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3.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
By @taseenb
Instead of using the army, in 2019 coups are made by fascist gangs mixed with useful idiots. But the targets are the same: TV first. #Bolivia
@taseenb “We have already endured with much patience so far. Neither the Police nor the Army can get stained with the Bolivian people's blood."
@taseenb #Bolivia | From The Hague, Netherlands, #Bolivians reject the coup attempt against the Government of #EvoMorales.
@taseenb Via @bodhibrian
More violence in #Bolivia now storming state run broadcaster radio - reports
@taseenb @bodhibrian "Sisters & brothers, we have the historical responsibility to defend our democracy & social policies. I ask patriotic professionals, rural & city workers, to peacefully reject this attempted coup that undermines the constitutional order."
@taseenb @bodhibrian "To preserve peace in our #Bolivia, I urgently call for a dialogue table w representatives of the parties that have obtained assembly members in the elections. I summon the @Pontifex_es, to the different churches & international organizations to join us."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es "I ask the people who recovered democracy, human rights defenders & international organizations to accompany our complaint against anti-democratic groups that have launched a coup in #Bolivia. Let us defend together democracy, country and life."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es "We condemn the attitude of former defenders of the People who, instead of protecting HR, violate freedom of expression & join racist coup plotters to attack state media as military dictatorships did. They want to silence the press to carry out the coup"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es "The state media BTV & RPN have been intervened by organized groups that after threatening & intimidating journalists forced them to abandon their sources of work. They say they defend democracy, but they act as dictatorship."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es "As a member of the CSUTCB,the parent organization of the indigenous peasant movement of the Unity Pact, I denounce the cowardly & savage attack on the radio of that confederation. In the style of military dictatorships, the coup attack union headquarters"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es President @evoespueblo reiterates that a coup d'etat is underway against "a democratically elected government, a coup against social movements, against patriotic professionals, the humble."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo • They do not want the audit.

• They hire people who terrorize on motorcycles and with sticks.

• Call on law enforcement to breach their mandate.

• They don't want dialogue.

• They want to break the constitutional order.
-Sacha Llorenti-
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo #Urgent
La Patria newspaper reports that there is a fire in the house of the governor of #Oruro, Víctor Hugo Vásquez
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo "We have the right to think, dissent and feel !!! That nobody takes it from us! My solidarity with my companions of @Canal_BoliviaTV
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV No to the coup in #Bolivia - CLACSO

"The reactionary forces that are unaware of the electoral result generate violence against indigenous women, peasants and authorities in exercise to illegitimately seize power."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV 🗣️📢World Leaders It's time for you to defend #Bolivia

#Urgente #Bolivia: see how they attacked and burned the house of the governor of Oruro, Victor Hugo Vásquez.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV #Bolivia rose the town that defends Evo in El Alto.
See listen:🤨👇🏼
"those who try the coup d'etat play with fire, people here will not let the who staged the coup move forward." #ElMundoConEvo
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV #Bolivia: Evo Morales's opponents tied a tree to José Aramayo, director of the Radio of the Confederación Sindical Unica de Trabajadores Campesinos of Bolivia. They also held the House Speaker hostage!
@UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights 🤬📢#Bolivia: Evo Morales's opponents tied a tree to José Aramayo, director of the Radio of the Confederación Sindical Unica de Trabajadores Campesinos of Bolivia.

🤬📢Those who are involved in the coup are not people, they are monsters
🗣️📢@UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights By @telesurenglish
#Bolivia | In El Alto, La Paz, protesters in support of President Evo Morales and against the coup attempt.
"Evo you're not alone!" they say.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish #Bolivia's opposition burn down the home of Governor of Oruro, Victor Hugo Vasquez. The 'democracy' which the opposition seeks is one without a shred of tolerance for people w opposing views. Reports suggest there may have been people inside the home.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish "El Alto, 8:30pm: Bolivians mobilize against the coup attempt underway. Correspondent @FreddyteleSUR
is on scene now. One man says coup leader Camacho represents 'some 10 people.'

"Here are the citizens of all of #Bolivia and we are against Camacho..."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "We denounce before the world the attempted coup in progress against the brother president @evoespueblo
All our solidarity & support for our South Indigenous Chief. We demand respect for the will of the Bolivian People who re-elected him as their president
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "Residents Lordes & Graciella Toledo of the city of El Alto, #Bolivia demand respect for the people by the right-wing coup instigators as barrio organizations & other residents pour into the streets in defence of their democracy."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial Marcelo Flores of Villa Dolores, El Alto

- Camacho comes from Santa Cruz supposedly to deliver a letter. It's a lie. He comes wanting to carry out a coup.

