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#FINCEN Natalie Mayflower Sours-Edwards pleaded guilty. Sentencing sched for 6/9 w/max 5 yrs.

#SSCI #Manafort #Cohen et al

"CC-1"? Know we narrowed down in an old tweet thread somewhere w/ @chiIIum.

Barr's daughter is an atty @ FINCEN now & Jessie Liu is heading there soon.
@chiIIum I also know I've been in/around several threads on her almost 2 yrs ago. She also leaked RU CHI & Iran info as I recall.

Kicks self for not archiving.

@ThunderB @smc12256 @almostjingo @RoscoeBDavis1 @Perryalt1 @Avery1776 @ECEverett1 @SpicyNoodles2 @BluesBrother91
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✳️Oh My!✳️


Kushner gave the green light to MBS to arrest Khashoggi, who was later murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Turkish intel has an intercept of the call between Kushner & MbS & Erdogan used it to get Trump to roll over & pull US troops out of N Syria.
✳️ Oh My2✳️

The HIC know this whole tale and the identities of some of the people telling it.

Adam Schiff certainly seems to be smiling a lot these days.

Trump may have violated criminal provisions of the Hatch Act

Mueller Docs: Manafort Pushed Ukraine Hack Tale in 2016.
✳️ Oh My3✳️

Trump pushed UKR to open a probe into whether their country interfered in the 2016 election — an assertion made in an effort to discredit USIC & OSC’s findings.

Gates told the FBI that Flynn had been “adamant” the Russians were not responsible for the hacking. 🙄
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Let’s take the Biden ’dirt’ hunt aspect out of the story & set it aside as a horrific diversion for now.

The truth is much worse.

Remember the Cohen, Sater, Flynn, Manafort & Artemenko “Ukrainian Peace Plan” circa Feb 2017?

Putin quid pro quo?
A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates…

📌Michael Cohen, presented a sealed envelope to then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn containing a secret peace plan to resolve the three-year conflict in Ukraine.…
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Sentencing in the Works for Rick Gates! 🍿

#Barrack #Manafort #Kilimnik #PollingData #NukeDeal #Flynn #Cohen #Inauguration #PsyGroup #Nader & much more! 🍿

RNC chair in tears defends GOP donor platform WinRed #RNC #Wynn #Adelson #Broidy #Cohen #GOP 💰💦 & more.

The @rncchair choked up as she kicked off a closed-door panel discussion on WinRed by addressing ongoing rumors that she & other RNC officials are poised to personally benefit from the new platform. #Grifters

Five Eyes nations target tech titans on child sex abuse

US formally withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia & prepares to test new missile

UK blames Russia for nuclear treaty collapse, says threatens European security

U.S. Economy Slips From 1st to 3rd Place in Global Competitiveness Ranking Amid Trump's Tariffs
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💰Qatar - Russia/Rosnef - Qatari Sovereign Wealth Fund & TeamTrump

Quick overview of some 🔑 intersections.
🔑Aug 2016 Manafort & Tom Barrack went on a cruise where they met one of the world’s richest men, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, the former prime minister of Qatar.

🔑Until 2013, Mr. Al Thani presided over the country’s $230B sovereign wealth fund.…
💰Qatari SWF, Russia & Rosnef

12/16: Russian state bank secretly financed Rosneft sale after foreign buyers balked

Based on accounts from five of the sources, the value of the Russian loan to the Qatari sovereign wealth fund is around $6 billion.…
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💰Bank of Cyprus & TeamTrump

Wilbur Ross led a group of US European investors to purchase a $1.3B stake in Bank of Cyprus in July 2014

Cyprus is at the center of 💰flows surrounding Brexit/2016TeamTrump Deripaska, Manafort, Rick Gates, NRA & so much more…
📌Ross's first co-chair was Putin appointee Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, a former KGB agent and long-time associate of Putin.
wIn 2015, Strzhalkovsky was replaced by Maksim Goldman, is director of strategic projects at Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Group and sits on the board of Rusal.…
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@DavidKsadave @DebraMessing @MalcolmNance Trump threatened her after he tied her up & violently raped her at 13 yrs old..

