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⚠️OMICRON “EVADES” NEUTRALIZATION—1st ever #Omicron variant study of blood from Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer vaccinated, vs survivors of Alpha, Beta, Delta variants. Omicron #B11529 evasive—but 2x Pfizer/mixed stronger>> convalescent; 3x hit best.🧵…
2) “We found that sera from vaccinated individuals neutralized the B.1.1.529 variant to a much lesser extent than any other variant analyzed. Neutralization capacity against #Omicron was maintained best against sera of “infected + 2x vaccinated” or “2x vaccinated + infected”
3) it’s clear vaccine neutralization of #Omicron is much harder than any other variants tested - Alpha, Beta, or Delta. Though 2 doses of Pfizer or Pfizer+AstraZeneca mixed vaccination had somewhat better performance against #Omicron. But 2x AstraZeneca not good enough.
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FASTEST SURGE TO DATE—The #OmicronVarient is up swinging much faster in both new daily cases and positivity, than all previous waves in South Africa 🇿🇦, according to @nicd_sa data illustrated by @jburnmurdoch. This supports the faster transmission theory of #Omicron. 🧵
2) and the upswing in South Africa is not just localized to one area. It’s seen across most provinces together. That a bad sign too.
3) a small early upswing of probable #Omicron is likely happening in England too.
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Preliminary report of #Omicron says Omicron is 1.3x more transmissible than Delta, & unvaccinated have 2.4x greater risk of severe. Those with BOOSTERS: 90% lower risk of severe outcome. But it’s only early ➡️main worry is if 2 doses enough—data is coming.…
2) there are potentially data on Omicron and vaccines out there for 2 shots. But it hasn’t been shared yet… 👇 vote in the poll.
3) this 90% was just for 3 shots & severe. Things we still need to know:

📌Case mix of elderly / sick / immunocompromised?

📌3 dose efficacy for infection?

📌2 dose efficacy for hospitalization?

📌2 dose efficacy for infection?

📌2 dose efficacy by duration since 2nd shot?
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📊QUESTION—If certain scientists out there have data on the vaccine efficacy of #Omicron—it’s preliminary but solid enough that some world leaders have just been briefed about it… ➡️ should the scientists share it immediately with the public? #B11529

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Leaving this here…

“Existing #COVID19 jabs will struggle against the #Omicron variant & it will take months to develop a new shot that works, the head of US vaccine manufacturer Moderna, Stephane Bancel, has told FT. Solid data coming in 2 weeks.…
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⚠️TRIPLING HOSPITALIZATIONS IN 2 WEEKS—In #Omicron epicenter of Gauteng Province, South Africa🇿🇦, there is more than **tripling of #COVID19 hospitalizations** in 2 weeks—➡️ from 135 hospital admissions to 418. This is data directly from 🇿🇦’s CDC @nicd_sa🧵…
2) here is the exact #COVID19 hospitalizations breakdown for Gauteng Province by both public and private hospitals. It’s increasing equally - tripling in both classes of hospitals. This is not just a surveillance issue. Trust the @nicd_sa data first.…
3) breakdown many #COVID19 patients currently hospitalized / in ICU / on ventilator in Gauteng 🇿🇦—747 hospitalized, 57 in ICU, and 23 on a ventilator. @nicd_sa doesn’t give the time series for all of these. It’s still early. Less hope it doesn’t rise further.
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#Update: Tirol hat gestern einen Verdachtsfall der #Omicron-Variante/#B11529 gemeldet und die Probe zur Sequenzierung an die AGES geschickt. Das Ergebnis wird in den nächsten Tagen vorliegen. (1/4)
Die WHO hat die neue Omicron-Variante als besorgniserregend eingestuft. Wir wissen aber noch nicht, inwiefern sie das Pandemiegeschehen beeinflussen wird. Umso wichtiger ist es jetzt, vorsichtig zu sein & die Schutzmaßnahmen einzuhalten. Ich wiederhole daher meinen Aufruf… (2/4)
an Reiserückkehrer:innen aus dem südlichen Afrika, die vor Inkrafttreten der neuen Einreiseregeln, nach Ö gekommen sind: Melden Sie sich bei der AGES & folgen Sie den Anweisungen zur behördlichen #PCR-Testung. Bitte begeben Sie sich zudem für mind. 5 Tage in Heimquarantäne. (3/4)
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@narendramodi 18.11.21 [Writ Petition(s)(Civil) No(s).1240/21] Hon'ble SC dismissed writ petition filed by students seeking urgent directions to conduct Class X & XII #CBSE & #ICSE Term I exams in hybrid manner. #Omicron arrived post 18.11.21. Therefore, exams should be online.
#Children should not be made to suffer because of #Omicron. Centre and States must cancel all #offline #exams forthwith. As a nation, we cannot take such a massive risk & play with the lives of our children. Online prelims are done, marks should be part of board marksheet.
Children belong to households that have either lost family members due to #Covid19 or members who suffer from #comorbidities & cannot be vaccinated. #Omicron shouldn't be taken lightly. Save our children. Protect our children. Cancel all #offline #exams immediately.
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Lots of misinformation now being floated that #Omicron is “mild”. That’s nonsense — based on out-of-context quote. Don’t fall for it — nobody know that much yet. And hospitalizations are still rising in the hardest hit #B11529 dominant provinces in South Africa 🇿🇦
2) I agree with this a lot - that is we don’t know enough about severity yet. And “clinical observation” is just anecdotal — not systematic— it’s anti epidemiology and anti evidence based. Let’s wait for severity data.
3) scientists are worried. There’s no way to sugar coat it. Let’s hope to contain it as much as we can while we learn more. 👇
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🔴 Global #Omicron CASES
27 Nov 2021, 21.00