@FreddyteleSUR: How long will you be here?

- Permanently. We wont move until Camacho leaves.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial Bolivia mobilizes against coup:

This resident says they've gathered for "por consciencia" & not for political affinity. "We cannot permit a part of the country to attempt a coup, in the name of all of us...

"Enough! We cannot keep quiet ⁠"compañeros"!"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "#Bolivia ⁠— Luis Alvarado of El Alto: It must be internationally denounced that people from Santa Cruz are armed & they took public media outlets today. Citizens are furious & are spontaneously coming out to defend their rights."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "Thank you brother "Pepe" Mujica for expressing your condemnation of the coup plan that uses violence to attack the rule of law. We greet, value and appreciate your support" #NoAlGolpeEnBolivia
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial By @telesurenglish
"We ratify that we will never face the People, whom we respect. We will ensure peace and coexistence between brothers and the development of our homeland."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "We denounce & condemn to the international community & Bolivian people that the fascist coup plan carries out violent acts w irregular groups that set fire to the house of the governors of Chuquisaca,Oruro & of my sister. Let's preserve peace & democracy"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial Look at what the the coup perpetrators does with the Director of the CSUTCB Community Radio, José Aramayo after occupying its station. There is a fascist coup in progress in #Bolivia. You have to stop it. NOW
@UN @UNHumanRights
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "The Federation Neighborhood Councils of El Alto ask to form Civil Union Police to protect the safety of the population in case of continued police riots & give 48 hours to Fernando Camacho & his committee to leave La Paz for inciting division & violence"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "There are irrefutable evidence of the participation of the #USA govt & its embassy in the coup against @evoespueblo, they seek to divide a country in which they have many interests, including receiving their resources as gifts from the coup perpetrators"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial "The situation is in #Bolivia is dangerous. You’re either w the masses of people who democratically elected their Indigenous president, @evoespueblo, or you’re w the racist forces of reaction attempting to violently overthrow a democracy." #ElMundoConEvo
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote 🤬📢These scammers motherfuckers burned the house of President Evo Morales's sister, and then They still put the fucking video on Twitter.
@UN @UNHumanRights
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote 🤬📢Nov 9th: #Bolivia’s fascist opposition tie José Aramayo, a radio director, to a tree while threatening him & his colleagues with violence if they kept reporting on their (the fascists) violence in their coup d'état attempt. #Bolivia #ElMundoConEvo
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote 🗣️📢The #Bolivian digital media Erbol released a series of 16 audios directly involving opposition leaders orchestrating a coup against the government of President #EvoMorales, which would have been coordinated from the #USA Embassy in the country.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote A SAME SCRIPT WITH A SAME HEAD ||
The gringos apply the same script from #Venezuela ... How original! And how predictable. But, the #Bolivian People will know how to respond to the fascist coup that is in process.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote The coup plotters burned down President Morales' sister's house & kidnapped deputies & mayors who also tortured.
Too much violence for those in networks & media sold as defenders of democracy #EvoNoTasSolo
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote Listen 🤨👇🏼
"I see Camacho on social media grab the Bolivian flag and" defend "Bolivia, but it is not like that. He defends political and sectoral interests, but more than anything else, his personal interest as an entrepreneur."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote #ATENTION | While the opposition protests to the government continue, the indigenous people in Bolivia take to the streets to support their President with the slogan #EvoNoEstasSolo.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote 🤬📢The President of the Bolivian Parliament, Victor Borda, was kidnapped and beaten by the fascist opposition.

🤬📢All this supported by the #USA regime and its fascistic client states.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote What the world thinks of the attempted coup that the #USA regime is running in #Bolivia?

See what they shout at the @UN!
"Evo President"

