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Reasons why my 6 month old baby was vaccinated for #COVID19 today, a thread by a mom and a doctor.

Read on...🧵

1. Safety: The Moderna vaccine was tested on over 11 000 kids and they found no 'red flag' side effects. The usual was seen like a sore limb or fussing/crying. But even more serious side effects in older age groups, like Myocarditis, was not found in under 5 yrs old

2. Efficacy: The vaccine isn't as effective against the new variants, it's true. However in the 6mo - 2 yrs group, it had about 51% efficacy against Omicron variants. That's similar to some years of the flu vaccine & we know the flu vax helps reduce severity & spread

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Yesterday, Alberta Health Services reported that every Edmonton hospital is pushing patients into hallways in an attempt to free up space in overwhelmed emergency rooms. 🧵1/8
Hallway medicine is an urgent signal of a healthcare system in crisis. My heart goes out to all the Albertans who are being treated in a busy hospital hallway, to their families, and all the frontline healthcare professionals being forced into this situation. 2/8
Early August is supposed to be the quieter time of year for emergency rooms. I'm deeply concerned about where we will be in the early fall when respiratory illnesses and other demands on our hospitals traditionally increase. 3/8
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Monkeypox is an international public health emergency. Yet, no planned response from the Alberta government. Why?

What we know:
- Currently, 99% of the Monkeypox cases are occurring in the gay, bi and MSM community.

- Vaccines are over 85% effective
- Monkeypox is not a “gay disease”

- Monkeypox is not an STI

- Anyone can get Monkeypox; it is mostly transmitted through close personal and intimate contact
- Monkeypox is not known to be life threatening but about 10% of people infected require hospitalization, which adds strain to an already overburdened health care system

- Isolation and contract tracing are important but not enough to stop the outbreak
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I accepted transfer of 2 patients from #YEG ER depts to the facility I work at so they can get appropriate care for their medical issues & offload ER volumes.

Its been 36hrs.

They aren't here & there's no ETA

Because there is no EMS to transport them.

This. Is. A. Crisis.
So tell me again why you think we should allow one of the most incompetent & destructive governments in #Alberta's history to lead us again for another 4 yrs? Because all the @Alberta_UCP has done for this province is burn #abhealth to the ground.

#abpoli #ableg
Update: 1 of 2 patients arrived last night, 40hrs after accepting the patient for transfer.

Patient #2 still waiting.
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On today’s mini edition of #shiftpERspectives, I’m going to arm you with pro tips on how to navigate an ER visit 🧵

1. Most importantly, if you need the ER, we are here for you. We will do our best to see you as quickly as possible. Please be patient with us. /1
2. Write things down - if your BP has been high, write down the numbers. If your kid has a fever, write down the temp and when their last dose of meds was.

3. Remember times - how long was the seizure? How long was the person unconscious? What time did the chest pain start? /2
4. Take photos! This might sound gross, but photos of poop and vomit or whatever you’re coughing up are VERY helpful. Rashes/infections too!

5. Similarly, take videos! Seizure? Weird movements? They help!

6. Bring your med list with you if you have it handy. /3
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I am so mad. So Mad. Our #abhealth system is beyond broken. A dear friend and new mom is needing transfer from a rural hospital to #RDRHC for a procedure. A very necessary procedure to remove excess fluid around her lungs. 1/5
Today she was unable to get that transfer because of the gross mismanagement of @AHS_media and incompetence of @JasonCoppingAB, @jkenney and all the other @UCPCaucus shrills. Read that again, she was denied transfer for a chest tube placement, as there was no EMS available 2/5
So she sits, and worsens in an understaffed and ill-equipped rural site until one of two things happen. She will either worsen and require imminent transport and higher level care, or she will wait— uncomfortable and short of breath until such time that EMS can be procured 3/5
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Reminder that privatization was always the plan:

“Alberta Health Services intends to privatize all community labs across Alberta, despite new figures that suggest outsourcing could save far less money than originally estimated.”

—June, 2020…
“Alberta Health Services and Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) have reached an agreement on terms of a contract for DynaLIFE Medical Labs to deliver community laboratory services across the province.”

—January, 2022. #abhealth…
DynaLife is a member of the Alberta Enterprise Group.

Through AEG and Wellington Advocacy, it has been lobbying the #UCP government for quite a while to embed itself further into the delivery of healthcare.
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🧵@jkenney is upset we ran an ad right after he was elected raising concerns about health care cuts.
We've been watching Kenney and the UCP for a long time.
Here’s what we’ve seen… #ableg #abhealth #abpoli
👎He signed a useless health care guarantee...

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
👎Cut the lab upgrades already under construction...

#ableg #abhealth #abpoli
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I was shocked by the UCP's scandalous decision to fire Dr. Verna Yiu, but the truth is this is just the latest battle in their war on public healthcare.

