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1. Expectations are at an all-time high for the long awaited culmination of what patriots around the world affectionately call #TheStorm, the highly evident and unprecedented global corruption purge and organized crime crackdown. Here is what I expect for the next 30 days.
2. Most of the speculation is focused on the prospect of high-profile arrests of the Deep State who are still walking around free even though so many of us have woken up to their crimes. Punishment for these traitors is GUARANTEED like MyPillow's comfort - only issue being WHEN.
3. One reason now is a good time is that the Deep State, vicious monsters that they are, enjoy school massacres as a way to focus public attention away from their own bad news, and with a shutdown they cannot achieve this. Their ability to hurt the public is severely curtailed.
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26 #Q drops on the 26th of March, 2019! #3195-#3220
A 1yr #Q δDelta thread
Where's RBG?🙄 System rigged. #GoodbyeFoxx #ThesePeopleAreStupid
#FAKENEWS still the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. MAXINE WATERS, busted! The more you know. 1+1=2. Bugged. #FactsMatter THINK. FOR. YOURSELF.
2/27 #3195
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2018: Courageous FBI Whistleblowers Informed Congress In 2016 Weiner Laptop In NY Office Held Incriminating Evidence✨

@POTUS @FBI @GenFlynn @freedomcaucus…

6/9/17: “I am convinced that what is on Weiner’s laptop will vindicate my brother. Specific name of DC elite who’s involved! It’s there!” @Justice4Rod
2016: “FBI Unseals Search Warrant for Clinton Emails; Full Search Warrant for Weiner Laptop” @Thomas1774Paine
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#Justice #GenFlynn #UkraineGate #Crowdstrike #Fisagate
Re 'case against Gen. Flynn', most news outlets focus on:
a)"Flynn lying to investigators" re meeting w/ Russian amb. Sergey Kislyak
b) Flynn being framed by FBI to lie
c) FBI top using Flynn for Russiagate against Trump
There's MUCH more - all being suppressed! All pointing back to Andrew McCabe!
1) Flynn case was retaliation from BEFORE Trump running
2) McCabe's 'comrades' backed up McCabe in every way
3) McCabe = 'Russian colluder'
4) McCabe interferes w/ FBI-cases, INCL Boston bombing
McCabe was accused of sexual harassment in 2013 (an EEOC complaint) by ex-FBI agent Robyn Gritz, wording amended in 2014 to:
“a hostile [work] environment, defamation of character through continued targeting by Andrew McCabe.”
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Prosecutor assigned to review #Flynn case, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, apparently has a similar mandate to #Durham

#FISAGate #Durham #SpyGate #QAnon #WWG1WGA
"Attorney General William Barr asked the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, to look into Flynn's FBI interview, the people familiar with the inquiry said. The inquiry began within the past month."
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NEW #Q [ ! ]
#QAnon just dropped 3843...
🎵Future Heroes - Archangel
[Dramatic Orchestral Choral]🎵
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#Qanon thread Jan 31st, 2020: Post 3815 - Q asks what happens when the people learn the truth! We all know! Mass arrests and #TheGreatAwakening!
#Qanon post 3816: Q links to a tweet of #BillBarr referencing #HumanTrafficking as modern slavery. Q is saying this will be the context in the news after #FISAGate breaks open.
#Qanon post 3817: Q links to a tweet by #AdamSchiff showing his corruption #Ukraine and the motive for the #Coup. Get that popcorn ready!
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MediaBlackout Continues On #FISA Unmasking Documents Done by Susan Rice & Samantha Powers Also Show Former US Ambassador to UN Samantha Power Actively Worked W/Media To Undermine Trump During Transition
As NSA Dir., Susan Rice, Involved In #FISAGate Unmasking Scandal & Illegal #SpyGate & #IranGate Conspiracies To Spy On @GenFlynn & Pres. Trump As A Candidate & Then As Newly Elected President, Etc.-Domestic Spying Is Against The Law As Is Consorting With Foreign Govts▫️
GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan, Who Signed The UK Spying Order “At The Request of The US President...& US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice”, Resigned 1/23/2017, 3 Days After President Trump Was Inaugurated▫️ #SpyGate
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Reminder: Where’s the Obama, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi & Co. Banner & Charges?? Don’t You Think It’s About Time They’re Brought to #Justice For Soliciting Foreign Campaign Contributions & Misappropriation of Federal Funds & #RICO ▫️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff
Obama Administration Broke Its Own Healthcare Rule GAO Reports:
COURT DOCS: Prosecutors Ask To Present Evidence That NXIVM Sex Cult Leaders Illegally Bundled Money For Hillary Clinton Campaign▫️
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@TheJusticeDept Devoid of Justice - Immune From Its Own Criminality▫️

It’s Not A Show, It’s Not A Play: #FireWray #FISAGate Illegally Targeting Americans▫️

These Delaying Tactics Are Out-Of-Control▫️

@POTUS #PardonFlynnNow @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn…
Is #FISA Being Used For Military Experimentation?