Let's make it viral!
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote COMMUNICATED || 🗣️Farmers give #Camacho a deadline of 48 hours to leave La Paz, a #Bolivian city that is already surrounded to defend the vote in favor of President Evo Morales.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote "Evo, no estás solo, carajo!" and other chants as the Federation of Neighborhood Councils-El Alto (Fejuve-El Alto) maintain the streets in response to threats against #Bolivian democracy & the coup plans of the opposition.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote By @telesurenglish
#Bolivian President @evoespueblo denounced violent attacks by opposition groups, who burned the house of the governors in the cities of Chuquisaca and Oruro, as well as his sister’s house.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote "Cuba calls on the international community to side with the legality & peace in order to comply with International Law & the postulates of the Latin America & the Caribbean Proclamation as a Zone Of Peace & to condemn the coup attempt in #Bolivia"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote Members of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexican legislators, academics, artists & intellectuals made a call to prevent a coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of Evo Morales in #Bolivia.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote 🤬📢The coup perpetrators are #WarCriminals, listen this😡👇🏼
#Now "Your life is at risk" was the threat they made to workers of #Bolivia TV and Patria Nueva if they did not cut their broadcasts
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote "Urgent! They are asking us from #Bolivia to spread the information that they aren't letting it reach the world. They ask for help! Are alone. They have taken the channels & media. They are organized for a big hit on Monday. Take care of #EvoMorales"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote THE PEOPLE DEFENDING EVO
Demonstrations in the El Alto area in favor of Evo Morales block the main highway linking El Alto with La Paz. El Alto is a very powerful city, perhaps more important even than the capital La Paz at the population level ...
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote By @telesurenglish
@ALBATCP countries express their support for the Bolivian government & institutions, denounce the attempted coup d'état in progress, call for the return of peace & reaffirm their solidarity with President @evoespueblo.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY Via @wyattreed13
This is huge:tens of thousands of union members, indigenous people & rural farmers are descending on the Bolivian capital,La Paz,to protect the democratically elected govt of #EvoMorales from the violent right-wing coup rocking the country
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 Via @MaxBlumenthal
.@wyattreed13 covered the Bolivian coup’s opening phase at the @GrayzoneProject, documenting the activities of an operative from the regime change training factory known as the Human Rights Foundation.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject See Thread🤨👇🏼
"The starting point to this intervention stage began w the fires in the Bolivian Chiquitanía in mid-August. Dozens of NGOs created a climate of tension not seen since 2008. The "leadership" of Camacho has been emerging since those days."
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject Our new report includes the results of 500 simulations that show that #Morales’s first-round victory was not just possible, but probable, based on the results of the initial 83.85% of votes in the quick count.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject "Facilities of #Bolivia's state channel Bolivia TV & its radio Radio Patria Nueva were attacked; workers were retained, threatened & ultimately forced to change programming. Video shows the moment when workers were finally able to leave their workplace. "
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject By @telesurenglish
#Bolivian President #EvoMorales his government has decided to hold new presidential elections,& change all members of the electoral authority TSE after a report from the OAS recommending a new vote.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject "After listening the COB,Unity Pact & different sectors from the countryside & the cities,we have decided to ask the Legislative Assembly, within the constitutional principle of coordination, to renew the entire TSE in order to call new national elections"
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject .@evoespueblo: I call the #Bolivian people to mobilize in defense of peace and democracy, to defend our constitution, which is the tool we have to fight racism and fascism coming from some violent oposition groups.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject By @telesurenglish
Progressive leaders & organizations expressed their solidarity with Bolivian President #EvoMorales after his government denounced that an attempted coup was underway by right-wing forces seeking to oust his leftist government. #Bolivia
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject Breaking: NEW elections to be held under new TSE authorities says President #EvoMorales.