Here's a brief summary (and buckle up, this gets wild) 👇🏼🧵 1/25 #ableg #abhealth…
First, know that @jkenney has supported two-tier healthcare for decades. This is from 2000: "A Canadian Alliance government would support the development of a two-tier health-care system... Alliance campaign co-chairman Jason Kenney says." 2/…
He only started to lie about his healthcare privatization plans when he jetted in to Alberta and realized that Albertans don't support two-tier healthcare.

That gave rise to his infamous, discredited "public health guarantee". 3/…
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This is a shock. As someone who covered health for six years, I can say Dr. Yiu provided some much needed stability, professionalism and compassion to a very beleaguered health authority. Someone who understood both the business and humanity of health care. #ableg #abhealth 1/
That's not to say AHS was free of controversy during Yiu's term. Many have issues with AHS's handling of the pandemic at times, but my sense is a lot of those decisions were directed by government. In fact, I have never seen a greater level of gov't control. #ableg #abhealth 2/
And it should be said that the health system, while compromised in certain areas, has held up remarkably well during the pandemic despite the gov't policy decisions that made that difficult. #ableg #abhealth 3/
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Dear @Alberta_UCP voters registering in the thousands for the leadership vote, heed my warning: Kicking out @jkenney will not save this province. Replacing him w/@BrianJeanAB will not undo the damage of the last 3yrs.

If you vote UCP again, there will be dire consequences. 1/7
I watched excellent doctors leave in 2020 due to the UCP fight w/doctors. But these were only the docs who were given opportunities to leave & weren't easily tied to this province. The rest of us stayed behind and fought b/c leaving wasn't so simple & we hoped for change 2/7
However, every doctor I've spoken to, from the wealthiest specialist to the part time Family Doc, has said they have discussed/thought of an exit plan from this province if this govt remains in power. We are too demoralized by how the UCP handled this pandemic & we are done 3/7
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NEW: The province has finally released the latest drug poisoning deaths. 176 Albertans died in both November and December, the highest ever.

A total 1,758 Albertans died of a drug poisoning in 2021. #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #overdosecrisis #yeg #yyc
The province also added deaths to previous months:

Oct: 162 deaths (prev. 153)
Sept: 163 (prev. 156)
August: 136 (prev. 129)
July: 143 (prev. 140)
June: 143 (prev. 142)
May: 138 (prev. 137)
April: 126 (prev. 122)
March: 135 (unchanged)
Feb: 114 (unchanged)
Jan: 146 (prev. 144)
Opioid-specific deaths in Alberta 2021
Nov: 171
Dec: 175*
*Highest recorded

2021 Total: 1,602
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New from me, Part 1 of a three-part project that has been about three months in the making looking at the growing drug poisoning crisis in Edmonton.… #yeg #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #overdosecrisis
In Part 1, I spoke with four families in the Edmonton area who all lost a loved one to an overdose between 2015-2021.

I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to the families who were willing to sit down and share what was one of the worst moments of their lives for this piece.
Photos and video for the project are by the phenomenal @davidbloomphoto and @GregSoutham. The video edit is by @allisonpelech.

Part 1 will also be in this Saturday's paper.
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If you think transmission doesn't happen in schools... I would argue transmission is the most common thing that happens in schools. Based on 2021 #abhealth data, a 🧵
1/6: In-school transmission looks like this. Continuous days of 2+ cases... but ZERO Outbreaks declared.
2/6: more continuous transmission...
3/6: More schools w/ continuous transmission - but in Alberta we don't call that an Outbreak™. There are hundreds of these "non-outbreaks" in the data. I won't bore you w/ them all.
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MEDIA RELEASE: Members of United Nurses of Alberta have overwhelmingly ratified a new collective agreement with Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health and two smaller employers:… #abhealth #ableg #canlab
“The Bargaining Committee felt strongly the Mediator’s recommendation issued on December 21 was a fair deal that will benefit our members and also fair to the people of Alberta,” said UNA President Heather Smith.
“I am gratified that the members agreed with the bargaining committee’s recommendation and voted by 87 per cent to ratify this agreement," UNA's Smith said.
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Alberta’s Auditor General will not be allowed to present six performance audits of the UCP’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, after UCP MLAs voted down his request to bring his findings to a committee of the legislature.