Get US Military Out of This


What are ‘Noninvestigative Subjects’, FBI has never said what this designation is. Is this term used to hide experimentation on Americans?
#RightToKnow - US Govt/FBI Surveillance ‘Special Services Group’ Vendor Marketing Hidden Cameras Designed As Ordinary Objects to LEOs & Military Threatens to Sue Tech Reporters for Reporting on Them Publicly▫️…
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Good Morning Family!
He Is Worthy!!
Rev. 5:5 Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed!!
Listen to this beautiful song:

#HeIsWorthy #LionOfJudah #Jesus
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
President Trump liked a new tweet!! He now shows 6 liked tweets!!
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Top FISC Judge Rosemary Collyer condems @FBI for coverup and ommission of key information needed in order to determine probable cause when issuing a FISA warrant.

Heads Will Roll!…
@FBI "The FISC judge makes the required probable cause determination "on the basis of the facts submitted by the applicant." § 1805(a)(2) (emphasis added); see also§ 1804(c) (a FISC judge "may require the applicant to furnish such other information as may be_ necessary to make (cont)

the determinations required by" Section 1805) (emphasis added).…
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President Trump "I never stopped you, BUT NOW..."😎
Hillary & DNC paid for a fake dossier using foreign spies The FBI used the #FakeDossier to get a FISA WARRANT to spy on Trumps Campaign #FISAGate
#FISACourt IS A BIG DEAL #PainComing #FakeNewsMedia
#ImpeachmentDay #Impeached
The deed is done. Goodbye [Traitors]
EO Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse/Corruption
Arrests R Coming
This is not a game
MI will never allow another traitor to become President
#ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachmentVote
An Impeachment Role for the Supreme Court?
Securing the SENATE meant EVERYTHING
Securing the SC meant EVERYTHING
Military Law v Criminal Law
[Placeholder-SC rulings re:challenges re:Civ Non_Civ]
[Placeholder-SC rulings re:USA v Def appeals]…
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Good Morning Family!!
Raise A Hallelujah in the Storm!!
2 Chron 20:22 When we begin to sing and to praise, the Lord, He defeats our enemies!

#Hallelujah #GodWins
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
Anon notable posts will be added throughout this thread!! Notables are not endorsements!!
#QResearchBoard #8Kun #AnonNotables
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Dec 14

Q points to an Anon's post on #8kun (all drops on qmap(dt)pub & qanin(dt)pub would be fake) and calls it a fake.

Q quotes his pre-IG Report drop #2042 (see pic 🔽) re: surv. on Manafort, Papad., Page, Flynn.

(cont. >)
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop 3667:
Here you can see the post Q is calling fake:

(cont. >)

#QArmy #FISAgate #DarkToLight
#PainIsComing #PainComing
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop #3667:
"Fake" is referred to that Anon's post (see my prev tweets above).

Drop #3667 text:
Sometimes silence is necessary in order to protect select 'public' releases.
B2 (BB) 'public' statements past week?

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@CassSunstein - Obama “Confidant” Wants the Government to “Cognitively Infiltrate” Anti-Government Groups▫️

This is the exact opposite of what the founders proposed was the function of government: Protect Rights not Interfere With Them▫️

Cass Sunstein Doesn’t Agree That People Should Have To Give Consent Before Being Involuntarily Involved In Experimentation▫️

#TargetedIndividuals #braini #SpyGate #FISAGate #NonConsensualSubjects #SurveillanceState

@POTUS @freedomcaucus
Cass Sunstein married to Samantha Power who was also involved in reviewing activities of FISA Court applications - What’s that about?!?!

@GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff @DagmarUnger @Johnheretohelp
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This thread is dedicated to the IG FISA report.
Word on the street is that the media is beginning to receive leaks from today's impending release.
I will post all IG FISA related content in this thread.

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Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine, on December 7th, a $190 million program to “fight corruption in law enforcement & reform the justice sector,”

Offered a Bribe for $1B loan to guarantee the firing of Viktor Shokin.
Who was investigating Burisma, employer of Biden’s son Hunter.
December 9, 2015, Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella met in Room 236 of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building w/ Daria Kaleniuk, Director of the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Action Center

59%-funded by Obama’s State Dept & International Renaissance Foundation (George Soros org.)
Plot thickens!

Also attending that meeting

Catherine Newcombe, attorney in the Criminal Division, Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, with the U.S. Department of Justice, where, among other duties, she oversaw the Department's legal assistance programs to Ukraine.
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Unprecedented success, peace and prosperity
2. But at least Barack [Hussein] got tested.

#WorldAIDSDay #SayNoToJoe
3. #QAnon Two base shootings narrative in one week before IG domestic FISA DOJ report?
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EX-CIA Ray McGovern Drops BOMBSHELL:


#SethRich w/ a Thumb Drive, Physical Access

& #CROWDSTRIKE added Metadata w/ CIA #Vault7


@POTUS: Let #Assange Prove it!


Flashback to Sy Hersh on Seth Rich:

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🔅Ukraine and Corruption🔅
Inside the Embassy:
Private emails edition.
Under @BarackObama + @JoeBiden + @HillaryClinton
Unless otherwise stated.
#Ukraine #Embassy re cieved an email
Sept 14/14 : regarding #Military Aid and sanctions the US imposed on Russia.
The Ukraine cable discusses the upcomiby then President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who will be addressing Congress on Sept.18/14.

Militar y aid was previously requested from #America to Ukraine in order to defend itself from #Russia
Poroshenko to most likely request military aid again, even though at that time Obama refused.
Ukraine's defense is not an option despite the fact that in 1994, Ukraine voluntarily surrendered its entire nuclear arsenal.
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