#Confirmed 99 (#Probable 1,010)
-SouthAfrica 83 (990)
-Botswana 6 (9)
-England 2
-HongKong 2
*-Italy 1
*-Israel 1 (7)
-Belgium 1

*-Germany 2 (1) (not in GISAID yet)
-Czech (1)

-#SouthAfrica🇿🇦, had the 1st known #Omicron #B11529 variant samples discovered on 23 Nov 2021.

-#Botswana🇧🇼, was the 1st country with #OmicronVariant.

-#England🇬🇧, announced the first 2 cases today. They’d been travelling in Southern Africa. UK has ~500 daily SA travellers. 2/
-#HongKong🇭🇰, 1st 36YO asympt male had travelled in SA🇿🇦, 2nd 60YO male got it from him as airborne in quarantinehotel probably as P1 was using mask with valve (banned now). Both 2x BNT💉

-#Italy🇮🇹, P1 had travelled in #Mozambic🇲🇿, he had 2x💉. Asympt. 3/…
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BREAKING—🇬🇧PM warns: “The #Omicron spreads very rapidly & can be spread between people double vaccinated. There is very extensive mutation—diverges quite significantly from previous, and as a result, might in part reduce the protection of our vaccines over time”. 👀 #BoosterShots
2) “we will require all contacts of those who test positive with a suspected case of Omicron to self-isolate for 10 days regardless of your vaccination status."…
3) This follows UK discovery for 2 cases of #Omicron this morning.
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BREAKING—Uk 🇬🇧 now reports its first 2 cases of #OmicronVariant, with Africa travel connection. UK now adds Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola to its travel red list.—“If you have returned from there in the last 10 days you must isolate & get PCR tests”.…
2) A country being on the “red list” means that UK residents, as well as British and Irish nationals arriving home from that red list point of departure, must undergo a 10-day hotel quarantine at their own expense. 👀
3) there is likely a big cluster of #Omicron cases among travelers on KLM flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg that landed in Amsterdam yesterday.
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Gedanken zum Tage, zur #Pandemie, zu jenen, die sich aus Sorge mehr Wissenenschaft in der Politik wünschen und sich mit #Omicron bestätigt fühlen:

Ein etwas längerer Thead (20).