The President announces that #Bolivia's Congress will initiate a process by which the new members of the electoral body will be chosen.
@taseenb @bodhibrian @Pontifex_es @evoespueblo @Canal_BoliviaTV @UN @KremlinRussia_E @UNHumanRights @telesurenglish @FreddyteleSUR @camilateleSUR @FMLNoficial @MexicanVote @ALBATCP @FrenteGuasuPY @wyattreed13 @MaxBlumenthal @GrayzoneProject 1. #OAS once again. In #Bolivia the coup character of this organization was proven, @evoespueblo got +than 600,000 votes apart, but #ORA insisted on going to the 2nd round. The latest report no longer even says that, which proves the process is fraudulent.
2. Was the coup d'etat consummated in Bolivia?
The president @evoespueblo announced new elections and new TSE #LaOEAGpolpista
@evoespueblo This happened, almost at midnight in Bolivia, the persecution and terrorism of the opposition to the members of the government. Today we woke up with the announcement of President @evoespueblo new elections and the new #TSE #OEAScammer #Immoral #Corrupt
@evoespueblo 1. @evoespueblo won over 600,000 votes in the first round. The opposition did not accept the results and, from that moment, showed its most violent face, one of the episodes was the aggression of the mayor of Vinto, Patricia Arce Guzmán
@evoespueblo By @madeleintlSUR
2. The violent opposition sowed terrorism, took the state media, tied journalists, beat indigenous people, burned houses of government officials and relatives
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR By @madeleintlSUR
3. #Bolivia's far right talks about "democracy" while giving a #coup, they are only "democrats" if they win
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR By @madeleintlSUR
5. Violence is the only argument of the opposition and it continues to grow, so they tied journalists, attacked and occupied the media, burned, struck #OposiciónAntidemocrática
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR By @madeleintlSUR
6. At night, outraged by the violent and racist opposition, in #ElALTO President @evoespueblo's supporters came out to express their support, while the tension remained very strong.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR By @madeleintlSUR
7. Finally, for #peace, #stability, for the #protection of the people from the violent, the President @evoespueblo announced new general elections & the new TSE & thus dawned Sunday #10Nov in #Bolivia.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR #EvoMorales gave the best example of a #democratic mood by calling for new general elections in #Bolivia, betting on #peace, in this sister nation.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR Here the moment of the announcement: #Bolivia will go to new elections with a new electoral body. #EvoMorales plays it all for #Peace.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR My request to the #Bolivian people is to guarantee peaceful coexistence and end violence for the good of all. We cannot be confronted between Bolivian brothers.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR "Sisters and brothers I ask to lower the tension, we have the obligation to pacify #Bolivia. I make a call to respect between families, private property, authorities and social sectors; All we have in Bolivia is the heritage of the people."
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR "After listening to the COB, the Unity Pact & different sectors of the countryside & the city, we have decided to request the Legislative Assembly, within the constitutional principle of coordination, to renew the entire TSE to call new national elections"
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR "By calling for new national elections, we guarantee that the people freely, democratically and peacefully, by voting, elect their new authorities by incorporating the new political actors."
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR "Evo Morales won the elections in 1st round by a margin greater than 10%.

The opposition (the richest men in Bolivia) didn't recognize the result & violent acts began.

Evo proposed an international audit of the results. He called for calm & conviviality"
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR Opposition refused. Like all Latin American oligarchies, they want power by force(w the blood of the people). They started coup d'etat.
Evo knows that he won the elections, that he is the legitimate president, but he cares much+about the lives of Bolivians
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR So, to end the violence, to avoid the unjustified death of Bolivians, Evo Morales has just called for new elections.



@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR Bolivia with Evo Morales as president
2006 13.0%
2018 2.4%

2006 9.2%
2018 4.1%

Moderate Poverty
2006 60.6%
2018 34.6%

Extreme poverty
2006 38.2%
2018 15.2%

But police & military operate in favor of the coup.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR Camacho demands that Evo Morales, senators, deputies, members of the electoral court, resign. That a transitional governing council be created, and elections within no more than 60 days.