#ableg #abpoli #abhealth #covid19ab
“After two years of deadly COVID mismanagement and secrecy, the UCP are trying to bury the findings of the Auditor General.” - NDP MLA Marlin Schmidt
Denying the Auditor’s request to present his work, and effectively banning him from testifying on his COVID-19 audits, is an unprecedented attempt to hide the truth from Albertans.
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Alberta could have had 25 million more rapid tests for public distribution during the current Omicron-driven fifth wave had the UCP responded to federal procurement offers last fall. 🧵

#ableg #abhealth #covid19ab #cdnhealth
When Ottawa offered provinces a chance to purchase additional rapid tests last fall—when COVID-19 rapid-antigen tests were readily available—no additional tests were ordered for Albertans.
Saskatchewan, meanwhile, leveraged the federal offer, securing a provincial stockpile of 10 million tests before the New Year despite having a population of only one million people.
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EMS red alerts spiked in Alberta last year with both major cities running out of ambulances to respond to emergencies roughly every 90 minutes, documents show. 🧵

#ableg #abhealth #yeg #yyc
According to a Freedom of Information request obtained by Alberta’s NDP, Calgary and Edmonton saw 2,276 EMS Red Alerts between August 1, 2021 and December 6, 2021, an average of over 17 Red Alerts per day.
This is a significant increase when compared to nine Red Alerts a day on average in Calgary in 2020, or two per day on average in Calgary in 2018.
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🧵 Dear @cityofcalgary @JyotiGondek @gccarra it was a busy day in downtown #yyc today with antimask/vax protestors

This is what we had to put up with in OUR neighbourhood, on OUR sidewalks ICYMI

#yyccc #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #COVID19AB
2/ Yeah you heard it right ☝️
“I’m not fake news, I’m a flat-earther.” #FML

Dawid Pawlowski pretending to be cool is a tough sell. Representing “Calgary’s finest” I guess.

This is what inner city Calgarians have to put up with every wkend from maskholes.
3/ See all those balconies? Those are people’s homes. This is our front yard. We live work and play here. We don’t have the option of having the @cityofcalgary pay for our security systems.
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Why is it important to decriminalize minor drug offenses? Why do I support this #harmreduction discussion that @CityofEdmonton is going to have in only a couple days?

I'm no storyteller like @drdagly and I'm not an expert like @ehyshka.

But let me try to show you why. 🧵👇 1/x
TW: opioid poisoning deaths, residential schools, Sixties Scoop, self harm

Aka: this is heavy. Welcome to my job. This is addiction med front lines. Come see what I see.

It's 2:30pm. I haven't eaten since 8am. I'm tired but we are pushing hard to admit as many as we can. We know the ERs are overloaded w/#COVID. If we can take a few of the patients off their list, maybe it will help just a bit.

He's my last patient to admit. He's tired too

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🧵 Why isn’t enforcement happening in Calgary? #yyc

Healthcare workers deserve to be protected everywhere for the important work they’re doing. #AbLeg #abpoli #abhealth

Yet in Calgary Logan Murphy records himself with no consequences.
2/ Last week alone Logan Murphy filmed himself harassing HC workers at mobile vaccination clinics not once but twice #yyc

13 January 2022:
3/ Here’s Logan Murphy the very next day harassing HC workers and people lined up for #COVID19AB vaccination #yyc

14 January 2022:
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🧵1/7 In 10 years of teaching, I’ve never felt so completely exhausted. I’ve always been highly motivated by my love of my job. I come early, stay late, work weekends, plan well ahead, get my report cards done early, stay in touch with parents, lead various programs
2/7 to support our kids and families with food and clothing security, run leadership initiatives, sit on various planning committees; the list goes on. This year I’m barely holding it together. We’ve had all these other “little” things added to our plates
3/7 but all of these “little” things add up to more than we can handle. We were already doing more with less, now it’s even worse. We aren’t hanging on anymore. We are plummeting head first to the ground with no parachute.
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Some napkin math on non-icu healthcare capacity.
Disclaimer: I know pts come and go.
Napkin math.
On 01/11 there were ONLY 159 UNOCCUPIED Non-ICU beds in all of #Alberta (screenshot below from @GoAHealth website).
/1 Image
By 01/14 COVID inpts were reported at 741 (likely to be revised see @joevipondmd thread below)

Reducing those beds to ~ 118. Even with potential pts discharges this is alarming. Especially given the massive revisions to patient numbers this week.

According to CHI (see image below, taken today) last week #COVID19AB hospitalizations increased by 59%.

So, I can’t help but wonder, have we already reached maximum healthcare capacity for non-ICU pts in #Alberta @PopAlberta team, what do you think?

/3 Screenshot from https://cov...
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I‘m going to be honest, I don’t feel safe as a high school student in Alberta. The kids around me in math, com-tech, and science often are anti-vaccine, and don’t wear a mask properly if at all. 1/
In physical education, as many as a dozen people, often including adults, were unmasked. New regulations mandate masking in the gym as well. New routines need to be developed if that continues to be the case. Throughout the building, there is a stillness in the air- a perfect
Environment for an aerosol disease such as COVID to thrive. Only one room has a proper filtration unit that I think is effectively removing particulate from the air. Things also aren’t sanitized as vigilantly as they were a year and a half ago. Desks are sometimes done, and
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