#B11529 #VierteWelle #LockdownfueralleJETZT #Ampel

Es gibt da eine Gruppe an Menschen, man weiß nicht, wie viele es sind. Denn sie sind leise. Sie begehren nicht auf, indem sie auf die Straße gehen, indem sie die Staatsmacht herausfordern, Journalisten angreifen oder im Bundestag stören. Sie stellen auch keine gefälschten

Impfpässe aus, infizieren sich nicht absichtlich mit #Corona, weil sie danach als „Genesen“ gelten wollen – und sterben dabei. Sie erzählen keinen Hokuspokus, nehmen kein #Wurmmittel für Pferde und laufen nicht rechtsextremistischen Demokratieverächtern in die Arme.
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Key warnings from WHO’s #Omicron VOC bulletin—preliminary evidence suggests #B11529 has potential:

📌Increased risk of reinfection
📌Increase across almost all provinces of South Africa 🇿🇦
📌Variant may have growth advantage (WHO doesn’t say how much—but it’s likely sizable)🧵
2) People are asking what is “growth advantage”? It means infectious advantage. Potentially 500% in early data. Let’s hope this model is wrong @JPWeiland. But doesn’t look good.
3) Is this “growth advantage” in action? Unclear if all are #Omicron variant. But this can’t be good. Likely double digits numbers of #B11529 cases by this weekend will be identified from these two flights.
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Die @who hat die neue Variante #B11529 offiziell als „besorgniserregend“ eingestuft (variant of concern, VOC)- eine von insg. nur fünf VOCs: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, #Delta und nun eben: #Omicron! Die Besorgnis geht nicht auf harte Daten zurück, sondern begründete Befürchtungen.
#omicron ist keine „Weiterentwicklung“ von #Delta, sondern etwas ganz neues- und vereint erstaunlich viele Einzelmutationen anderer Varianten, inkl. der besorgniserregenden. Die beunruhigendste Befürchtung: der Impfschutz könnte zu einem gewissen Teil unterlaufen werden.
So ein „#Immunescape“ gepaart mit dem hohen Ansteckungspotential von Delta wäre tatsächlich eine beunruhigende Entwicklung. ABER: bislang noch nicht klar! Wird noch untersucht! WHO entschied nach dem Prinzip „better safe than sorry“!
#COVID19 #Corona #Coronavirus
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⚠️FIRST #OmicronVariant EUROPE CASE DID **NOT** TRAVEL TO SOUTHERN AFRICA—Tracing details of the Belgium #B11529 case reveals only travel to Egypt🇪🇬 & Turkey 🇹🇷—but not Sub-Saharan Africa at all. I’m concerned #Omicron is global 🌍 already—very worried. 🧵…
2) Travel restrictions — many countries implementing them to Southern Africa. But is that enough? This is why international arrival testing + quarantine is likely much better safety net against variant border incursion.
3) The two #B11529 cases in Hong Kong were interesting too. The second HK case acquired it from the first traveler from South Africa in hotel quarantine! Both were vaccinated.
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Du fährst zur Arbeit, mit dem Rad.
Es ist später Herbst, dunkel auf der Straße.
Du fährst an einer Kreuzung über grün.
Und dann erwischt dich ein Lieferfahrzeug. Hat dich übersehen.
Der Unfall ist nicht schlimm, du fällst über den Lenker auf deinen Arm. Der tut jetzt etwas weh, dein Bauch auch - aber das ist bestimmt nur ein blauer Fleck vom Lenker.
Du beschließt, trotzdem auf Nummer sicher zu gehen und suchst die nächste Klinik auf, um deinen Arm zu checken.

"Könnte heut aber etwas länger dauern, ist ganz schön viel los!"

Du hattest schon beim Betreten der ZNA gesehen, dass einige Rettungswagen in der Einfahrt stehen.
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BREAKING—“Omicron Variant”—The World Health Organization designates the new #B11529 strain a "variant of concern" high priority risks rating and gives it the Greek name #Omicron.
2) How risky is the new #OmicronVariant? It has potentially 500% competitive advantage compared to the old Wuhan strain. That is staggering. Let’s hope the early data is wrong. But I worry it’s not given WHO concern about it 👇
3) this is the best pandemic strategy. @DrMikeRyan