🤬📢Attempted coup continued.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR The #OAS - a Trojan horse - made a political decision in Bolivia. Why did the government of Bolivia help this organism? For weakness of correlation of fuerzas, because the UNASUR, the CELAC, they were beaten until they were demobilized.
@evoespueblo @madeleintlSUR In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, President
@evoespueblo says the decision to call new elections was to preserve the peace in #Bolivia" so that we do not confront the Bolivian family."
.@evoespueblo: They must end the strike, all is for the whole country, for life and for social justice
@evoespueblo #Bolivia's @evoespueblo: radical opposition groups do not accept the results obtained in the elections, now they do not accept the decisions of the #OAS, I made a call to dialogue and they didn't accept it either
@evoespueblo .@evoespueblo: the coup began the day after the elections, the opposition sends its militants to burn the state buildings, violent groups sought to burn the city of #LaPaz, then the mutiny by some police officers.
@evoespueblo .@FreddyteleSUR interviews Bolivian President Evo Morales. Tune to our facebook and watch the English live translation here: bit.ly/32AxWHG
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR Bolivian President @evoespueblo: opposition groups are inciting violence, we are preventing that violence so we have not done anything by force.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR On Saturday, November 9th, Bolivian violent opposition groups attacked & invaded the headquarters of @Canal_BoliviaTV & other state media outlets. Here is the testimony of one of the workers held hostage.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV .@evoespueblo: Several countries around the world, including in Europe, have expressed solidarity with us and welcomed the decision to call for new elections, however, the opposition continues to reject the new measures aimed at peace.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV .@evoespueblo: I call on opposition political representatives not to continue damaging Bolivia, not to continue damaging the country's economy, to be in solidarity with the people, only those who have personal objectives want to radicalize the events.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV .@evoespueblo: The National Police are mostly working, accompanying to put out fires and must comply with the constitution that is to preserve peace and security
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV .@evoespueblo: There is no problem with the country's armed forces. They will not go out into the streets. They have other tasks to take care of, the border, the fight against drug trafficking and the security of newly opened national companies.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV Former Uruguayan President #PepeMujica sent a message of solidarity to #Bolivia, calling on the Bolivian people to respect democracy and push for peace. #EvoMorales
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV By @telesurenglish
🇧🇴President #EvoMorales rejected calls for resignation & condemned the opposition for failing to respect his new decision to reform the electoral authority & call for new elections, he told teleSUR in an exclusive interview from #LaPaz
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish By @telesurenglish
#Bolivia | Bolivian President #EvoMorales said his government has decided to hold new presidential elections & change all members of the electoral authority TSE amid major unrest in the country led by right-wing forces.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish Via @RaniaKhalek
So is the #Bolivian opposition refusing new elections that #EvoMorales agreed to despite him having won already? These people can’t win fair and square. They will settle for nothing less than a coup
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek Via @bodhibrian
This is a recognition that #EvoMorales did win fairly and if there were new fair elections in #Bolivia he would most likely win again!
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek @bodhibrian By @telesurenglish
#Bolivia | Supporters of President #EvoMorales are taking to the streets of major cities in the country to express their support for democracy & for the legitimacy of the president's mandate against right-wing violent unrest.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek @bodhibrian 🗣️📢Let's make it Viral
To have a clearer understanding regarding the current #Bolivian political crisis & who's behind the coup attempt against the constitutional president of #Bolivia, Evo Morales, see thread by @GBorgesRevilla, Director at Misión Verdad
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek @bodhibrian @GBorgesRevilla By @MaxBlumenthal
In 2008, the last time the rightist #Bolivian opposition threatened to oust #EvoMorales, the #USA set up an "Emergency Action Committee" to manage "a coup attempt or President #Morales’ death"

You can bet a similar contingency plan is in effect today.
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek @bodhibrian @GBorgesRevilla @MaxBlumenthal "Here's Jacobin helping to lay the groundwork for the #USA coup attempt against the #Bolivian government."
See Thread🤨👇🏼
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek @bodhibrian @GBorgesRevilla @MaxBlumenthal "This analysis finds no evidence that irregularities or fraud affected the official result that gave President #EvoMorales a first-round victory."
@evoespueblo @FreddyteleSUR @Canal_BoliviaTV @telesurenglish @RaniaKhalek @bodhibrian @GBorgesRevilla @MaxBlumenthal "Analyst and member of the counter-hegemonic media platform laresistencia.info Alberto Echazú on threats & censorship against #Bolivia state media & pro-government outlets."
By @telesurenglish
Live Coverage of the unfolding political situation in Bolivia as right-wing forces unleash violence nationwide in an attempt to oust leftist President #EvoMorales despite his call for NewElections & dialogue in an effort to restore peace
@telesurenglish BREAKING | The head of the #Bolivian Armed Forces has suggested that President #EvoMorales should resign in order to restore peace.
@telesurenglish #Bolivia's President #EvoMorales told teleSUR that his government will not deploy the armed forced as they have other tasks such as protecting border & fighting drug trafficking.
@telesurenglish #Bolivia | #EvoMorales left El Alto for the city of Chimore in order to meet with what his cabinet after the resignation of several of his ministers & suggestions by Armed Forces chief & head of Air Force that he resign.
BREAKING | #Bolivia's President #EvoMorales has resigned after the senior army chiefs called asked him to resign, weeks of right-wing unrest and violence against his election victory on Oct. 20.
By @telesurenglish
BREAKING | #Bolivian President #EvoMorales forced to resign amid a right-wing coup.
@telesurenglish .@evoespueblo: I'm resigning in favor of peace & to prevent more violence against my supporters, my team & family, whose houses are being burned. I want to ask opposition leaders #Camacho & #Mesa to stop this violence.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo #Bolivian VP, Alvaro Garcia Linera: "I'll file my resignation as well. The coup has succeed"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo .@evoespueblo: The struggle continues. This is not the end (...) If the IMF policies come back to #Bolivia, the worse would happened to #Bolivia.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "We will come back and we will be millions as Tupac Amaru II said"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo 🗣️📢URGENT
From #Bolivia, they report that several resignations of senior officials of the government of @evoespueblo, as well as other state powers are being obtained by the #opposition based on the threat: #kidnap #relatives to force them to resign.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo "Potosí Civic Committee, which barely won 4% of votes in elections w #BoliviaDijoNo & its ally @LuisFerCamachoV, executes, as announced, Pablo Escobar's method, kidnapping relatives of ministers & legislators, burning their houses & forcing them to resign"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV Video: #Bolivia: opposition blockades continue in El Alto despite #EvoMorales measures
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV Video: #EvoMorales: I have an obligation to seek social peace in #Bolivia
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV The commander of the Armed Forces calls for the resignation of President Evo Morales. The coup steps are accelerated. #EvoElMundoContigo
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV "I cannot put my family, my home at risk, & that is why I am submitting my resignation," says David Ramos, deputy of the MAS for Potosí, live on a Bolivian television channel. The ministers, senators & deputies of the MAS are currently harassed to resign."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV The presidential plane arrives with President @evoespueblo and García Linero to Chimoré, in the interior of the country where the leadership of @evoespueblo grew, explains
@FreddyteleSUR which is an area of coca growers
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR The racism of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee takes the Burned Palace and the coup in Bolivia is consummated.