Trump's child rape victim, Katie Johnson.

How did we allow this man to get away with this and rise to his position of power? #JusticeForKatie #Epstein #Trump #ChildAbuse
@DavidKsadave @DebraMessing @MalcolmNance Cohen may have evidence Trump was involved in "death threats" received by Jane Doe, Katie Johnson
This explains a lot about Trumps 13 yr old CHILD rape victim.
Letter to
To research #Cohen phone records. #JusticeForKatie…
@DavidKsadave @DebraMessing @MalcolmNance The Rape Allegations Against Trump: If Jane Doe (Katie Johnson) Breaks Her Silence, Will the Media Break Theirs?

Until the #AccessHollywoodvideo broke, TV news mostly ignored accusations against #Trump.

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Barr’s New Authority to Declassify Anything He Wants Is a Threat to NatSec

Investors win $240M from Wells Fargo brass including CEO, Elaine Chao

Trans Sec Elaine Chao Still Owns Stock She Pledged to Divest

Pence predicts war everywhere in the next few years

Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices

Chao has met at least 10 times w/ politicians & biz leaders from the state in response to requests from McConnell’s office

Australian navy pilots struck by lasers in South China Sea

Air Force deploys F-35 squadron to Italy for exercises, training

Comey: No ‘treason.’ No coup. Just lies — and dumb lies at that

Trump Adm Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science

Biden unveils education plan, his first major policy proposal as 2020 candidate
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1. Link to the Cohen warrants unsealed by DC Chief Judge Howell. IMO #Cohen may have been indicted yesterday and that is why this can be released today. @maddow @lawrence…
2. I don't recall Cohen being targeted for 18 USC 951 for being an unregistered foreign agent. But it's all over these. If he has been indicted for that it would tie case to counterintelligence investigation and be a reason for these to remain secret in addition to Rule 6(e).
3. The document put in the vault in SDNY yesterday may be his indictment under FARA. Like Gates, Flynn and Manafort. If the indictment issues then Rule 6(e) generally does not apply. So the timing may support my conclusion that he has been indicted. Perhaps a message to folks
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News Analysis 🔎 | The author of the #SteeleDossier told a @StateDept official that his client wanted allegations against Trump out before elections, and claimed #Russia had an agent planted in @DNC.

(Thread 👇)…
A recently released @StateDept memo revealed that #SteeleDossier author #ChristopherSteele met with Kathleen Kavalec, then-deputy assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs, on Oct. 11, 2016—10 days prior to the @FBI obtaining a #FISA warrant on Carter Page.
Noted in a May 10 letter by Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC to @SecPompeo & IG #Horowitz: “Ms. Kavalec’s contacts with Steele may have been the most significant and memorialized communications with him by a U.S. government official prior to the issuance of the Carter Page FISA warrant.”
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#SpecialCounsel #RobertMueller reached an unambiguous conclusion in the final report on his investigation into #Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election: Neither President Trump nor any member of his campaign colluded with #Russia. (Thread 👇)…
#SpecialCounsel identified 2 primary efforts by the #Russian gov't to interfere in the 2016 election: the Internet Research Agency (IRA) and a group of Russian #Military intelligence officials with the GRU.
The IRA coordinated an illegal campaign to influence voters via #socialmedia, while GRU hacked Democratic targets and published the stolen emails online.

