categorically against the #BoliviaGolpeDeEstado 🇧🇴📹
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian 🚨URGENT🚨
The complicit coup police attack Senate President Adriana Salvatierra
This is democracy for the coup leaders!
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian Shocking aggression against Senator Adriana Salvatierra in Bolivia. They do not want to let it pass because it is in the line of succession of Evo Morales. This is how the coup d'etat works.
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian "The only country in the world where there is not coup d'état is the United States, because there are not United States embassies there."
-Bolivia's 🇧🇴 President Evo Morales-
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian I report to the🌍this new attack by #GolpeDeEstado artful, unconstitutional, illegal & criminal in my dear Bolivia.
Today,municipal legislators have been brutally repressed & barred from entering the Assembly.The racist/fascist coup plunges into illegality
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian There is a legal and legitimate president, elected by the Bolivian people. His term expires on January 22. Only one plenary session of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly can accept or reject that resignation.

That president is Evo Morales.
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian Tanks in the streets of my country. It is not the decade of the 70s. It is November 13, 2019.
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian 🚨URGENT 🚨
Urgent began the repression against those who demonstrated against the coup and illegal self-proclamation. See, listen to what this woman said was gasified
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian Inadmissible🤬
They prevent entry to the congress, which by the Ministry of Law, should be the successor of President Evo Morales, Senator Salvatierra.
They call it democracy😡?
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian Senator Adriana Salvatierra speaks live about the attacks she received from the police when the MÁS stand tried to enter the Legislative Assembly. #EvoEsElPresident #GolpeDeStateBolivia Here🤨👇🏼: facebook.com/Adriana1989sa/…
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian President in exile @evoespueblo: “apparently now it is a crime to be indigenous. I ask the state security forces not to get stained w the blood of the people. ”

Kawsachun Radio denouncing human rights violation #BoliviaGolpeDeEstado #EvoEsElPresidente
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian @evoespueblo "We send our children to the barracks so they can learn, not kill us." Touching story of an indigenous woman mourning the victims of the massacre committed by the coup and genocidal army of #Bolivia
@BresserPereira @bodhibrian @evoespueblo #EvoPresidenteLegitimo || Offers press conference from the Museum in the city of #Mexico
My sins:
✔Improve the social and economic part in #Bolivia
✔ Poverty Reduction
✔ Watch over the humblest
✔ Give value to the Plurinational State
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