RESPONSIBLE: #OAS for insisting on the idea of fraud without a single test, the coup police, & politicians who have allowed violence.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR Vice President Álvaro García Linera: "We have seen how armed police officers went out to chase peasants, women in skirts... I am proud to have been the vice president of an indigenous President and will continue to be loyal working for the poor."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR “The coup d'etat has been consummated, we are giving up so that they do not continue beating our women or the peasants, or the poorest, we will always be on the side of the humblest, we will not leave them alone”
-Vice President García Linero-
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR "Life does not end here, the fight goes on, we will return transformed into millions"
- @ evoespueblo and García Linero-
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR Via @telesurenglish
Bolivia's President of the Senate, Adriana Salvatierra, announces her resignation. She was suppossed to assume the presidency after Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia Linera were forced to resigned earlier Sunday afternoon.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR #Bolivia | Former President of the National Assembly and current Minister of Health Gabriela Montaño dennounces that right-wing opposition forces have ransacked #EvoMorales home.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR Via @cynthiamckinney
This article reads like an exact replay of the Hugo Chavez #USA-inspired coup.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian By @camilateleSUR
Bolivian opposition DEMANDING foreign intervention by the US StateDep. The opposition explicitly appeal to Washington—the single largest offender of human rights globally—because they know that the US backs & finances coups against democratically-elected leaders
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR By @MurqusMark
Evidently this #CIA agent threatened the elected leader of #Bolivia and forced him to resign. They cannot win elections so they resort to #terrorism
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 🤬📢We knew the puppets of the coup, now our suspicions have come true.
🤬📢As always, there is the disgusting hand of the #USA.
🤬📢 I hope one day you will see to pay for all the harm you have done to innocent people around the world.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 🗣️📢Today is a very sad day for those who fight for a better world.
🗣️📢Evo Morales @evoespueblo, is one of the greatest leaders of the 21st century.
😥I'm very sad to see unscrupulous, corrupt & greedy men destroy a GREAT LEADER.
🗣️📢Hasta Siempre COMANDANTE Evo Morales🥰
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol #Bolivia | World leaders and organizations expressed Sunday their solidarity with former Bolivian President Evo Morales under the hashtag #ElMundoconEvo (the World with Evo) and strongly condemned the right-wing coup which forced Morales to resign.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton Supreme Electoral Tribunal President has been arrested. teleSUR's correspondent on the ground
@FreddyteleSUR has reported that the Attorney General's office has issued arrest warrants for all leaders of the electoral tribunal and members of the body.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton #Bolivia | Mexico's Minister of Foreign Affairs @m_ebrard confirms that they have received 20 officials from the Bolivian executive and legislature in the Mexican diplomatic residence in La Paz, while also offering asylum to Evo Morales if needed.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton @m_ebrard 🗣️‼️ World Leaders ‼️
Express solidarity😏?
Strongly condemn😏?
What bullshit is that😠?
You all know who is behind the scam🤨👉🏼🇺🇸
& nobody, do anything🤨?
🗣️📢It's time to fight for @evoespueblo (Evo Morales) & end this coup sponsored by the USA
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton @m_ebrard #Urgente #ANF The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Victor Borda desperately renounces his seat and the presidency, after burning his home in Potosí. He denounced that his brother was taken hostage and called to respect the lives of his relatives.
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton @m_ebrard "I resign so that Mesa and Camacho do not continue to persecute, kidnap & mistreat my ministers, union leaders & their families & so that they do not continue to harm merchants, unions, independent professionals & transporters who have the right to work."
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton @m_ebrard "I want the Bolivian people to know, I don't have to escape, to prove if I'm stealing something. If you say we haven't worked, see the thousands of works built thanks to economic growth. The humble,... who love the country are going to continue this fight"
@telesurenglish @evoespueblo @LuisFerCamachoV @FreddyteleSUR @cynthiamckinney @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @MurqusMark @Almagro_OEA2015 @LosTiemposBol @BenjaminNorton @m_ebrard "We have been in the Government for 13 years, 9 months & 18 days thanks to the unity & will of the people We are accused of dictatorship those who lost to us in so many elections..."
"...Today #Bolivia is a free Homeland, a #Bolivia with inclusion, dignity, sovereignty & economic strength"
The coup d'etat was accomplished in #Bolivia.
Luis Fernando Camacho entered the Government Palace. Who is Camacho?
How coincidental your family ran out of gas distribution business when @evoespueblo nationalized hydrocarbons?
@evoespueblo Is this called restoration of democracy? PLEASE. Burning of houses of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, the houses of ministers and now the house of Evo Morales; family abduction; attacks on peasant leaders.