In both cases, #Mueller did not find evidence to suggest that any American knowingly conspired with #Russia.
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Lisez et relisez cette phrase (et le passage souligné en rouge) sur la campagne #Trump et la #Russie du rapport #Mueller, elle revient 2 fois dans les 15 premières pages. De la notion de "collusion" qui est d'ailleurs aussi beaucoup discutée dans les 1ères pages. #teasing
2) Après le résumé du volume 1 sur 7 pages, dont le texte précédent page 5 est extrait, le rapport #Muller narre d'abord ses découvertes sur l'opération de déstabilisation de l'élection US 2016 par l'IRA de Prigozhin, proche de #Poutine, sur les réseaux sociaux.
3) Cette partie très caviardée sur l'ingérence de l'IRA russe sur les réseaux sociaux conclut clairement: l'IRA de Prigozhin viola les lois US contre l'influence étrangère des campagnes mais les campagnes locales de #Trump contactées par l'IRA ignoraient l'origine russe (page 35)
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‼️Alexandre Ventura Nogueira

(Trump Ocean Club Panama 2005)

The developer (Kalif) recalled that Trump wanted to use the Panama project as a “baby” for his daughter Ivanka, who had just joined the Trump Org, to gain experience in the property business
To get the project off the ground Trump needed to pre-sell units to get the financing needed.

This was where Alexandre Nogueira came came on board.

The Brazilian had arrived in Panama in the mid-2000s from Spain, where he had worked as a car salesman.…
In Panama Alexandre V. Nogueira soon gained the reputation as an alleged fraudster in business with a money-launderer and two alleged criminals from the former Soviet Union.Birds of a feather!…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2912...
Here we have #POTUS via #Q issuing a call 2arms [ ! ]

It's time 4all, from #Anons 2the public at large & those that hold the keys 2the way forward 2act!
2) #QAnon drop No. 2912...
Well, it's certainly an uptick in the past rhetoric. Not just time 2end the #WitchHunt, but a delivered countdown w/T-minus 18 7 counting 2go!
Timing of the #DECLAS & more?
#DrainTheSwamp #LockEmUp ==> [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
3) #QAnon drop No. 2912...
🤔 This means kick the research efforts & release the findings across all platforms. Guessing create memes & release them2.
Schedule is 4the 18th March 2019 & I must note that would make tomorrow 17 days 2go.

Will it be #Q day? May be interesting...
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Did y'all know there was a tribute to Jeff Bridges at the Golden Globes? Who is Jeff Bridges? Stay with me here...

Golden Globes Honoree Jeff Bridges Reflects on ‘Great Life’ in Showbiz…
Did you know they played a clip from #WhiteSquall at this tribute, & included a clip of the bell from the movie - with the inscribed saying, "Where we go one,
Fast forward to 3:50 in video

I was trying to find this clip, and kept seeing that this was actually supposed to be a replicate of JFK's bell on his boat, #Victura.

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1. Citing #MichaelCohen's testomony for an accusation against Trump instantly deflates that accusation. #Cohen lies constantly. This is why the Supreme Court Of New York DISBARRED Cohen for lying under oath AS HE WAS TESTIFYING to the Senate on Feb 26th!…
2. Do you have any idea how much power and meaning this ruling by the #SCONY has? That court us chaired by very liberal judges folks! They don't have any love for @realDonaldTrump! Honestly I'm shocked they rose to the challenge and did the right thing by disbarring Cohen!
3. So, as Cohen spews his rhetoric, know this...he's lost his career, he's lost his reputation, he's lost his credibility, he's lost his nearly unlimited income opportunities. And, he's angry! He's going to say whatever gets him the most attention and sympathy. Book deal coming?
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A few things to remember about #MichaelCohen:
1. He has been represented by #Clinton operative Lanny Davis
2. Not even #Cohen is guilty of the #campaign #finance violations he pleaded guilty to in SD NY--they are not crimes. Prosecutors made them up. @realDonaldTrump
2/ They are absolutely unprecedented -- obviously added for partisan political purposes to smear @realDonaldTrump
3. Cohen is all about Cohen.
4. There are no campaign finance violations here! It's bogus.
3/ 5. #Cohen admitted there is no evidence of collusion.
6. Trump told #Cohen to tell the truth
7. #MichaelCohen was never in Prague so #SteeleDossier is false on that point too
8. There are no tapes for which #Trump could be blackmailed
#Dimms have 00
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Thread: Was bleibt vom #CohenHearing?
1/5 1. Juristisch: #Cohen legt Schecks vor, um die Schweigegeld-Zahlung an Daniels zu belegen. Ob es sich um Wahlkampfhilfen handelt, die hätten deklariert werden müssen, müsste ein Gericht entscheiden. Trump Anwälte sagen: Keine Wahlkampfhilfe, es ging um seinen Ruf als Person.
2/5 #Cohen sagt, Trump sei über die Veröffentlichung der Clinton-Emails auf Wikileaks vorab informiert gewesen. Schriftliche Belege gibt es nicht. Die juristische Frage, ob es sich um illegale Wahlkampfunterstützung aus dem Ausland handelt, von der Trump wusste, ist also offen.
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1) #MichaelCohen keeps digging himself a deeper hole. He lied in answering @Jim_Jordan's question on his desire to work #POTUS' admin & now this.
#ZeroHedge ==> #Cohen Slapped With #CriminalReferral Mid-Testimony Over #FARAViolation ==> Foreign Agents Registration Act
2) #Cohen failed to report #Novartis, which paid $1.2mi 2act as a consultant on the #TrumpAdmin, $150,000 from #SK's Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) & also a payment from Kazakhstan BTA bank.
Meadows tweeted: "I just entered a referral for criminal investigation of
3) #MichaelCohen, who violated the #FARA by illegally lobbying on behalf of foreign entities without registering..."
He was indicted 4lying & now we are to believe he tells the truth before #Congress?
Well he is getting his due!
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President Trump's longtime lawyer Michael #Cohen hired Lanny Davis, who served as former Pres Clinton's #specialcounsel as he was under investigation, as the latest addition to his revamped legal team - 1st reported by (wait for it...) @maggieNYT #WWG1WGA…
Think about everything we already know about Maggie from Q.