Be fast. Have no regrets. The greatest error is not to move.
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According to @GISAID…
The #B11529 variant #SARSCoV2 was detected in South Africa's Johannesburg area on Nov. 22, and swiftly came to dominate & spread to neighboring #Botswana & #HongKong .
2/ The new #B11529 variant is highly mutated, compared to other forms of #SARSCoV2 . Some mutations (green) have no clear impact on viral activity. Others (orange) make the virus cling harder to human ACE2 receptors, escape immunity, etc. And (blue) there are inserted bits.
3/ At the time this was posted, abt 50% of new cases in Gauteng, So Africa were #B11529 -- just 48 hours later that's jumped to 90+%. Here, from @GISAID are collection dates & %ages just pre-Thanksgiving. This is very rapid.
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Breaking: @WHO designates #B11529 a variant of concern and calls it "omicron".
.@mvankerkhove tells me there is no estimate of total Omicron cases yet but that they are “increasing . . . overall” across South Africa. She said she was “concerned” because Omicron was “quite divergent” compared with other variants.…
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South African Health Minister Joseph Phaahla reacts to new #COVID19 travel bans: “The reaction of countries to impose travel bans are completely against the norms and standards as guided by the World Health Organisation." #B11529
Preliminary studies do suggest the #B11529 variant may be more transmissible, says South African Health Minister Joseph Phaahla. He emphasises that what scientists know about the #COVID19 variant is in its infancy. There is no evidence to suggest the variant makes you sicker.
South African Health Minister Joseph Phaahla: "All that we, did together with our scientists who made this discovery of the #B11529 variant, was to be in line with the norms and standards of the international community.”
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Was weiß man über die neue Corona-Variante #B11529 und was nicht? 🧵 1) Sie verdrängt in Südafrika gerade die vorherrschende Delta-Variante, und zwar extrem schnell. Das spricht dafür, dass sie deutlich ansteckender ist.
Wichtige Frage: Ist sie auch ansteckend, wenn man geimpft oder genesen ist? Das kann man aus den steigenden Zahlen in Südafrika nicht unbedingt ableiten. Die Impfquote ist dort niedrig. Bis man das sicher weiß, wird noch einige Zeit vergehen.
Die Möglichkeit, dass bisherige Antikörper schlechter gegen die neue Variante wirken, ist gegeben: Das Spike-Protein, das die Antikörper angreifen, sieht bei der neuen Variante anders aus als bei bisherigen: Es gibt mehrere Mutationen. Was das aber heißt, weiß man noch nicht.
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#B11529 / #Nu ist in der Welt.
Aktuell liegen nur die Genomsequenz & begrenzte epidemiologische Daten vor. Die Zahl & Konstellation der Mutationen lässt auf veränderte Viruseigenschaften in Bezug auf Infektiosität & Antikörper-Neutralisation schließen.
... derzeit liegen noch keine Labordaten vor, die direkt eine reduzierte Wirkung von Impfantikörpern belegen. Daran wird intensivst gearbeitet.
Auch zu Infektiosität & Impfschutz gegen B.1.1.529 gibt es noch keine belastbaren Daten, das muss man jetzt beobachten.
Insgesamt erscheinen die Konstellation der Mutationen & die ersten Daten sehr ungünstig. Aber wir werden uns mit Aussagen zu veränderten Viruseigenschaften und zur Wirksamkeit der Impfung bei B.1.1.529 / Nu noch gedulden müssen.
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📍BREAKING— The European Commission has recommended that EU countries introduce an "emergency brake" on travel from southern Africa due to #B11529… to help "limit the spread", recommending all air travel to affected countries be suspended & "respect strict quarantine rules". 🧵
2) This follows a confirmed case in Belgium, a case in Israel, and 2 cases caught in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 hotel quarantine.
3) here is where a lot of worry is ==> if early data pans out, it’s suggesting 500% virus competitive advantage versus old Wuhan strain. Let’s hope this is wrong. But scientists are worried.
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We are in a state of emergency. Our hospitals are days away from #codezwart, the government is psychotically insisting schools stay open, insisting on mass infection and 20+ months of misinformed and gaslighted public who has had enough. Now we have the #nuvariant #B11529.

.#B11529 #nuvariant is a Black Swan that is 7x more transmissible than the Delta variant, with preliminary estimates of an R0 of 16-20 and is likely to have immune escape, both from vaccines and infection. It is a monster.


Whatever “herd immunity” —both in terms of vaccination and infection —we’ve built up against #deltavariant is useless against #B11529 #NuVariant.

South African demonstrates this clearly — low vaccination grade, mass infection = #b11529 is capable of immune escape.

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