Racist coup, revenge and violent!
@evoespueblo Via @telesurenglish
#Bolivia | Right-wing opposition protesters burn the whipala which is a symbol of resistance of the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala and the official second flag of Bolivia.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish .@evoespueblo was forced to resigned by a right-wing coup that plunged #Bolivia into violence and chaos.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish Within hours, the bloodthirsty fascist right+accomplices sent govt leaders & bureaucrats into exile & are rounding people up in a which hunt. Police present the President of the TSE, María Eugenia Choque & Vice President, Antonio Costas, who had resigned.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish #Bolivia's guarimbas demolish President #EvoMorales' home. We are still trying to tally the number of homes, belonging to lawmakers of the MAS, which have been burned and destroyed in recent days by #terrorists of the right.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish Public face of the coup Luis Fernando Camacho makes claim that members of the military have taken the presidential airplane from President Evo Morales; that there is a warrant warrant for Evo's arrest & that police & military are actively searching for him
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish As the coup has been executed, various media have been taken off air completely.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish "Media are consciously deciding not to use the word "coup" for the army forcing #Bolivia's President Evo Morales to resign. Why? Because they've dreamed of this day for over a decade."
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish Via @bodhibrian
#EvoMorales Denounces 'Illegal' Arrest Warrant, Says His Home Was Attacked by 'Violent' Mob sptnkne.ws/AtFW #Bolivia
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian As the coup has been executed, various media are still off air.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian Venezuela's government denounces the coup executed in Bolivia against President Evo Morales & against the sovereignty of the Bolivian people by extremist & racist sectors of the opposition.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian By @camilateleSUR
Evo's crimes:
Lifting 3 million out of poverty
Making Bolivia the region's fastest growing economy Nationalization
Expelling US army bases & restoring dignity

His biggest crime of all was being Indigenous & ending the previously-existing apartheid"
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 Via @vijayprashad
We Stand Against the Coup in Bolivia (statement from Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad)
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad "I denounce to the world and the #Bolivian people that a police officer publicly announced that he is instructed to execute an illegal arrest warrant against me; likewise, violent groups assaulted my home. The coup destroys the rule of law."
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad Mesa & Camacho,discriminators/conspirators,will go down in history as racists/coup plotters.That they assume their responsibility to pacify the country/guarantee the political stability/peaceful coexistence..The world & Bolivian patriots repudiate the coup
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad Very grateful to the solidarity of the people,herman@s from Bolivia & the🌎who communicate w recommendations,suggestions..recognition that give us encouragement, strength/energy.They moved me to make me cry.They never abandoned me;I will never abandon them
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad The coup perpetrators,who robbed my house & my sister's, burned houses,threatened the death of ministers & their children & humiliated a mayor,now lie & try to blame us for the chaos & violence they have caused.Bolivia & the world are witnesses of the coup
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad Via @Marco_Teruggi
The coup besieged the Venezuelan embassy, now the Mexican government denounces this. This is the time for barbarism and revenge. Not to denounce and condemn the coup against #EvoMorales is to be complicit.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi Via @Marco_Teruggi
The fight goes on, is the message that leaves #EvoMorales. The coup has occurred, but the struggle continues against those who today celebrate the coup and direct persecution.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi By @magbi5
This is how the US puppets thanks to the men who fiercely defended their country’s sovereignty.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 Via @PompeiiDog
Why was #EvoMorales overthrown? He was nationalizing the highly profitable lithium industry & planning to deal directly on the international market rather than exporting the commodity at bargain prices to Western corporations
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog DENOUNCE TO THE WORLD:

They issue an ABERRANT ILLEGAL apprehension order against Evo Morales. They want YOUR LIFE as a trophy. They need to KILL him because they fear him.