From: Lanny J. Davis (Cohen's lawyer)
Sent: Sep 18, 2010

How can I describe what a great friend you are....?
I can't.

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How the Dems see #Trump & #TeamTrump after the #CohenTestimony today: "Married to the Mob" by Bill Maher
#TrumpRussia #Trump #Cohen #BillMaher
And now don't you mix these two tapes up!
"Cohen says the expectation at the Trump organization was to lie for Trump."
Watch live: via Reuters.
#CohenTestimony #Cohen #TrumpRussia #Trump
Hey all ya people, don't ya get any funny ideas...or I have "to do f*cking disgusting things to you! You hear me?"
#Cohen #CohenTestimony #TrumpRussia
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.@handelsblatt Cohen hat im Saal Dokumente verteilen lassen, die Trumps Vermögen zeigen sollen. Durch Vorlage dieser Listen bekam Trump Kredite von der @DeutscheBank
Mehr zu Cohens Vorwurf, Trump habe die #DeutscheBank getäuscht, um an Darlehen zu kommen. Cohen wurde vor paar Minuten dazu im Kongress befragt. Die ‚financial statements‘ mit künstlich aufgeblähten Vermögenswerten gingen demnach an @Forbes und die @DeutscheBank
Die persönliche Profilierung einiger Abgeordneter ist ermüdend. Oft Statements statt Fragen, trotz knapp bemessener Zeit. Und immer wieder Hinweis, dass „meine Wähler aus xy mich für Thema z in den Kongress geschickt haben“ (Relevanz: 0)
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A partir de 16h ici même ci-dessous👇, un petit #multiplex #Trump, un œil sur l'audition de #Cohen, un œil sur #Hanoï... j'essaie de trouver d'ici là 1 jingle… 😉😊
2) On prend l'antenne pour l'avant match #Trump à Hanoï et #Cohen à Washington. Lors du sommet avec #KimJongUn, le président US vient d'interdire d'accès au dîner 4 #journalistes lui ayant posé des questions...sur Cohen. La #CoréeduNord, ça vous gagne!
3) Au-delà de la plaisanterie, 1 des forts enjeux du 2nd sommet #Trump/#KimJongUn: le président US a accepté de rencontrer le dictateur nord-coréen SANS conditions préalables et ne cesse de louer ce tyran totalitaire, en dépit des valeurs US... Voir ici:
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