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(1) Thread: Hillary Clinton visits New Zealand.

It's painful to even type those words. Luckily this will soon be over & she'll jet off somewhere else tomorrow like Obama did when he visited recently.

They like our current Prime Minister, a fellow traveler on the SJW path.
(2) Jacinda Ardern represents everything Crooked wished she could have been. Elected to lead the country aged only 37. Having her first child with a man who actually likes her & isn't sexually assaulting everything in a dress when her back is turned.
(3) All the major liberal Presidents and PMs want to be seen with Jacinda, even the little 92 year old Queen of NZ (and the UK) invited her to an exclusive CHOGM leaders lunch at Windsor Castle. It's almost as if they want some elixir of youth to infuse them. (💖Korowai cloak)
(4) So it's no surprise Crooked's first meeting was with Jacinda. I think Jacinda was more star struck by Obama though.
(5) In her first 8 months in office, Jacinda has raised our taxes, ended all offshore oil & gas exploration & new production (costing 11,000 new jobs), been only reluctantly supportive of the Syria strikes & splashed millions around on low-ROV social spending. Of course.
(6) Back to Hillary for a moment. Two things.

In 2012 while Sec of State, she pushed her way into a memorial video after our earthquake, as if she was OUR Queen or something.

Today she gave Jacinda one of these toys for the baby. Another faux pas.
(7) The buzzy bee wooden pull-along toy is an iconic Kiwi symbol. The NZ govt gave one to Princess Diana & Charles for William when they visited in 1983.

You don't give someone toy from their own country. You give them an American one, like the plushie bald eagle in Beijing.
(8) NZ's #FirstBaby Ardern-Gayford is going to grow up and think "Why did that crazy old American woman who smelled of whiskey and disappointment give me a toy from my OWN country?"
(9) Then there's her TV interview in NZ tonight.

This time it's not Hillary Clinton in a leg cast, it's local TV anchor, Hilary Barry, who was more likely to have been named after Ed Hillary, being born AFTER he became famous for climbing Everest. Hilary fawned over HRC, ofc.
(10) I can't even... with this BS. I had been under the impression that the taxpayer millions our previous govt quietly gave the Clinton Foundation had ended. Not so.…
(11) $5.5 mil isn't a lot in terms of US federal govt spending, but it's a big deal in NZ. That could buy a lot of hip or knee replacement surgeries in our not-so-universal single payer health scam, I mean scheme.

I'm sure if someone falls down the stairs again she'll be seen.
(12) Here's the TV interview: Hillary Clinton in NZ on her book tour.

Note the comments underneath the FB post. Lots of redpilled Kiwis who know what Hillary has done. If HillBots come in, most are probably fake accounts and not in NZ.…
(13) Presented without comment.
(14) Someone's botox and fillers need re-doing.
(15) Crooked spoke at the Spark Arena in Auckland, which seats 12,000 people. I highly doubt she filled the place, but we'll find out eventually. Remember, most of this country is like Portland, Oregon... a haven for SJWs.
(16) LOL... 3,000 people. And here's why.

Exorbitant ticket prices. The "cheaper" seat price of NZ$195 = US$136.73.…
(17) "Clinton gave [PM Jacinda Ardern] a Buzzy Bee, saying it was a gift she had been told every New Zealand child should have."

Yes it is. But we get them from our Grandma or someone close. It's OK, we know a toy Air Force One would have made you short-circuit, Hillary.
(18) This makes me furious. NZ owes the US a debt of gratitude for WWII that we can never repay. Jacinda Ardern & her Labour party expect the US to treat NZ well, but they take no serious steps to show commitment to collective security like AU does. No wonder she's had no invite.
(19) You know what? Jacinda Arden could be lying about having not been invited to meet with POTUS. I will keep an open mind and see what pans out. I'm so disgusted with the way she treats America and Israel.

The previous govt was barely to the right of center, but I miss them.
(20) OMG. NZ journalist Linda Clark during her introduction to the Hillary event:

"Hillary Rodham Clinton knows all about the challenges of standing up."
(21) "Clinton says 'no' when Shipley asks if it is possible she will stand again, saying her focus now is supporting other young women into politics."

Local language note: In NZ we say "stand for election" instead of "run for office."

The host, Jenny Shipley, is a former PM
(22) BTW, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia are up next on the #HillarysExcuses book tour.
(23) In AU, Crooked will be hosted by former Labor party PM Julia Gillard.

In NZ, 66 year old host Jenny Shipley was PM from 1997-99, so met the Clintons several times then. She's center-right National party, but basically globalist. A trade consultant with China now.
(24) Hillary's NZ crowd, previously estimated at 3,000, in a 12,000 seat arena.
(25) Live reporting from the event, and a video clip:…
(26) Unrolled version of this thread:…
(27) Not that I wanted to get even busier, but here's a tidbit that relates to her NZ visit. Clothing choices and something she's clearly wearing under her jacket:

(28) I'm finding the American left is ignoring this story, which is fine. The disinfo spreader talking points seem to be coming from the "fake right," namely:

>Hillary has a body double
>She and Obama are up to something with these trips.

Remember Occam's Razor, folks.
(29) I've spent almost 2 years explaining why it's ridiculously unlikely that Hillary uses a body double. Conspiracy theorists are impervious to reality.

H & O visit other countries for whatever reason. It's normal. If they can be brought to trial in the US, THEY WILL BE.
(30) If Hillary is seen all rugged up in Sydney on May 10th, that will be interesting.

(31) Hillary's not special; every celeb gets a Maori dance group welcome to NZ. Their stance is normal & traditionally used as part of the dance. Her posture does seem better than it usually is. I bet she is more comfortable with a brace on; I know I would be.
(32) Former PM Jenny Shipley's body language says "hurry up, you've spent too long enjoying the applause." The position of Hillary's right arm and hand is one I've often seen, even before she reportedly fell in the bath and broke her wrist. All part of her complex illnesses.
(33) Sipping a drink during the on-stage interview. Again, everything about the way she is sitting, not moving her head much, holding her arm, and the appearance of her fingers and eyes points to medical issues I've discussed before. Parkinsons rheumatoid arthritis, & more.
(34) My current guess about the back brace is that it's for compound fractures caused by osteoporosis, caused by long term steroids & methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis. She may have aggravated her back when she fell down steps in India & if she later fell in the bath.
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