Thus they left their house, destroyed, w FASCIST pints on the walls.

@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog There are thousands of what are obviously bot accounts trolling anyone who tweets about the right-wing coup in #Bolivia
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog Venezuela denounces the grotesque coup d'etat consummated in Bolivia, against its President, Evo Morales, & against the sovereignty of the Bolivian people. The international community must not remain impassive in the face of this outrage against democracy
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog In Bolivia, @evoespueblo has offered new elections. Oligarchy has refused; they want Evo to resign, want their government in power to oversee the elections. This is a coup.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog The FANB strongly rejects the #GolpeDeEstadoEnBolivia against the legitimate president @evoespueblo. We call to stop fascist violence, persecution of people, media and siege of diplomatic headquarters. The public force must protect the People.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog By @MintPressNews
He expelled the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. military base stating the decision "allowed #Bolivia to recover economic and political sovereignty."
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews By @BenjaminNorton
The president of #Bolivia's Chamber of Deputies, leftist Víctor Borda, was just forced to resign after opposition fascists attacked his house and took his brother hostage
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton President of Bolivia @evoespueblo has resigned along with his VP, paving the way for new elections. US-backed right wing mobs just burned his sister's house. He resigns under pressure from military & police who have been infiltrated by USA...
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton President Evo Morales in Bolivia:

- GDP rose from $9 billion to $40 billion
- Extreme poverty dropped from 38% to 15%
- Unemployment declined from 8% to 4%
- The minimum wage increased from $60 to $310
- $74 billion in natural resources were nationalized
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton 🗣️📢Look at the picture, the coup group is so small that they can't give panoramic photos.
🤬📢The shit of a minority of criminals, with the help of the corrupt #USAregime, applied a coup d'état to the #Bolivian government that had won the elections.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton 🤬📢Minutes before #EvoMorales' resignation, right-wing coupsters entered the Govt Palace, removed the wiphala (plurinational flag) & placed the Bible on the Bolivian flag.
They longed for the confessional state & colonialism.
What's next....?
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton Do not be fooled, they sell us about #Bolivia as a "citizen movement" is the extreme right taking power!

They are making their own "night of long knives" burning houses, hitting people, and thus forced #EvoMorales to resign!
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton THREAD: If you haven't been following the situation in #Bolivia here's a rundown. Briefly, the OAS, an emboldened opposition (which clearly isn't the most popular party in the country), the media, & the Trump admin ousted a successful leftist leader. See:
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton 🗣️📢‼️🌍leaders,🌍citizens‼️
🗣️📢This is #EvoMorales's house that the criminals who made the coup d'état with the help of the #USA are destroying.
🗣️📢Look well, with eyes to see.
🗣️📢Now you tell me. Is this a dictator's house🤨👇🏼?
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton "This is the situation in La Paz, #Bolivia, in Plaza Murillo, where yesterday they had places made central to the coup d'etat. At this time there are still many questions, this is what is known."
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton By @Marco_Teruggi
#OEA plays its 2nd role in the coup d'etat in #Bolivia: it doesn't say that there was a coup, it speaks of "respecting the rule of law"when a govt was overthrown, the leaders are persecuted, state media were closed.#OAS supports the coup.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton #BOLIVIA: POLICE COUP PERPETRATORS CUT THE WIPHALA FLAG OF ITS LOGO
🤬📢All the symbology of hate. Xenophobia The racism. The extreme violence charged with aversion, repulsion, viciousness and anger against the original peoples.
@evoespueblo @telesurenglish @bodhibrian @camilateleSUR @OVargas52 @vijayprashad @Marco_Teruggi @magbi5 @PompeiiDog @MintPressNews @BenjaminNorton "When a people was empty & full of discrimination, there was a man who brought his nation forward, not to appear, but because he suffered from the needs of others. This man is EVO MORALES AYMA, a brave leader who never leaves the humblest"
-Yaquelin Jorge-
🚨Breaking News 🚨
Bolivian leaders call for total paralysis of the country and give ultimatum to the coup representatives, #ElMundoConEvo.
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